Best Survival Card Stove

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1. Coghlans 9957 Folding Stove

Coghlans 9957 Folding Stove

A design that is both rustic and innovative. A camping stove with coated steel construction is strong enough to hold a heavy pot. Any type of canned fuel or solidified alcohol can be used for heat. The front door and sides are tall. essential gear for camping, backpacking, emergency preparedness, and more

Brand: Coghlan's

👤Be careful with what you buy. As it burns hot enough to boil water, the only fuel that can be gotten from the Sterno is "Cooking Fuel". "Canned Heat" pot warmers burn at only 185 degrees and will never boil water.

👤I use this for camping in my van or tent. It was tested at home. It only took me 30 seconds to set it up. I put the pot on top of the sterno can and it was very sturdy. No worries about the pot falling off. It's perfect for when I only need one burner and don't want to break out the big Coleman propane stove. I got a heat diffuser for use on top so I can double the usage of this stove as a back up tent heater, and it worked very well for that purpose as well. I used the heating cover from AdvancedShop here on Amazon to see which one I used. It was fast shipping on it. I've provided pictures of a medium saucepan and a heat diffuser.

👤This is what you think it is. I use twigs, pinecones, and Sterno. All worked well in this stove. The little door does not always stay shut. It can affect the flame inside. You can fix it with a screwdriver or something in front of it. It was easy to clean and works well. Tin foil on the shelf is the best way to hold burning materials. To keep it clean. The stove is a little heavy. If you are car camping, it is still very portable. It might be an issue for backpacking. It does what it says it will do and for a very good price.

👤I bought this for my kit. It is sturdy and can be used many different ways. You could use things other than sterno. I used my stove as a proof of concept. If one needed sticks, they could use them in it. This is the most important part. Coffee. I can't exist without coffee. That is not true. I can exist without coffee, but anyone who has to be around me doesn't want to. I have to have coffee. This is a problem when my house is all electric. I own a Coleman propane stove, a propane single burner unit, and a propane grill. One can burn up a lot of propane in an extended outage, but those stupid little canisters are not cheap. I could use a larger propane tank, but it's inconvenient and the propane is not cheap. Since I don't have a fireplace, I decided to use an alcohol stove. I bought a stove kit after that. I like that thing. There is a problem. Yes. The coffee. I can't just throw a percolator on the kit. I have to either use a backpacking stove, make French Press coffee by boiling water in my JetBoil, or I need something that will support my percolator. This is the kind of thing that engineers think about when the power is out for a long time. The Coghlan's Folding Stove can be entered. I can put my percolator on top of my alcohol burner. It's dah! Coffee. I can use sticks if the mountain blows up or we have the Big One, but only if the mineral spirits, Heet, and any other burnable fuels are gone. During Armageddon, I can have coffee. If I had to, I could cook food with this. It is a fun little stove, so it is great for camping, road trips, and emergency kit. I think I will buy a second one so that I can leave it in my car. Have you ever watched Survivorman? The quality of this stove sold me on it after I read reviews and looked at it in stores. I'm very happy with it. It's a great addition to my kit and is very useful. I am glad I bought it.

2. Unigear Burning Potable Stainless Backpacking

Unigear Burning Potable Stainless Backpacking

The cookware kit is designed for anyone who loves camping with their family and friends. It is portable and convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities. Premium quality steel is used for backpacking. The Unigear camping stove is portable and Ultra Compact and comes with a carrying bag for easy carry. It's perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking. Food, boil water, and BBC can be cooked with many kinds of pots. Meet your camping needs. It's easy to use a camping stove that uses wood, spirit burner, twigs, leaves, coal, gas and solid fuel tablets, which makes it easy for outdoor camping or hiking. If you have any quality problems within 6 months, you can contact them.

