Best Survival Card Deck

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1. Regal Games Playing Cards Standard

Regal Games Playing Cards Standard

19 tool in 1 wallet tool card. The playing card pack comes with 24 decks of playing cards. They measure 2.5 x 3.5 and have an index. There are 52 cards in the deck. SMOOTH & DURABLE. Their playing cards are made using a blue paper core and a linen finish which makes them strong, smooth, and flexible. They are easy to stack, shuffle, and slide across a table, and the paper weight makes for an improved snap. These decks of cards are ideal for both professional and casual playing. The blue paper core prevents light from entering the play cards, while the durable finish ensures a professional feel and grip. The design is classic. The back of the playing cards has a classic design to eliminate distraction and improve flexibility. Poker, pinochle, euchre, bridge, hearts, Solitaire, blackjack, rummy, gin rummy, baccarat, canasta, go fish, and any other card game you can think of can be played with these playing cards.

Brand: Regal Games

👤They don't shuffle. I use them as a practice for one of those performance quagmire's. If you need to practice card manipulation with a terrible deck of cards, these will do it for you.

👤I needed some cards for my display. This year's theme is: Gambling with skeletons! The cards look great. 4 weeks in the sun and rain will likely make them tired at some point, but, hey, why else would I need 12 decks? It's a challenge to make changes after everything is set up, so hopefully they won't need too many change-outs.

👤The cards shuffle well, but feel a bit thin... After being handled a lot for several hours, the edges are still flexible and crisp. The red colored cards are not a rich deep red. The red looks cheap and like it was too expensive to produce. The red face cards are harder to read. I play a lot of Solitaire. The corners don't "mark" easily because they hold up well. I wish the red was deeper as it makes it easier to identify each card.

👤I was misled by the picture on the item's listing that showed a laminated card, but these have no plastic. If you plan on using these around liquids, be careful. They're nice if they aren't. After being broken in, they shuffle just fine for me. It's a good value at $1 per deck. If you care about that kind of thing, you should look at the images of the product. The picture of the card faces are correct.

👤The box for the decks survived shipping. There was no damage to the decks on the bottom corners. These decks have a cardboard feel to the card edges, unlike the LotFancy cards that have smooth card edges. These cards have a higher quality feel than the decks I can get at the local dollar stores for a dollar. I would recommend these cards for people who don't expect to use a lot of decks. I might update after I use them.

👤The cost per deck is not very high. The deck had to be destroyed. The deck is not usable because of the blemish on the 2 of spades. The card contained whatever got into the mix. The good news? I have a spare deck in case one of my cards gets damaged.

👤We are retired. We play cribbage on a daily basis, with a few exceptions when we are traveling. We play a lot of decks. These hold up well for the amount of use we give them. I like the feel of plastic cards. Good and bad reviews I give. I believe in giving credit when it's due. I will buy more of these. I have never received anything from any site I have purchased from. Honest reviews are what I believe in.

👤Great cards. They are sturdy and good to use.

👤No son de la calidad, pero por el precio estn ms.

👤It's normal. The extraordinario por el precio.

👤Buen producto, llegaron en buen, y por el precio estn bastante.

2. ACELION Waterproof Playing Plastic Diamond

ACELION Waterproof Playing Plastic Diamond

Poker, pinochle, euchre, bridge, hearts, Solitaire, blackjack, rummy, gin rummy, baccarat, canasta, go fish, and any other card game you can think of can be played with these playing cards. 1. Their playing cards are made of high-grade flexible plastic material, which is very smooth, easy to hold, and very durable. 2. Don't worry about smudges and wet playing cards, they are waterproof. 3. They will look brand new after being washed. 4. There are 54 cards in the deck of poker playing cards. 5. If you are unhappy with their poker cards, you can contact them for a free exchange or refund.

Brand: Acelion

👤The gold and silver print on the face is very cool, the backs have a neat textured design, and the product looks really good. They're terrible when playing cards. You have to shuffle them because they're very slippery. The normal rules of physics don't apply because these cards are made of dark matter. The deck of cards will explode if you drop them. A fun game with these cards is to give a deck to each person at a party, with a cash prize going to whoever has all his cards at the end.

