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1. Sterling Direction Compass Pendant Necklace

Sterling Direction Compass Pendant Necklace

A compass cutout heart disc pendant is engraved with the message "Go in the direction of your dreams". A box chain with a clasp. The item is made of.925 sterling silver.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤A friend was given a necklace for graduation. The saying is perfect for beginning a life. At any point in life. I wore it after ordering one. There is a new direction. My niece was going to get it for her high school graduation. The chain is a good fit for me. My niece is larger than I am. I might put it on a longer silk cord.

👤The necklace is pretty delicate. The reason I gave it 3 stars is because the medallion is smaller than I was expecting. To read the inscription on the locket, one would need magnifying glasses or major reading glasses. It is a pain to attach and take off the small toggle for fixing the chain. It is a pretty necklace and comes in a nice box.

👤I bought this for a high school graduate. She loved it! It's small and not heavy. The chain is very thin. She has sensitive skin. I'll probably buy it again for someone else.

👤A friend was ordered a graduation present. She loved it. I was impressed by the quality of this piece. It was very pretty in person. The pictures do not begin to do justice.

👤I received this item on time. It is beautiful. The compass is hanging there because the phrase is readable. I hope it stays. It's funny. I bought it as a gift and I don't know if it will change color or if the compass will stop.

👤This is a gift for a teen who really needs encouragement. I knew it was for her when I saw it. The timing of it coming up on the Internet was perfect. She will love it when she gets it. Her grandma.

👤Very disappointing. Small! The worddirection only reads as "direct". It was too expensive for a cheap piece.

👤We couldn't read the message because the charm was so small. The chain is so flimsy that it would break if you tried to put it on. I'm very disappointed.

2. Sun Company Sighting Adjustable Declination

Sun Company Sighting Adjustable Declination

It can be an add on to your collection. Birthday, promotion, Thanksgiving, Christmas, friendship, Easter, engagement, wedding, anniversary, boy scout day, graduation, father's day, and so on can be gifted. A perfect gift for your family, friends, Son, Father, Daughter, Mother, Grandparents, partner, lover, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife, Fiancé, Fiancée. Magnetic North and True North are not the same. The Sun Company ProSight Map compass has a dial that makes it easy to get the most precise reading. Military survival or search and rescue situations need an essential piece of equipment. LUMINOUS ROTATING BEZEL - The compass is rotating for easy bearings. One of the premier compasses for low-light situations is the Dial. There is a protective cover for the gun. The compass is protected from damage. Open the cover to see the mirror. The dial for measuring the height of any landmark has a clinometer in it. Instructions are included for setting declination, taking bearings, and measuring target heights. A great learning tool for kids. There are more features. Other features include a jewel bearing, 3X magnifying glass, 4 map scales, inch andmm rulers, a break-away safety lanyard, and silicone anti-slip foot pads. The map compass is the perfect tool for a survivalist.

Brand: Sun Company

👤I was skeptical at first about buying a compass from Amazon, but my heart lead me to it and I went through with it. This is where you want to put your money. Better than any of the other compasses. It's accurate and has all the features you need to get back home. Even accommodates for declination. The instructions are difficult. Will teach you how to use a compass. It is explained in the most simple terms. You will not regret buying this compass.

👤The best option is the one that has everything you need. It is easy to set dispersion.

👤I'm very happy with the compass. The baseplate and compass allow you to place it on a map and adjust for magnetic declaration.

👤It's what I needed. Use it all the time when hunting. A compass like this one will always take me back to my vehicle when I take Sightings before I leave the vehicle. It's easy to use.

👤It arrived quickly. It arrived undamaged. The compass seems to be accurate. It is easy to set declination. Useful when used with military maps. It's important to have confidence in your compass and this one fits the bill.

👤Use it for search and rescue.

👤I don't have any complaints. After purchasing a different brand, and returning the one that was faulty, I ordered this one instead. Very pleased to be where I am.

👤It is very similar to other brands.

3. BSGB Paracord Firesteel Magnesium Emergency

BSGB Paracord Firesteel Magnesium Emergency

To ensure you don't get lost in the wild. The fire starter survival neckalce has a long ferro rod and ferrocerium scraper so you can make sparks fly. The new necklace generation by the Paracord is waterproof, even drop in water, and a safe survival necklace. An additional fire tinder cord makes this set a perfect fire starter necklace. In an emergency, you can balance the load with 7 individual triple-strands, 1 fishing line, 1 red waterproof fire tinder, and 1 cotton thread. The length is130 cm/51inch. Life-saving strands can catch fish or food, make fire, sew clothes or wounds, set traps, and more. The Paracord necklace for men and women is stylish and eye-catching, but also extremely comfortable and light. You can easily match it with any outfit and always have an emergency fire starter kit. The waterproof and rain proof kit has 2 x fishing hooks, 2 x fishing weights, 2 x fishing swivels, and 2 x fishing baits that will make survival easier than ever. The fire starter necklace is perfect for hunting, camping, fishing, mountaineering, trekking, hiking, backpacking and even boating adventures.