Brand: Unigear

👤It's very heavy in comparison to what I expected. You can put any smaller cooking heat source within. Alcohol, gas, and wood. I am not sure about pellets. There is a The hinge design and loose fit in the tabs reduces the chance of warping. The size is strong for up to 10 pots and pans. It's safe for small campfires. Don't blame me if you set California on fire. Again. The pan needs to be deeper. It's not for long distance backpacking because it's heavy. The top grate needs more tines to hold steaks and sausages. The square footprint makes finding a really flat surface difficult. There is a This is about as bulletproof as one can get without breaking the bank. It's perfect for a car camp. You can fit any heat source inside. It's a small stove. They are working for you, don't mind the sloppy joints. It is kept from twisting in high heat. There is a Since I just got it, I can only give it 4 stars for now. If it's used correctly, I think it will end up 5 stars. Will update in a while. There were pine cones and oak twigs in the ten pounds of charcoal. It warped some. It was screaming red hot a lot. The job is done fine. The folds are flat enough to fit into the pouch. You can use a wire brush to remove the ashes. After building a coal bed with fuel on top, expect about 1.5 hours of run time. Can feed it sticks for hours until it becomes a big mound. You should clean up. It works well on cinder blocks.

👤The stove is strong. To assemble is simple. I wish there were more accessories on I bought a griddle from the website and it fits the stove perfectly.

👤I love using this stove. I got a chance to try it out with some charcoal briquettes on the lower rack. I was able to cook corn, mushrooms, and some chicken on a grill. The pan is stable on the wall. The vegetables were initially cooked on the included top rack without any issues and then transferred to the grilling plate for the final cooking. The sharp edges were the only con. I got a few cuts handling the folding sides in the 4 rectangles. I used a small diamond file to deburr them. I'll be trying different sources of fuel in the next few months. Will be updating pictures. It's very easy to clean. The ash was ready to be stored. The ash just blows off and the stains give it character. Look forward to using this again.

👤I received a wood burning stove in two days. It went together in a few seconds. It can be used in many ways... You can use wood sticks, chips, fire started sticks, and charcoal. You can remove the ash tray and use propane under the grill. I boiled 2 cups of water. You can use a pot on top of a frying pan to make coffee or soup. When you get your Unigear wood stove, fold it all together and put it in your backpack, and then you can go! You will not regret it. Thank you Unigear!

3. HIKPEED Portable Stainless Backpacking Survival

HIKPEED Portable Stainless Backpacking Survival

There is a warranty service. BLUU has the best camping gear and survival kits. Omelets, coffee, pasta and more can be made with the click of a button. BLUU has a 30-day refund guarantee and a 1-year warranty service. If you have a question, please contact them. The stove does not have a handle. The one with the handle was sold out. Thank you for your understanding. The survival stove is made of pure and heavy-duty steel and is excellent at heat resistance. The pot can be heated evenly with the help of the 3-arm pot supporter. The wood camping stove can be used to get fuel from nature. You don't have to take gas canisters because you can save a lot of space. It's convenient for camping, backpacking, survival, bikepacking, hiking, trekking, picnic, barbecue, fishing and other outdoor adventures. The wood stove has a double-wall structure with bottom air vent, it can let the air flow inside the burning area and create a secondary combustion, so there is no black smoke during use. The folding stove can burn for 20 minutes. The top opening is large enough to hold fuel without taking off cookware. The backpacking stove has a dimensions of 5.3"(D) x8"(H). The collapsible backpacking stove is very lightweight to carry in your backpack and can be folded to a small size. The package includes a blow fire tube that will help you transfer oxygen to the flame center, long enough to protect your face, hands, and hair from getting burnt. They try to maximize customer satisfaction. They offer a 12-month warranty if their product doesn't meet your needs.

Brand: Hikpeed

👤This is the first stove I have used. I used to use a white gas stove, but was tired of having to pack fuel. The stove is great. You can put a fire starting kit in it if you put it in your backpack. I grabbed a few sticks and cooked breakfast. It was easy to start the fuel. You could place a stick in the stove top notch if the bacon and eggs were on the top.

👤I was between putting a 3 or a 4. I went with a 4 because it was cheaper, but man does this thing smoke up! We used fatwood from a store for the fire, but it made a lot of smoke. It made a small pot of water boil in about 15 minutes, so it could work in an emergency. The water was covered in soot, so make sure you use a lid for whatever you boil. I put it on the ground. Don't light this up on a table.

