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1. SDS Survival Paracord Bracelet Emergency

SDS Survival Paracord Bracelet Emergency

The package contains a survival bracelet,Brass Whistle, andAdjustable neck lanyard. Their emergency survival bracelets kit gear is ideal for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor sports. If you get lost, use the survival whistle to call for help, but if you start a fire, use the utility wristband compass bracelet to maintain your sense of direction. Ultra-strong green paracord survival bracelet kit can be disassembled and used as rope to secure sticks for shelters, to make traps, or to use as a restraint; internal strands can also be removed to use as fishing line or fire starter twine. If you want to start a fire, you need to remove the black coating on the magnesium flint rod and strike it with a steel scraper. The Compact Design for Travelers has a 10-inch length with a 1-inch width that fits both men and women. Unexpected emergencies can happen to anyone when camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing, so be prepared with these green compass survival bracelets with whistle and fire starting kits.

Brand: Sds

2. AranLtion Camping Survival Compass Military

AranLtion Camping Survival Compass Military

The compass can be hooked on your jacket to prevent it from being lost, and it is suitable for connecting outdoor backpacks, key chains, and any conventional zippers, which will help you find your way home quickly. The compass is made of metal copper, a mirror, and a rotating bezel, which makes it easy to navigate and orient. The 48mm x 12mm compass is ideal for adults and kids. It's easy to read in all weather when the compass glows in the dark. Place the compass in a horizontal position to make it work and to keep it away from magnetic objects that may interfere with its function. They will provide a replacement or a full refund if the product is not satisfactory after use.

Brand: Aranltion

👤Does not work. The needle does not float. The flimsy cardboard box was destroyed and the compass was scratched when the item arrived. Terrible shipping. The compass is cheap.

👤It's just as cute as the picture. It can't tell from the other side. The north and south are fun. I will be returning it.

👤It would be a great compass for my son. The lid won't stay closed. I can only give 3 stars.

👤It lights up at night, seems well made, but isn't very heavy.

👤I gave it to my 7 year old as a gift. It feels like it too.

👤As compared to 3 other compass's...

3. CakCity Military Outdoor Digital Temperature

CakCity Military Outdoor Digital Temperature

A compass points the way, a barometer tells the Trend in air pressure, and an altimeter tracks your movement. The weather trend indicator is built into the barometer. The functions are as follows: compass, temperature, steps track, alarm, and back light. The bulit has a nylon band, a case and a watch. There is a note. The watch is heavy. A built-in Swiss high precision sensor and 18 months long battery life help you do all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports. It is a great companion for many activities.

Brand: Cakcity

👤I never go for the high dollar ones at the gun club because they always get damaged there, and I go through tactical training there occasionally. The blow back of high caliber rifles seems to suck out the watches as well. I heard from a friend that there are tactical watches, and I found this one with really nice specifications, and it looked good as well. It looks and feels like a nice piece of hardware. The buttons are well made and not cheap, but they push cleanly and accurately, which is a big plus when wearing tactical gloves. The barometer, altimeter and temperature readings are awesome and I love them all. When I adjust my scope for the round that I am firing, I need to find a place where the elevation is needed. A good way to double check is in the field. Even with night glares, the light is bright enough to see perfectly. I love the watch band, it matches my gear perfectly. My eyes are not what they used to be, and I can make this watch without my eye glasses, which is a big perk for me. I can't see the time because most watches are packing all the features into the face. I am very happy with the purchase of this watch, I could not find any cons with it.

👤I have been able to start hiking in the fall. I have been wearing a hiking watch for over a month. I like gadgets but they don't hold up during mini-expeditions in the Northern Michigan elements. I wear it whenever I do outdoor sports. This watch is used for attention at work. The cakcity watch has a great looking military style, the watch body and wrist band are black. It has a big face and big digitals that are clear to read. The design style of the watch is compatible with my clothing. It is very attractive to me. I mostly use the ABC functions when I ride mountain bikes, swim, and hike. The metal compass and garmin gps were tested against the compass. The Barometer and the Altimeter do not change much in my terrain. To measure the ambient temperature, I simply remove the watch and let it stay on. The double buckle design is easy to remove. This watch has all the functions I need. If you use a different shipping address to send this watch as a gift, you and the person receiving it will not be disappointed. The presentation of the watch when you open it gets a wow factor and raised eyebrows because of the expensive appearance of the gift box. This is a tactical watch.

👤It's a great looking watch, but it's not good because it's hard to read in any lighting.

