Best Survival Candle Holder

Candle 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Toughest Emergency Blankets Marathon Survival

Toughest Emergency Blankets Marathon Survival

Lab verified using the strictest standard to ensure purity, identity and potency. The HeatFlex mylar is thicker and more flexible than ordinary space blankets and it is the toughest emergency blanket on Earth. You won't find tougher mylar emergency blankets anywhere with the combination of durable packaging and lightweight design. The perfect balance of light weight and durable storage is what makes their blanket the perfect space blanket. You can carry enough blankets for your entire group in the included zip up pack. NASA designed mylar to be waterproof and reflect up to 90% of body heat, making it perfect for hiking, running, and first aid kits. These thermal foil blankets are a must-have for camping, trail running, marathons, 48hr/30 day go bags, tactical gear preppers, earthquake survival kits, home emergency, and car first aid kits. Other space blankets are cheap and can be used for one time. Theirs are built to be there when you need them. There are tactical blankets in your car, roadside emergency kit, survival kit, first aid kit, bug out bag, zombie survival kit, and camping gear. The mylar heat sheets can be used to make an emergency shelter, sleeping bag, or other survival gear. You won't find tougher mylar emergency blankets anywhere. It is guaranteed. They help protect the wild places they love by donating a percentage of their sales.

Brand: Don't Die In The Woods

👤I thought it was better. I'm the kind of person who will test items before an emergency strikes. The emergency blankets are cheap, but they are not as strong as the larger ones. I tried to open it. It was not easy to do. I was impressed. I gave the test to a 6 year old and said have at it. It had minimal damage. No more ripping or anything like that. Very impressive. It's good to have a bug out bag or car just in case.

👤I got these today. I pulled one out to see if it was tear resistance. I pulled it on and it ripped. The material used to make the grocery bag is not as strong as the Walmart bag. Don't waste your money. I'm going to return them tomorrow.

👤All four of them have their own bag for storage, and that the main holder is made of durable fabric. I wore one around the house. It got warm. The material felt strong. I had to put it back in the pack because ofadhd issues. I put it in the bag after my 3rd attempt because I didn't get all my lines right. Will purchase again from this company.

👤I don't like giving bad reviews. These are very small trash bags. I compare these to dollar tree table covers. I was not happy with the quality.

👤I like the way these are packaged. There is a bag in the zip up case. Excellent quality all around.

👤For limited use or emergency only, there is permission. I thought they were bigger. Would have been better for camping.

👤This is a great blanket. Sturdy, big. If you have to walk to town in the dessert because your car broke down and there is no phone service, you should keep at least one in your car. There are many reasons to keep these in your car or on a walk. You have a lean-to if you add a 20' piece of rope. This is a great brand.

2. NeedIndeed Pack Emergency Survival Blankets

NeedIndeed Pack Emergency Survival Blankets

There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. They value your experience with the thermal blankets. Whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction, their professional customer service will do it for you. Each purchase comes with a 6-month guarantee to ensure satisfaction. Don't let accidents or weather conditions get you unaware. An emergency blanket is a must for any survival situation. durable, waterproof, insulated, and reflective space survival blankets! Fight off cold and keep warm by wrapping yourself in a thermal blanket. It preserves up to 90% of body heat. Introducing your all-inclusive survivalist tool, Multiuse to the Max. Stretching without tearing, your space blankets become shelters, emergency locators, sleeping bags, and more. The large mylar emergency blanket is portable and compact. A bag for fitting inside backpacks,bug out, glove boxes, or bike saddle bags. Light yet durable! Each solar foil blanket is made from a heavy-duty, high-density soft PE material.

Brand: Needindeed

👤This was bought for an emergency. It's great to have when you need a survival kit or bug out bag. Hopefully, I won't need to use it. Nice package. It looks like it's better quality than the cheap blankets. It is more expensive but peace of mind is priceless. It's better to have it and not need it.

👤Sturdy but compact. Each car should have one in it.

👤The emergency blanket is small and light. It's easy to carry and fits in my bag. The fabric is strong and durable. I am very happy.

👤I have to give it a 2 because I haven't needed them bought out of fear of a bad winter like my state had last year.