👤The twigs work great in the cool weather, but alcohol does not work well in 2000 feet. It doesn't take much to have a cup of tea. The rounded rock did the job and now there are no sharp edges.

👤I like the small stove, but I wish it was larger in diameter and could take larger pieces of wood n sticks. It was hot but very fast. I will be cutting some small hardwood chunks from a plank board to carry with me because I won't have to constantly be adding twigs. It's nice to have handles for moving or dumping. Will get a small pot of water to boil quickly. Hikers need a back pack for fast set up. It should be an inch or two larger. I will give it 5 stars all day.

👤It's perfect for portable use. This is a great item to have in a backpack.

👤We ordered to use it as a backup. It's small and you have to refill it with small fuel, but it works very well and compact, excellent to have the wand blowing to keep your facts back, but know that it's small and you have to refill it with small fuel. I would buy another one immediately if it was double in size, it works beautifully and I wish it was more large.

👤It works with pellets, hope they don't need it this winter. It burns clean and works with wood.

👤The instructions are on the product site or on Amazon. Does not come with printed instructions. Either memorize the instructions or write them down. Good luck.

4. Camping Windscreen Backpacking Emergency Survival

Camping Windscreen Backpacking Emergency Survival

The mini backpaking stove is easy to install. Get ready in just 5 minutes by assembling the stove structure, adding dried wood or leaves, fire up, and place your cooking utensils on the stove. It's perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking, BBQ, picnic, outdoor survival and emergency preparedness. The mess tin cover could be used to protect the table or ground from burning when a folding stove is set ablaze. TheOCKETSTOVE: The lightweight galvanized steel backpacking stove 3.8" X 3.0" X 2.0" is ideal for an emergency stove in a kit in a truck or outdoor use. The portable stove is small enough to fit in a smaller pot. The wind screen protects flames from the sides with light wind, for both gas camping stove fuel as well as alcohol stove. The metal tin case is used to keep the mess kit out of the rock. There is a 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a satisfying solution if any piece is broken.


👤It does the job in a pinch. There are bad reviews here. It's an esbit stove. It's supposed to do more than it's designed for. It will heat your food and hide it in your pack.

👤If the tin had room for a box of fuel pellets, I could have everything in one handy package. The metal tin barely fits the stove and the wind-break and then the lid doesn't want to stay on. There isn't a place for storing fuel pellets. A pack of four fuel pellets would fit neatly inside the stove, or a box of fuel pellets would fit in a tin, if it were larger in all directions. I think the price reflects that.

👤I like the idea of a storage tin to keep the soot off my other backpacking items. The shield is not a selling point for me and adds a lot of weight to the package. This stove will do what I want.

👤I liked the idea but the folding stove wasn't good. The case and wind screen were used to add a stove.

👤The reviews claimed it doesn't fit well in its case, so I almost didn't buy it. It does. There is room for a fuel cube. The shield helps regulate cooking temperatures.

👤Very pleased with the product. Absolutely love the idea of the integration of things. I have the container. A little more in dimensions would allow for more storage options for fuel, water bags, and other items. There is a lanyard for the container. I'm still happy with my decision.

👤The rivet was broken. It was not very big on the gage.

👤This product is great for small things. Tin box can fit a stove with solid fuel cubes.

5. Coghlans 9560 Emergency Camp Stove

Coghlans 9560 Emergency Camp Stove

The camping soap sheets work with hot or cold water. The emergency camping stove requires no liquids, dressings or anything else. Fuel tablets are used with any solid fuel such as Hexamine, Trioxane, or Sterno. essential gear for camping, backpacking, and more

Brand: Coghlan's

👤I used this for the first time and it took 5 minutes to cook a can of raviol and it was so hot it burned my mouth.

👤We lost our power for a few days this winter, and I wasn't prepared for the power going out in our new home. I used this to heat soup and hot water in our emergency backpack, so I am happy. This was a blessing after a few days without food or heat. It does not heat up as quickly as a stove top or a propane cooking stove, but it did heat my soup and water to boiling, so it did a good job. It's a great stove for survival. It's a must-have for everyone's survival kit. I don't know what we would have done without it.

