Best Survival Compass Multitool

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1. Orienteering Compass Backpacking Navigation Professional

Orienteering Compass Backpacking Navigation Professional

There is a worry-free service. Their products can give a year of worry-free service. The baseplate has azimuth bearing and rotates. The compass ruler and 1:24000 compass scale are located in the cartographic map navigation area. A durable and lightweight compass is needed for hiking. Cub Scout compass for kids. Boy Scout Boys and Girl receive the best gifts from the sba compass. A professional compass for camping, hiking, hunting, survival, and Navigating. A portable compass with a needle and arrow. The Real Compass Oil is magnetized by vacuum technology and filled with a liquid oil. The Vertical Simple compass is great for orientating and backpackers.

Brand: Turnonsport

👤Jeff is in NC. I will teach my granddaughters to use the two compasses the same way I taught their mother many years ago. I was a boy scout in the 70's and used a compass. There are online lessons for children. They will learn the basics at the kitchen table. Each course has a treat treasure at the end. I will have the pleasure of teaching a science lesson while alone with them. The capabilities of the compass are far beyond what they need now, but are ideal for future wilderness hiking. The girls will make a simple compass by placing a straight pin on a cork disk in a bowl of water. I have done it and the pin points north even if I have to point any other way. I expected to pay $30 for these instruments, but I was surprised to find them for $10 each. You grandpas are going to get to spend one on one time with the grandkids. They will impress their parents once they learn how to use a compass.

👤Lanyard was damaged upon opening the compass enclosure. The compass looked good to me. The numbers and marks are legible. The problem is that the compass doesn't point north. The dial on the compass is turned to North. The red is not close to it. When I move the dial around, I use the red and white hand. This should not be happening. I hope the Scouts don't use it. It's terrible. Who can trust a compass that doesn't point in the general direction of the North?

👤My wife bought a compass on her way to the class after taking an orienting class. She borrowed a compass from the instructor to complete the course. I gave her this one for her and put her on a map at our local park. She used the compass to find shelters, a playground, and a pool. She plotted our way points and headings to sail in Charlotte Harbor next week after she pulled out a chart at home. I will teach her about map caching soon.

👤The added feature of the compass is that you can lay it down on a map if you misplace it. Which direction to go? We are rarely lost in the woods, but I am interested in the properties of buildings that are aligned to points. I wanted to check the orientation of our home, our friends, hotels, and any other building we enter. The compass is small and inobtrusive and is perfect for my purse or pocket. Thank you, works great!

👤I'm returning the compass because I can't recommend it. The orientation arrow is 2 degrees off from the N and S markings on this compass, which is important for accuracy. After 10 miles you will be over a quarter mile from your target. You can adjust for declination on your own, but why give the chance for more human error when all it takes is matching up the marking during production?

2. Suprock Survival Tactical Entrenching Emergency

Suprock Survival Tactical Entrenching Emergency

There is a camping guarantee. Their priority has always been 100% satisfaction. All of their products are backed by a manufacturer's warranty. The materials are high-quality. The shovel axe are made of thick high-carbon steel, with 3 CR13 high carbon STAINLESS steel integrated casting technology, high strength, strong and durable. The camping equipment is a great partner for outdoor camping. The shovel are made of high-carbon steel is strong and durable enough to endure the harshest conditions, and three different assembly methods, 0-180 shovel head can be adjusted at will, and spiral handle anti-skid design, surface oxidation resistance Rust and waterproof. A multifunctional survival tool includes shovel, axe, knife, saw, hoe, hook, stick, and spanner, a corkscrew, whistle,igniter, ice cone, fish scale, compass, and many more. Ready whenever and wherever you need it. It's easy to assemble. The store has a folding design for easy carrying. Take it with you in your car or backpack. The portable bag size is 10*7 inches and the handle lengths are from 19 to 32.4 inches. The strong quality of the Lifetime Replacement Service makes shopping worry-free. The survival shovel can be used for a long time. If you have unpleasant problems during use, please contact them so that they can solve them for you.

