Best Survival Compass with Mirror

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1. Brunton TruArc Base Plate Compass

Brunton TruArc Base Plate Compass

Over 80 years of high quality heritage craftsmanship, relentless accuracy, and innovative innovation have been brought to the table by the team at Suunto. It is reliable for your basic compass and mapping to travel anywhere. Resists magnetic interference better than any competitor, and will not lose its polarity. The global needle. TruArc 3 is ready to go anywhere in the world because it is accurate in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Brunton's own facility in Riverton, Wyoming is where Made in the USA is made. The TruArc 3 is easy to use, it has a good compass and a trusted one.

Brand: Brunton

👤The Silva Voyager was promoted as a multi-zone balanced compass in the 2000s. Brunton's 9020 technology was used by Silva. The Brunton classic was called 9020. The Brunton OSS 10B is where the baseplate of TruArc3 is from. Brunton's needle-with-hole design was used in the OSS line. Brunton never promoted the 9020 line for global use, but some models used his deep well capsule and "top hat" pivot. Silva thought the balance was adequate for both hemispheres and called it something to match. The top hat allows the needle more up-down free play for magnetic inclination that is matched with the depth of the capsule, so it's more global ready and less resistant to dragging on the capsule's floor or roof. If you need a time tested compass capsule in a rugged, easy to hold shell, this is it. The minimum needed to estimate distance from a map is found on the ruler markings on the side. Brunton's multi-zone needle is less prone to lock in motion as its balance is maintained at more angles off horizontal, which reflect the user's perception of the "compass zones". The needle is stable enough to move a general heading. I used a bar magnet beneath working compasses to mimic magnetic dip, and reduced the distance of the magnet to attract one end of a compass needle down until it dragged on the capsule bottom. The capsule is large enough for 1 degree resolution Global needles are ideal for world use and under $15 is a steal. The Brunton design, squeeze capsule and spin, is easy to fix without tools, and the needle design is lock proof, making it a good choice for a $50 model. It's difficult to test a needle's magnetism over time and its ability to hold up in the field: water, drop and sunlight proof. Brunton's reputation has been good, it uses good magnetic steels, and it only has one fault, that is the design of the compass capsule, which is not fidelity, and I have a working Brunton classic over 10 years old. The flaws of the OSS 10B design are carried over, but if you accept that, it's not a limitation.

👤I bought 6 of them for my class. I got Brunton because I have had a Brunton for a long time. If you want a compass that is more than a short-term toy, the Brunton is worth the extra cost. You can see in the photos that they point North. I moved them to pointing North after setting them down at an angle I knew was 20 degrees North. The baseplate compass is easier to use for kids and me because it's easier to figure out when it's level as opposed to holding a plain round compass out in your hand. I'm tired of being made in China, which is guaranteed to fall apart. I think the good quality is due to Brunton being made in the USA. There is an appended statement. The kids loved them. They were so happy they were spinning around more than the compass needle.

2. Coghlans Six Function Whistle LED Light

Coghlans Six Function Whistle LED Light

The minimum breaking point has been tested for excellence. If you need a strong rope or cordage, use your 12 feet of paracord. It can be used as a trap, a shelter, or a fishing line. The safety whistle has a light, a compass, a two-scale thermometer, and a signal mirror. The lanyard has a clip for attaching to a jacket or backpack. essential gear for camping, backpacking, and more

Brand: Coghlan's

👤It's hard to read temperature but it gives you a general idea. The compass worked well for general navigation. I relied on it to get me through places that were not accessible due to snow. I used the compass to navigate in the woods. I clipped it to my shoulder pad and it never had a problem or break even when I put it on and off.