👤The manufacturer of this product has information about the Hazard Statements and the Precautionary Statements. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. There was no smoking. Ground and bond container and receiving equipment. Use explosion-proof electrical/ventilating/lighting equipment. P26: Dust, fumes, mist, andvapours can be avoided. P272: Work clothing that is contaminated should not be allowed out of the workplace. Wear gloves, clothing, and face protection. If on skin, wash with plenty of soap and water for at least 15 minutes. P333+P313: Get medical advice if you have skin irritation. P321: Section 4 of this SDS describes specific treatment. Take off contaminated clothing and wash it. In case of fire, use water spray, alcohol resistant foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide. Store away from incompatibles. Keep away from water.

👤This is light and fits in your hand. I will boil at least 2 gallons of water with the fuel tablets included, I am happy with my purchase. I added this to my bag so that I can make a quick meal without smoke while I'm out of town, and it's cheap, just buy it, you're not killing it.

👤It's what it is. The little stove is great. The stove folds down to fit in a small space and can be used with smokeless fuel or wood. The stove should be put on a brick or cement surface. The smokeless fuel falls through the stove. The top of the stove folds open to fit small pots and pans but isn't super sturdy, so it's a good idea to use brick or cement under the stove. I bought a grate that would stand on its own over the stove.

👤I brought this out to try it out since I usually use propane camp stove but they take up too much room in my emergency kit. This little device can boil water and comes with fuel tablets. You can use more than one tablet at a time to create more heat in the kitchen. It's small and portable. A metal cup is better with a lid. The tablets light up. The tablets are useless if you don't have a way to ignite them. I am not giving it a higher rating because of this. It's a good device for hiking, camping and emergency.

6. Camping Backpacking Stoves Backpack Portable

Camping Backpacking Stoves Backpack Portable

The brand is a registered one. If there are any quality problems with their products, please contact their customer service agents. The collapsible portable stove design fits into your pocket and is 2.2 inches high. It's ideal for pots and pans with up to 7 " diameter. It was built to last. The highest quality aluminum andstainless steel is designed to resist high temperatures. It works with any 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed Fuel canisters. The Flame Control and Safe valve is designed to make sure you get as much fire as you want without leaving behind harmful pollutants.

Brand: Mallome

👤This is small and light and won't boil a cup of water. It is too small to be used. It would take a whole can of fuel to heat water for a meal, and you wouldn't be able to make coffee or purify water.

👤I tried the stove out today. It is small and compact and comes in a plastic box. I put it up to a can of fuel and it started. The flame could be adjusted from small to large. The valve was smooth. I bought a Stanley pot with two cups. 16 ounces of water was put in the cups. It brought the water to a rolling boil in about ten minutes. I'm buying a second one for the bug out bag. I will probably use this one for camping this year. First use, 5 stars.

👤It worked out great. There are a few things to know. This thing is small. The can is half the height. A can of soda weighs more than the case. Caution should be used when threading a gas canister. You need a small pot. Unless you have a more stable stand, I would recommend a 5" soup pot. Works well. Add water to heated soup. It takes about 9 minutes at a high altitude. The igniter was more of a user error for me. It's a cool tool to keep handy.

👤I was skeptical at first but this worked out perfectly. It was easy to put in my pack because it was in a small box. It fits in my camping pot. The base is small and not as steady as it could be, but I have used it many times and had no problems.

👤The cost of this will make me buy this brand again and again. It was built with great quality. It works perfectly and has a good temperature adjustment to make sure that the water is boiled quickly in order to get that first cup of coffee. It is lightweight, packs up small and only requires a fuel canister to be screwed onto. MalloMe is stepping up their game with high quality products.

👤This was my first small burner and I am a novice backpacker. The Coleman burner I bought years ago is too large for backpacking. I've used this burner to boil 10 or so pots of water and it took about 30 seconds. You have to make sure that the burner is on a stable surface, but it's not a problem. Mallo included in the package an offer for a free gift of a metal straw and cleaning utensil with proof of purchase and they sent me multiple! This is an unbeatable value with the straws and burner.

