Best Survival Compass Keychain

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1. BBTO Survival Paracord Bracelet Necklace

BBTO Survival Paracord Bracelet Necklace

There is a warning Paracord is not recommended for climbing. The necklace can be submerged in water and exposed to salt water, but exposing the paracord and ferro rod to salt water will decrease the lifespan of the product. After swimming, it is best to dry the necklace out completely and lay it flat. The compass is made of high- strength plastic and sturdy nylon material for long-term use, the dial rotates for accurate readings, and the compass is vacuum-packed for easy handling. The lanyard made of nylon allows the compass to be hung on the key ring for easy carrying, and the texture handle makes it easy to hold. The compass has a scale that is clear and precise, making it easy to read and confirm the direction, and it has a vibrant green direction indicator, making it convenient to look for directions. The compass can be hooked on your jacket to prevent it from being lost, and it is suitable for connecting outdoor backpacks, key chains, and any conventional zippers, which will help you find your way home quickly. You will receive 100 pieces mini compasses, it is easy to find in an emergency, and you can bring more convenience with you because you don't know when you need a compass.

Brand: Bbto

👤These are toys. I found them to be sluggish and relatively inaccurate. They are perfect for introducing kids to compasses and map reading. I bought these for the Cub Scout Day Camp to help introduce them to those skills. They do the job, but don't expect to use them for navigation.

👤These are cheap toys that look like compasses. They won't point north. They're only good for a toy. Don't trust this toy with your life. I got them to teach the kids how to use a compass. They will not point north for that. Which is the only thing that a compass can do. Do not buy.

👤They work! I ordered 100 of them and only about 15 of them worked because they had an air bubble. I made them come back on. They were used for my wedding and the guests liked them.

👤These were bought for the Cub Scouts. Almost all of them broke within a day. Either the compass fell off or the loop broke. The idea is cute, but not very durable.

👤Surprisingly accurate. Great deal! The pulls are large. Everyone has a compass, even if they don't know which way to go.

👤100% recomendable, Muy buen producto excelente vendedor.

👤These are fine if you pay for them.

👤It was a good use of the swag.

2. SharpSurvival Camping Survival Compass Military

SharpSurvival Camping Survival Compass Military

Over 80 years of high quality heritage craftsmanship, relentless accuracy, and innovative innovation have been brought to the table by the team at Suunto. The old compass has a rotating bezel for easy navigation. Know when the day or night begins. It's easy to read in all weather when the compass glows in the dark. Accuracy of Survival compass prevents you from guessing which way is North. The 48mm x 12mm compass is ideal for adults and kids.

Brand: Sharpsurvival

👤The compass works as it was designed. There are a couple of notes. 1 The loop isn't a handle. When trying to open the case, don't hold or pull it. If you hold the bottom of the compass and lift the lid, it will open easily. This isn't a dent. The outside dial should be turned to line up the N with the red N on the inside dial. The needle will always point North if you hold level. The N's should be lined up with the arrow if the whole compass is turned. The other directions on the dial are accurate because this is a compass. Night use. If the open compass has been exposed to light before using in the dark, the glow in the dark will work. Align the outside dial in step 3. You can see the dial and tip of the arrow in the dark. The 2 glow in the dark spots on the inside face are glow-in-the-dark locators. The glowing dots are definitely north if you position the needle/arrow between them. You can determine all directions once you know North. Maybe you shouldn't be operating a compass or hiking in the woods if you aren't. This compass was very accurate. It was easy to open, no unexplained dots, and worked at night.

👤It works in the house because of the nice feel. You need to test effectiveness with compasses. It will not give a correct result if there is a motor, electronics or engine nearby. The magnetic field is stronger than the Earth and it will always point that out.

👤My husband doesn't have a sense of direction. I put it in a little velvet bag after taking it out of the cheap looking box. The compass is very nice. I taught my husband to face North, which means the Atlantic Ocean on his right, the Pacific on his left, and the South is Florida, Texas, and Mexico. Hopefully, he won't need it, but it's always good to have this information.

👤I got this for my 9 year old when they were re-enactment the Oklahoma Land Run. I wouldn't have been happy with it if I'd bought it to actually use it. The needle doesn't balance well and is very flimsy. It is nice looking. My son thought it looked like a real old-time compass, but he is 9 and easier to impress than I am. If I had paid 5 dollars for it, I would have been more pleased with it. It did the job for him.

