Best Survival Coffee Packets

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1. Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Instant

Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Instant

It is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. The world's first organic instant.

Brand: Mount Hagen

👤I have been avoiding instant coffee since I started drinking it 45 years ago. The problem was that we could only drink it occasionally because of the price. I found less expensive coffee from Hagen's. The flavor to me is much better than the one that came after. I need coffee in the morning to be motivated. When I'm barely functioning, I can make the coffee in the morning. That's a big plus for this woman.

👤I bought this for my daughter because the brand we used before tasted like beef bouillon. This was definitely more enjoyable. My coffee machine breaks a couple months later. I tried to find other ways to make my coffee, because I was tired of wasting plastic cups. I tried a French press and it tasted fine, but the amount of caffeine was through the roof. I couldn't sleep and was jittery. I tried our mini espresso maker and it tasted burnt. I tried my daughter's Mt Hagen in the middle of the night. It tastes better than my previous coffee. I will sometimes grab a cup from the local coffeehouse when my AM cup is done, but it pales in comparison to Mt Hagen. This is amazing.

👤It's the first time I've had this, and it's amazing how bold the coffee flavor is, compared to my previous instant coffee "Medaglia D'oro" which was just meh. I really like the smoky taste of this, can't wait to try it iced later today. It's worth a good cup if you're on a budget, but I haven't had that yet, so I can't compare it to Starbucks instant.

👤We got coffee to take camping. Everyone agreed that Starbucks Instant packets were way better than what they had before. We had an electric kettle that we plugged into a family's camper van and poured hot water over instant coffee. They all asked if they could keep what coffee was left in the can after we left, because we had to leave a day earlier. It was a hit. We will buy this brand again in the future.

👤Really? It's a very overrated thing. Nescafe is just as good as stock instant coffee in terms of flavor. The price is twice as much as the coffee should be. Is it the last? It's not suited for travel because the lid pops off. Overall... okay. It's organic and fair-trade is the primary reason you'd get it. Try something else if that isn't important to you. I will give this 3 stars for quality. It's OK if you baby it. 1 star for pricing. All in all? I'll give it 3 stars because of the organic and fair trade part.

👤Coffee taste is a personal preference. A cup of coffee can be good for one person and bad for another. My experience with instant coffee is very similar to what we got in the Army. I stopped drinking instant coffee for a long time because this was not very good. I picked up a jar of Noir Golden Dusk after making up some instant coffee. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was, and thought the development of instant coffee had improved over time. I settled on Mount Hagen because of the favorable reviews. It was a big mistake. I should have stayed at the Folger's. The old C-Ration coffee would have a hard time competing with the Mount Hagen blend. I found it to be weak and bland. I've made two cups of this coffee and will probably throw the rest out. If you like a cup of coffee that is bold and delicious, this is not a good idea.

2. Nescafe Instant Coffee Tasters Packets

Nescafe Instant Coffee Tasters Packets

The House Blend Coffee Stick Pack is a smooth and mild roasted instant coffee. Master Coffee Crafters roast and brew coffee. They freeze the coffee to make sure it has a smooth and balanced flavor. Coffee can be prepared without the hassle of roasting and grinding. A quick cup of coffee is all you need. They believe that the choices they make matter. They use beans from the finest coffee growing regions around the world. Customers who want a quick and convenient self-service option to prepare a great-tasting cup of coffee can choose easy-to-open stick packs.

Brand: Nescafe Coffee

👤Absolutely love the coffee packets. I use 5 packs of coffee in a 16 ounce thermos. If you use 5 a day, 1000 is a great buy and will last me 10 months. It looks like a lot until you look at it that way. It is cheap to buy them up.

👤My husband drinks it. There are cups per day. The box of 1000 has been in use for 13 months. It might be time to order it again. The great thing is portion management.