👤I bought this unit to see if it would work against my Ohuhu Rocket Style stove. Inexpensive Cons: Does not stand on ground by itself, does not fit propane canisters, does not fit plastic carrying case, does not fit temperature control, does not fit plastic carrying case, does not fit plastic carrying case, does not fit temperature control, does not fit plastic carrying case I bought this to see if it could be used for temperature controlled cooking that is necessary for some meals. The unit is light in weight but solid. Very small at about 3 inches tall. The stove worked out of the box without any issues. This stove has not much to offer. Once you have the pot connected to a fuel source, put it in the position that it stood in. You have fire if you open the fuel control valve. The flame can be controlled with a valve on the side of the unit. If you need to boil water, you can do it in about 7 minutes. A stove for under $20 is very versatile. It would have been better if it could sit on the ground as well as on the fuel source. It does what it says for the price.

7. BLUU Backpacking Portable Emergency Survival

BLUU Backpacking Portable Emergency Survival

If you have any quality problems within 6 months, you can contact them. The camping stove is fast acting and easy to use outdoors with maximized EFFICIENCY. You can enjoy consistent performance at extreme altitudes by boiling a small pot of water for about 2 minutes. It is not comparable with the Coleman fuel canister. It's comparable with most brands of 100g. ProPANE/BUTANE/ISOBUTANE FUEL CANISTER. The all-in-one stove has a 0.75-liter pot and 0.45-Liter pan with a pan support for cooking, a canister stabilizer and a high quality burner. The BLUU outdoor cooking system can be used to cook delicious meals while hiking, camping, and backpacking. There is a correlation and light weight. The design of the nest allows for a compact system for easy travel. The lightweight design makes it easy to set up, pack up and store in small spaces. The packed dimensions are 5.8 inch. The weight is 19 ounces. The pot body is made of sturdy and durable aluminum and has a thermal neoprene insulation outer cover to keep food and water warm. The burner has a push button igniter, a simmer control, and an optimal gasket that can be used for less fuel consumption. BLUU has warm food and drinks for outdoor adventures. There is a warranty service. BLUU has the best camping gear and survival kits. Omelets, coffee, pasta and more can be made with the click of a button. BLUU has a 30-day refund guarantee and a 1-year warranty service. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Bluu

👤I purchased this hoping to find a cheap alternative to the Jetboil, something that included everything you would need and want out of a small butane burner. I was happy to see that it came with a quick boil pot, a skillet plate, and a second pot. I have owned a Jetboil for several years and it is not a comparison, however at over $100 for the unit on sale, plus 12 for the adaptor plate, and another 10 for the wider stand, it is quite a bit out of pocket to do something so simple. The Jetboil is the most powerful. I timed out the boiling of 16oz of water and they boiled the same amount of time. The Jetboil has a bigger pot than I like to make Ramen soups in, so we are good there. The skillet attachment can be used to cook an egg or two. It does work, but it is very similar to my Jet boil version of the same thing. This does the job. I am happy with the quality so far. I have used it a number of times and have not had any issues. If I have any problems moving forward, I will update.

👤I bought this as a test and I was not disappointed. This brand has all the perks of the other brands at a half the cost. The french press in this is well put together and it breaks down for the traveling storage, which is an issue with other kinds. This was a section hike of the AT with me and we had good fire. The rest of the camp had to boil their own water because I was heating the water for half of them at the same time. It can boil a full pot in no time at all. The hike is lite for what it has in it and packs down very well. It has a travel bag/pouch and a lid that snaps on so nothing comes out. If you want to change out, it comes with 2 different sleeves of different colors. If you are hiking and looking at one of the expensive sets, don't waste your money, this one is worth every penny.