👤Functions work well. The watch is heavy and can be abused. I replaced the NATO band with a survival bracelet because one of the watch pin springs broke. I have had no problems with the watch being in salt and fresh water.

4. Suunto MC 2 360 CM Compass

Suunto MC 2 360 CM Compass

The Imperial scales are 1:24 000mi, 1:24 000tm and 1:50 000tm. The professional mirror compass has been balanced for the northern hemisphere and has tools for accurate direction taking, metric scales and inch ruler. Operable in low light conditions. The compass has a hole for accurate bearings, a notch for declination adjustment, and aclinometer. Stay on course, the mechanical compasses made in Finland are great for Alpine skiing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, trail running and more. Their compasses are easy to use, fast, and stable, and no batteries are required. Over 80 years of high quality heritage craftsmanship, relentless accuracy, and innovative innovation have been brought to the table by the team at Suunto.

Brand: Suunto

👤The SUUNTO MC-2 line is ok for general use, but it can be difficult to navigate at night or in marginal weather conditions. The problem is that they removed most of the black orientation arrow to make room for a SUUNTO logo, which makes getting accurate bearings or back-bearings difficult in marginal conditions. In dark or wet conditions, we often need to use the entire orientation arrow to line up the needle for an accurate bearing, and the loss of 70% of the black arrow makes that very difficult. If you need to rely on a compass to navigate, or as a backup to your gps, I would highly recommend a model that doesn't compromise the look of the logo.

👤A large bubble was created by this compass. A large bubble moves the needle. This is very annoying for a compass. They told me I have to pay for shipping and return when I called them. I was told to call Amazon to see if they would give me a replacement. They were nice but didn't care that I warned them. I don't need more sucunto for me. They asked me to take a survey, but I was told that 0 was invalid, and they ended the call.

👤The overall compass is great. This compass is over the top with nice luxury features, but it is also a Suunto, which means you can bet your life on it. One of the few compasses that I trust is sunonto. The MC-2G is more expensive than a well-designed, functional compass you can trust, and it is nicer. If you don't care about all the bells and whistles and the need for a Global needle, you would do just fine with the MC-2G, or perhaps the M-3), which is about half the price. The MC-2G is a good choice if you're willing to drop $65-$70 on a base compass plate. The metric version had the 1:45k and 1:45k Romer scales. There are three versions of this compass, so be aware if you're looking to purchase one. Even though I received the wrong compass, it's helpful to know what you're buying. There are three versions of the MC-2G. The Romer scales are 1:45k and 1:45k for the metric version. The centimeters are listed along the left side of the compass and in inches on the right side. I received a compass. There are two more The USGS/Inch version has a different look. The scale is 1:24k and can be used with 7.5 minute maps from the US Geological Survey. I thought I was buying this one based on the listing. There are 3 more The scale version of the mils. Even though I received the wrong model of the MC-2G, I'm well-versed in land navigation and use a map and compass. It's not a big deal if you know how to properly use a compass and map with the 1:45 and 1:45 Romers referenced. The metric version has an inch ruler broken down into 1-20ths along the right side of the compass, which makes it easy to use with a 7.5 minute topos based on 1-inch. The rubber feet on the back of the base plate do not protrude like the other two, so there are a few cons. This is a manufacturer defect. There are two more I thought I would damage the compass snapping the lid because of the amount of force required. I'll close the compass when not in use, but I won't snap the lid shut. There are 3 more The lanyard attachment is plastic. The design is flawed and doesn't give me warm fuzzies that the lanyard attachment will keep the compass attached to the lanyard in the long run. I have attached the lanyard to the compass with a larks head knot instead of using the lanyard attachment. I don't have to worry about the lanyard detaching from the compass. The compass was a great buy. I like it. I use 7.5 topos for back country excursions, but the 1:24k Romer scale is not essential if you're not familiar with land navigation and using a map and compass. It's not a big deal breaker for me and it's worth the hassle to return it. I still use an MGRS Coordinate Grid reader, which references several map scales. The metric version of this compass is a good deal for someone who just wants a compass that is 7.5 minutes long and has a topo map. The MC-2G is a great compass with all the bells, whistles, and luxuries you'll ever need.