👤I'm very happy with this purchase. I got a lot of coffee for very little money. The packets are small. I use scissors to remove the top of the little foil pouch and put it in the microwave. I let it brew until I like my drinking temperature the most. I plan to order coffee whenever I get through all of the cups. :P

👤I purchase Starbucks Via packets for my office so that I can get a quick cup of coffee whenever I want, since we have a hot water tap. The Via packets at just under a dollar per packet can get a little expensive, so I decided to try the Tasters Choice packets (12 cents each) to find a cheaper alternative for my coffee habit. Don't expect this to taste like Starbucks... It doesn't. The roast is very light and the packets are very weak. To get a standard strength cup of coffee, you will need 1-2 packets. It will still taste like a light roast, similar to what you would get at IHOP or similar diner coffee. There are two more You'll have to consider whether the cost trade-off with taste is worth it, since the cost is still about 1/3rd of Via. The coffee used in Tasters Choice is a blend of cheaper Robusta coffee beans mixed with more expensive Arabica beans, which has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Startbucks and other premium coffees only use Aribica. The taste of Robusta beans is what you'll remember from a typical diner coffee. I don't mind the change, but it's a different flavor. I'll probably add some Via to my giant box of Tasters Choice. I'm not sure if I would buy the same thing again.

👤The hot water is warm. I like a strong cup of java so I have to use 4 to 5 packets to get the flavor I want. It is easy to travel with. Will buy again.

👤I buy these coffee tubes from a big-box store for around 15 dollars, but usually buy them in boxes of 80 for 18.75 dollars. These were about 10% cheaper than the box of 1000, and I will have to go through it for a while.

👤This is the third box. It lasted my husband for a year. He drinks it all the time. It is instant in individual packets. It would be great to grab some and go. There is no coffee pot. There is a water boiler. Love it. We were spending a lot of money on coffee and pots. 15 a cup!

3. Nescafé Clasico Instant Resealable Canister

Nescaf%C3%A9 Clasico Instant Resealable Canister

Premium coffee has a rich, bold flavor in an instant with the pure coffee taste of NESCAFE Clasico Dark Roast Instant Coffee. This coffee is full of flavor and has an exceptional taste. A cup made with 100% respectfully grown, high-quality coffee beans from around the world is sustainable and delicious. At least 160 cups of real, fresh instant coffee can be made from one of these 11.1-ounce canisters. There are at least 480 cups. It's easy to make a perfect cup of coffee, just scoop one small amount, add hot water, and enjoy.

Brand: Nescafé

👤It's instant coffee. It's not going to be as delicious as a fancy latte or taste the same as freshly-brewed, but if you are like me and adulterate your coffee with cream and sugar, it's easy to tell. I really enjoy the strong coffee flavor even after I add my cream and sugar. I used to use Cafe Bustelo for my coffee but their formula changed recently and it is no longer to my liking, so I tried this one knowing it was very popular. I use this to make iced or hot coffee, about two heaping table teaspoonfuls per 16 oz (hot) or three heaping table teaspoonfuls per 24 oz (cold). I like to make it with a serving of milk powder. After a bit of stirring, both dissolved into the water. It's not the same as fresh milk + coffee, but it's good for ease of use and adding creamer helps round out any of the shelf-stabilizing flavors. As long as the formula doesn't change, I will keep buying this coffee.

👤I thought they were bigger. Is there larger, bulk options with less packaging? Do you like a 40oz bag? My husband drinks this coffee like water.

👤The coffee is the best for instant decaffeinated. We don't like those fancy coffee makers. Keeping things simple is important to us. This coffee is expensive in the grocery stores. I had to do a double take to make sure I was reading the price right. It was the winner out there! I put the cardboard into the jar that we had saved. I can't say enough good things about Nescafe. We've been drinking it for 40 years.

👤I can't remember when I started drinking coffee from Nescafe. I think that's correct. I used to make my dad's coffee from Nescafe when I was a kid. Nescafe was introduced to my husband when he visited the Philippines in 2011. He likes Nescafe more than he used to. He switched! I moved to the US in 2012 and we both love Nescafe. We used to buy a small glass container at Walmart that didn't last us very long since we both drink 1-2 glasses of coffee a day, but we found a great deal on Amazon. I love Nescafe coffee.