👤I met some romanians in an alley and bought these cards to play a high stakes texas hold em game. The night ended with a maxed out credit card, missing eye, and a missing kidneys.

👤Don't buy them! They are very slippery. I couldn't get a good grip on them and when I finally got them out, they went flying everywhere. The cards slip around when you hold them. Worthless. I will return them!

👤They look cool, but they are slippery. They can explode all over the place when you're shuffling, and when you're dealing they will fly off the end of the table easily. I plan to use them on our boat, but I prefer the regular paper cards around the house.

👤The reflections, contrast and small details look great, but they slide too easily. I thought these would play the same as the other plastic cards I have. They don't. Setting down the whole deck of cards requires extra care because there is almost no contact between the cards. They look very cool. There is a lot of small details on the cards, and the reflection is nice.

👤I use these on the water. The cards are really nice. They are waterproof and flexible for shuffling. Kids would love these since they can be wiped clean. They are very nice looking for cards. They are easy to read. I like the black cards but a world series poker player wouldn't like the fact that they are black instead of white. I like the color of them. It is worth the price.

👤My boyfriend will love them.

👤These are great for playing cards outdoors in humid conditions. They are easy to wash and shuffle, they don't have a memory like paper cards, and the corners don't peel, so they stay upright. If you play cards on an outdoor patio or other area that isn't ideal for paper products, this is a good purchase.

👤Good quality cards!

👤I loved this deck. The quality is amazing. It is waterproof and very hard to tear, I love the design and my favorite card was the queen of diamonds. You should buy this because of the incredible value for money.

👤The box that holds the cards is a card. It looks good to ignore.

👤Exactly like the description. He is very pleased with the way they look.

👤The cards move on top of each other, which is really annoying.

3. Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

There are 160 challenge cards, 80 betting token, 10 cups, 5 balls, 4 dice, and a tape measure. Clear is more fun. The face cards are visible even though the cards are clear. It's easy to shuffle. It's waterproof and perfect to take to the beach, pool, or camping. The playing card size is standard. Premium clear plastic card stock is printed on.

Brand: Hoyle

👤I work in an assisted living facility. My people were locked up like animals and not allowed to see family or have much contact with the people they shared the common areas with after the hit. When we got word that they could play cards again, our activity person told people that they could only play four cards at a table with masks and hand sanitizer. They couldn't have drinking or eating at the table. These fit the bill because she wanted something that could be washed after playing. She ordered one set. We have a lot of card players so I ordered 3 more decks. If I could, I would give this product 100 stars. I would like to thank you for making a great product.

👤These cards are a hit. The kids are getting a lot of exercise because we have had so much fun for $6. Throw them in the pool and have a race to get 10 hearts, all even numbers, and numbers that are divisible by 3, etc. You can only put the numbered cards into the pool if you want to have the kids race to bring back cards that make an equation to make a number. The kids love this. You can only get one of the numbers if you have an equation with at least 3, 4 or 5 cards. For example, no 2x2. If I'm feeling like a softie, we'll include the Aces to use as ones. That makes it so easy. More or less cards are thrown in. We tend to do one suit per person playing but including more would make it easier to find that one card you are looking for. It has been fun to see the equations they come back with. They want us to do this. They are working on quick math recall and simple equations. The ink on the cards is starting to wear off in some places, but we've already used them so much we don't even care. They have been worth the price for what we've used them for. It's cheaper than a math book. They are stiff when out of the package, but loosen up and become more fun to play with outside of the water, as other reviewers have already stated. These are more plastic than paper so will feel different.