👤I bought this compass for my birthday. She is studying all of the conquistadors and how to find her nautical locations. Guess who ran outside to use her new compass? It was great, thanks!

👤It does what it is advertised to do. It points north. It's true! The compass still points North even though you can turn the bezel to what you want. The compass has to be relatively level for it to indicate magnetic north because the needle is magnetized and floating in an oil solution. If you know how to use it, it's a great tool. There are some things in life that you can't fix.

3. Carabiner Emergencies Multipurpose Survival Emergency

Carabiner Emergencies Multipurpose Survival Emergency

You can use the keychains as party table decorations. Be prepared for any outdoor emergency with the Holtzman's Gorilla Survival paracord keychain. Their survival tool comes with all the necessary accessories for a hassle-free and safe outdoor adventure. If you are planning on going on a hunting, fishing, camping, trekking or hiking trip, this paracord keychain is a must-have. There are different surgical tools for the price of one. The paracord key features 9 essential outdoor survival tools, including 1 x Emergency Whistle, 2 xFlint Rod, 1 x Key Ring, 1 xLED light, 1 xCompass, and 550 Paracord with Fishing line. Their lightweight, practical and convenient paracord keychain is designed to help make your outdoor adventures as safe as possible. You can attach it to your backpack, belt, or keys and enjoy your outdoor trips with confidence. Surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful gift. Do you want to keep your family and friends safe? Make sure that your family has an emergency survival multitool with them by giving your husband, son, brother, father or grandfather the Holtzman's Gorilla Survival 5-in-1 paracord keychain. Get your key. 100% risk-free now! That is correct! They will buy it back from you at a full price if you are not completely amazed with your emergency paracord keychain. No questions asked! What are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for a great adventure.

Brand: Holtzman's Gorilla Survival

👤I received a gift card from the seller for buying the item, but it only cost me $2. I did not have to write a review in exchange for the gift card. I needed a new whistle and purchased this tool because I was in search and rescue. The ferrorod and the strikers are difficult to get out of, however everything seems to work well on the keychain. If my hands were cold, I wouldn't be able to dig them out. They can be turned around and put back into their holes once they're out. Despite being hard to get a hold of, the ferrorods are capable of producing a nice shower of sparks. The flashlight is fine for digging around in your pack. It is not enough for precision map work. If you travel generally south, you'll get to the road if you know there's a road a few miles south of you. The paracord contains a piece of twine for starting fire and a piece of fishing line, however the entire piece is only about 4' long and will take you 5 minutes or so to unbraid. It can be cut with ferro. It's a good product, but it doesn't replace your knife, compass, flashlight, and full size ferrorod, and I wouldn't have paid full price for it.

👤I can't recommend this product. Most of the features that you are buying are so cheap that you won't use them. There is a The holder has a key. The keys are off the leash. There's nothing left to hold on to. If you lose your keys, you're going to be hopping mad. There is a The hook. It's small. It's hard to get it to go through a belt look. There is a The light. It's pretty small. The button is in a bad spot. It's very easy to turn it on. You might turn it on by accident. Which means that it's going to run for a while and wear down the battery. I can't get the firestarter to come out to see if it's good or bad. The only good thing about this purchase is the para chord. Don't buy.

👤The light work and compass is what I like about this product, but the whistle didn't work, the carabiner was trash and the product was probably faulty. The light will turn on if you lean against anything. The fire rods are difficult to remove. It didn't come with any instructions or instructional video, and went on their website without any of them. I will keep this for paracord, but I will save you money.

👤A lanyard with basic necessities. You can keep heading in the same direction with the compass. There are redundant small ferro rods in it. Since they are on the small side they were a little harder to use than my normal fire-starters, but they work and could save your life. It has a built in light to help you find what you are looking for. I'm not sure how much paracord is on it, but it appears to be enough to build a shelter. I'm happy with it for the money.