👤The whistle was very loud. I thought it was faulty at first. Yes, it works great, I gave it a nice blow. Short bursts work well too. I'm new at using a compass. I know that the west has to stay west. I've tried it many times in my house, I shook it hard and checked if the directions still pointed in the right direction. It did for most of the time, although it seems to be off a bit sometimes. The print is small but my eyes are perfect. I can read this. It may be a bit harder for people who are farsighted. I use my own body temperature to compare accuracy, and it seems to be on point. The temperature on this baby increases when the AC is turned off. The numbers shown are by 10 values and the dashes in between are by 5 points, plus an extra red dash for the 32 degree Fahrenheit. It takes a little bit of effort to pull it out, but you can do it. Push it in from one side and swing it open from the other side. You can use a small tool or a knife to push it all the way through. Usefulness: it magnifies things a little. The clasp is made of plastic. To open it wide enough to hang, you have to push it. The clasp is slightly ajar. It can attach anything thicker than a millimeter. I was going to give this four stars because the compass may be off by a dash, but I won't take off a star because I don't have the skill. Even if it is off by a dash, I don't need anything heavy duty, and if I did I would buy a compass on it's own. This little item is amazing. I bought it mostly for the whistle and thermometer. The compass is a plus and I don't care squat for the magnification either way. The clasp is a simple plastic thing, it's thick, sturdy and will do it's job, I don't see that breaking anytime soon, it can be replaced by a tiny carabiner if you prefer. All of it is worth the money.

👤A small package is really cool. I can help start a fire. The whistle can get someone's attention at the back of a pack of ATV riders. It's kind of cool. I don't think I need to know if it's cold or hot. If a person knows how to use the compass, it could be useful. If a person knows how to use it, they should go outside and practice with it. It's a bad idea to learn to use these tools when you're in a bind. A person should learn how to use a compass and how to throw it off so that they don't get a false reading. I thought it would be a good idea to give one to my girlfriend when we went on a hike, and after 30 minutes or so, I asked her to try to build a fire with it. After a bit of confusion and looking for fire starting material, we had a small fire and she had a lot of pride in her small accomplishment. She knew she could start a fire if she used this handy tool. I bought more after I liked one of the kits I put together.

3. Paracord Bracelet Personal Survival Outdoors

Paracord Bracelet Personal Survival Outdoors

The type of sport is sporting goods. The urban and outdoor tools are 8-in-1. The built-in high-quality compass is securely embedded in your belt. The PSK Paracord bracelets look great on your wrist, but they could be the difference between life and death one day. To reveal your location to potential rescuers, blow the emergency whistle and create noise levels of up to 100 decibels. In case of an emergency, the small signal mirror is a way to make silent light signals. Emergency food can be found with the fishing string. The paracord bracelets are lightweight and convenient to carry. There is no reason to leave your survival bracelet behind with only 1.7 ounces in weight. The A2S PSK paracord has been tested to a minimum breaking point of over 500 lbs. In any situation where a rope or cordage is needed, deploy your 12 feet of paracord. Use one of the seven inner strands as a fire whistle. If you want to use a ridge line for your top shelter, you can use the cord as a RIDGE LINE. The military backpack has the best addition. Life saver: Disaster Preparedness Kit. Anyone can be in danger. No matter where you are in the world, you can explore nature by camping, running, biking, hiking, skiing and hunting. An extra layer of security is provided by the PSK tactical paracord bracelet. One can have a survival backpack emergency kit. Order PSK now and give it to the people you care about the most.

Brand: A2s Protection

👤I needed a back up knife. We have back up emergency knives and are satisfied because the thing is sharp and functional. I bought this to have an emergency whistle. The whistle is molded into the bracelet so it can't be lost easily, even a half strength blow hurt my ears. We are happy to have whistles. I didn't buy this to have a functional compass. When compared to 3 others, the compasses are accurate, but my husband and I thought they were off. It's a bonus to have a functional compass. I didn't purchase it to have functional fishing line and a hook, but they both work. I have caught a fish with a hook and floss before, this would be enough as a last resort. This is a bonus. I was hoping to get a functional signal mirror, but it is so small that I don't think it will be useful. That was a bit disappointing. I didn't purchase this to have a functional steel and flint. It's a good thing because I can't get it to work. I have other varieties, but this one is not working.