👤The reviews for this deck have been going on for a while. I found many of them to be false after reading through them. The cards I received did not have bubbles or scratches on them. The look of the cards is pretty cool. The individual cards are not fully transparent. If you fan the deck in a smooth way, you will see a mirror effect. The box reminds me of 90s pencil holders. I agree with the review that it would be nice if these cards had a little bit of noticable texture. Card flicking is the worst thing I have ever experienced. A friend of mine can stick traditional cards into some surfaces with a flick of a wrist. I have been jealous of his skills. I flick the cards at the wall. One of them shatters. Not the intended use of a card... You have trade offs. Regular cards can be ruined by improper use just as easily as these cards can. The product is cool and the material is not worse than standard cards.

4. Gentlemens Hardware Campfire Survival Playing

Gentlemens Hardware Campfire Survival Playing

At KEMA they have a card multitool with responsive customer service and support that you won't find anywhere else. They will be happy to help with any questions you have. Part of the Gentlemen's Hardware collection by Wild and wolf is a mix and match. There are 52 fully illustrated playing cards in the set. The metal Tin is ideal for camping and travel. The cards and Tin are waterproof and can handle any weather. The metal tin has a measurement of 3.5 x 4 x 0.75 H and each individual card has a measurement of 3 x 2.5 x 0.75 H.

Brand: Gentlemen's Hardware

👤I use these to keep my workouts unpredictable. Sweat on them. They hold up well.

👤I think my son will like and appreciate them, he hasn't received them yet, but I think he will.

👤Yes, it is waterproof while camping.

👤Zu den Knoten getan.

👤je ne regrette pas Achat.

5. Nertz Frenzied Wide Size Plastic Coated Brybelly

Nertz Frenzied Wide Size Plastic Coated Brybelly

5. If you are unhappy with their poker cards, you can contact them for a free exchange or refund. A fast, frenzied card game that demands lightning reflexes, supersonic strategy and skill in spades, is called Nertz. There are 12 decks of cards in vibrant, colorful playing cards with unique card backs and deck boxes. There are cards inside the game box. Wide Poker Cards are cards that are wide in size and have a standard card of 52 cards. All players play at the same time, no taking turns. Score the most points and then call "Nertz!" The instructions are easy to learn. The game requires 2-12 players to play and lasts about 10 minutes. It's great for groups and family game nights.

Brand: Brybelly

👤I was wondering if these were USPCC and if I hadn't seen them before. I bought them and here is my review. They are not the USPCC. They are good for cardistry and magic. There is a I would highly recommend them for magic cardistry or just a deck for playing a game of cards. Good job making the cards. P.S. I don't work for the seller.

👤The instructions on how to play the game are missing, so it has a set of 12 decks of cards. The box was sealed so quality control was lacking. We were going to play on Thanksgiving and were very disappointed. We'll look on the internet for instructions, but when it says it includes something, I feel like I got ripped off.

👤I don't use them to play Nertz. After they've been shuffled together, I bought these to make it easier to separate into individual desks. Not all decks are the same size. They may be different by amm or so. If I mix the pale green deck with pink and dark blue, I only see pink and dark blue as I shuffle them. The green deck isn't as long as the red one, so I have to bend it to shuffle them together. They're decent cards. They're difficult to pick up from a smooth surface because they're not textured like the good name brand decks. You will be disappointed if you don't expect premium quality at this price point.

👤This is a game that I love. I have been playing it for a long time. I was looking to replace my decks because they were getting worn out. It's difficult to find a deck that doesn't cost a lot of money. This game should be inserted, and voila! The players are cute. A few decks are similar colors, but that doesn't bother me. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤There are twelve decks of cards in this set. The cards can be used for any card game, and it's nice for Nertz because of the different colored decks. A few of the colors are close, so in a duller room you might get them mixed. The sturdy box these come in is what I love about it. It is small and all twelve decks fit in it. It is not convenient for storage to have decks in a shopping bag, which is convenient for travel. The compact box is perfect for both travel and storage. It's nice to have the same theme on each deck, but different colors. The cards I've been using are different ages and themes.

👤I bought this set because my family loves to play the game and we have a hard time finding decks with unusual colors. The fancy cards are difficult to identify for older people. The print is easy to read and I would love to see these decks even larger. Some of the colors are hard to distinguish for older people with vision difficulties. The blue options look the same, but the blues don't look that different. I suggest that the back of the decks have more obviously differnet colors and designs. A suggestion of large fonts would be greatly appreciated.