Brand: Suprock

👤I took this with me on a camping trip, but I didn't think I'd use it the whole time. The shovel has a very sharp point at the tip that helped it break branches and really anything, even though it was only strong. The handle is comfortable to hold, but I love that I can shorten it. I was able to use this to dig a fire pit at the beach. The axe is very sharp and can be used to cut wood for a campfire. It came with a cover for the axe. It had a cover for the shovel as well. It's convenient to store everything inside with the bag that comes with it. It's great for camping trips in case of emergencies. This is made with quality steel and has not cracked, bent or rusted.

👤Comes with a nice carry case. If zombies show up, the shovel is a great way to protect yourself. An axe will definitely be useful. It is easy to carry and pack because of the case.

👤The shovel is very easy to use. The school bought a shovel with the idea of trying it out and seeing if it worked, thinking that it would only work if I used it twice. The shovel is easy to use, and it feels worthwhile.

👤There was no principal return. The product doesn't match the instructions.

👤A shovel is useful when camping.

👤All threaded pieces fit great and are definitely lightweight. I thought I had asked for the one with the axe. I would probably order it if I tried it. This price point is recommended for sure.

👤My daughter received this item as a gift. She keeps it by her bed. I don't know why she wanted one. She loves it! She won't let me take a picture of her until I can get one from her.

3. Nexfinity One Survival Paracord Bracelet

Nexfinity One Survival Paracord Bracelet

A map compass is used for hiking. The emergency survival bracelet has an light that can be used to find you at night. 10 feet of tactical paracord for women or men with different size wrists can be used in a variety of ways in the wilderness. There are multiple tools. A pair of compact multi tools that fit neatly inside the buckle are part of the survival bracelet set. The tool has a lot of things. A loud whistle built into this edc survivor wristband can help signal rescuers from a long way away. The built-in flint in the multi tool kit can be used to make life saving fire.

Brand: Nexfinity One

👤I bought these for myself and my partner. I was concerned that neither of us had compasses while we were off trail hiking. I decided to get something like this instead of buying a couple of real compasses because it provides some other useful features. The Whistle, fire starter, light, and 10 feet of usable para-cord seemed like a great addition. The multi-tool seemed to be a complete gimmick and proved to be so in the long run. I was excited to slap them on the pack because we never planned to wear them. I was happy to find that everything was exactly what I expected when I inspected the first one. It's cheap, useful, and could be a big help in a survival situation. I sat them next to each other to see how accurate the compasses were. You are the judge, the picture is above. I have lived in this house for a while and I know which direction it is. These are not facing north, but they are wrong together. For the price, the fire starter and para-cord are worth keeping. I was wondering if the multi-tool that sits directly under the compass might be a factor. I removed the multi-tool and both compasses spun to true. My complaints were voided. The design was not thought through. The multi-tool is a useless piece of metal. If you trash it, you will get a compass and other features.

👤I would give this bracelet a perfect score. One of the compasses didn't work, but I can't fault the provider for that, because it could have happened in transit. It has a strong magnetic pull to one direction, so it's an easy fix. The fire starter was the only problem I had. This part is important if you plan on being your back up. To remove the black, use a knife. Hold the starter tilted down and use the half circular scraper. It will take a few times before you can get a spark, and you have to press hard and go fast. Make sure you can produce one before you take it into a situation that could be dire.

👤The package had 2 bracelets. Both of them have a small compass. They don't point in the same direction. Neither actully points in the general direction of the north.

👤Excellent price, good pruduct. Be sure to check for the little plastic reed inside the whistle. It would be great if I could get a replacement reed. These people don't play around. They sent me a new braclet after I mentioned that one of my braclets was missing the whistle.

👤I like these. I gave one as a gift and we wear them hiking, kayaking, and camping. It's nice to know that I have it. You can wear it on the wrist or clip it on a belt loop. If you are separated from your pack, it would be the best way to do this. The light has extra security. If you were being searched for it, you might be kept out of the way of a searcher if you lost consciousness. I bought them for my grandsons because they are starting to enjoy the outdoors and wilderness and I wanted to show them how to use the light.

4. MecArmy Sensitivity Mechanical Fluorescence Sandblasted

MecArmy Sensitivity Mechanical Fluorescence Sandblasted

The mini compass has azimuth bearing and a rotating bezel. The ruler and glass are for cartographic map navigation. The free beaded chain may be worn as a pendant. The D type key ring is convenient to match accessories and has a length of 37.7mm/1.48in. Fluorescence-glow in the dark for up to 6 hours. Special technology is used to give high sensitivity. A beaded chain is an accessory.