👤This is an affordable emergency item that you can easily gift for any occasion. It works and we are satisfied with it. It can fit older kids and adults. I can see how it might be difficult for someone with arthritis or other health issues to put on and lock their hand, but we don't have those issues. It is so small that I can slip it on if I need it. It was easy to turn the compass to lock. The fire starter works well and the knife is decent. It will work in a pinch. The safety cap is flimsy but it is something. I am not sure if the signal mirror would be useful. There is a Whistle is loud and works. There is a It is decent. A little off but better than nothing and gives you a general direction. Fishing line and hook is small, but would work in a pinch, at least you are not stuck trying floss and a line.

👤These bracelets are so cool. My boys discover more cool things when they use them. Fishing line and hook, concealed utility knife, compass, firestarter, and other items. I can't get over how cheap they were. They like how much they like them.

👤Completely unsafe! The knife can't stay in when out on the wrist. It falls out. Very disappointed.

👤The compass isn't accurate. Their good other than that. Stays on. It's nice for the price, but wouldn't rely on it for survival.

👤We are going to use them when camping. It would be great gifts too.

👤These bracelets are really nice. They are amazing. I ordered a two pack one black and green. I received a green one that didn't have the flint I was supposed to use. These bracelets are a must have. Highly recommended.

👤It wouldn't stay closed no matter what I did. That could be dangerous for someone.

4. Naubr Survival Tactical Adventure Accessories

Naubr Survival Tactical Adventure Accessories

Please pay attention to safety. Children under the age of 15 should be supervised by adults. The all in one survival kit includes a tactical folding knife, wire saw, flashlight, tactical defense pen, fire starter, survival bracelet, emergency blanket, pocket bellow, and multi-tool. Prepare for any emergency. The multi-purpose survival gear kits are a great companion to help keep you safe and have peace of mind while you're hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, travel. The portable tool case has a weight of only 1.75 pounds and a dimensions of 7.1 x 1.7 x 1.9 inches, with foam inside and both water and shock proof. Can be attached to your belt, backpack, hiking gear, mountain bike, or car with the included Ranger Band. It's necessary when camping, hiking, adventures, survival and in emergency situations. This is a cool gift for a birthday or stocking stuffer. The ability to survive with hiking and camping kit can be developed by the child. A surprise for your darling. There is a guarantee of success. If you don't like your survival gear, they'll give you a full refund. They pride ourselves in taking care of their customers. It's a great gift for anyone who wants to be safe when the unexpected occurs.

Brand: Naubr

👤The measures were odd to rate on. Don't try to match the product. Alas. The utility kit has many features. You get 3 bottle openers, 4 blades/knives, and 2 whistles across products. Some work better than others. It's thoughtful and interesting. I can't get the flint-fire-starter to work. The "snowflake tool" is useless in how thick it is, and the box comes a bit warped, which makes it hard to re-close. Will probably not keep all of them in this box, but will transfer them to different places that will be useful for me. The box is not durable. It is cheap and flimsy.

👤This is a good kit. There are a lot of survival implements in this small, easy-to-tote case. The flashlight has a simple AA battery, which we usually have around the house. The included items seem to be strong. The company quickly took care of the problem with the compass, which was slightly broken, and the bellow, which was still usable. I'm really happy to have purchased this as a set because I may not have thought about the things in it. The kit is great. I feel safer in the Jeep. This would be a great gift for your nature-lover family and friends, and the company who stands behind their product is very supportive of their product. I would buy this as a gift in the future. It is recommended.

👤I bought this for my husband. The product arrived quickly after being recieved and well-packaged. It came with all of the advertised pieces that were functional. The material seems solid enough to last for a long time, but it doesn't feel cheap or good for use. Everything that was tested for assurance worked as it was supposed to. It seems like this will be used for purchasing. I took into account its overall usefulness when I bought it for my husband. It was appealing to me because it would be useful in a variety of emergency situations. It is small and won't take up much room wherever it is kept. The quality of the tools is enough to not break the first time you use them. It's important to have something like this on-hand to use in an emergency. My husband and I were both pleased with the product. If you want to cover a little more than the basic needs in a variety of situations, I would recommend you to buy something less expensive and bigger. I'm considering buying a second set for myself because of the value and price.