6. Gamewright 317 Forbidden Island Card

Gamewright 317 Forbidden Island Card

Premium clear plastic card stock is printed on. Mensa favorite brainy games of 2010 Join a team of fearless explorers on a dangerous mission to recover four sacred treasures from the ruins of this paradise. Problem solving and cooperation are required. 30 minutes is the playing time.

Brand: Gamewright

👤What a clever game! I'm impressed that a game that is complicated enough to engage adults is still fun to play with the kids. My kids play at ages 7 and 9. It's easy to explain a strategy that the 7-year old doesn't get right away since it's cooperative. Sometimes the 7-year old explains to us. Figure it out yourself first to get the kids interested. They don't want to sit and listen to the instructions. I set the game up for multiple players, played each player's part to figure out the strategy, and got all my questions answered. The kids joined me. It's much easier to explain and work with them since I don't have to reference the instructions. It's fun.

👤Everyone else we've played this game with loves it, and my daughters, ages 8 and 10, love it too. The game is a little complex at first, but once you get going, you won't have a problem with the rules or order of play. The designers included a cheat sheet of action options and play order on each player's card. The object is simple--capture four artifacts and helicopter off the island from the landing site before the rising waters flood the island, which will either drown a character, swallow the areas housing an artifact, or wipe out the landing site, which will prevent your escape. You can choose from a diver, an explorer, an engineer, a messenger, or a pilot. Each character has something they add to the team. The pilot can fly anywhere on the island. The diver can swim through the sunken areas. The engineer can shore up twice as much as the others. The skill set is well developed. You will regret not having any of their abilities with you. You can't have all of them with you because the game is for 2-4 players. This is a nice touch, because you can never tell which skills are more useful, and this changes every game because of the random nature of the cards you draw. You might think it will be a simple game and you will be able to play it quickly. We were overwhelmed by the flooding island and had to shore up game tiles to preserve the landing site before we were lost. We couldn't even imagine the session of flood cards and the water rises cards, which represent where the water levels are rising and how much more areas can be impacted by the waters. We took it seriously the second time we played. We shored up every part of the land with sand and helicopter lifts to fight the water levels. The pilot and engineer raced across the area as the messenger and diver exchanged treasure cards. The island started to sink as the water levels rose. We lost our entire island and the pilot and diver were trying to get the last two artifacts while the messenger and engineer were trying to keep the inevitable from happening. We were ecstatic when we made it to the landing spot, thanks to a few lucky helicopter lift cards, and the game got intense. Unless you're lucky, your team will start to lose ground and you won't be able to preserve the island. That is part of the fun. The tiles are well made and have names. The artifacts are cool. The game play moves quickly so you won't get bored. This is a must-watch game. It's become our favorite if you and your family enjoy quick-paced adventure games.

7. LIIIIIIkes Tiny Survival Card Sharpener

LIIIIIIkes Tiny Survival Card Sharpener

The kit contains 6 pieces of fire bellows. A variety of fishing and hunting tools are brought together by a lightweight survival card. A variety of emergency tools are included, including a hook sharpener, mini saw, spearing trident, barbed fishing hooks, snare locks, and awl. The hook sharpener has a double-sided diamond grit with 800 and 600 on the fine and medium sides. There is a single grooves on both sides. The survival credit card can be used for many things: camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, training for emergency, wilderness survival, and other adventure activities. The Compact Credit Card Multitool is designed for safe, easy separation of tools, while being strong and convenient. Useful gift for men, women, dads, kids, hiking kit, fishing survival kit, emergency survival kit, hunting trips tools, and Rations gear.

Brand: Liiiiiikes

👤This was even better than I anticipated. The heavy cards that came with this were useful. There are many amazing little things in these cards. There is a big one with a fire starter. Awesome for money. My son needs another one.