Brand: Mecarmy

👤I could not even read the compass inside my house, so it would be nice to know that it is smaller than a penny. A piece of junk was made in China. I guess you get what you pay for. Don't waste money or time. It doesn't deserve a single star.

👤This guy is really nice. It doesn't function as a compass. Every time I use it, I get another direction for east. Every time I point it in the same direction, I get a different reading.

👤The compact key chain compass will fit on your standard key chain without adding much bulk or weight. No worries about the small, plastic "capsule compass" being damaged by your keys or other key chain accessories. The little liquid-filled capsule containing the magnetized compass card is protected by a copper retaining bezel that is held on by four round head screws. I've owned several mini-compasses from the same company, and they are very good, but all have one or more bubbles in the fluid. You can reduce magnetic interference by using brass, aluminum or titanium mini-carabiners, split rings or tools on your key chain, but this compass is particularly sensitive to steel or battery-powered objects. This item looks solid and useful. I hope that's true. My only gripe is that it's personal. I prefer compasses that have a unique emblem, color or triangle at the "North" point to make them stand out. It makes a compass more readable for people with bad eyesight.

👤I use the compass as a pull on my bag. It's always there. The needle is solid and doesn't vibrate. One or two.

👤I got the metal compass key because I wanted a cool accessory on my keys. They advertise glow in the dark, but it doesn't work. I put a bright light over it for 40 seconds and it was readable in the dark for 2 minutes.

👤The compass is small and beautiful. I've owned the other small MecArmy compass for two years and it still works. Most small compasses I've bought in the past don't last very long.

👤I stress, little compass. It's nice for a trinket. The finish is still looking good despite it being pretty tough.

👤It seems to be of excellent quality. It's the same as advertised. Looking forward to many years of use. There are other products from this manufacturer. All of them have the same quality. I found them on the internet. He was unable to connect through his link.

5. Survival Multitool Emergency Equipment Paracord

Survival Multitool Emergency Equipment Paracord

Tools must be locked into place during use and unlocked manually for safe storage. Survival kits contain fishing tools, fire starter, compass, multifunctional flint scraper-bottle opener, srewdriver&wrench, whistle, glass breaker and paracord for everyday carry. Multitools are perfect for emergencies. This survival kit is made of premium aluminum alloy with high strength and excellent oxidation resistance, which is durable for long term use and feels comfortable to grip. It's easy to carry a small edc tactical gear with paracord in a backpack, car, or on a hike. It's a good idea to put it in your bug out bag as an emergency supply. This survival tool with a gift box is the best gift for men dad husband outdoor enthusiast for fishing, camping, survival, hiking, hunting, adventure, backpack and more. There is a 1-year warranty and guarantees to solve quality problems online. The quality of the product and service will be of great benefit to you. If you have a problem, please email them. There is a 1-year warranty and guarantees to solve quality problems online. The quality of the product and service will be of great benefit to you. If you have a problem, please email them.

Brand: Morisk

👤The product is cheap. My worst purchase was on Amazon.

6. Tactical Multitool Survival Flashlight Stocking

Tactical Multitool Survival Flashlight Stocking

If you are dissatisfied with this kit after purchase, you can contact them by email and they will give you a satisfactory reply. The 12-in-1 multifunctional tool pen has the most needed tools, Glass Breaker, Flashlight, Ballpoint, Stylus Pen, Bottle opener, Compass, Whistle, and Multi-tool Head. All hidden in a smooth, streamlined pen body that can be easily clipped. A complete user guide is included with their tactical multi-function tool. Their tactical pen is made of lightweight aircraft aluminum. Anti-oxidation and resistant to oxidation. Powerful and precise operations can be performed in emergency situations. This pen multi-purpose tool is specially made to break the glass and save lives when the door is stuck or the window cannot be opened in a fire. It can help you find things in the dark. Tactical pens that are too long and heavy are not suitable for carrying around. Their flashlight is made of the highest quality aluminum and has the largest strength-to-weight ratio. The pen body can be clipped in a pocket for quick and easy access. The tip of the glass breaker has a pen cap on it to protect yourself from injury and scratches. Help and Escape: 1. In a critical moment, break the window. Whistle for escape. The flashlight should be switched torobe mode to represent help signals. The compass head of the survival pen will help you find your way. The head can open the beer lid and tighten the screws. Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts For Men: Are you preparing gifts for him, your husband, dad, boyfriend, brother, or yourself? The best Christmas gifts, Stocking stuffers gifts, and Valentines' gifts can be found in this gadget set. It makes it easier for people to go hiking, camping, fishing, hunting. Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts For Men: Are you preparing gifts for him, your husband, dad, boyfriend, brother, or yourself? The best Christmas gifts, Stocking stuffers gifts, and Valentines' gifts can be found in this gadget set. It makes it easier for people to go hiking, camping, fishing, hunting.