5. Survival Military Emergency Signaling Compass

Survival Military Emergency Signaling Compass

The kit contains surgical instruments. SIGNAL MIRROR MATERIAL and SIZE:Acrylic, strong and not easy to break, better reflective effect, signal mirror military grade survival signal mirror for rescue. 3 in. X 2 in. Load-bearing rope length is 16.6 inches. The product is 1.16 ounces. MULTI-FUNCTION SIGNAL. There is a man named MIRROR. whistle for help, compass, load-bearing rope, signal mirror survival, whistle for help. Four in one outdoor distress tool. It's ideal for cars, outdoor adventures, mountain climbing, camping, hunting, fishing, extreme sports, and ultimate survival technologies. High performance. It's ideal for any survival kit because it has a built-in precision aiming system. It is suitable for long-distance communication in the field. Light signal transmission distance can reach more than 100 kilometers when the weather is good. When there is light on a cloudy day or night, it can be used. It can be used as a mirror during peacetime. The sight survival mirror military is an essential option in any survival emergency kit. The signal generating device is one of the major elements of survival. Everyone agrees that anyone who is engaged in remote outdoor activities should carry a compass and a survival whistle. SIGNAL There is a protective film on the mirror surface to prevent it from being scratched. The signal mirror has a plastic storage box gift packaging that will protect it from being scratched in the backpack. Before using the product, please remove the protective film from the mirror.

Brand: Luca Elf Aid

👤Purchase a make-up mirror, compass, and whistle at The Dollar Store. You will get more function than this. I can't talk in a loud voice and I can't accurately signal anything. The sight is useless. I can't see a 10ft square box at 100 yards away from the sun. I can't see the same box at 30 feet looking at the sun as a signal mirror. Imagine trying to signal a plane.

👤When you're trying to signal a plane, you should look through the middle. It is difficult to see through. I removed the protective plastic layer. It's a mirror, plastic, small, and lightweight. I'm looking for a replacement that I can use correctly, because I can't use it the way a person is supposed to.

👤The top surface of the mirror was rubbed even though it was in a plastic case. There were three places along the corners of the mirror that did not seal when the mirror was pressed after the plastic cover was removed. I tried rubbing the area but it didn't work. The poor condition of the mirror upon receipt changed my mind, even though the product description led me to believe it was higher quality.

👤This is a great product. I use this for Wildland fires. There is a need to signal aircraft from time to time so they can point you in the right direction. The reason I am buying a second one is that the first one broke off and I had to tie it to the backpack strap, it wasn't protected and took a lot of beating over time. I don't plan on using a compass. It's a safety issue. I threw it away. I plan on leaving it in the case and just throwing it in a pocket and storing it that way. I don't understand the neg comments on this, from someone that has actually signaled aircraft in real life, this thing works great. I can see a light reflection on the side of the airplane. The plane knew where I was and I was in radio contact with it. I knew where the plane was going. I measured the 2 x 3 inch mirror and found it to be 2 x 3. Maybe you have been lied to by your wife or girlfriend to make you feel good. You over estimate the size of hand held objects.

👤Very basic. Whistle and compass are not real. The lanyard is a plus, it's 888-282-0465 are 888-282-0465 Whistle doesn't work. It's only good for North reference. When looking through the star center, the image is blurry. If you plan on needing it to survive, don't get it. Get a military one. This one has 3 stars.

👤The product is pretty lightweight. It wasn't expensive. I think it will work. Hopefully I don't need to use it.

6. Survival Multi Color Emergency Watchband Paracord

Survival Multi Color Emergency Watchband Paracord

A beaded chain is an accessory. The package includes 20 mini compasses in 9 colors, which are easy to find in an emergency, and can be worn like a bracelet. The material is durable. The liquid-filled compass is vacuum-packed and has a dial that rotates for accurate readings, it is made of nylon and high-strength plastic. The lanyard made of nylon allows the compass to be hung on the key ring for easy carrying, and the non-slip texture handle makes it easy to carry. The compass has a scale that is clear and precise, and it has a vibrant green direction indicator that makes it easy to read and confirm the direction. The compass can be hooked on your jacket to prevent it from being lost, and it is suitable for connecting outdoor backpacks, key chains, and any conventional zippers, which will help you find your way home quickly.

Brand: Generic

👤There were 20 compasses. One of the strings came off. Two of the compasses pointed to magnetic north, but when they were moved they stopped pointing to magnetic north. None of the compasses worked. Send them back. vacuum and the dial are not pointing to magnetic north for accurate readings.

👤These were a great gift for a Christian group, but not used. They do not work correctly.

👤A great addition to the bag is a group of children. All of the black compasses broke apart after little playing so they had to deduct one star for that. The kids played with the rest of the colors all weekend. I had more.