👤There is nothing I don't like about this product. It is worth every cent.

👤I had thought it was larger.

3. Stonebriar Burning Tealight Extended 200 Pack

Stonebriar Burning Tealight Extended 200 Pack

It's perfect for night events such as music festivals,glow party,concerts, weddings, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter or birthday parties. 200 long burning white tea light candles are packaged in protective storage boxes. Their tea light candles are made with 100% cotton for a smokeless burn. Stonebriar's tea light candles are hand poured with quality sustainable palm wax in Europe for an extended 6 to 7 hour burn time. Tea lights are the perfect size for a floating centerpiece, and they are also great for potpourri burners, luminarias, and more. Stonebriar tea light candles are perfect for romantic moments, restaurants, birthday party decorations, or creating a relaxing spa atmosphere. Stonebriar tea light candles are perfect for romantic moments, restaurants, birthday party decorations, or creating a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤I have been burning candles for forty years. Both ikea and World Market Cost Plus are excellent quality and value. There are times when these candles are burning for a long time. It is truly phenomenal. The reviewer who was dumped into a bag has been changed. They are packaged in rows inside a cardboard box. Sometimes there are dents on the sides, but it is easy to fix them by pushing it with a finger. I hope to be able to buy these for the rest of my life. I can not recommend these enough.

👤I have been using these candles in my bedroom at night for about a year. They put off a good amount of heat in there by burning 4 at a time. They burn for 6 hours sometimes more. Sometimes they're still burning when I wake up, but I start them before I go to bed. They burn clean. I keep rearranging the candles. Won't trust anyone else. The interior of the heater has no black soot.

👤Great tea lights! The picture shows the condition they were in. I tried five last night and they burned for 7 hours. They made it into the 8th hour. Excellent value, great shipping, and excellent in every way. There is a Buyer Beware Update. These are not the Stonebriar version. They are a cheaper version. They may not come in a box, most likely. I'm testing their burn claim. How disappointing. They're going back in the same box they came in if they don't burn as claimed. The 2nd update is 8/29/18. Improvement. I don't know what the problem was, but they are still the best tea lights out there. I'm happy.

👤The candles don't arrive in a neatly packaged form, they are dumped into a bag and bent from side to side. The photo they have posted is not accurate. Tea light candles that are dents do not burn as long because of the fact that the even flow of wax fluid is prevented. The leftover wax can be seen when the wick burns out. I burned 20 of them, and they ranged in time from 3.5 to 4.25 hours. Disappointed.

👤Half of the candles were smashed when they arrived. The candle openings don't fit all of the holders correctly because they appear to have been mashed together. The burn time is not consistent with these. Sometimes it's 2 hours and sometimes it's over 6 hours. Sometimes the wax doesn't melt evenly. The price is reasonable.

👤Stonebriar has more than one manufacturer. I have received orders that were perfect. There was a long burning, complete burning and little mess. I have noted it. The product that says "Made in Poland" on the box is inferior with a lot of unused wax, and they don't burn as long. The circles stamped into the bottom of the container can be seen. The aluminum container is flat and plain on the bottom of the superior candles' label. These burn for a long time. I will return any candles that are labeled "Made in Poland." The candles are not satisfactory.

4. UCO Candlelier Deluxe Candle Lantern

UCO Candlelier Deluxe Candle Lantern

The 2 year warranty is for cars. The Tough Light has a 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty against defects. Provides adequate light, warms surroundings, and helps remove condensation. The heat shield can be used to heat small amounts of water or food. The chimney and candle tubes have viewing slots. The construction is lightweight and durable. Carrying handle and twist-lock base.

Brand: Uco

👤Several years ago, I bought a lantern and it works perfectly today. I bought three more for myself and two for a friend. The candles were squared off on two sides. Maybe a change had been made in the manufacturing or third party supplier. The same way I've done it with my older model dozens of times. The springs seemed to work well. The flaw in the candle design resulted in catastrophic failure. The melted wax poured down into the spring chamber because of the flattened sides of the candles. The melting process was compounded by the fact that the candle melted down inside the spring chamber. The candles melted down and the base was filled with wax. It took an hour to get the candle mess cleaned up. I have a lot of original candles that I will use in the new lantern. Hopefully this will solve the problem. The lantern would have been a waste of time and money if not for it. The original unit has never failed me. I have noticed in the reviews for the refill candles that they are the same shape as the original candles, so I will not be able to refill with original candles. Too bad that a great product is ruined by cost cutting and poor quality control.