Brand: Bsgb

👤The fishing gear was useless when I received it. 2 hooks, no eyelets. What is the purpose of trolling? The line. MayBE, rubber grubs, use real local stuff. It will work, but you should use your own # 14 nymph or braided line. It's a good start but should be reworked.

👤I received my BSGB Fire Starter Paracord necklace and military survival gear. This is a really cool little kit, but I was fence about it, for what it is worth. It had the basics for survival, fire and tools to get food, as well as other handy accessories for aiding in such scenario's. I can deal with the black cord being contained within the brass cylinder with the other pieces if I have a complaint. This is portable and compact. I highly recommend this to anyone. You can wear it as a necklace or put it in the pocket of your jacket or bug out bag and be good to go. It's a good thing.

👤I thought I would just pull the tinder strand out of the extra cord and put it in the brass vial, since I haven't been able to get the fishing gear to fit into it yet. I'm not sure if the hooks and line are necessary for emergency fishing since there's not going to be a lot of changing lures/hooks involved. It's a good idea to keep an "altoid tin" fishing kit in a pocket in case of an emergency, although it's best to have some kind of energy bar or small bag of trail mix to get you through.

👤The money was wasted. For less, make your own. Don't buy a gift for someone who is outdoors a lot. The fire starter is small and won't be used much unless you have child hands and adult strength. Less than 1$ of fishing tackle is worth paranoia. It's a gag gift but it's built well.

👤The quality is top notch. The fishing gear inside is small and not functional. I couldn't think of a better way to catch a Bluegill than with these tiny little hooks. The necklace part is really cool. The fishing gear is a joke. This is more of a new invention than an actual survival tool.

👤It was very well made and heavy duty. I just threw away the fishing kit and filled it with cotton balls and vasoline. You're crazy if you go into the woods without a survival necklace. If everything else goes south, this is just an insurance policy. Not to be used as a daily source of fire.

👤The necklace is fine, but the brass canister for holding the gear is not. The gear doesn't all fit into the canister, and it comes with it. Good luck. The fishing line is cheap. There are a lot of cheap things. The flint rod is small.

👤The emergency kit is cute, but the fishing line is thin and the hooks are small. You could catch bait fish with it, but what would you use it for? Life is not supported by hooks and line in an emergency. Cute idea...

4. Friends Graduation Compass Necklace Sterling

Friends Graduation Compass Necklace Sterling

You have the power to navigate your own way even when you are far away from school or family. Remember that you are better than you think, and that you are stronger than you think. This compass will remind you to enjoy the journey as you travel, dream and reach for your goals. A perfect retirement gift. This necklace is perfect for a high school or college graduate. No harm to health was caused by the 100% real S925 sterling silver. The 90-Day No-Risk Return Policy is included in the after-sale service. Please contact them if you have a question. They will respond within 24 hours.

Brand: Holyfast

👤The necklace is very pretty in person. The pendant is about the size of a dime and while in certain angles the E looks like 3 horizontal lines, you can tell what it is. The chain can be short or long. The card that comes with the necklace set is the best part. The necklace and card that came with it really do match together, and that's what I love about this gift. I tried this to make sure it was not too small and would fit an adult. I was able to adjust my necklace chains to fit on my chest, so I could see the pendant. This doesn't include a cleaning rag. I have those. There is a necklace with a big meaning.

👤The necklace is shiny. The size isn't too big or too small. I am so annoyed by the 2 hooks on the back. I couldn't see this from the photos shown here. I thought the necklace was on the upper part of the compass. There are two hooks on the back of the necklace. The hooks on the back hurt me when I face down during sleep because I am the person who doesn't take the necklace off when showering or sleeping.

👤If you don't want something too flashy, but want something a little unique, this is the necklace for you. My skin doesn't react to the metal at all, and the rose gold gives it a subtle, warm color. Some people may not like the fact that the pendant is attached to the chain. The pendant doesn't swing wildly throughout the day and stays centered. I like Pavoi's products and have had a good experience with them.