👤We live in a remote area and my SO loves this brand of coffee. Classico. We started a subscription on Amazon because it was easy to find once. The large cannisters are well-sealed and the coffee came quickly. Very happy with the product!

👤I drank too much NesCafe and decided to go with decaf. I can drink as much as I want.

👤I was surprised that they come in metal containers, which makes them handy to store other metal items when empty. I've been a Nescafe user for 60 years and the coffee is always good. I'm glad it's on Amazon.

👤Steel cans have a nice rich taste. I would give it 5 stars. I'm not sure how these were packed in sturdy cardboard boxes and still got damaged on the sides. Quality control at the Canadian manufacturing plant is slipping.

4. Starbucks Instant Medium Coffee Packets

Starbucks Instant Medium Coffee Packets

Starbucks sells instant coffee. This 50-count box of Starbucks is a great way to get great coffee. It is a smooth, well-rounded blend of Latin American coffees with subtly rich notes of chocolate and nuts. Starbucks ships you the same roasted 100% arabica coffee beans that they brew in their cafés. The perfect cup is easy to enjoy in an instant, whether it's at the start of a new day, or as a reward at the end of a long day. You can subscribe and save up to 15% off your favorite Starbucks coffee. Starbucks is committed to 100% ethical coffee source.

Brand: Starbucks

👤I received my order today. I bought this for my clients to enjoy. The shipping box contained 50 loose packets. It did not contain the things described and shown in the picture on Amazon. A convenient box. To hold the packets for display. If you are expecting a display box like the one shown on Amazon, you will be disappointed. The seller needs to change the photo asap. Unless my mistake was an honest mistake?

👤I thought I had ordered 3 boxes of 50 packets. I received 150 packets total, but they were not boxes of 50 each. I received some bags. There were four boxes of 12 packets in the bag when I opened it. There were 50 packets in a second plastic bag. The first four boxes of 12 packets were in the third plastic bag. I was expecting 3 boxes of 50 as stated in the description, as shown in the picture and written on the outside of each plastic bag that it came in.

👤Coffee expired. I was going to give as a gift, but how can I give an expired coffee? There is a It isn't like it expired last week. I ordered coffee on April 14 and it has an expired date in February. I want to return it asap.

👤The attached photo shows that it was a month past its best by 21 JUN 2020 when I ordered it. I suppose it came from a trash can.

👤Buying in bulk is the best price for expensive instant. I have trouble finding the decaf in any quantity so I ordered 50. The 12 count packages are almost 4 years old and have a date of 2015. I'm not sure if freeze dried instant coffee can age or taste different if not fresh, but I wonder if the old age of these is the only reason they are a better bargain. It's alright to taste, but need to taste a fresh one. I would like to know the details in the description of these vendors. When I pay this much, I would prefer a fresh brew.

👤I have ordered this before and it was in the regular dispensers. I ordered because I was happy the first time. My second order was lost in a cardboard box. I threw the box away before sampling the coffee. I noticed that the packets didn't feel as full and the flavor was terrible. I threw out the container packaging so I was not able to return. I counted the amount of packets and didn't get 50 as promised. I was very dissatisfied with this order.

👤The Via just arrived. We have liked it in the past, and this may be ok, but it is past the date printed on the package. They call this the best before that date. I would have expected something new at a price of close to a dollar. I just opened this package and drank the first cup of coffee I've ever had, and it's not as good as the previous Via Colombia coffee we purchased from Amazon. The rating is being lowered to one star. Someone bought a lot of Via and then sold it on Amazon.

5. Starbucks Nitro Vanilla Sweet Cream

Starbucks Nitro Vanilla Sweet Cream

There are 8 cans of Starbucks Nitro Cold brew. The instant you open their cold brew, you will experience a rush of creamy texture and smooth taste. If you want to enjoy it, tilt the can once, pop open, and pour into a cold glass. Enjoy cold. Smooth. It was velvety. It was delicious. A cold brew. There are three flavors: Black Unsweetened, Dark Caramel andVanilla Sweet Cream.