👤Can't wait to use them. It's a shame that it's a use once and then discarded. I keep mine in a tin can. I can still use them after I take them out of the frame.

👤Small packaged survival gear can be useful. There are lots of happy faces this Christmas.

👤This is the type of thing you teach. The metal is not very strong in a real world scenario.

👤The little case is just as advertised.

👤It's exactly what it's supposed to be. Useful! It could save lives.

👤In case society collapses, I could toss a lightweight survival product in my car.

8. Survival Card Multitool Bushcraft Giftable

Survival Card Multitool Bushcraft Giftable

Extra Paracord and Tin Box make it easy to carry all the pieces. True outdoorsmen know the importance of being prepared for anything. A knife, dual edged saw, fish hooks, arrows, Lures and more are included in the Survival Card. Give this credit card tool as a gift or use it on your own. There is a huge selection of survival tools packed into one tiny 1.6oz wallet multitool. This credit card multitool is 4.5” x 3” and under 1mm thick, making it a great everyday carry essential that can easily slip into a pocket, glovebox, wallet, cellphone case or first aid kit. A multi-functional design. The range of tools included in their wallet knife multitool make it an indispensable accessory for fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, backpacking and a wide range of other outdoor hobbies. Stay in control with one small multitool card. After removing tools from the frame, you should not worry about storing them. Every survival card has a magnetic base that you can use to keep your tools in place. Stick it in your pocket for years of reliable use, or place it in your wallet. After removing tools from the frame, you should not worry about storing them. Every survival card has a magnetic base that you can use to keep your tools in place. Stick it in your pocket for years of reliable use, or place it in your wallet.

Brand: Holtzman's Gorilla Survival

👤The concept is good but not well thought out. The arrow heads are squared with no barb as compared to the card I purchased from RumbaDock. There are some pieces of triangles that are arrowheads, but with a hole in the tip, it becomes forked. The hooks are big compared to the small lures. A picture was included for comparison. The large and small hooks are from different companies. Buy the Grim cards and save some money. Better hooks and arrowheads. The knife is only ground on one side.

👤This is a small kit that you can put in your backpack or glove box. I like the illustrated identification card for the different pieces. The pieces are sharp and would be useful if needed. The only thing I didn't like was that it came in a cardboard gift box. It would be more convenient to have it in an envelope.

👤You will need a set of pliers to separate the items from the card, so it would be best to put them in your survival tin or kit before you buy. The knife portion was dull when received. There are some valuable items on here that you can get when you need them.

👤This is a large item and will not fit in a wallet or survival tin if you want it to. It is very useful for survival situations. If you protect against damage to the item or mode of carry, you can carry this in a backpack or purse.

👤The price is too high and I want it to test it out. I don't think it's a good idea to tear it apart and test it with another one, since it's too high a price, and you can get a pack of them for the same price.

👤A gift quality box contains this emergency fishing survival card. There are lots of different lures, a mini saw, and a mini blade. I think for the price it could include more multitool/survival items, but everything it does include looks good.

👤I'm sure there are dimensions in the description, so if you're expecting it to be credit card size or small enough to fit into a wallet, read those. It's ideal for a backpack or bug out bag, but to large for a wallet. There are a lot of useful items in a survival situation.

👤I wish I had one of these in my back pocket as a son of an Air Force instructor. It would have made the camping trips more enjoyable. During my father's "lessons" on survival in the woods, these quick and easy to use tools would have helped. Setting up shelter, snare traps, and fishing all in one convenient package is easy to use. I will be able to pass on the lessons from my pops to my kind. A little more modern tools.

9. Disaster Deck Pocket Sized Instructions Earthquakes

Disaster Deck Pocket Sized Instructions Earthquakes

We donate a percentage of profits to help protect the wild places they love. They stand behind their products. You won't find a tougher mylar survival anywhere. It is guaranteed. Emergency survival instructions are waterproof anddurable. Disasters can cause extreme brain fog, so they include things that are critical to your safety. Pocket-sized to keep in your backpack, purse, bike bag, carry-on bag or vehicle. Easy to use, color-coded for quick reference, with clear instructions for both outside and in a vehicle. Keeping yourself and your family calm and focused is important. The Be Well card gives easy directions for mental and emotional safety, so you can focus on immediate threats to physical safety.