👤The stove was half the price of the name brand. It was used on a camping trip. I had to pack light and small for the ride. If you keep the coffee press rod in the cover between the cup handles, everything will fit in the stove cup. We have no regrets about our purchase. The canisters became difficult to start on the camping trip, used on a 5 day and 3 day trip. I switched out for a new canister and realized that the threading of the stove has fallen apart. We use jet boil, pocket rockets, and BRS 3000's for both car camping and backpacking. We no longer recommend this product. The stove will be returned. The seller reached out and sent an updated version of the stove after we had a discussion about the product. The stove had no issues with the threading or the gas valve. Even though we returned the original stove, the seller reached out to us directly and replaced it for free. The correspondence with the seller was above and beyond what is expected. They inquired about our original purchase and seemed to be concerned about product improvement. Customer service is great.

8. Bulin Ultralight Backpacking Windproof Lightweight

Bulin Ultralight Backpacking Windproof Lightweight

PORTABLE: You can come in a pouch for carrying. Also, note: Wood Stove only, other items that are displayed in pictures are not included in the listing. The camping stove has a powerful firepower of 5800W and can boil 1 L of water in 2.5 minutes. The mini camp stove is made of high temperature resistant aluminum. It can hold cookware gear in different sizes. No fear of your cooking pot falling over. The load capacity has increased. The weight of the propane camping stove is . 6 x 3. The portable backpacking stove is light and portable. It has a carry bag that is easy to carry and store. Trigeminal metal plate design helps the efficiency of your stove, greatly save your fuel. The camp stove can be connected to the canister directly and there is an accessory for the propane tank. A lightweight camping stove. 30 days free return is what they provide for their customers. They always here to assist you if you are not satisfied.

Brand: Bulin

👤The camp stove is the best I have ever used. When we were in the back country, we needed a portable stove that would fit our group's pots and pans and would be good for frying fish and deer meat. This thing is amazing! The highest quality materials are very heavy duty. Had to buy an accessory to use with the propane tank. This is a wind resistant flame. We had crazy winds on two of the days and thought this would go out, but it never did. It's only a slight touch on the heavy side. We couldn't take this on major hikes. This is perfect if you have multiple guys helping you divvy up the gear. We've only used it for one trip so far, but we can't imagine anyone would be disappointed if they bought this stove.

👤The backpacking stove is awesome. Looks and sounds great! There is a The dimensions are listed in the description. The knock off jet boil was too small to even use and not as effective since some of the blue flame touched the fins instead of the bottom of the pot. The triple burner burns fuel quickly. Highly effective for large pots.

👤Don't let the video fool you, with the 3 burners this has, it doesn't heat up anything compared to one stove that's connected directly to your fuel. I went camping in Utah this weekend and had to keep shaking the fuel cannister to get more flow through the gas line. I boiled the water because it took so long. I will return this item as soon as I return from Moab.

👤6 stars, baby! It'll do anything from a soft keep warm to a triple blow torch x3 at about 4 inches across, higher than your coffee pot. You stand back to avoid the heat. The heat doesn't affect the pressure regulator since it's got a long gas feed line. I use it to quickly heat my Lodge pots. 20 seconds. You're doing well. It's probably too big for day hikers. I can't speak to it, but my set up on propane with a propane toMSR conversion from here on Amazon for 10 bucks will save you a lot of money and change canisters frequently. If you're on the fence, get one before the shipping issues take hold and impact prices further.

👤Very small. Excellent construction. Quickly and powerfully lit up. The knob to turn up/down heat worked well. A wind screen is definitely recommended. I liked the wide cooking pot surface. The 8 inch pot was held just fine. The water was boiling in about 4 minutes at 6000 ft. The fuel hose connection gets pulled to one side fairly acutely when packing the stove back up, hope it doesn't develop a leak there

👤A 13 day canoe adventure with a party of 5 and I have been eating out of the same pot. This is the best camp stove I have ever used. I used the adapter for coleman propane cannisters. It's easy to dial in the perfect amount of heat for boiling water or a slow boil. The top is designed for both large and small pots, so everything stays where it should. The igniter was perfect. I will not be paddling overnight without this stove. I will be using this product at home as well.