👤My daughter never takes it off because it is so dainty. Would recommend.

👤My daughter wore it immediately after I ordered it for her. The quality of the product and packaging is good. I hope this will last for a long time. I would recommend this item.

👤It was a great gift for our daughter. I can't say how long it will last because it was a gift recently.

👤It is beautiful. I like a thin chain. Quality.

👤My daughter likes it and I got it for her.

5. ZUZU Babe Emergency Multitool Adventure

ZUZU Babe Emergency Multitool Adventure

This whistle suit is useful for women, men and kids. The most essential surgery. When there is no fire in the wild, you can use the fire magnifying glass attached to the survival whistle to look at the dead grass and leaves to generate fire. Light signs. The whistle has a survival mirror and a flashlight. In the case of not being able to use the whistle, using the principle of sunlight reflection to search for rescue personnel to explain their current position, the emergency lighting system andLED bulb life of 10,000 hours. SUPER LOUD: A high decibel survival whistle can provide up to 120 decibels of sound, enough to be heard from a mile away in an emergency, you and your whistle will be easily detected. The quality is high. The emergency whistle is made of high strength, fall resistance and high temperature engineering material. You can tie it around your backpack, belt or neck with a rope. There is a storage tank. You can put your name, address, phone number, blood type, and other information in it before you travel. Rescuers will be able to grasp your situation for the first time.

Brand: Zuzu Babe

👤The whistle sound is low, not very high decibels for an emergency, the thermostat doesn't work, and the North and South on each one points to different directions. Lamps work well.

👤This is in my life vest. I had to tie the magnifier and reflector in place with thread because they flop around and I didn't want to deal with customer service. The compass readings are not consistent. The flashlight does not have a continuous on. The temperature is very small.

👤The whistlers don't work well like the all in one design. It is possible, but would not recommend.

👤A great toy for kids, but not a serious Bug Out Bag.

👤This was cheap, but not worth the money. The compartment was difficult to open and close. The magnifying glass was not usable as it was not ten degrees high.

👤Whistle is not loud enough to be effective.

👤I bought this for my Cub Scout children, but they can't hear the whistle.

👤The emergency whistle is not very good.

6. X Plore Gear Emergency Wilderness Survival Kit

X Plore Gear Emergency Wilderness Survival Kit

The overall length is 4.25 inches and the closed length is 2.75 inches. The ultimate survival gear. The SA01 emergency paracord bracelet is a compact and tactical survival bracelet that comes packed with all the features you need in order to survive in the wilderness. The paracord bracelet is the perfect choice for anyone who likes camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, or just wants to be prepared for the outdoors. There is a surgical kit. The bracelet is a survival kit. This bracelet has a flint fire starter, a whistle that can be heard from a long distance, and a compass that will help you navigate through winter and even survive the apocalypse. It's smart, it's convenient, and it's portable. The paracord bracelet for men and women has a smart design that makes it easy to carry and store. You can either wear it on your wrist or snap it on your backpack and have a tactical survival kit with you no matter where you go. Their bracelets come in different colors for you to choose from. There are three different sizes: Regular, Medium, and Kid. You can order yours today. You can always be prepared with their 4 in 1 Survival Bracelet. Set traps with the Paracord rope, secure your items or use it as restrains, light a fire for cooking, find your way with the compass, and have an important scraper at your disposal. The tactical bracelet is small, compact and packed with everything you need. A safe purchase. They manufacture their paracord bracelets according to the highest standards so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Their survival bracelets are 100% reliable, unlike many other products on the market. They have an amazing set for you and your friends to explore.

Brand: X-plore Gear

👤If you ever try to find your way anywhere with the compass on this thing, you will face an emergency that is in reference to the word emergency in the title. If my daughter should become separated from us on a hike, I bought it for her to learn survival skills. The compass is off by 180 degrees. Trying to head north will take you to the south. The cord is nice and my daughter loves it. The whistle works well and the flint does its job. I am critical of it because it is being marketed as "The Ultimate Tactical Survival gear" for kids and your compass would do more harm than good if I had just put this on her and sent her off. It is a toy compass, so please fix it or at least put a notice on it that it is not a real compass. My daughter loves it so I'm stuck with it until I find a replacement.