Brand: Beinline

👤My son is in the Navy and I gave him this tactical pen. The glass breaker was covered by the compass. I felt that the glassbreaker could poke through a pocket if it was exposed. The pen is small and needs to be purchased more frequently.

👤The box was of high quality. The husband probably thought he was getting jewelry. The product looked good, but he seemed disinterested. It will probably never be used. If you know it's wanted, it's a nice gift.

👤I don't like this pen. The compass doesn't work at all for me. The pen doesn't write. The Light is bright and works well. I haven't tested the other parts. The customer support was quick in contacting me to get a replacement.

👤I gave my father the tactical pen because I love it so much. It is sturdy and there are many practical uses. It has a nice weight. I love this pen!

👤I only need the light and pen function for me, but it would be good for the kids in the room if I had the light and pen function.

👤My loved one was excited to find this item in his stocking. He used it to open difficult packages for other products we received as gifts. Great features!

👤I was really disappointed when I found out that the pen's battery and other parts were missing. I wanted to make sure this pen was given to someone special by Christmas, but now I won't be able to give it to them. I am really disappointed.

👤The features on this tactical pen will be very useful. A gift was given to someone who travels a lot and is always looking for a tool he forgot to bring along. The recipient said it will go with him everywhere.

7. BANORES Unbreakable Flashlight Multi Function Equipment

BANORES Unbreakable Flashlight Multi Function Equipment

The function is Shovel, scoops, saws, axes, picks, mulberry, bottle opener, magnesia rod, hammer, nail pullover, wrench, hammer, etc. It's military-grade handle makes it a breeze to work with and the shovel is made from hardened, heat-treated military solid carbon steel. Abuse and impact can be handled without scratches or dents. The Survival Tools set has 28 tools in it, including a shovel, flashlight,saw, axe, hoe, hexagon wrench, scissors, multi-function tools,bottle opener, screw set, compass,whistle,hunting knife, etc. The Survival Shovel Axe is made from a strong mix of high carbon steel and chromium, making it rust resistant. The shovel has passed their destruction tests and will be standing the test of time. The extended and portable folding shovel is about 24 cm long. The extended back shovel can reach up to 40.1 inches to meet your needs. It's suitable for camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, emergency, gardening, etc. It is easy to assemble and store the parts. It only takes a few minutes to assemble, and BANORES camping shovel set is the best gift for husband, elders, and friends.