Brand: Terra Frma

👤Common sense is more effective when there is waste of money.

👤Stay calm and call the police.

👤The collection of laminated cards with bullet points of common sense is what this "disaster deck" is all about. I suppose there is a certain percentage of the population that need common sense, this deck is for them.

👤I wanted to give these to my kids and other people. They have some great safety tips that are easy to keep handy. It's a good idea to put one in your glove box or backpack for quick reference. I keep one on the fridge in case of an emergency. Sometimes it's hard to think straight when you're stressed and this will remind you of the basics and teach you something new in the process.

👤This is for my bag. There are earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and other things in where I live. I didn't do so well with the fires this year, so it's designed to help keep you calm. Practical advice for what to do in an emergency isn't all inclusive.

👤I hope I don't have a reason to use it right away. I have it ready to go. It was worth having on hand to keep me focused.

👤The information is well thought out and thoroughly researched, which makes it practical when there is no time to spare. This deck has what you need in a situation where taking the right steps in a hurry could save a life or prevent an injury. Get several and give them to people who are important to you.

👤It is easy to travel with a pocket size, even if it is in your vehicle glovebox at home. It was taken to San Francisco after the earthquakes in L.A. We were better prepared with our son in tow. I would highly recommend this to everyone. The price is very reasonable. I bought a second one for my sister and her family.

10. Playing Premium Plastic Waterproof Professional

Playing Premium Plastic Waterproof Professional

Enjoy their lifetime 'Royal Flush' guarantee. They took great pride in creating their Circuit Playing Cards. They wanted to provide professional and amateur players with the highest quality playing cards on the market. You will feel like the hero of Game Night with these cards. Click the yellow button and you will be taken to a website where you can purchase a winning deck. This is a standard size professional black playing card with a green and blue digital pattern design on the front and gorgeous texture design on the back. Theme party games use stylish and atmospheric design. The decks of cards set is made of high-quality plastic material and exquisite craftsmanship, and is more durable and economical than ordinary paper playing cards, and do not need to be replaced frequently. The plastic playing cards are easy to shuffle and hold, which makes them ideal for family and friends to enjoy a game. These waterproof playing cards can be washed with water, as long as they are washed under running water, which is very convenient and practical. Cool playing cards are great gifts. If you are dissatisfied with their waterproof playing cards, you can contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Integear

👤I assumed I was getting 2 decks of cards. I got one. I would have liked two decks, the one I got seemed good and sturdy for cards. If that is the name of the cards, they should change it. More than one person would think they are getting two decks.

👤The cards are okay if you don't use them often. The back design is not like the one shown. The gold backing is not present. The front of the cards are dull and it is difficult to see them. The print has worn off after less than a week of use. If the room isn't lit well, it's difficult to use the cards.

👤These are solid cards. The paper is not paper, so no worries about it getting wet or separated. Awesome. They are easy to use, and a little slippery, but all around wonderful to use. The black background and dull color of the cards make them hard to use in low-light times. I purchased them to play with my mother who can't see as well in low-light. The lamps are bright, but the colors are dull.

👤The other deck was messed up. One of the cards was folded inside the box when it was shoved into it. I can't use that deck for a game because it's marked and the box fell apart when opened. Everything was perfect except for the box and card. The cards are good quality and beautiful. Not happy with the way it was packaged.

👤I love the cards, they are amazing and worth it. The colors were not bright so it makes it harder to see, and the blue blends in a little more easier, which makes it harder to see without some good lighting. They tend to slide when doing poker or shuffling so it can be a good thing or bad thing. The colors are nice, but I wish it was brighter and not blended in with the black.

👤The colors of the cards are not as vibrant as advertised. I bought them for a blacklight glow party, but they weren't at all reactive under the lights. I returned them.