9. Acelane Windscreen Windshield Aluminum Backpacking

Acelane Windscreen Windshield Aluminum Backpacking

We try to maximize customer satisfaction. They offer a 12-month warranty if their product doesn't meet your needs. Large and HighAcelane Camping Stove Windscreen with unfold flat size 33x9.45in, larger and higher enough to provide strong wind protection on windy days, also provides larger space for both gas backpacking stove as well as wood burning stove. The folding stove windshield is made of quality aluminum alloy with a smooth edge, lightweight, durable, heat-resistant and anti-abrasive. The bottom vent has better circulation during burning. The wind shield can be secured with pegs in the ground. Their aluminum stove windscreen is foldable, space-saving, and easy to be thrown in a bag without worry. The bag has a pouch for storing and carrying. The extra storage case is the best part. It's a perfect addition to the bag. The wind guard for camping stove has 10 plates that can be adjusted according to the stove, it is flexible and efficient. It can help the stove maximize heat efficiency. You are ready to go if you keep the fire away from the wind. There is a must-have outdoor necessity that includes 1x 10 plates aluminum windshield, 4x spare mandrels, clean cloth, and a storage box. The backpacking stove windshield is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Acelane

👤I bought this to use as an oil splash guard for my stove and it works well, but I wish it was a bit taller. The joint rods that are unstable and want to come out of joints are the only thing that bother me. They are designed to be easily removed to change the configuration, but that also means you can lose them. I'm going to permanently fix them.

👤This product is not made for backpacking. It weighs more than my entire cook system. I was not impressed with the size. I thought it would be a lot smaller. Can't recommend this product to anyone. It might be useful under other circumstances, but not backpacking.

👤The product is solid and comes with two cases, one hard and one soft.

👤Flimsey is not high enough.

👤Light weight is very weak.

👤The protection cover is very small when not in use.

👤Awesome! It was used for camping on halloween.

👤The little spikes that drive in the ground are not deep enough to break the wind, but they still do a good job.

👤I bought it for splatter control. As less surfaces to clean, it works wonders.

👤I haven't used it yet, but it looks good. The case has something on it. The pegs shown in the pictures are missing.

10. Lixada Camping Portable Stainless Backpacking

Lixada Camping Portable Stainless Backpacking

The stove is lightweight and collapses to 2x2x3 inches. The wood stove is made of hardened steel and is meant for backpacking and camping. The wide opening mouth makes it easy to add more wood and keep the fire going, making it a smart design. It is very easy to assemble. Sturdy structure to place cookware. Any dry woods, twigs, branches, leaves, or pinecones can be used to cook a meal. You can start cooking with this pocket stove. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY No fuel canisters, no chemical emissions, no batteries, and less carbon footprint. It's time to stop using heavy, costly, polluting petrol fuels. Start your low-carbon travel. PORTABLE: You can come in a pouch for carrying. Also, note: Wood Stove only, other items that are displayed in pictures are not included in the listing.

Brand: Lixada

👤A budget stove. The stove I received did not have the Lixada logo on it. I am not sure why but my stove looks like the 4 side stove and I bought it from this seller. That was odd to me. I have had this on a few camping and hiking trips and it has done well. There were a few problems that I ran into. When I went to dump my ash pill out of the stove, one of the pins was not supposed to come out, and another slid half way out. I was able to catch it. I was able to find the pin that fell and put it back in. Be careful. It's pretty sure that this is from the fires being started in it. There is a It was hard to get the Trangia to go into the whole because the top tray is compatable. I almost gave up, but it went. The hole was not big enough for the alcohol stove. The pros are 1. The backpack takes up very little space. It's compatible with my Toaks pot. If it warps you can bend it back to shape with ease. The pins are not the best quality. The alcohol tray is very tight. It doesn't get the best air flow and there are more holes in the side for added oxygen.