4. Directional Magnetic Scripture Confidently Direction

Directional Magnetic Scripture Confidently Direction

The antique brass compass is intricately carved and packed in a Rosewood Storage case and a chain with an engraved famous Thoreau's Quote "GoConfidently in The Direction of Your Dreams!" Live the life you've imagined. You will find and navigate your way home with the help of their brand name Roorkee Instruments India. A multi purpose product. The compass provides precise directions. The high-quality compass needle can be found in The North very quickly. An Impressive and Unique Gift for your loved ones who love hiking, Trekking, Sailing, Adventure, Marine, travelling, JungleSafari, Boating, etc. It can be used for any kind of outdoor and indoor activities. The perfect size. The pocket size compass is convenient to carry. The size of the compass is 50mmx18mm and the wooden case is 3.5x 3.5x1inches. It is a portable device that can be carried in a backpack. A perfect gift for travelers. It is packaged to make sure you receive it in perfect condition. The vintage compass can be used as a decorative object and educational gift. What is more unique than a gift? It never comes off. The gift will be appreciated by your loved ones for a long time. It enhances your home décor, study room decoration, office desks and more. It gives a nice touch to your space. Premium quality brass makes it last for a long time. It can be an add on to your collection. Birthday, promotion, Thanksgiving, Christmas, friendship, Easter, engagement, wedding, anniversary, boy scout day, graduation, father's day, and so on can be gifted. A perfect gift for your family, friends, Son, Father, Daughter, Mother, Grandparents, partner, lover, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife, Fiancé, Fiancée.

Brand: Roorkee Instruments (india) A Nautical Reproduction House

👤I can't open the compass, but I'm sure it's nice. I'm not sure if the hinge is broken or not. I could not find an email address for writing to the company. I will change this once I can see the compass. I don't want to use a screwdriver to open it. Please help. I was able to open the compass with only one small scratch. The compass is nice. I use it as a motivator at work. I get a lot of positive comments about it. I changed my review to 4 stars. I damaged the item to open it because I did not get a response from the company.

👤This is a retirement gift for a long term employee. They said they liked it.

👤The compass did not work when it arrived, it was a gift for someone. I was very disappointed.

👤Instructions should be included with the compass. Otherwise very nice. I liked the wooden box it came with.

👤A symbolic gift. It is not something I would use if my life depended on it.

👤Gifts for family and friends.

👤It is a gift. I don't have a comment.

👤It was just what I wanted as a present.

👤It was a perfect gift for my grandsons 13th birthday.

👤The product was shipped quickly.

5. Lifesaving Flashlights Wilderness Adventures Preparedness

Lifesaving Flashlights Wilderness Adventures Preparedness

The kit contains 12 essential tools that a survivalist or outdoor enthusiast would need in a portable sturdy case. It's a must to have survival gear for hiking or outdoor adventures. The compact kit has a hard plastic case that protects all the tools in it from rust and decay. Natural disaster preparation, survival and emergency situations, and outdoor survival kit for camping, hiking, climbing, adventures, survival and emergency situations are some of the things that can be found in an outdoor survival kit. In case of emergency or natural disasters, you could put in a car or truck. It's also an important and practical gear to help develop your children's ability to survive, and it's a gift for lover. The total weight is less than 1 pound, which will not increase the burden for long-distance travel, and outdoor activities become easy, reduce your travel backpack weight now. There are 12 types of survival tools that will meet your needs.

Brand: Alritz

👤Here's the deal... The product was in good condition when it arrived. I'm surprised by two things. I'm surprised that this survival kit comes with so much gear and tools in a small case, and a draw string bag inside a rugged plastic storage case. The kit came with all of the items listed by the seller, and they all exceeded my expectations at this price point. I was expecting some useful items and cheap junk. I found them to be useful and decent quality. The saws and knives are in good working order. The compass was dead on when I checked it against my app. You need a spare battery for the mini flashlight, but I'd give you two light sources and a spare battery. The flashlight can help you see and be seen as it has strobe, flood, and zoom functions. The fire starter works. The credit card tool comes in a protective sleeve and is versatile and sharp. Some of the negative reviews surprised me. This is an emergency survival kit and not intended for continuous use. Maybe some buyers received a bad item, but that was not my experience. I think it's worth every penny. I put everything back together and didn't have a problem. You have it.

👤The survival kit was a great pickup and all the items inside were great for the price. The kit has a metal credit card thing, a pocket knife, a tactical pen, a whistle, light, compass, band aids, rescue blanket, hand saw and carrying case. I haven't used the blanket. I can support the other products. The pen is light and heavy, it writes well, the whistle is loud, the card fits in my wallet, and the light is small. I was surprised at how bright that thing is, the hand saw cuts well and while there are better alternatives it will definitely do and the pocket knife is light and cuts well. The case is subpar but the carrying case should be able to hold everything and more. It is a great pickup and I would recommend it.

👤It has a bandaid. It's important that you have it first time you open the knife. The second time as well, and each time after that. Pull open the blade and hold in the locking spring at the same time, as you put your thumb in the path of the opening blade. There are no other ways to hold it.