Brand: Banores

👤This is the review you want to read. I bought this for myself to use. I am currently in the mountains of Idaho and have a lot of use for everything in this bundle. I struggled to get this bundle, but I decided to invest in a good pick axe and go with this axe bundle instead. Don't buy this kit for the axe, first thing you need to know. It broke when I was using it as a wood axe to chop up small logs. The axe head surprised me and seemed capable of chopping. The sides of the log were damaged by my swings, as you can see in the picture. The axe head is pretty good. It broke on its own neck. It broke on its own neck and did not break at an extension where you can connect to it to extend it out and make it longer. The picture is deceiving because you can see threads where the break is, but it is not the case. I think they put that neck into the axe. There is no way to change out that neck for a different extension if the threads are there. I have a small hand hatchet with a hammer. There is a risk with that axe. The axe head broke off and that was the end of the story. If I hadn't used it as a short hatchet and extended it into a wood chopping axe, it could have gone flying off somewhere. It broke my second swing into a wood log because I didn't have enough force to break it as a hand held. I am not sure about that. Let's move past the axe and get to the rest of it. The shovel. The neck of the shovel is important because it can be used as a hoe. I have used it a bit and it may feel a bit weird, but I am used to holding shovels. The shovel doesn't seem to break easily. After the axe broke, I played with it to see if the shovel would hold up. There is a bit of a hassle in changing from shovel to hoe. It's easier to remove the shovel head from the extensions and put it back on. The way that the extension handles screw together makes it difficult to adjust the shovel head lock because the threads are opposite directions. Nobody is buying a cheap compass. You can buy replacements if the flint looks like it screws in and out. If you are getting in some night work, I recommend using a headlamps as well as the flashlight. I like the pocket knife a lot. It was ready and sharp and is not a cheapo knife. It is a Browning. The clippers and pliers are of good quality, not necessarily name brand, so if you have craftsman tools, obviously this wouldn't be on par, but it's not just cheap crap that seems like it's going to break just being taken out of the package. The extension bars feel like a force to be reckoned with. They feel good quality, the whole set, all of the metal smelled like a well oiled fire arm and that smell was really impressive and added appeal to everything. They screw together clean and at the final turn, even if you screw it in tight, it will come together. The work they put into those extensions is great. The whole thing feels powerful and smooth, but it is also misleading. If they don't use aluminum or aluminum alloy on the head of the axe, it's simply not strong enough for a real man to use, so I think they have to use something else. The only complaint I have is the axe. I wish they would have tested it more, or at least not advertise it as a wood cutting axe, because that can seriously hurt someone. I think everything else in the box is decent, except for the axe, which is a bit down, but I don't think it will break as easily. If something else goes wrong, I will update this review. I will give this 3 stars because everything is pretty good with one exception. I would have given it 4 stars, but I feel like it should lose one for the danger it poses if that axe head doesn't break as smoothly as mine.

8. Sun Company Outsider Multi Tool Thermometer

Sun Company Outsider Multi Tool Thermometer

You will have survival tools that can help you in an emergency. A fire starter that will help give you sparks, a whistle that will catch attention when needed, and a compass that will guide you. Even in low-light conditions, the luminous compass button keeps you on course. It's perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, or any other situation where reliable tactical gear is essential. One of the must-have accessories for survivalists is survival whistle. The mini whistle makes a big sound. The cooled thermometer reads the temperature down to -20 degrees. An essential piece of equipment for the outdoors. The fire starter has waterproof flint rod and steel strikers. A piece of emergency equipment. You can use the key ring to easily clip these gadgets to your backpack, jacket, or key chain for quick access. A full survival kit is in a key chain. You can use the key ring to easily clip these gadgets to your backpack, jacket, or key chain for quick access. A full survival kit is in a key chain.

Brand: Sun Company

👤The whistle is not strong. It works, but you can't put full lung power behind it or it will snuff out the sound of the candle flame. There is a block in the sound chamber. The company's logo is on the pictures. It is hidden by picture angles and is bulky. The plastic where the split ring goes through looks like it won't last long, it's a thin strip of plastic. The ferro rod is sparky and works. The button compass is very responsive, both how fast it tracks back to north and how much you play before it gets stuck from not holding it flat. It's accurate. The button compass is the one you want over all other buttons. I was surprised that there wasn't any badness when I expected a cheap compass. It's not bad, I would buy this again. You can't expect to find it missing when you need it, and you can't expect to use it outside your gear as a pull. The thin plastic strip is a good product, if it were thicker the other complaints would be better, but still a good product. If I can get a better and more durable attachment point, I might be able to drill a hole through it.

👤I bought this because it has a ferro rod. Adding the whistle and compass was nice. I get a spark from the ferro rod, it works as expected for being a small rod. The temperature is not very high. Even though the ambient temp has changed, it is hard to see if the temp on the thermometer has changed. The compass isn't accurate. North points to the east. It can get stuck and spin in different directions. The only good thing is that the liquid in the compass doesn't freeze in the freezer. The whistle works, but not in a dense forest. If you want something that is cheap for a gift, you found it. If you want to survive in a survival situation, you should buy them separately and better quality.

👤I thought the compass, whistle and fire starter was a perfect compact device. There is a sticker on the product that could easily fall off and show you the most important information about the item. The metallic blade for the flint is positioned right under the compass, which makes the reading completely distorted and gives you incorrect directions. The sticker tells you to take out the blade in order to read the compass. It would be a disaster if someone didn't know this and depended on the compass. The critical user information should have been etched into the product and not a sticker on it that was about to fall off when I received it. The temperature gauge reading label didn't match the temperature reading. The product had a high temperature on it. It seems to be off by a couple of degrees. The whistle produces a loud and sharp sound.