Brand: Starbucks - Rtd Coffee

👤How to open it is the key to enjoying this drink. When I first bought these at the store, I thought they were just coffee, but I didn't know what Nitro was. I realized I was missing out after reading some reviews. Let me tell you how to get the bubbles. Make sure the can is cold. Take the can out of the fridge and put it on the counter. If you want to open the can after 5 minutes, tilt the can slightly toward you and keep the front part of the bottom from touching the counter. You are ready to drink either in the can or glass. Hope this helps!

👤There is an update. One of them did end up working. I think 1.5/8 worked. One of the cans had cascading foam. One had a good head of foam, but no bubbles. The rest were all duds, opening with a charged hiss but not delivering coffee. I'm confused by what the issue is or how it's possible to open a can with incorrect instructions. Leaving it sitting on a flat surface undisturbed for at least 5 minutes seems to be a necessary prerequisite. The success of opening seems to be dependent on luck. A gentle tilt isn't enough, a single tilt doesn't produce any different results, a quick tilt or multiple tilts means you have to set the can down for 5 minutes and wait to try again. This is one of the most precise and inaccurate products I've ever used. They've tried to achieve something with these cans. Every beer can I've used with a nitro charge has worked. I've never had a problem opening bottles or cans. I'm finishing my Masters in Industrial/organizational psychology and I can't figure out what they're thinking, but I can tell you that a food product with a 19% success rate is ridiculous. I would recommend avoiding them. Disappointing. It's the same as the Bucks, but without the nitrogen injection. They use the same method as nitro beers. When the pressure changes on opening, the nitrogen infused plastic component called a widget releases nitrogen into the can. This works well for Guinness, who uses a free-floating ball widget. Starbucks has fixed the problem of having a plastic ball in the can but not charging it, by placing a device at the bottom of the can. My first can had no nitro foam or bubbles. I tiled it just once, and carefully, as the instructions explained. The second can yielded no foam, which I more aggressively tilted twice, tapped and cracked. I'll update if any of the cans provide foam. The taste is good. The price and expectation of the brand make it not fine. The first word that comes to mind is bland. A very average coffee. It isn't the same without the 'crema'. Nitrogen is used to prevent the creation of carbonic acid in the coffee, which makes it taste more acidic. Nitrogen should produce super fine bubbles, which have a softer texture than CO2 and a more'velvety' texture. The increased action on your taste buds by the gas bubbles moving the coffee around should change your perception of taste. I didn't find that to be the case here. I've tried two cans and they tasted like black coffee. They are well packaged. The box loudly advertises in black and white what's inside if it's an issue for privacy. It is good to see that they considered the customer in what a mess a leaking box of coffee would be. This product is not a hit with Starbucks. The only canned coffee product that I have enjoyed is their unsweetened black cold brew. This isn't worth $1 a can, even if it is cheaper than at Starbucks, and it isn't even considered a consideration at all. I still like Starbucks' coffee, but I'll be skipping the cans.

6. Black Rifle Coffee Company Complete

Black Rifle Coffee Company Complete

About this bend. There is a variety pack of BRCC Coffee Rounds in this box. Silencer Smooth, AK-47, Just Black, and Beyond Black are included. America's Coffee is Gourmet Coffee. World's best single serve coffee. BRCC Coffee Rounds offers a variety of coffees that are compatible with all K Cup Variety Brewers to meet all of your coffee loving needs. Beyond Black is a specialty coffee for dark roast cups. The Silencer Smooth roast is a great option if you like lighter coffee. If you want a little bit of everything, you can get a mixed coffee variety pack. You need the best coffee for every coffee lover. No matter the roast, they personally blend Brazilian & Colombian beans to create a smooth taste of java. Coffee gifts or additions to a Man Crate are great. The American Convention is being met by a Boswell FlaVOR. Black Rifle Coffee Rounds are a great way to get your coffee. Their bold flavors include dark roast cups, light roast cups, and everything in between. You can expect a fresh and bold flavor with every cup, made with top quality Brazillian and Columbian coffee beans. Keruig 1.0 and 2.0 are compatible with these coffee Pods. American and owned. By VeTERANS If you want the best coffee in the world, get it from the military. They stand by their Veterans and support America as a company owned by Veterans. The causes that benefit veterans, first responders, and law enforcement officers are supported by a portion of their proceeds. Support their men and women in service by drinking your morning coffee.