👤A young friend received this item as a gift. The compass didn't work from the beginning, but most of the components seem fine. If the pen didn't write, that's not bad. That's not the worse thing if the flashlight malfunctioned. Someone can get in trouble if a compass doesn't work. The item should have been of good quality. There is a The kit was okay. You will need to upgrade the compass if you purchase this kit. I couldn't give my friend a bad compass.

👤I got a kit for my car. If I were ever stranded, I would need an emergency kit. This is great to have if there is an emergency. It has a lot of different tools and accessories. There were broken bits of plastic in the side of the box. I couldn't find where the plastic pieces came from when I looked closely at the box. There were no signs of damage. The top brace is a bit difficult to close, but the case is prettydurable. There was nothing broken from it. Everything can be stored inside the kit. There are no pockets for your information. It's pretty much everything inside. There is no big bag for everything, they are all wrapped in plastic and some are in mesh bags. The blanket should be kept in the wrap as it would be the most difficult to store. It's only needed in an emergency. The saw and pocket knife are very sharp and will cut through anything. The compass is pretty accurate, but do not hold a magnet up to it. The fire starter is easy to use. There aren't a lot of bandaids. I only saw six bandaids and they are not big. They are for small cuts. It has two flash lights. One is a bright one that runs on an AA battery and the other is a small one that runs on an AA battery. The flash light can either be focused or wide. The flash light is small. If you need a whistle, there is one. If you are looking for first aid more, this is not the kit for you. This product gives me all the tools I need, and I think it's great.

6. Qpower Compass Outdoor Backpack Shoulder

Qpower Compass Outdoor Backpack Shoulder

It's helpful for early education of kids. 95mm*13mm* 9mm. If the picture is not clear to you, you can see it. The material is plastic and nylon. The textured grip is well made and bubble free. They are strong and durable. It is a compass that gives you a general direction. They can be attached to a kid's coat to help them find their way. Kids will be stimulated by novelty and cool gifts. Attach to outdoor backpack, travel packages, bags, jacket, keychain, outer wear, sportswear,survival kits and any regular zip. Black color makes it easy to match clothes. 20 big compass is included in the package. They have 50 sets. It will be more cost-effective. You can attach them to all of your clothes because you never know when you need a compass and it can be found in an emergency. Please read the product carefully. They are not perfect but they are close enough. The cord is sturdy and well made. Please contact them if you have a problem or not, they will try their best to do things well, but they still need your help.

Brand: Hostk

👤These will work for us. I think that in the dark or on a cloudy day they would be better than nothing, but I wouldn't trust it with my life in a survival situation. I ordered 100 expecting a high failure rate, but only 2 were broken, 14 were off 45 give or take, and 4 were off initially but seem ok an hour later. The first package I opened was not usable. The other packages were close to 40% bad. The cords seem strong for our needs. These will be used to navigate indoors with elementary age students. It should be fun.

👤There are 2 sets. Each set has 20 units. Set 1 had one unit with no fluid and one unit that wasn't holding. Set two had one unit that wasn't working and another that wasn't attached to the bubble insert. They are ok for the money, but not a good quality standard. It's a bit smaller than I expected but will still do for an expensive gift.

👤A small compass is good for clothing. I wouldn't depend on it for much more than pointing you in a general direction. It's not much, but you get a lot of them in one order. It's good for a school field trip or Disneyland lanyard. Unless you have a specific use for it, I wouldn't waste your time or money on these.

👤The bubble compasses work in all types of weather. I've only had them for a couple of months, so I don't know if they're durable. If you get lost, they are a key piece of gear to have with you. They give direction.

👤My girl scout troop is going on a camping trip. I laid it flat in my palm and tried to make sure they pointed north. Some were off slightly, but still good enough for a quick, basic hike. We were very pleased that they went easily on lanyards and didn't break us.

👤My kids and their friends would enjoy this. One was broken when we arrived. The majority of them point to the north, while the remaining 1/3 point where they want to. Purchasing better ones would be recommended by me.

👤These are small and would not work as a life saving tool. As a fun way to test your sense of direction on a walk, I think they are fine. I was looking for something similar to use as an object lesson.

👤I am making lightweight bags for my friends that hike a lot to help with safety. The ones I have tested give no direction for east when I am facing the east. The only thing they might be useful for is a key ring, not for direction.