👤The pack was purchased for a Cub scout. The loops of several were pulled out immediately so they were pointless. They are too small to read.

👤The price was great and I thought these would be nice for the meeting. Not one of them works. I will return them soon. I ordered a different kind and hope it will work. These are great for bags for a party, but don't expect them to work.

👤Excellent price arrived quickly.

👤These are exactly what I wanted.

7. Sun Company Sighting Adjustable Declination

Sun Company Sighting Adjustable Declination

It can be an add on to your collection. Birthday, promotion, Thanksgiving, Christmas, friendship, Easter, engagement, wedding, anniversary, boy scout day, graduation, father's day, and so on can be gifted. A perfect gift for your family, friends, Son, Father, Daughter, Mother, Grandparents, partner, lover, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife, Fiancé, Fiancée. Magnetic North and True North are not the same. The Sun Company ProSight Map compass has a dial that makes it easy to get the most precise reading. Military survival or search and rescue situations need an essential piece of equipment. LUMINOUS ROTATING BEZEL - The compass is rotating for easy bearings. One of the premier compasses for low-light situations is the Dial. There is a protective cover for the gun. The compass is protected from damage. Open the cover to see the mirror. The dial for measuring the height of any landmark has a clinometer in it. Instructions are included for setting declination, taking bearings, and measuring target heights. A great learning tool for kids. There are more features. Other features include a jewel bearing, 3X magnifying glass, 4 map scales, inch andmm rulers, a break-away safety lanyard, and silicone anti-slip foot pads. The map compass is the perfect tool for a survivalist.

Brand: Sun Company

👤I was skeptical at first about buying a compass from Amazon, but my heart lead me to it and I went through with it. This is where you want to put your money. Better than any of the other compasses. It's accurate and has all the features you need to get back home. Even accommodates for declination. The instructions are difficult. Will teach you how to use a compass. It is explained in the most simple terms. You will not regret buying this compass.

👤The best option is the one that has everything you need. It is easy to set dispersion.

👤I'm very happy with the compass. The baseplate and compass allow you to place it on a map and adjust for magnetic declaration.

👤It's what I needed. Use it all the time when hunting. A compass like this one will always take me back to my vehicle when I take Sightings before I leave the vehicle. It's easy to use.

👤It arrived quickly. It arrived undamaged. The compass seems to be accurate. It is easy to set declination. Useful when used with military maps. It's important to have confidence in your compass and this one fits the bill.

👤Use it for search and rescue.

👤I don't have any complaints. After purchasing a different brand, and returning the one that was faulty, I ordered this one instead. Very pleased to be where I am.

👤It is very similar to other brands.

8. Multi Functional Waterproof Camouflage Electronic Wristwatches

Multi Functional Waterproof Camouflage Electronic Wristwatches

The multi-functional survival watch is important because it combines the many functions including compass, whistle, fire starter, SOS/ flash light, card pin, and other survival gears. It's a perfect choice for all kinds of outdoor sports. Their tactical watch is designed with a long wrist strap and can be adjusted from 10 to 11.02 inches. The rope strap can be used to make a paracord that can weigh up to 250 pounds. This is the most practical digital sports watch with super functional bracelet band, providing tons of uses to meet every potential need during outdoor survival. Two different time zones are provided for simultaneous setup and reading. The men's watch is waterproof and premium quality. The case is made of high quality hardABS material with a waterproof bottom cover to be used for long time and to endure harsh environment outside. This waterproof watch is intended to bring you with a brand-new experience of sports watch instead of carrying all those tools in the backpack. It's perfect for outdoor activities such as running, climbing, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping and exercising.

Brand: Kavie

👤The watch was not adjusted for someone with an enormous wrist. It's impractical to wear on one's wrist.

👤It is meant for a man because the watch portion is large and the band is the right size for my bicyle. It seems like it is very durable since it has only been a week since it arrived and doesn't appear to be in danger of falling apart or collapsing. If there was ever a need, it has many hidden treasures. Our dog loves chasing the "buggy" red dot across the house and he likes the flashlight and laser pointer functions. It would have been five stars if it had come with a diagram and directions which would have shown where everything is in the description.

👤We got this watch for a military friend of ours who is a mentor to our son and teaching him woodworking and survival skills. It would be a nice gift. We were correct. This watch was very good. My son tried to hide it because he wanted it so much. It's too big for a child or teen, but good for an adult. The flashlight, whistle, small blade tool, paracord, compass, and more make this a rugged addition to your hiking and camping adventures. Our friend loved it so much that he was willing to let our son go into great detail about all the things it could do and for which it could be used. I think he mentioned ziplining. It's true!