👤I did a quick and easy review. I will change depending on the outcome. Very, very dangerous. Wax leaks everywhere when candles don't feed properly. There are photos of a finger covered in silvadene. I've been testing all 3 UCO 3 candle chandeliers and 2 singles because I'm an idiot. For now, singles are fine. Adding a new candle is something that needs to be reviewed. There are three Chandeliers. One candle doesn't burn well and has wax all over it. Look at what dripped on the sink. If that tells you anything, you should test over a sink.

👤I bought this for camping. I am not a big fan of candles. Candle light is warm and relaxing. It can easily be beat by the led head lamp. I burned through the first 3 candles to see how long it would last. I got over 11 out of the candles that were rated at 9 hours. They melted into the bottom of the lantern. You should change the candle when it disappears above the site window. You will regret it if you don't. If the candle gets hot enough, it will melt in the holder and spread all over the place. If the tube is hardened, this will make it difficult to disassemble. Dropping the parts into the boiling water will fix the mess. Don't use your good pan for this, or do it outside if you don't want wax on. The melted wax will be sprayed all over the place. Liquid Paraffin or lamp oil can be used to clean the hardened wax film. After removing the wax film from the parts, you will need to wipe it off. It is warm enough to keep the wax liquid. Cleaning after a meltdown can be difficult. Make sure you desiccate the wet wax before trying to recover it. The candles were inside at 77F. The candles softened. I got a single lantern at the same time and it burned for 12.5 hours. The candles in the candelier melted down on me. One jammed and burned into the holder, the other turned to liquid when it got near the top. I find it distressing that important maintenance information is missing. The Made in China logo is not good. The specialty candles are expensive. The candles will heat the water in a small pot. I was able to melt wax from a different candle holder. I think the candles are best to be used for 4 hours or less at a time. I didn't send it back because I wasn't impressed or disappointed. I intended the candelier to light the common areas of the house during a power outage. It is still useful because I understand its limitations.

5. Hyoola Emergency Candles 24 3 Hour

Hyoola Emergency Candles 24 3 Hour

The sport type is camping and hiking. Premium quality. The candles are made with smooth wax that does not have any drips. These small candles are made from 100% paraffin wax and have a cotton wicks. The emergency power can be used. Every emergency survival kit needs this package of bulk candles. Along with all other emergency supplies, keep it handy. There is a multi purpose. It's great for household, emergency, power outages, utility, and school projects. They can also be used for special occasions. These candles are perfect for standard candlesticks and holders. They are both.65" in diameter. Burn time is 3 hours. There is a value pack. The candles bulk package includes 2 x 12 count boxes, perfect to stock up with so you can enjoy the best in both quantity and quality.

Brand: Hyoola

👤My candelabra is complete with these white candles and is ready to be hung. The candles are cheap and well made. They don't emit a lot of smell when they burn. I did a quick test and thought they would burn the advertised time. My candelabra takes candles that are wider, but a folded strip of aluminum foil wrapped around the candle filled the gap nicely. Thank you!

👤I like candles. They're not drips. I gave them 4 out of 5 stars because of the candle wax burning down faster than the wicks. This creates a higher flame as it burns. I had to blow the flame out and pinch the wicks down. I was cautious and it may not have been necessary. The candle was too small for the holder. I put foil around the candle to make it snug. I'm satisfied with all of the things that I would do again.

👤Four inch emergency candles are no longer reasonably priced. The candles are a halfway measure. But... I just bought a bunch of standard OHR candles for twenty bucks. They are an excellent value. Everyone should be prepared for the power to go off.

👤The smell is not good and they burn too fast. They are fine for what I use them for. I might buy again.

👤I was expecting these to be larger than the pictures on the website. They work as stated. I burned them for three hours in a draft less room. Well done! Great for emergency situations. If needed, will buy again.

👤A few of these come cracked near the wicks, with wax breaking off around the crack. I haven't had an emergency to test these out in, but I'm sure they'll be useless without some major manipulation. Good product, I can tell.