👤The compasses put me in a tough spot for the review. The defect rate of these compasses is brutal. The first set of compasses I got, out of 20, 4 were pinched at the mounting point and one had a bubble that prevented all 5 from spinning freely. 3 were off by 30 degrees. They pointed north quickly, didn't bind even if the angle was slightly off, and matched my accurate "full size" Silva compass almost perfectly. The price is quite reasonable. I ordered a second set of 20 to see if they were better but they were worse. 4 were pinched at the mounting point, 1 had an air bubble again, 2 were magnetized in reverse, and 2 were magnetized so you couldn't properly read the compass. If you're keeping score, that's 10 defects. The other 10 worked well again. You can make a full set out of two if you test each compass individually and return non-functional ones. If you don't need all 20 you can just take the hit and toss them. The remaining ones will work well. The dial of the compasses is only about 1 cm in diameter. I've put a picture next to a quarter to give you an idea of size. I wouldn't use this for navigation. If you're going for a hike or paddle and attach a little compass to your clothing, you may be able to find yourself one day. It doesn't take much to get lost in a forest and electronics may no longer work if you go for an unexpected dip in a lake.

7. Sun Company Outsider Multi Tool Thermometer

Sun Company Outsider Multi Tool Thermometer

You will have survival tools that can help you in an emergency. A fire starter that will help give you sparks, a whistle that will catch attention when needed, and a compass that will guide you. Even in low-light conditions, the luminous compass button keeps you on course. It's perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, or any other situation where reliable tactical gear is essential. One of the must-have accessories for survivalists is survival whistle. The mini whistle makes a big sound. The cooled thermometer reads the temperature down to -20 degrees. An essential piece of equipment for the outdoors. The fire starter has waterproof flint rod and steel strikers. A piece of emergency equipment. You can use the key ring to easily clip these gadgets to your backpack, jacket, or key chain for quick access. A full survival kit is in a key chain. You can use the key ring to easily clip these gadgets to your backpack, jacket, or key chain for quick access. A full survival kit is in a key chain.

Brand: Sun Company

👤The whistle is not strong. It works, but you can't put full lung power behind it or it will snuff out the sound of the candle flame. There is a block in the sound chamber. The company's logo is on the pictures. It is hidden by picture angles and is bulky. The plastic where the split ring goes through looks like it won't last long, it's a thin strip of plastic. The ferro rod is sparky and works. The button compass is very responsive, both how fast it tracks back to north and how much you play before it gets stuck from not holding it flat. It's accurate. The button compass is the one you want over all other buttons. I was surprised that there wasn't any badness when I expected a cheap compass. It's not bad, I would buy this again. You can't expect to find it missing when you need it, and you can't expect to use it outside your gear as a pull. The thin plastic strip is a good product, if it were thicker the other complaints would be better, but still a good product. If I can get a better and more durable attachment point, I might be able to drill a hole through it.

👤I bought this because it has a ferro rod. Adding the whistle and compass was nice. I get a spark from the ferro rod, it works as expected for being a small rod. The temperature is not very high. Even though the ambient temp has changed, it is hard to see if the temp on the thermometer has changed. The compass isn't accurate. North points to the east. It can get stuck and spin in different directions. The only good thing is that the liquid in the compass doesn't freeze in the freezer. The whistle works, but not in a dense forest. If you want something that is cheap for a gift, you found it. If you want to survive in a survival situation, you should buy them separately and better quality.

👤I thought the compass, whistle and fire starter was a perfect compact device. There is a sticker on the product that could easily fall off and show you the most important information about the item. The metallic blade for the flint is positioned right under the compass, which makes the reading completely distorted and gives you incorrect directions. The sticker tells you to take out the blade in order to read the compass. It would be a disaster if someone didn't know this and depended on the compass. The critical user information should have been etched into the product and not a sticker on it that was about to fall off when I received it. The temperature gauge reading label didn't match the temperature reading. The product had a high temperature on it. It seems to be off by a couple of degrees. The whistle produces a loud and sharp sound.

👤I'm not sure how the fire starter works. Do I hit the stick on the jagged edge of the metal because the sides are smooth? I was not sure if the stick was flint or not. Is it possible to add flint? The parts of your keychain are the only instructions you'll need. I figured it out. The stick is plastic and metal smooth on both sides. compass doesn't work either

8. MecArmy Sensitivity Mechanical Fluorescence Sandblasted

MecArmy Sensitivity Mechanical Fluorescence Sandblasted

The mini compass has azimuth bearing and a rotating bezel. The ruler and glass are for cartographic map navigation. The free beaded chain may be worn as a pendant. The D type key ring is convenient to match accessories and has a length of 37.7mm/1.48in. Fluorescence-glow in the dark for up to 6 hours. Special technology is used to give high sensitivity. A beaded chain is an accessory.