👤The compass is off, the light comes on whenever it wants, and other things make it worse. The alarm did not work. The band broke when I flung it off my wrist. I gave it 2 chances because it was so cheap and the second one did the same thing. They won't give me my money back because everything broke on a couple months.

👤The first one we received was too short and I had to exchange it for another one. The new one lasted about a month and a half. Don't buy one unless you hate the person.

👤This is not a fashion watch. It will be a big man's watch. It looks great and wears well. If you have a small wrist, it may not be good for you. The instruction was not an issue.

👤The hands glow in the dark for an hour and a half. Digital-clock, timer, calendar, and alarm. The light is not as bright as my phone light. The slow compass doesn't rotate towards north faster than 15 seconds if you shake the watch in a circular motion, and it seems inaccurate. The Thermostat is too slow for practical use and is bulky compared to the other features. I left my watch in the freezer for an hour to see if the thermostat worked, and it only moved from 77 to 55 instead of 40.

👤The box is nicer than the watch. I bought 3 gifts and they were disappointing. The bottle opener was not instruction, have no idea. The nylon band is the only thing that is good. Would not buy again.

9. NEOVIVID Thoreaus Confidently Engraved Graduation

NEOVIVID Thoreaus Confidently Engraved Graduation

Slip-On Wrist Compass is compatible with most watch bands and can be attached to homemade paracord bracelets. The compass should be put on the band for preferred placement. "Go conscious in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined" is the quote from Thoreau. The copper compass is under the glass cover. The top cover of the compass has an engraved passage. A unique gift for your loved one. Father's day and Christmas gifts. A brass key ring is sent as a gift. Direct to NeoVivid is the place to order a custom design/finish compass.

Brand: Neovivid

👤Great work. I was impressed by the quality of this compass. It is made of a dense material that feels high quality and has a nice weight to it. The compass works well. It is an impressive piece. The quote was a huge hit with the recipient and will be a great souvenir for years to come. I did not give the leather pouch with the compass because I was not a fan of it. The pouch is nice, but I don't like the brand name being put into the leather as I think it takes away from the high quality of the package. I highly recommend!

👤The company is the best kept secret and needs more exposure. They may claim to be small, but I think they are huge. I was left feeling great at the end with a very great extra that I was not expecting, because of the quality of product, great customer service, and great extra that I was not expecting. Don't be afraid to do business with this organization. Jim-Madison is in Mississippi.

👤Our son enjoys History and the outdoors so finding this was very special to him. It was the antique look and quote that moved us, as he just moved out on his own. I had no issues with the seller, delivery, or the product, it looks like it was just like the picture. If you want to engrave copper, it's probably best to use a stamp, as it's a soft metal.

👤A co-worker is retiring after 42 years. I was looking for something that was artistic, functional, and appropriate for someone entering a new phase in their life. The size was perfect. I had to make a box to store it. I will give my son a Neovivid compass when he graduates from college. There was a small sand-timer on a keychain that could be attached to the compass, and it was perfect.

👤Arrive earlier than expected. It looks beautiful and well made. The problem is that the west and east are not the same. If facing east it says west. It still points in the wrong direction even though I went outside to see if something was blocking reading. The north and south are correct. It was bought as a gift. We will have to return it if we can't figure it out. sad face

👤I bought this for my husband. The craftsmanship is amazing. I didn't realize it was a real compass boot, but it's heavier than I thought. You can see that this is made with care and they even gave a gift for purchasing around Christmas time.

👤A finely crafted compass that is functional and looks great is an artful heirloom. I am very happy with my purchase. A compass is a great gift for someone who enjoys the outdoors.

👤I was impressed with the quality. They should include mini instructions, because it's a little confusing to open the first time. I'm not sure what it's used for, but I got a free gift of a little hourglass and it was so fast that I'm not sure what it's used for. I would recommend it to others, my husband loves it and I might get myself one for hiking.