Brand: Black Rifle Coffee Company

👤Starbucks was my favorite brand. My life changed when I switched to BRCC coffee. The ED dissipated overnight. I was hired by Union Pacific to drive railroad spikes because my erections were so strong. My beard is thick and lush and I have several birds that nest there. I grudgingly took my wife back because she still looks great in a bacon bikini, even though she left all 3 of her other lovers. After 3 cups of this in the morning and 6 eggs for breakfast, I go to the bathroom and get 2 yards of Kevlar. The 1000 yard groupings are tighter than ever. My weight increased by 50 lbs. I donated all of my scarves and hats to a homeless shelter because I no longer wear glasses with a trendy design. I pull the police cars over and ask them about their coffee and life choices. I quote Shakespeare's "Henry V" often to inspire my rugby team to perform at their best. I can now speak fluid Latin.

👤Black Rifle Coffee and the Silencer Smooth are my favorites. It is good coffee. I have to deduct 2 stars for the Pod itself. I used 7 of the Silencer Smooth after purchasing a 32 pack. The grounds were spilled into the coffee and the foil split on each Pod. I sent photographs to Black Rifle. I was told to contact Amazon for a refund. I was offered a partial refund. I feel like I was blown off. I like the coffee so much that I want the coffee to work and not split. I may have to get a coffee maker that uses ground coffee because it can be purchased by the bag. I don't know if it's a bad run or a design flaw with the foil. $40.00 of product is in the trash.

👤Coffee isn't great. I would rather support our troops than support Starbucks.

👤Have you ever wondered what America tastes like? Look no further. I was thrilled when the box of liquid came to my door. I immediately opened it and made a cup that smelled like gunpowder and tears. The ghost of Chesty Puller came from the heavens and approved my first sip. Black Rifle Coffee is recommended if you are not a real man.

👤I felt a little down this morning. I tried everything to get me going, but nothing worked. I turned on the news and was disappointed with Fox and CNN. I decided to have a nice cup of joe. The firing pin was pierced by the K-cup before I even drank it. Nice touch. My nose smells of Isis blood and bacon grease. I heard a knock on the door as soon as this delicious thing hit my lips. The star spangled banner was being screamed by Gen. Patton. My cat ran in fear as a bald eagle cawed in the distance. The taste was similar to Gettysburg soil and Normandy sands. I bet that this exsquisite coffee formula could create world peace. Mrs. America would be happy. Coffee is great, all jokes aside. Courage is fear holding on longer.

7. Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee

Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee

The coffee mix is called the Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix. Coffee, Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer. NET is a NET. 1.2Kg (12G x 100 pks)

Brand: Maxim

👤I'm Korean and I'm writing this because no one here knows how to control the amount of stick. When you cut one side of the stick and pour it into your cup, just hold the other side of the stick with your finger. There is a sign in Korean. You can control the suger with most of it in the stick. Every Korean knows how to do it.

👤It's great for on the go and camping. You can pinch it to reduce the amount of sugar. The 1/3 point is where most of the sugar is located. Most of the coffee is in the top 1/3 near the year point.

👤This is the best of the coffees. The difference in flavors was finally figured out by me. My mother always drank the Original and I never differed from her. I stopped drinking the red one because it was too strong for my taste. 4oz water to 1 pack is a normal serving. I've always used 2 packs in a mug, who drinks 4oz of coffee these days? The Mocha Gold has a milder flavor than the regular coffee. The White has skim milk and less instant coffee than the Gold, so it has a lighter flavor. The coffee flavor is strong, but the Mocha is still sweet.