👤An addition to my emergency supply item stock. I like the knife that comes with it the most. The tactical pen is very cool. The fire starter sparks up quickly. The other items are not built in the best quality, but I feel like if I ever need to go outside in an emergency, the items will get the job done. The container that came with the items is too small for them to fit in, so maybe you could get another container to put the items away. I think money was well spent.

5. SUUNTO MC 2 USGS Mirror Compass

SUUNTO MC 2 USGS Mirror Compass

Very light weight. Mini Comp is the lightest compass of it's size. You will barely feel it! The professional mirror compass was designed for precise direction measurement and has been balanced for global use with metric scales and inch ruler. Operable in low light conditions. The compass has a hole for accurate bearings, a notch for declination adjustment, and aclinometer. Stay on course, the mechanical compasses made in Finland are great for Alpine skiing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, trail running and more. Their compasses are easy to use, fast, and stable, and no batteries are required. Over 80 years of high quality heritage craftsmanship, relentless accuracy, and innovative innovation have been brought to the table by the team at Suunto.

Brand: Suunto

👤The SUUNTO MC-2 line is ok for general use, but it can be difficult to navigate at night or in marginal weather conditions. The problem is that they removed most of the black orientation arrow to make room for a SUUNTO logo, which makes getting accurate bearings or back-bearings difficult in marginal conditions. In dark or wet conditions, we often need to use the entire orientation arrow to line up the needle for an accurate bearing, and the loss of 70% of the black arrow makes that very difficult. If you need to rely on a compass to navigate, or as a backup to your gps, I would highly recommend a model that doesn't compromise the look of the logo.

👤A large bubble was created by this compass. A large bubble moves the needle. This is very annoying for a compass. They told me I have to pay for shipping and return when I called them. I was told to call Amazon to see if they would give me a replacement. They were nice but didn't care that I warned them. I don't need more sucunto for me. They asked me to take a survey, but I was told that 0 was invalid, and they ended the call.

👤The overall compass is great. This compass is over the top with nice luxury features, but it is also a Suunto, which means you can bet your life on it. One of the few compasses that I trust is sunonto. The MC-2G is more expensive than a well-designed, functional compass you can trust, and it is nicer. If you don't care about all the bells and whistles and the need for a Global needle, you would do just fine with the MC-2G, or perhaps the M-3), which is about half the price. The MC-2G is a good choice if you're willing to drop $65-$70 on a base compass plate. The metric version had the 1:45k and 1:45k Romer scales. There are three versions of this compass, so be aware if you're looking to purchase one. Even though I received the wrong compass, it's helpful to know what you're buying. There are three versions of the MC-2G. The Romer scales are 1:45k and 1:45k for the metric version. The centimeters are listed along the left side of the compass and in inches on the right side. I received a compass. There are two more The USGS/Inch version has a different look. The scale is 1:24k and can be used with 7.5 minute maps from the US Geological Survey. I thought I was buying this one based on the listing. There are 3 more The scale version of the mils. Even though I received the wrong model of the MC-2G, I'm well-versed in land navigation and use a map and compass. It's not a big deal if you know how to properly use a compass and map with the 1:45 and 1:45 Romers referenced. The metric version has an inch ruler broken down into 1-20ths along the right side of the compass, which makes it easy to use with a 7.5 minute topos based on 1-inch. The rubber feet on the back of the base plate do not protrude like the other two, so there are a few cons. This is a manufacturer defect. There are two more I thought I would damage the compass snapping the lid because of the amount of force required. I'll close the compass when not in use, but I won't snap the lid shut. There are 3 more The lanyard attachment is plastic. The design is flawed and doesn't give me warm fuzzies that the lanyard attachment will keep the compass attached to the lanyard in the long run. I have attached the lanyard to the compass with a larks head knot instead of using the lanyard attachment. I don't have to worry about the lanyard detaching from the compass. The compass was a great buy. I like it. I use 7.5 topos for back country excursions, but the 1:24k Romer scale is not essential if you're not familiar with land navigation and using a map and compass. It's not a big deal breaker for me and it's worth the hassle to return it. I still use an MGRS Coordinate Grid reader, which references several map scales. The metric version of this compass is a good deal for someone who just wants a compass that is 7.5 minutes long and has a topo map. The MC-2G is a great compass with all the bells, whistles, and luxuries you'll ever need.