👤They are too small, burn too fast, and don't fit in candle holders. Not worth the money.

👤They burn very quickly so you should use them to start a fire. They won't last the night but we have them in case. You get a lot of them.

👤Je croyais qu'elles ├ętait plus grosse et plus longue.

👤I can't find a candle holder that will fit the candles, and even in the store, I can't find that the candles will fit in. Disappointed.

👤These were small and burned quickly.

6. Household Candles Unscented Ceremonies Emergency

Household Candles Unscented Ceremonies Emergency

Handcrafted in Europe. Their long- lasting tealight candles are hand-poured in Europe without using harsh chemicals or materials to make them, and they are easy to use.

Brand: General Wax & Candle Co.

👤These candles are disappointing. They are.75" in diameter, which is their one redeeming quality. The wax dripping is out of control, and I was expecting less of it. I was looking for candles that were clean and burning well, but these aren't that kind of candles. I'll be looking for a new place to live next year.

👤I got an Advent candle holder from the maker of these candles and I bought them because of that recommendation. The candles fit with their holder according to the manufacturer. The price was right and I'm happy with them. They don't burn straight down, so after they've been burning for a while, they look messy and get wax on the holder. Not the best quality, but decent for the price. This is a good way to fill the candle holder since it needs 24-40 candles. You know that these candles will leak fairly readily.

👤The candles arrived when I expected them to. Someone opened a box and dumped it out, but they have no idea who dumped them. 48 candles as described and mine. It took about 6 hours and 15 minutes to burn.

👤A good candle for general household purposes. The candles are thick and long. I haven't done a burn time test, but you can expect around 6 hours burn time in most cases. The price is reasonable, which is important to me as I will be using these to light areas of my home. George Washington had not yet agreed to become our first president when my house was built. Candles and oil lamps are a regular part of life here, because only limited electricity was added in the 1930's. I will be ordering again. Yes, it's haunted.

👤It's nicer to burn candles than to turn on my lights. I go through a lot of candles in the winter. These are well made, inexpensive, and burn a long time. A good candle every day.

👤I bought these to replenish my kit. All were in one piece. They were not damaged. They are the best solution to have a reliable source of light. The value is great.

👤It's difficult to find candles this size. I'm really happy to have a box of them, it's good weight, thick, and no scent. I recommend this product for a basic candle.

👤I burned the candles in my backyard on the dining table, just like the package states. A candle lasts for a couple of hours. Not good. They burn fast.

7. Candle Hour 80 Hour Vertical Eco Friendly

Candle Hour 80 Hour Vertical Eco Friendly

The flame reaches the clip. The candle will burn for up to 80 hours. It was made out of 100 percent beeswax. The stand has a sleek, elegant holder. A design that is both rustic and innovative.

Brand: Candle By The Hour

👤Deceptive advertising. The cancel burns about one inch every 20 minutes. It burns for 80 hours. The candle is over 200 inches in length. The candle would have to be over 6 yards in length. It is not possible. It appears to be a nice product, but it has false claims about the number of hours the candle will burn.

👤The candle is a joke. It's impractical. You can only feed 2 at a time through the clip, and that will burn away in a few minutes. You have to wait another 15 minutes for the wax to cool before you can feed more through to burn. Feeding it through the clip is not easy. The stand is flimsy and can break in a second. I thought it was novel and unique, but it's a real pain in the rear. I should have settled for a pillar candle that you can light and burn through the night without having to use a torch. Don't waste your money.

👤I like the design of the holders of the coil candles. The candles are made from beeswax, meaning that they may only contain small amounts. It smells like petrol. The first coil was sent with the holder and I suspected something was off. This replacement is the same. It was made in Vietnam. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤The information states that this is made from 100% beeswax, but it doesn't say so. The company never responded to my email about the ingredients. It's not a big deal if you are allergic to certain ingredients.

👤I like the idea of wrapping a candle around a piece of paper. We've had it for around a year and use it a little each day. The clip is difficult to disengage because the wax runs down onto it. The "spooled" part of the candle is hard to get into the clip when it's full. As you push the wax into the clip, you have to bend it back and forth. It has never broken on me, but it feels like it is about to. I like it and would buy it again.