👤I saw this product used in K Drama and thought I would try it. I told a friend of mine stationed in Korea that I was getting it, and he said it was the best. I had to have a cup when I got it. I like the blend in Maxim Gold, but I am generally a black coffee person. My mother took a sip of coffee and thought she might drink it. This coffee is great hot and cold, without any leftover gunk at the bottom like a lot of instant coffee packets out there. Koreans drink coffee almost as much as they eat.

👤I was introduced to this by the K-Drama, Shopping King Louis. I bought it as a joke on my family. I didn't know the perfect balance of coffee, cream, and sweet was in that packet. I keep them in my bag, my desk, my car, anywhere I might need a cup of joy. I wish it was subscribe and save.

👤I have never tried this brand before, but I really like it. There is a sugar control feature on these packets. pinching the packet at the end will control the sugar flow. I use two packets of coffee with the second pinched at the wavy text per mug because I like strong, creamy, less-sweet coffee. I find that the packets are easier to carry in a backpack or purse pockets. The squareish ones are pushed around more by the other knickknacks in those pockets, and sometimes they get torn, spilling the contents everywhere. The Nescafe coffee flavor is a bit better. This feature is kind of a game-changing feature for me. I'll keep my pantry stocked with this brand.

8. McCormick Everything Bagel Purpose Seasoning

McCormick Everything Bagel Purpose Seasoning

A shake-on-anything blend of garlic, onion, sesame and poppy seed. Certified Paleo and non-GMO. It's perfect for a low-cholesterol diet. serving. It's a good topping for homemade breads, popcorn, and more. You can coat chicken or pork with the mix.

Brand: Mccormick

👤Before committing to a large jar of everything spice, you should get a small jar of something new. We didn't like the flavor. Others might like it. Try a small jar of the same brand.

👤I threw it away because I didn't like it at all. If you wanted to cook with it, you could use it as a giant seasoning salt. It doesn't come close to replicating the taste of a bagel. There are not many flavors that stand out.

👤I tasted a similar one from Trader Joe's and decided to try this. Trader Joe's is not accessible to us in Hawaii. I saw it in Amazon and decided to try it out. I thought it was ok for a toast with avacadi. It had a lot of garlic. I love garlic, but this let too much of it. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤I found Trader Joe's Everything to have a similar taste to a bagel. I thought I would try the larger bottle from McCormick. The full everything bagel taste is not satisfying when I want a slight taste. If you want the flavor of an everything bagel, look elsewhere.

👤I put it on everything, bagels,eggs,avocado toast, legit. I need to buy a new one because I use it so much. Great taste. It's amazing how small can change a meal. This is my favorite brand of bagel seasonings.

👤There are better mixes in the stores. This one tastes like small onion bits with a few other seasonings. It tastes like they used the cheapest ingredients possible.

👤I've been buying my bagel seasoning from a number of stores. I decided to buy a larger container off Amazon because I run out so fast. I didn't like the taste of it. I'm not sure if it's more salty than other brands, but it is. I love salt so it wouldn't be an issue. I found the flavor of this seasoning different from other brands. I was disappointed.

👤It wasn't what I expected. You don't have the seasoning on a bagel to where you pick it out of your mouth most of the day. This seasoning is what you do. I brushed my teeth, but sooner or later there was a seasoning hidden in my mouth. The seasoning is hard to find on a bagel. I eat bagels 3-4 times a week and never had a problem with the seasoning. It might be different if I put it on a roast in the crock pot and let it get soft while it's cooking. This is only my opinion. I don't want to buy it again since the 2 containers will last me a long time.

9. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Concentration

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Concentration

Coffee with two mushrooms. Coffee does not taste like mushrooms. The USDA certified organic mushroom is Lion's mane. The Chaga mushroom is wild and organic. The batches were tested against pesticides, mycotoxins, and more. For a creamy texture, blend in coconut oil or ghee. This is their most creative cup of coffee yet, because they add wild rhodiola root. It's perfect to start your day at the office or home. There are 10 instant packets.