6. StarFlash Lightweight Targeting Backpacking Situations

StarFlash Lightweight Targeting Backpacking Situations

Storage containers are a good way to store small items in the home. It's great for containing products such as pills, mints, candies, teas, herbs, planting seed, and more. The dimensions are 2” H x 1.5” W x.1” D. It's easy to use, it's ideal for any survival kit. It is possible to achieve dependability. The mirrored surface has a targeting star and retro-reflective fabric. It isdurable: The mirror works using moonlight. A lanyard is included to ensure a secure grip while in use or to ensure a solid grip on a backpack.

Brand: Ust

👤This does not work according to other reviews. I thought I'd be an exception and this would work for me, so why don't I just get this cheaper small one instead of the larger ones I have? Do not think that way. Spend the extra money on a good one. The bottom line. This is a waste of money.

👤The "survival/ emergency" mirror cracked and separated from it's backing just from removing it from it's packaging, which is apparently stronger and more durable than the mirror itself. For under 4$ I shouldn't have expected much. Next time, go for a higher quality product.

👤It's small and the reflection it casts is not much more than what I can see on my cell phone's screen. The hole in the middle of the ones I've used before show a ghost light so you can see where you're flashing the light, but this thing is just a glass hole to look through. I can't see the light I'm shining on because the glass isn't straight and doesn't direct the light. Not worth what little it costs. It's a toy. It should not be trusted for survival situations.

👤A cool little device. They work well with Search and Rescue. First hand, experience it. It will signal a plane. I have a small pouch for it. I recommend any S&R personal.

👤The product dimensions are listed on the product page. That is not true. The dimensions are only 1.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall. I was led to believe that I was buying something when I made my decision. Very disappointing.

👤Even though it was protected, it came very scratched. Not going to be good for signaling. I put it in my first aid kit since it is small and it reflects your image.

👤I bought a bunch of these to make kits. They work within limits. It's better for close up signalling than whistle distance. It was barely. The mirror compass is better than the signal mirror. It's not clear what is going on with compass. The product is called "B00O60IPFC" and it is available on the store.

👤Lots of people here don't know how to read and are surprised when they get exactly what they ordered, a mirror. Do not expect a full size one. This one is great to carry in your bag or wallet. It's pretty light and ok built. And it works.

👤A little bit disappointed. It is my fault. I have not read the description. "micro mirror" is what it says. I was disappointed when I saw the size, but the description was on the dot. It is very small and deserves a five stars, but I am only giving it two stars because of the following reasons. The packaging is hard to open in an emergency and is a type of thief proof that you don't want to fight with. The mirror side should be covered with a pellicle until it is time to use it. If the time comes, it will be scratched and not as useful. The main reason for only two stars is that this is an emergency item and I expect it to be full proof. C'est ma propre faute. Je n'avais pas lu la description, alors quand j'ai vu la grosseur. Le paquet est a l'épreuve des voleurs. Deux coté du mirroir n'est pas pas. Autre afin d'éviter. Ceci va a l'encontre des items a servir, et il est de mon avis.