👤One of the flaws is dangerous. 1. The stove is useless if you don't have something to replace the factory pins. This could be a big problem when you are camping. Bobby pins can be used to replace the factory pins. The ribbed design of the Bobby pins causes a tight feel when slid into the hinges of the stove. The stove feels very sturdy when fully assembled, compared to using a loose fitting pin. 2. The spirit burner plate doesn't fit my burner. My trangia burner gets stuck in the middle of the burner and is pretty badly damaged. It needs to be a little bigger, but won't fit the largest brand of spirit burners made. The stove has sand paper that can be used to widen the spirit burner plate. The trangia burner will fit perfectly. This is a dangerous law. If you put a weighted cup on the top it will force the sides outward. This can cause the spirit burner plate to fall down. I used the Stanley field cup and a few other different cups. There is no risk of the spirit burner plate falling in shape or form if the tabs are longer. The sides need to be longer or bent to lock into place. The stove has only one purpose and that is to burn sticks. If you want to burn liquid fuel, buy something safer.

👤I didn't trust the other reviews. How could the plastic be a negative? Maybe the pins don't fall out as often as you think. Well, no. There is a Within an hour I realized I made a $17 mistake. After peeling off the plastic, I went outside to test it out with an alcohol burner, which went well. One of the pins fell out when it was put back in its bag. This thing is useless if that happens while you are out. I would return the item if it was not discolored. I ordered the small titanium stove because I wanted it to be easy to use. I think anyone else should do the same.

11. Lixada Backpacking Ultralight Portable Titanium

Lixada Backpacking Ultralight Portable Titanium

The lightest stove ever is 25g. It is easy to carry the Kokct size: 37x52mm, open size: 85x68.5mm. The material is 60% titanium alloy, 10% copper, 20% stainless steel, and ultralight and strong bearing capacity. Strong and Adaptable Firepower: It only takes 2 minutes 58 seconds to boil 1L water, and with a foldable switch you can control the firepower you need. Gas and fuel surcharge: Butane Gas consumption is 140g/h.

Brand: Lixada

👤Please allow me to give a brief introduction to this review. I have been backpacking for 25 years and am always checking out new gear. My goal with this particular purchase was not to have a piece of gear that would be effective for my next hike, rather it was to find a low cost option for someone looking to get into camping but not wanting to spend a ton of money. The price for this stove is great. It's much smaller and lighter than a Pocket Rocket. There are some significant draw backs compared to more expensive butane/propane stove from more established outdoors companies. The design of the butane/propane diffuser makes the wind resistance laughable. The design of the diffuser prevents the stove from getting a roaring boil in more than a liter of water. In other words, burning a lot of fuel and wasting a lot of heat in the process. The rate at which this thing goes through fuel canisters is hilarious. If you get 20 minutes with this stove, you're lucky if you get an hour with an 8 oz. fuel canister. If you're looking for a low cost of entry at a very low weight, this isn't bad, but I would recommend sacrificing the grams and getting something like this.

👤The stove was used to boil a liter of water in 4 minutes 10 seconds. They claim to have 2 minutes 58 seconds, which I knew was true. The fastest stove was 3 minutes 54 seconds. The little guy was 16 seconds behind the stove. I weighed the stove in the bag and it weighed in at 1 ounce. The stove is small in the pictures. I had to make sure the pan was centered on the stove, but it felt secure. I might be a little worried about the pot blowing over if it was very windy. The stove is louder when I use it than other stoves I have used, but I don't see it as a problem. I can't say how durable the stove is because I haven't used it in a while. It seems well made, but must be folded up with care. There is no other stove that is as light as this one.

👤I live in Southern Florida and was hit by a storm. While many people are struggling for a hot meal, I am not. This stove is part of a lightweight backpacking cookset. It's getting most of its use at my house for heating up water for freeze dried meals and coffee. The stove is lightweight, but don't let that fool you when it comes to quality and rigidity. The stove is very sturdy and my Stanley pot stays on top with ease. The stove has a wide range of Temps compared to other stoves in the same price range. I was very happy to see that I could boil it and cook with it. I took the stove to the national forest before the storm. It cooked 3 meals a day for 2 people over the course of 4 days. It is in my pack. My new favorite stove is definitely me.


What is the best product for survival card stove?

Survival card stove products from Coghlan's. In this article about survival card stove you can see why people choose the product. Unigear and Hikpeed are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival card stove.

What are the best brands for survival card stove?

Coghlan's, Unigear and Hikpeed are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival card stove. Find the detail in this article.

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