10. Eyeskey Waterproof Multifunctional Military Inclinometer

Eyeskey Waterproof Multifunctional Military Inclinometer

Over 80 years of high quality heritage craftsmanship, relentless accuracy, and innovative innovation have been brought to the table by the team at Suunto. The angle of slope, elevation, and avalanche hazard can be measured with the help of the clinometer. It is easy to read with a liquid-filled compass with an integrated bubble level, thanks to the Luminous dial, thumb hold, and magnifying viewer. SOLID BUILD QUALITY - waterproof rugged aluminum alloy build means it can endure extremely tough situations, due to its size, features, and military-level sturdiness. It comes with a strong canvas pouch and lanyard, and can be mounted on a tripod, and it has other intrusive features. It works great at taking bearings and spotting when outdoors.

Brand: Eyeskey

👤This is a good compass for a person who wants to find out which way North is. It is impressive and has many features, but it is not a professional instrument. The bullseye is not horizontal with respect to the base, as I discovered when I took a closer look. The top ring is eccentric with respect to the windrose, and this leads to up to 3 degrees of error when you read the angle. If you want to use this as a compass, you will have to make several readings and make mistakes in your calculation. The main issue is that a compass should allow the user to hold it horizontally, look at a remote object horizontally and then look down at the windrose to read the angle, all without moving the compass. I can't do it even if I turn and hold it. I can't get everything to line up at the same time. I looked at a US Army compass and it made sense. If you want an accurate instrument, you should buy it.

👤In the last 5 weeks I went to the wilderness in Florida, Northern Michigan, and Wisconsin. I like this person!

👤I can't go hiking in any other place other than the Mall. I used the compass to help me lay out the footprint for the new garage on the E/W, N/S Geographic line. You say it's a compass? Do you mean to say that you read in MAG headings? You can determine the Variation in your area by consulting a pilots sectional chart, add or subtract the difference as necessary, and have a reasonably accurate Geographic readout. The concrete guys will modify the layout as necessary. A Starrett 530-100 is a necessary part of my project. There is a The two items made locating the corners of the pad a snap once I had the layout drawn. Old men need something to do. I was surprised by the quality of this compass. I expected a lot of plastic, use it a few times and throw it away. But no! The little beauty is built for stout. My heirs will fight over this item, and maybe theirs as well. This is a high quality product. It is easy to read and has some features that I 888-276-5932s You can align objects in the distance with the cross hairs of the lens with a floating dial. There is a For the price of a good meal, you can own a compass that will help you navigate out of the wilderness or out of the Mall. I might walk the Appalachian Trail after the garage is built.

👤It's a nicely-made compass, but it's 180 degrees off, and no way to adjust for magnetic declination, important everywhere but moreso when one is in the northern part of the world. They have potential but are not there yet. I just bought a new one and sent mine back. I use a compass to measure rock structure in the northern part of the world. I'm usually a long way from the road. The gps and Sat phones are unreliable.

11. Eyeskey Tactical Survival Waterproof Resistant

Eyeskey Tactical Survival Waterproof Resistant

Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. They are very confident in their product. If the survival tool doesn't meet your expectations or you have any questions, please contact them immediately so they can fix it for you. Waterproof and roof for use in the outdoors. The base and cover are made of metal. It is suitable for outdoor activities. There are easy and accurate readings. The floating compass dial has a scale with a capsule for stable operation. The easy to see window with the reticle makes it easy to aim and read. You can take bearings from you to the objects or reverse them with the use of an optical eyepiece and azimuth scale. Allow for clear reading at night. The north arrow and light up in the dark with fluorescent light allow you to see the reading if it is pitch black. A conversion chart for angle, gradient, and distance appear on the back of the compass, and a rotating bezel ring allows you to lock in your bearing so you know you are heading in the right direction.

Brand: Eyeskey

👤Well built, but remember. Ounces are equal to pounds and pain. The baby is heavy.

👤It was a perfect gift for my husband. He likes it. We are going to learn how to use the compass.

👤Sturdy and easy to read.

👤The compass is outstanding. Solid metal feels rugged. Easy to use readings. One of the best in this price range.

👤I haven't used it yet, but it seems easy to use and it won't break easily. I don't fee like I have to baby this thing. Looking forward to taking it to the field.

👤I like the quality of this compass and I am not an expert navigator. Not bad for the price.

👤What it looks like in the picture. You don't always find that on Amazon.

👤It's perfect after being tested for accuracy. I am very impressed. Purchase another one. It's highly recommended, especially with the times.


What is the best product for survival compass military?

Survival compass military products from Sds. In this article about survival compass military you can see why people choose the product. Aranltion and Cakcity are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival compass military.

What are the best brands for survival compass military?

Sds, Aranltion and Cakcity are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival compass military. Find the detail in this article. Suunto, Luca Elf Aid and Generic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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