7. MeiNvShe Emergency Survival Whistles Thermometer

MeiNvShe Emergency Survival Whistles Thermometer

100% satisfaction is guaranteed. 7 together with 1 emergency survival whistle, it includes 7 survival tools. The material: The whistle is made of high strength anti-fall and high temperature engineering material, which is difficult to be damaged. The scales of the thermometer and compass are easy to read and are good for its solid, durable and wear-resistant qualities. It is easy to carry, it has a 3.8 inch length, 1.1 inch diameter, and a light weight of 1.4 pounds. Loud safety whistle for camping, hiking, cycling,skiing, any kind of outdoor activities, and can be used for Coaches, Instructors, Sports, Teachers, Life Guard, Protection, Self Defense. If there is an emergency on the water, a whistle can save your life. It's hard to scream if you fall in the water. The vocal screams are not very loud. A whistle is a must if you are on the water. You are looking for a tone. It doesn't hurt your ears when you blow it. Loud and durable. To command authority, you need the right pitch and warble. The ball can get frozen during cold weather. If this happens to you, try spraying some dry Silicone inside to coat the ball. I would think that this is common to most whistles of this type. It's easy to be Heard - 3pcs super loud survival whistles can provide up to 120 decibels sound guaranteed, can be heard from far distances, and play its role in times of emergency.

Brand: Meinvshe

👤The compass is easy to fall off.

👤I wish I knew the temperature was Celsius not Fahrenheit. It is good for the price.

👤Thank you. This is what I was looking for. I like the price and fast shipping.

👤My granddaughter put a loud sound in her emergency box. I wanted to buy them with Surfside in mind. It may have helped find more people in those circumstances.

👤Whistle works fine, but the compasses are pointing in different directions. It's a funny thing. This is not an accurate compass.

👤This is perfect for my emergency backpack.

👤Very strong. A loud sound. Good pea inside.

👤It's a great thing for my car's emergency kit.

8. S Survive Outdoors Longer Survival

S Survive Outdoors Longer Survival

The kits are about 6 x 1 inch and weigh about 5 ounces. Instructions are printed directly on the blanket. The RF-welded dry-bag has a roll-down closure that keeps contents dry. The button compass will help you get your bearings straight. The fishing kit can be used to find food when you need it.

Brand: S.o.l. Survive Outdoors Longer

👤I contacted the manufacturer of these kits, Adventure Medical Kits, and asked them to replace the two broken compasses that came with my two ordered kits. They shipped me replacement compasses the day after they responded to my email. The new compasses arrived quickly and were perfectly functional, as they were very helpful and polite. My review was changed to four stars because of the great customer service provided by the company. I am very disappointed. The items in this kit would be useful if you were lost in the wilderness. The compass does not work. The compasses in the two kits that I bought don't point north when laid level, and the pointer is not moving. I expected them to be functional rather than just for show, even though they are just button compasses.

👤I have had some time in the back woods with this kit, and it is a great starter kit. The emergency blanket is large enough to build a pup tent with to stay dry for a day or two, if you are careful not to tear it, and the fire starter is included. The signal mirror does its job. A great addition to the BOB bag is a hiking pack. To build an emergency kit. Would buy again.

👤The water proof bag, the emergency blanket and the whistle are three items that can be used for survival. I bought these for my two girls to take with them when we go hiking in case we get lost. They have a big orange blanket and whistle to keep us out of the weather. Fire starting and fishing are cute, but inadequate if needed, especially without training and a good knife. I added a spare battery, a 12-hour glow stick, and a decent flashlight to make this useful for a lost child. It's easy to carry in a small backpack, so it's easy to take with you on a walk in the woods or a mountain hike. If Adventure Medical Kits reads this, they are welcome to add a flashlight and a 12 hour glow stick and ditch the fishing kit.

👤This is an excellent survival kit for someone with low to average outdoor skills. Most personal survival kits on the market are filled with useless junk or require a lot of outdoor skills to use, like making animal snares. It makes sense to concentrate on shelter and rescue when you consider that most people are rescued within the first 72 hours with the rule of three. The kit does not have a lot of items, but they are useful and high quality. The waterproof bag, heat sheet survival blanket and whistle are the most important parts. The mirror, duct tape and fire starter kit are nice. The fishing kit and compass are useless. I like the idea of taking out the useless parts and adding an led flashlight and glow stick to make this a nice psk for kids. I modified the two that I purchased by adding: Stream Light 73001, extra batteries, a Bic lighter, a Whirl Pack, and a CRKTRSK knife. If AMK had something like this in stock, it would be nice, but the psk could cost two to three times as much. It is nice that it has enough room to modify. I got one for myself and another for my wife. As they get older, the kids will get their own version of the other reviewer's suggestion.