Brand: Four Sigmatic

👤This is a part of the Bay Area. Unless you're a company that makes $500 smoothie machines powered by overpriced packets. In a city where microdosing is the new hotness, it makes sense that people would drink shroom in convenient individual serving packets. Portland is now a suburb of San Francisco. It was only a matter of time before someone suggested these as a way to increase your Elysium subscription. Did we try it? Did we? The office was in a state of euphoria for two weeks. The taste starts to grow on you. It's smooth. We burned out. Too. Many. There arerooms. I might have one or two packets a week. Here's the deal. The price has dropped so buy it. Buy it because it's better than what instant starbucks is. It's compatible with your heated office water dispensers and tastes good. Don't buy it for your brain. Don't buy it because it will take you from a failed startup to a successful one.

👤I ordered one of their organic products and it sounded delicious. I was surprised to find a very small warning label on the packaging that said "Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the state of California to cause birth defects and or other reproductive harm." The warning notice directs you to a website for more information. If a product has potential chemicals in amounts low enough to pose no significant risk of cancer or birth defects, there is no need for a warning label. If this is not the case, a warning must be given. I was glad to read the label. The product description should include this information.

👤I will elaborate on the great comments here. 1. I think you will like the flavor of black coffee if you like mushrooms. It is not a coffee taste but a smooth mushroom flavor. It is a mild flavor that I am surprised to enjoy, but it is not something everyone will like. That is a guarantee. If you like new things and like coffee, then I think you might like this. I only drank one sip to know what I was getting into. 2. It is expensive. I think you are saving money by getting this in bulk. I'm not sure of the real benefits yet, other than the ingredients having some health benefits to justify the price. Don't expect this to light you up like a Christmas tree. I bumped up to 2 packets in my morning cup and it gave me more pep. If you drink coffee regularly, your Christmas tree might blow up. 3. It is worth a try. I will confirm that it is a well marketed product and that the Tim Ferris bump is huge for this company. I hope to make a product that is endorsed by Tim Ferris in the future, because wow, does he have reach and influence. This product is an example. I think it's worth a try because I enjoy it. It's difficult to justify the bottom line. 4. I notice more pep when I open 2 packets for Joe. I will eventually need more of this coffee if I stay at a constant and work through the product a lot faster than I intended. Try it out if you are aware of all this. It's not going to break your bank on the first purchase and I think it's worth a try if you like to try new things.

10. Folgers Classic Instant Coffee Packets

Folgers Classic Instant Coffee Packets

The beans were roasted to perfection. Coffee that is fresh and satisfying. There are 84 Classic Roast single serve packets.

Brand: Folgers

👤It makes great ice coffee. Iced coffee should not be poured over ice. The ice doesn't melt from hot coffee. I like to have a quick coffee on the go.

👤I bought this product because I wanted to be able to have a cup of coffee at work. It's very easy to add the hot water to the crystals because we have a hot water dispenser at work. It's less expensive than Starbucks.

👤These single-serve classic roast instant coffee crystals are amazing. They have a rich coffee flavor. I add almond milk, ice, and a packet of sugar to a smoothie. You can have a cold brew in 30 seconds for a fraction of the price of Starbucks. I'm a big fan of frongers.

👤I bought a few boxes of regular coffee and a box of decaf. I thought that the coffee was a little weak, but they worked perfectly for packing and traveling. If the manufacturer had added more coffee to each packet, it would have strengthened the taste. I don't like strong coffee but I do think that these packets were not strong enough and watery. I want to let my fellow Amazon shoppers that I will not purchase them again.

👤Since they are single serve, each serving should be fresh. These are military grade. If you prefer a more robust flavor, you may need 1&1/2 or 2 for a large cup. These are perfect for me because I don't like strong coffee.

👤I'm not sure if I'll brew a full pot of coffee for myself. I need the classic singles from Folger.