Brand: Mecarmy

👤I could not even read the compass inside my house, so it would be nice to know that it is smaller than a penny. A piece of junk was made in China. I guess you get what you pay for. Don't waste money or time. It doesn't deserve a single star.

👤This guy is really nice. It doesn't function as a compass. Every time I use it, I get another direction for east. Every time I point it in the same direction, I get a different reading.

👤The compact key chain compass will fit on your standard key chain without adding much bulk or weight. No worries about the small, plastic "capsule compass" being damaged by your keys or other key chain accessories. The little liquid-filled capsule containing the magnetized compass card is protected by a copper retaining bezel that is held on by four round head screws. I've owned several mini-compasses from the same company, and they are very good, but all have one or more bubbles in the fluid. You can reduce magnetic interference by using brass, aluminum or titanium mini-carabiners, split rings or tools on your key chain, but this compass is particularly sensitive to steel or battery-powered objects. This item looks solid and useful. I hope that's true. My only gripe is that it's personal. I prefer compasses that have a unique emblem, color or triangle at the "North" point to make them stand out. It makes a compass more readable for people with bad eyesight.

👤I use the compass as a pull on my bag. It's always there. The needle is solid and doesn't vibrate. One or two.

👤I got the metal compass key because I wanted a cool accessory on my keys. They advertise glow in the dark, but it doesn't work. I put a bright light over it for 40 seconds and it was readable in the dark for 2 minutes.

👤The compass is small and beautiful. I've owned the other small MecArmy compass for two years and it still works. Most small compasses I've bought in the past don't last very long.

👤I stress, little compass. It's nice for a trinket. The finish is still looking good despite it being pretty tough.

👤It seems to be of excellent quality. It's the same as advertised. Looking forward to many years of use. There are other products from this manufacturer. All of them have the same quality. I found them on the internet. He was unable to connect through his link.

9. ME SUPERB Mini Survival Compass

ME SUPERB Mini Survival Compass

Very light weight. Mini Comp II is a small compass. The small compass is perfect for backpacking, hiking, camping, or survival situations. Quality outdoor 10-pack is a new and improved model in the main product images. A complete set of individual compasses. The compass is made of high impact plastic. 20mm liquid filled compass for accurate reading It's great for paracord tips. The strap is approx 70mm.

Brand: Spy See Open Your Eyes

👤Ok. For those of you who read my reviews. I work in rural areas. If my gps dies, I bought these to stick in bags, pockets, whatever. Murphy's law takes over. This is a cheap pack. I thought one would find N. Wellllll. None of them find north. They all suck. They had a lot of chances to give me one that worked. Garbage spend your money and get a better unit. You have been defeated.

👤It looked like what I wanted. When one did not confirm a full size compass reading, I was confused. North was indicated in 10 different directions by the mini compasses. The money was wasted.

👤The items were kept level to have any chance of working, and it worked so well. The internals are so small that it's hard to get a pointer stuck. For the price, it is a great toy. My kids like the idea of these on their backpack or jackets. The glue that holds the compass in the holder does fail, but hot glue or other stronger glues can be used to fix it.

👤This was great for my Sunday school class. The price was great and the little compasses are very well made. The kids loved them.

👤If I ever get lost, I will be able to tell you where the sun is coming up and going down, but I don't think it's necessary.

👤I should have realized they would not be very good because the price was cheap. It's ok for kids to play with.

👤All are made to order. The small compass's do not take the place of a full sized compass.

👤If you want to keep the loops mounted to the compass, you should put a drop or two of super clues on it. I had 3 DOA because of water leaks.

10. Survival Multi Color Emergency Watchband Paracord

Survival Multi Color Emergency Watchband Paracord

A beaded chain is an accessory. The package includes 20 mini compasses in 9 colors, which are easy to find in an emergency, and can be worn like a bracelet. The material is durable. The liquid-filled compass is vacuum-packed and has a dial that rotates for accurate readings, it is made of nylon and high-strength plastic. The lanyard made of nylon allows the compass to be hung on the key ring for easy carrying, and the non-slip texture handle makes it easy to carry. The compass has a scale that is clear and precise, and it has a vibrant green direction indicator that makes it easy to read and confirm the direction. The compass can be hooked on your jacket to prevent it from being lost, and it is suitable for connecting outdoor backpacks, key chains, and any conventional zippers, which will help you find your way home quickly.