👤I'm not sure how the fire starter works. Do I hit the stick on the jagged edge of the metal because the sides are smooth? I was not sure if the stick was flint or not. Is it possible to add flint? The parts of your keychain are the only instructions you'll need. I figured it out. The stick is plastic and metal smooth on both sides. compass doesn't work either

9. AranLtion Camping Survival Compass Military

AranLtion Camping Survival Compass Military

The compass can be hooked on your jacket to prevent it from being lost, and it is suitable for connecting outdoor backpacks, key chains, and any conventional zippers, which will help you find your way home quickly. The compass is made of metal copper, a mirror, and a rotating bezel, which makes it easy to navigate and orient. The 48mm x 12mm compass is ideal for adults and kids. It's easy to read in all weather when the compass glows in the dark. Place the compass in a horizontal position to make it work and to keep it away from magnetic objects that may interfere with its function. They will provide a replacement or a full refund if the product is not satisfactory after use.

Brand: Aranltion

👤Does not work. The needle does not float. The flimsy cardboard box was destroyed and the compass was scratched when the item arrived. Terrible shipping. The compass is cheap.

👤It's just as cute as the picture. It can't tell from the other side. The north and south are fun. I will be returning it.

👤It would be a great compass for my son. The lid won't stay closed. I can only give 3 stars.

👤It lights up at night, seems well made, but isn't very heavy.

👤I gave it to my 7 year old as a gift. It feels like it too.

👤As compared to 3 other compass's...

10. MecArmy Titanium Exquisite Fluorescence Waterproof

MecArmy Titanium Exquisite Fluorescence Waterproof

The built-in flint in the multi tool kit can be used to make life saving fire. The professional grade compasses. The waterproof IPX5 compass is ideal for camping, military usage, emergencies, and anywhere the beaten track takes you. High sensitivity. The portable compass is made of either titanium or brass and uses special technology to improve the sensitivity and precision. The brass pocket compass is the best on the market, it performs in extreme temperatures. Flurceence is a type of flu. The compass interface glows in the dark, so even when night falls, you can read up to 1 hours. The design of the navigation compass, D type key ring makes it convenient to match accessories. Hand held compass can be used as a compass hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, youth scout compass, boat compass and orienteering compass. Right direction.

Brand: Mecarmy

👤The compass glows in two different colors in the photo, which is a lie. The letters glow in green. It was advertised that it would glow up to 6 hours. It only glows for a short time and is very dim. I have a watch that is brighter than the compass and it will light up all night long. The dial is painted with high quality paint. There are different types of glow in the dark chemicals that can be found in this compass. I paid $32.57 for a very disappointing compass. I don't like being lied to. Buyers beware of this product.

👤This is the second time I have tried this compass. compasses shouldn't apply to "in the ballpark" because that doesn't work with some things. I won't count on it being my primary source of direction. The photo of the bright glowing face needs to be removed from the product page. The dim green on the N, S, E and W letters was the best I could get, but it lasted for 10 minutes after I held it up to a light bulb. It was very misleading.

👤Not a bad compass. It seems accurate and doesn't take long to change. It doesn't glow for more than 6 hours. If that's half hour, then maybe 15 minutes. False advertising. I was pretty upset that I was lied to.

👤I wouldn't use this compass as a primary compass because of its small size. I would trust this in an emergency. It's small enough to fit in tackle boxes, outdoor survival tins, etc. This is the one to get if you need a back up compass.

👤I think it's a great compass. If you attach the compass to a key ring that can be magnetized, it will not work if it is around the key ring. I was able to get around this problem by using a carabiner and pulling the compass off when I want to use it. Another option is to use titanium as the attached keyring.

👤The compass is nice but needs to be level to get an accurate reading. If it is on a keychain, you have to either hold it flat with very steady hands or put it down on a flat surface, which defeats the purpose of having it on a keychain. I like the look and size of this compass.

👤I bought this to have a compass in my bag in case I get lost on my local trails. I like the look and light weight of the titanium, and it seems accurate for my uses. Happy with the purchase.