9. MecArmy Sensitivity Mechanical Fluorescence Sandblasted

MecArmy Sensitivity Mechanical Fluorescence Sandblasted

The mini compass has azimuth bearing and a rotating bezel. The ruler and glass are for cartographic map navigation. The free beaded chain may be worn as a pendant. The D type key ring is convenient to match accessories and has a length of 37.7mm/1.48in. Fluorescence-glow in the dark for up to 6 hours. Special technology is used to give high sensitivity. A beaded chain is an accessory.

Brand: Mecarmy

👤I could not even read the compass inside my house, so it would be nice to know that it is smaller than a penny. A piece of junk was made in China. I guess you get what you pay for. Don't waste money or time. It doesn't deserve a single star.

👤This guy is really nice. It doesn't function as a compass. Every time I use it, I get another direction for east. Every time I point it in the same direction, I get a different reading.

👤The compact key chain compass will fit on your standard key chain without adding much bulk or weight. No worries about the small, plastic "capsule compass" being damaged by your keys or other key chain accessories. The little liquid-filled capsule containing the magnetized compass card is protected by a copper retaining bezel that is held on by four round head screws. I've owned several mini-compasses from the same company, and they are very good, but all have one or more bubbles in the fluid. You can reduce magnetic interference by using brass, aluminum or titanium mini-carabiners, split rings or tools on your key chain, but this compass is particularly sensitive to steel or battery-powered objects. This item looks solid and useful. I hope that's true. My only gripe is that it's personal. I prefer compasses that have a unique emblem, color or triangle at the "North" point to make them stand out. It makes a compass more readable for people with bad eyesight.

👤I use the compass as a pull on my bag. It's always there. The needle is solid and doesn't vibrate. One or two.

👤I got the metal compass key because I wanted a cool accessory on my keys. They advertise glow in the dark, but it doesn't work. I put a bright light over it for 40 seconds and it was readable in the dark for 2 minutes.

👤The compass is small and beautiful. I've owned the other small MecArmy compass for two years and it still works. Most small compasses I've bought in the past don't last very long.

👤I stress, little compass. It's nice for a trinket. The finish is still looking good despite it being pretty tough.

👤It seems to be of excellent quality. It's the same as advertised. Looking forward to many years of use. There are other products from this manufacturer. All of them have the same quality. I found them on the internet. He was unable to connect through his link.

10. Yoeseen Whistle,Magnifying Thermometer Expedition Exploration

Yoeseen Whistle%EF%BC%8CMagnifying Thermometer Expedition Exploration

You can make a loud whistle through the Yoeseen Emegency whistle if you use your mouth lightly. Blowing the Yoeseen whistle can get you noticed in an emergency. The Yoeseen whistle is portable and can be hung around your neck, worn on your hand or hung on your backpack. You can use it whenever you need it. The Emergency Whistle consists of 7 small parts, which are helpful for your outdoor adventure. The compass, whistle, light, and Yoeseen whistle can help when you get lost, when you are in distress, and when you encounter problems outdoors. The Yoeseen whistle has 7 small parts. You can use it quickly and easily if you need a whistle.

Brand: Yoeseen

👤When I received the item, it appeared to be accurate, but 3 weeks later, the magnet seems to have reversed completed! It's almost pointing north in the wrong direction. Themometer is measured in Celsius. Don't rely on this to be accurate. If you need a whistle, flashlight, reflector, magnifier, small thumb-sized compartment with a lanyard, then you should get this.

👤Not what I thought I bought. It was a gift. The light doesn't work so it's disappointing.