Brand: Generic

👤There were 20 compasses. One of the strings came off. Two of the compasses pointed to magnetic north, but when they were moved they stopped pointing to magnetic north. None of the compasses worked. Send them back. vacuum and the dial are not pointing to magnetic north for accurate readings.

👤These were a great gift for a Christian group, but not used. They do not work correctly.

👤A great addition to the bag is a group of children. All of the black compasses broke apart after little playing so they had to deduct one star for that. The kids played with the rest of the colors all weekend. I had more.

👤The pack was purchased for a Cub scout. The loops of several were pulled out immediately so they were pointless. They are too small to read.

👤The price was great and I thought these would be nice for the meeting. Not one of them works. I will return them soon. I ordered a different kind and hope it will work. These are great for bags for a party, but don't expect them to work.

👤Excellent price arrived quickly.

👤These are exactly what I wanted.

11. Fangstar Survival Climbing Military Navigation

Fangstar Survival Climbing Military Navigation

A good gift for your little adventurer. A great gift for kids who like camping. The kids outdoors camping play set comes with a backpack that is easy to carry and makes it easy to explore nature. The compass size 48MM*12MM has a rotating frame and is easy to navigate. It's easy to read, it glows in the dark, and it's easy to read in any weather. The "N" pointers glow in the dark when exposed to sunlight. The longer the exposure time is, the longer the luminescence time is. It is very suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, mountain climbing, exploration, geology, hunting, navigation, boating and so on. It's suitable for crowds, seafaring, mountain climbing, explorers, rescue professionals, friends, children, school students, excellent gifts. They are responsible for every buyer. If you have a question about their products, please contact them. The return, replacement and refund services are available within 2 months.

Brand: Fangstar

👤It is very good that the compass is not liquid filled. It takes a few seconds to find a level that will allow the needle to float. There is a Small but readable. The bright light from the Phosphorus illumination lasts just a minute or so. For over an hour, the sun will shine and glow for a couple of minutes. It doesn't glow for hours like some might suggest. It is possible in darkness with a flashlight. It is still workable and useful. The pocket and lid are secure. It is easy to open and close. I passed a refrigerator magnet over them from S to N several times and now all N needles are dead. The main reason I tried these out. If you have a strong flashlight, you can go at night.

👤I used these as party favors for a hiking adventure. I adjusted 2 with magnets so they hit true North after checking them all. They are sturdy and large. They were a hit with the kids. This is not the compass you are looking for.

👤It is pretty. That is all I can say about the thing that looks like a compass. The makers of this product should be ashamed. I bought 6 and the only thing they did was not point north. They did not point in the same direction. I wouldn't give these things away to people I don't like. I don't take the time to write reviews. I had to take time because this thing in a box with a compass is sad and shameful. I will not put these things in my scrap metal pile. It goes.

👤These are nice. I searched for a way to make the magnet accurate and stronger with a magnet, and found 888-353-1299 It's easy to return a good product. If your compass is ever inaccurate again, you need to know how to correct it.

👤I got these for my scouts. I haven't given the rings to the kids yet because half of them have broken off. I needed to order a different compass since these are not going to work for us.

👤My grandson is a mystery reader. Sir Paul McCartney wrote a picture book for children. The main instrument used in the story is a compass. The class has 23 students. I bought four sets of six for $80. I looked at each one. They all looked good. The gold and shiny case will fit in the child's palm. It will make a great gift. This item is not meant for long-term harsh conditions and the elements of serious outdoor hiking.

👤The ring at the top is easy to remove. We took them on a hike and lost one and damaged two others. It is a good practice ice compass for my kids after I fixed the rings.


What is the best product for survival compass keychain?

Survival compass keychain products from Bbto. In this article about survival compass keychain you can see why people choose the product. Sharpsurvival and Holtzman's Gorilla Survival are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival compass keychain.

What are the best brands for survival compass keychain?

Bbto, Sharpsurvival and Holtzman's Gorilla Survival are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival compass keychain. Find the detail in this article. Roorkee Instruments (india) A Nautical Reproduction House, Alritz and Hostk are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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