👤This is lightweight and accurate. I wear it as a necklace. I was in the Army for 20 years and it was before cell phones and gps. I use a compass in the woods. I am getting old. It's funny. Old habits are hard to break.

11. LEATHERMAN Wingman Multitool Stainless Steel

LEATHERMAN Wingman Multitool Stainless Steel

The chrome vanadium finish is polished. One of their best. The Wingman is a classic, designed and assembled with premium materials and is your go-to tool for projects around the house, on the job or at the campsite. There are 14 tools in one, which include a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, a wire stripper, scissors, a package opener, bottle and can openers, a file and a ruler. They offer a 25-year warranty on their Leatherman, so you can be confident that it will last a lifetime. One-hand opening allows you to open all the tools with one hand, even the ones that aren't accessible from the outside. Always on hand. Your Wingman is always ready to work with its lightweight design and pocket clip.

Brand: Leatherman

👤The knife blade is sharp, the packaging tool is nice, and the assembly seems strong, but that's about all it's got going for it. To get the spring on the scissors' arm, you need to press down on them. You will feel it click into place. It was weeks before I found the solution. It's just the beginning of stupid design issues. You need to open your arms to get at the other tools, except for the knife and scissors, so it becomes pretty award to use, and you're more likely to get your actual screw driver rather than futz around with the ones here. The clip placement is one of the more annoying design issues. The heaviest part of the tool is the jaws and they are the ones that make it easier to slip off your belt or pocket. I tried to move the clip to the other end. It's a no-go. Adding a saw edge to the knife utility is a problem. It takes a long time to cut through an apple and make a mess. A separate saw tool and a knife would be more useful. I can't recommend this item because of the price point. It'll probably work as a tool in my tackle box, but then again, a folding knife and a pair of forceps would cost considerably less.

👤It can be hard to find a good deal on the Leatherman Wingman and Rebar because there are so many other models. Leatherman calls a number of models, and I hope to help in the choice of economical "Full-size" multitools. The full size line of tools are 100mm long when folded, and include the Charge TTi, New Wave, Rebar, and the Wingman. The Rebar and Wingman are more expensive than the other two. There are blade-in and blade-out designs. The Wingman is blade-out and the Rebar is blade-in, both of which require you to open the tool to have access to the knife blade. The Wingman is more convenient if you use it for cutting with the knife blade. The Rebar has replaceable blades. The Wingman has a wire cutter. Both work, but the Rebar works better. The Wingman has a single blade, but it is instantly available because of the blade-out design. The Rebar has a double-sided file that can be used as a hack saw. Wingman has a single-sided, half length file. I think it's worthless. The Wingman has no wood saw, while the Rebar has one. The Wingman has the best scissor in the entire line, while the Rebar has no. The Wingman's pliers are spring loaded. Only the knife and scissor of the Wingman lock have the blades. The lock-release levers protrude enough to catch if you carry it in your pocket. The Wingman has a pocket clip, but the Rebar has a nylon sheath. The Wingman has a rounded shape at the end which makes it better suited for carrying in a pocket. The Rebar's screw driver is better than Wingman's. The Wingman has no awl. The Wingman is the best value at around 22 dollars. Which to buy? If you want a multitool small enough to carry in your pocket, one that you will keep in your desk or kitchen junk drawer, if you will mostly use the knife, and find a scissor handy, I'd recommend the Wingman. If you want a more competent multitool that can compare well with the Wave and Charge, you can choose the Rebar. What if price is not an object? I would recommend the Rebar. The New Wave is 3mm less in breadth and thickness than it is, and it is noticeably lighter. The Wave and Charge are too large for pocket use. The multitools mentioned in this review are of the highest quality and will last a long time. A review here compares the Rebar with the Supertool, as some reviewers have said that Leathermans are not made like they used to be. The Supertool is considerably bigger than the similar design. I have an "old Supertool", made when they still forged "USA" into the pliers, and I can see no difference in quality. The wire cutter of the Rebar is better. They are still made in the USA, but a stupid California law prevents them from putting it on the tool. They are all good if you just buy one or several. I have one in each car, pack, kitchen tool drawer, backpack, etc. I don't think you can have too many Lethermen.


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What are the best brands for survival compass multitool?

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