👤My six-year-old likes to play with it. It doesn't work from a survival tool standpoint. When we got it, thebatteries were dead. How to change them is confusing. Look at the picture. Takes two. Take out the screw. Press the lever hard.

11. Survival Military Emergency Signaling Compass

Survival Military Emergency Signaling Compass

The kit contains surgical instruments. SIGNAL MIRROR MATERIAL and SIZE:Acrylic, strong and not easy to break, better reflective effect, signal mirror military grade survival signal mirror for rescue. 3 in. X 2 in. Load-bearing rope length is 16.6 inches. The product is 1.16 ounces. MULTI-FUNCTION SIGNAL. There is a man named MIRROR. whistle for help, compass, load-bearing rope, signal mirror survival, whistle for help. Four in one outdoor distress tool. It's ideal for cars, outdoor adventures, mountain climbing, camping, hunting, fishing, extreme sports, and ultimate survival technologies. High performance. It's ideal for any survival kit because it has a built-in precision aiming system. It is suitable for long-distance communication in the field. Light signal transmission distance can reach more than 100 kilometers when the weather is good. When there is light on a cloudy day or night, it can be used. It can be used as a mirror during peacetime. The sight survival mirror military is an essential option in any survival emergency kit. The signal generating device is one of the major elements of survival. Everyone agrees that anyone who is engaged in remote outdoor activities should carry a compass and a survival whistle. SIGNAL There is a protective film on the mirror surface to prevent it from being scratched. The signal mirror has a plastic storage box gift packaging that will protect it from being scratched in the backpack. Before using the product, please remove the protective film from the mirror.

Brand: Luca Elf Aid

👤Purchase a make-up mirror, compass, and whistle at The Dollar Store. You will get more function than this. I can't talk in a loud voice and I can't accurately signal anything. The sight is useless. I can't see a 10ft square box at 100 yards away from the sun. I can't see the same box at 30 feet looking at the sun as a signal mirror. Imagine trying to signal a plane.

👤When you're trying to signal a plane, you should look through the middle. It is difficult to see through. I removed the protective plastic layer. It's a mirror, plastic, small, and lightweight. I'm looking for a replacement that I can use correctly, because I can't use it the way a person is supposed to.

👤The top surface of the mirror was rubbed even though it was in a plastic case. There were three places along the corners of the mirror that did not seal when the mirror was pressed after the plastic cover was removed. I tried rubbing the area but it didn't work. The poor condition of the mirror upon receipt changed my mind, even though the product description led me to believe it was higher quality.

👤This is a great product. I use this for Wildland fires. There is a need to signal aircraft from time to time so they can point you in the right direction. The reason I am buying a second one is that the first one broke off and I had to tie it to the backpack strap, it wasn't protected and took a lot of beating over time. I don't plan on using a compass. It's a safety issue. I threw it away. I plan on leaving it in the case and just throwing it in a pocket and storing it that way. I don't understand the neg comments on this, from someone that has actually signaled aircraft in real life, this thing works great. I can see a light reflection on the side of the airplane. The plane knew where I was and I was in radio contact with it. I knew where the plane was going. I measured the 2 x 3 inch mirror and found it to be 2 x 3. Maybe you have been lied to by your wife or girlfriend to make you feel good. You over estimate the size of hand held objects.

👤Very basic. Whistle and compass are not real. The lanyard is a plus, it's 888-282-0465 are 888-282-0465 Whistle doesn't work. It's only good for North reference. When looking through the star center, the image is blurry. If you plan on needing it to survive, don't get it. Get a military one. This one has 3 stars.

👤The product is pretty lightweight. It wasn't expensive. I think it will work. Hopefully I don't need to use it.


What is the best product for survival compass with mirror?

Survival compass with mirror products from Brunton. In this article about survival compass with mirror you can see why people choose the product. Coghlan's and A2s Protection are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival compass with mirror.

What are the best brands for survival compass with mirror?

Brunton, Coghlan's and A2s Protection are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival compass with mirror. Find the detail in this article. Naubr, Suunto and Ust are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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