👤The bracelet is pretty solid. The knife/striker is great for when you need a quick way to open a package or cut something that isn't very sharp. After a week or so, the bracelet fits perfectly. So far, so good, here's a few things I've learned that will hopefully help others. It's best to put it through the scanner to make sure the little fire scraper isn't sticking out, it's small but better to not have any sharp looking poking out. The knife/scraper can pop out of the holster. It's easier to leave the holster. The compass was a big reason for my purchase. I re-magnetize with a neodymium magnet. It was great until I put it back on my wrist. I realized the knife/scraper appears to cause interference when the scraper sits millimeters away. The scraper will make the compass jump around if you remove it. I might have accidentally magnetized the scraper. I can unbuckle the bracelet and hold the compass away from the opposite end. It points north! I don't know if you can demagnetize something, but it might fix it. Hope that helps!

👤This is a 3.5 star for me due to the size information, so it's too bad they don't allow half stars. The photo chart is a good start, but keep in mind that the buckle has components that make it a little longer than most. The "circle" measurement of your wrist is misleading because the buckles don't bend. I went with medium because my wrist is a little under 8. If you like a tight watchband, this will be fine for you. The longer buckle makes it nearly impossible to turn it on the wrist because of the looseness. Measure your wrist to see if you like snug or loose. If you have a big wrist, take the buckle off and make your own. It's pretty good. The whistle and compass are good. Unless you cover the hole with your lips, whisltle is loud. My main goal was to have a fire strikers. ferrite rods don't give you perfect out of the box. ferrite rods come with a "paint" like coating on them, so until you get past that you won't get much. Keep trying. There is a lot of hot sparks when you pass the paint. If you think sparks will set a small stick on fire, you should limit your camping to a hotel.

7. NexLand Outdoors Ceramic Necklace Bushcraft

NexLand Outdoors Ceramic Necklace Bushcraft

A necklace with all the tools to start a fire. For lifetime use of ceramic strikers. Fire steel can be used as a weapon. The leather cord has a double fisherman's knot. The Ceramic strikers can hit up to 12,000 strikes and the flint-steel can hit up to 3,200 strikes.

Brand: Nexland Outdoors

👤These are from China and are not real. The fire starter necklaces that are better quality are made in the USA. They cost a little more, but are worth supporting American innovation over Chinese counterfeits.

👤The necklace is made of leather. This will be a great gift for my oldest grandchild, who is 8 years older than my son, when he proudly set a fire in the bathroom sink with a flint and steel. His father was there.

8. Survival Multi Color Emergency Watchband Paracord

Survival Multi Color Emergency Watchband Paracord

A beaded chain is an accessory. The package includes 20 mini compasses in 9 colors, which are easy to find in an emergency, and can be worn like a bracelet. The material is durable. The liquid-filled compass is vacuum-packed and has a dial that rotates for accurate readings, it is made of nylon and high-strength plastic. The lanyard made of nylon allows the compass to be hung on the key ring for easy carrying, and the non-slip texture handle makes it easy to carry. The compass has a scale that is clear and precise, and it has a vibrant green direction indicator that makes it easy to read and confirm the direction. The compass can be hooked on your jacket to prevent it from being lost, and it is suitable for connecting outdoor backpacks, key chains, and any conventional zippers, which will help you find your way home quickly.

Brand: Generic

👤There were 20 compasses. One of the strings came off. Two of the compasses pointed to magnetic north, but when they were moved they stopped pointing to magnetic north. None of the compasses worked. Send them back. vacuum and the dial are not pointing to magnetic north for accurate readings.

👤These were a great gift for a Christian group, but not used. They do not work correctly.

👤A great addition to the bag is a group of children. All of the black compasses broke apart after little playing so they had to deduct one star for that. The kids played with the rest of the colors all weekend. I had more.

👤The pack was purchased for a Cub scout. The loops of several were pulled out immediately so they were pointless. They are too small to read.

👤The price was great and I thought these would be nice for the meeting. Not one of them works. I will return them soon. I ordered a different kind and hope it will work. These are great for bags for a party, but don't expect them to work.

👤Excellent price arrived quickly.

👤These are exactly what I wanted.

9. AranLtion Camping Survival Compass Military

AranLtion Camping Survival Compass Military

The compass can be hooked on your jacket to prevent it from being lost, and it is suitable for connecting outdoor backpacks, key chains, and any conventional zippers, which will help you find your way home quickly. The compass is made of metal copper, a mirror, and a rotating bezel, which makes it easy to navigate and orient. The 48mm x 12mm compass is ideal for adults and kids. It's easy to read in all weather when the compass glows in the dark. Place the compass in a horizontal position to make it work and to keep it away from magnetic objects that may interfere with its function. They will provide a replacement or a full refund if the product is not satisfactory after use.