👤I received an open deck. They were mixed together. I had to go through both decks to separate them. The club suited cards were in one of the decks. The rest had to be pulled from the 2nd deck. It was very annoying. Not sure if this was the norm. I was not happy. I separated them and made 2 complete decks.

👤I needed a new deck of cards and these were a great change from the old cards I had. They are fun, updated and more comfortable than the decks I had, and they look like they will last a long time. Thanks for the great product!

11. SUPOLOGY Emergency Survival Adventures Necessary

SUPOLOGY Emergency Survival Adventures Necessary

It measures 10-1-5 by 5-1-5 by 4 inches. Get what you need in a professional camping kit. The kit includes: a personal water filter straw, a multi-functional tool, a first aid tourniquet, a wire saw, an emergency blanket, a flashlight, a band-aids whistle, and a fishing card. The upgrade hard case can hold all items. The water filter straw can remove harmful substance. The smallest solid particles are found in the environment. It is helpful to reduce plastic water bottles using the water filter. A good partner for disaster water supply. The camping kit case is portable and lightweight, with a weight of only 1.28 pounds. It is easy to put it in a backpack. The water filter straw provides clean water, the multi function tools can quickly cutting branches, and the emergency blankets can retain 90% of body heat. All items are packaged in a good quality box. It's a good gift for fathers day, Christmas, new year, and other special days. It is a perfect gift for Dad Men Father Boyfriend.

Brand: Supology

👤I like to be prepared and this kit looked like a good lightweight addition to my pack. In my video, I show you everything. There is a small black bag that holds everything. Everything seems to be in working order. The kit has a filter straw in it.

👤A good knife, a spork/opener, and a pen are included in the kit. There are fire starter, filter straw, and more. The pieces are well designed and seem sturdy, but this is not a complete kit. The flashlight case is too big for a AA battery. It's probably smaller than a 18500 battery, but you can easily adapt it to use AA batteries. I wrapped a layer of Moleskin around it. It will be safe and dry in the flashlight if you have moleskin around.

👤The survival kit arrived on time. We used most of it this past weekend to see if it works. Yes, it does. My boys started a fire with the flint, we cut small limbs with a saw and used a knife for many applications. This set is worth a lot of money. Some of the ware on the tested products are shown in the pics. We have more to try on our next camping trip. Enjoy and thank you!

👤This was a perfect gift for my son. He enjoyed opening it and seeing the items. He thought about how he would use each implement. We thought the flashlight's battery was missing a part. It works so don't be confused. It requires a AA. It is a win. Two whistles that aren't loud, one goes on your key ring, but they do the trick. To be prepared!

👤You get what you pay for, with no instructions, nothing to tell you what to do, and not everyone is a master of the outdoors. The all in one tool is a perfect size but the finish is rough. The knife has everything I wanted, but it feels cheap. The mini flashlight is the worst part of the kit. They didn't grind the inside enough and the battery didn't fit. This has nothing to do with the seller. There are some things that I would change to make it a better kit. The value is great. I wanted to point out a few things that could be better, so I would recommend it.

👤You can't beat this for the money, I'm an emergency supply collector. You can put everything in the velvet case. A personal water straw, a durable foldable knife with case, 2 flash lights, emergency blanket, Paracord with compass, a spoon/fork combo fire starter/striker, whistle, multitool can opener, and more are included. I'll be buying gifts for these kids.

👤It is a good quality kit. A good knife. The limb cutting saw iscent. A good fire starter. A good pen, glass breaker, and defense tool. The straw has 2 good accessories. The contents are good. If you don't already have a storage bag, get one that is visible and easy to access. I would recommend this kit to anyone.


What is the best product for survival card deck?

Survival card deck products from Regal Games. In this article about survival card deck you can see why people choose the product. Acelion and Hoyle are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival card deck.

What are the best brands for survival card deck?

Regal Games, Acelion and Hoyle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival card deck. Find the detail in this article. Gentlemen's Hardware, Brybelly and Gamewright are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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