👤It's odd, but I've bought these in stores before and the size of the individual serving was nearly twice as big as the ones I ordered. It makes for weaker coffee when I like a strong cup. The taste is the same.

👤This coffee is so bad that I never write reviews. I'm writing this for people who need it, so they can fix it. I feel like a mad scientist every time I make these packets because you need 3 packets and 2.3 packets to make it drinkable. I add more coffee, splenda, and drink until I get something I can drink. I am trying to get through the packets so I don't waste my money.

👤I don't know, my husband drinks coffee and seems to like it.

👤I wanted my own coffee. It worked out great.

👤Used to be from the USA. Great taste.

11. Nescafe Instant Coffee Tasters Packets

Nescafe Instant Coffee Tasters Packets

The House Blend Coffee Stick Pack is a smooth and mild roasted coffee. Master Coffee Crafters roast and brew coffee. They freeze the coffee to make sure it has a smooth and balanced flavor. Coffee can be prepared without the hassle of roasting and grinding. A quick cup of coffee is all you need. They believe that the choices they make matter. They use beans from the finest coffee growing regions around the world. Customers who want a quick and convenient self-service option to prepare a great-tasting cup of coffee can choose easy-to-open stick packs. Nescafe wants to improve the lives of their farmers.

Brand: Nescafe Coffee

👤I am a normal person that likes coffee. The flavor of the H2o is as if you tried to re use a Nespreso or Kurig Pod, because it comes out yellow, like that. I wonder if this is a brand name. Do not buy it. 3 pics in stages show packets added.

👤Coffee drinkers tend to use larger sizeMUGS that are 16 ounce in size. Maybe it is time to change the directions for instant coffee. Why do companies insist on retaining a 6 ounce serving size when it was last used in the early 1960s? Nescafe is a decent instant coffee. I use it in conjunction with Starbucks in order to get a better approximation of the flavor of coffee. Nescafe is too thin tasting to be its own thing. The Via is dull. The combination makes each better. The coffee pours out in pale brown, light chunks that float up when hot water is added, and the differences between them are obvious. The other is microground dust, a black substance that sticks to the bottom of the mug with the addition of hot water. Coffee has the Yin and the Yang. "If Nescafe can please the whole wide world, we can sure please you..." was a jingle used by Nescafe. And they can! It takes a little experimenting with other coffee tastes. This coffee is very inexpensive for an individually packaged instant coffee. Fifty serving of Starbucks costs more than one third of what eighty serving costs. It would be easy to appreciate the savings if you added milk/cream and sweetener to coffee instead of drinking it black. I like it. I drink it, but I mix it with other coffee to make it less bitter. I wish it was packaged in larger packets so that it wouldn't take 3 envelopes of instant coffee to make one mug of coffee. It makes the box of "80 serving" run out quickly.

👤I have a big nescafe coffee jar and I'm a big fan of nescafe products. This item was disappointing. I wanted to take something with me to work. Each package has a small amount that is not enough for a small cup. I need to use 3 of them to make it taste the same.

👤I don't like this coffee. There are people who would say that. No way. There are many positive marks for this product. I used to drink Tasters Choice instant. It was okay. I have the same consistency each time, even though the packets are snap frozen. Every morning when I get up and sit on the patio and look at my retirement property, I like to have a good cup of coffee. This is much easier than digging out the ground beans and waiting for the water to boil and then draining out like an old man. I don't want to wait a long time for my coffee and a precious moment of alone time before the rest of the family get out of bed because I have enough problems with that already. I can repeat the order to the front door. It's so convenient!


What is the best product for survival coffee packets?

Survival coffee packets products from Mount Hagen. In this article about survival coffee packets you can see why people choose the product. Nescafe Coffee and are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival coffee packets.

What are the best brands for survival coffee packets?

Mount Hagen, Nescafe Coffee and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival coffee packets. Find the detail in this article. Starbucks, Starbucks - Rtd Coffee and Black Rifle Coffee Company are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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