Brand: Aranltion

👤Does not work. The needle does not float. The flimsy cardboard box was destroyed and the compass was scratched when the item arrived. Terrible shipping. The compass is cheap.

👤It's just as cute as the picture. It can't tell from the other side. The north and south are fun. I will be returning it.

👤It would be a great compass for my son. The lid won't stay closed. I can only give 3 stars.

👤It lights up at night, seems well made, but isn't very heavy.

👤I gave it to my 7 year old as a gift. It feels like it too.

👤As compared to 3 other compass's...

10. Directional Magnetic Scripture Confidently Direction

Directional Magnetic Scripture Confidently Direction

The antique brass compass is intricately carved and packed in a Rosewood Storage case and a chain with an engraved famous Thoreau's Quote "GoConfidently in The Direction of Your Dreams!" Live the life you've imagined. You will find and navigate your way home with the help of their brand name Roorkee Instruments India. A multi purpose product. The compass provides precise directions. The high-quality compass needle can be found in The North very quickly. An Impressive and Unique Gift for your loved ones who love hiking, Trekking, Sailing, Adventure, Marine, travelling, JungleSafari, Boating, etc. It can be used for any kind of outdoor and indoor activities. The perfect size. The pocket size compass is convenient to carry. The size of the compass is 50mmx18mm and the wooden case is 3.5x 3.5x1inches. It is a portable device that can be carried in a backpack. A perfect gift for travelers. It is packaged to make sure you receive it in perfect condition. The vintage compass can be used as a decorative object and educational gift. What is more unique than a gift? It never comes off. The gift will be appreciated by your loved ones for a long time. It enhances your home décor, study room decoration, office desks and more. It gives a nice touch to your space. Premium quality brass makes it last for a long time. It can be an add on to your collection. Birthday, promotion, Thanksgiving, Christmas, friendship, Easter, engagement, wedding, anniversary, boy scout day, graduation, father's day, and so on can be gifted. A perfect gift for your family, friends, Son, Father, Daughter, Mother, Grandparents, partner, lover, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife, Fiancé, Fiancée.

Brand: Roorkee Instruments (india) A Nautical Reproduction House

👤I can't open the compass, but I'm sure it's nice. I'm not sure if the hinge is broken or not. I could not find an email address for writing to the company. I will change this once I can see the compass. I don't want to use a screwdriver to open it. Please help. I was able to open the compass with only one small scratch. The compass is nice. I use it as a motivator at work. I get a lot of positive comments about it. I changed my review to 4 stars. I damaged the item to open it because I did not get a response from the company.

👤This is a retirement gift for a long term employee. They said they liked it.

👤The compass did not work when it arrived, it was a gift for someone. I was very disappointed.

👤Instructions should be included with the compass. Otherwise very nice. I liked the wooden box it came with.

👤A symbolic gift. It is not something I would use if my life depended on it.

👤Gifts for family and friends.

👤It is a gift. I don't have a comment.

👤It was just what I wanted as a present.

👤It was a perfect gift for my grandsons 13th birthday.

👤The product was shipped quickly.

11. Survival Bracelet Paracord Compass Backpacking

Survival Bracelet Paracord Compass Backpacking

Their Survival Iron Rod is made of high quality and works in all weather conditions. A perfect gift for hikers, scouts, hunters, fishermen, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Their survival iron rod and bracelet kits are perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, and outdoor gear. The knife bracelet is easy to switch between. Attach it to your bag, belt, or backpack and it will be sharper and more durable. 5 The survival bracelet has a fire starter, whistle, and compass. The compass has correct orientation and is waterproof. The whistle makes a clear and penetrating sound, and the Scraper is used for magnesium rod to create a spark. Even when wet and cold, the wood handle of the Survival Fire Starter Iron Rod allows for an easy grip. The built-in toothed edge for scraper ferro rod, bottle opener, ruler, map scale, and bottle opener is made of hardened steel and attached to a paracord lanyard. 1x bracelets, 1x Iron Rod, and a compass are included.

Brand: Aikertec

👤I have found that the bracelets usually don't work correctly because the compass worked. I have not started a fire yet, but I am glad it is working.


What is the best product for survival compass necklace?

Survival compass necklace products from Amazon Collection. In this article about survival compass necklace you can see why people choose the product. Sun Company and Bsgb are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival compass necklace.

What are the best brands for survival compass necklace?

Amazon Collection, Sun Company and Bsgb are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival compass necklace. Find the detail in this article. Holyfast, Zuzu Babe and X-plore Gear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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