👤This is much nicer than I anticipated. Definitely a conversation piece. I will be buying more for friends and family because it looks great. A small candle lasts 20 minutes. It burns very quickly and causes a lot of black smoke. I wish the wax burned longer without sending off black smoke.

👤My steampunk decor has functional, unique mood-lighting. It's therapeutic for me to adjust the candle's wick, because it requires a bit of care and attention. The copper/brass finish is gorgeous and the stand is well made. This is on top of my bookcase and I get a lot of praise for it.

👤The off-white stuff that cheap penny candles are made of is what this is advertised as. The box states "RED CINNAMON" and that is not mentioned in the description.

👤It's not going to burn for 80 hours as advertised. In 10 minutes, it burns two inches. The product information states that the 20 minutes are stated. It's certainly not 100% beeswax. There is a dispute over a misleading marketing scheme. This thing is only used for looks.

8. Vont Camping Lantern Portable Addition

Vont Camping Lantern Portable Addition

The lantern has 30 crazy bright LEDs and cuts through the darkness on the stormiest, dimmest nights. The entire tent or room can be lit up. The collapsible design reduces or increases the light as you collapse the lantern. It's as small as your phone when it's collapsed. It's possible to fit it in your backpack or emergency kit. Waterproof is made of aircraft grade materials and is able to survive a 10-foot drop. The original version is hand-crafting each lantern with strict quality control to give you the best gear you deserve. Don't equip yourself with inferior lanterns. You can rest assured that this camping lantern is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. It is certified by the CE/EMC. You can rest assured that this camping lantern is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. It is certified by the CE/EMC.

Brand: Vont

👤3 AA batteries are required. Surprisingly light for the size. It's not cheap to use China plastic. It's ridiculous how bright this thing is. I hang this and put it on the table like a regular lantern. It is black and folds up compact. It looks like a tactical move. It's easy to turn on. Simply open it and it will be on. It's not necessary to misplace a small switch or button in the dark. We had a cabin fire and I threw the broken window out to break it. I am sad that my lantern is missing. If you've read my review so far, this is a test. If so, well done. I am going to give you lunch. I apologize for lying to you.

👤I bought this lantern almost a year ago, but VONT has started sending me emails that are not related to the lantern. I would not recommend anyone buy anything from this company. If they're selling your email address and other information to other people for a few pennies, you're probably right. This needs to be fixed by Amazon. There is a The lantern worked for a while, but then the lights started flickering, making it useless.

👤I dropped it and it didn't break. The plastic doesn't seem to crack or break, and they both light up very well. The batteries are included. It's a straight forward approach. These will help when the power goes out, light up a tent well, and provide a work area. The handles are strong. There is no flashlight feature. Straight forward lanterns are what these are.

👤We are camping. The lanterns are easy to use and have a good price. These put off a good amount of light. The led bulbs are used in them. The hanging feature is great. We can either hang from the interior hook built into the roof of our tent or place it on our picnic table. It gave us plenty of light to take care of things before bed. The camping bins have these additions. After my husband got our generator going, we grabbed one of these and were no longer sitting in the dark. These are better than a flashlight in those situations as they are directional light and they light up a room quite well.

👤There are many good things about these mini L.E.D. lanterns. Value For The Dollar is one of the most important criteria when I rate a product. These lanterns deliver. They are light and bright. There are others on the market that are less expensive. I decided to purchase these because they were plastic. The base and the body were not damaged. The batteries seem to last a long time. If you lock your eyes on them, they will be bright enough to make your vision blurry. At $7. I feel like I have great value for the dollar. Some of the brands with metal bases were reviewed and commented on, and they were found to be rusting up after contact with water.

9. UCO Unisexs Candle Lantern Powder

UCO Unisexs Candle Lantern Powder

The mini lantern and x3 original tea lights are included in the kit. A candle lantern with a powder-coated finish. Can be used with citronella candles. A glass heat shield and hanging hook are included. The chimney is easy to slide. The sport type is camping and hiking.

Brand: Uco

👤There are a few small flaws, like where the handle holes are drilled. It's a decent light and should last a long time. A bottle koozie is a good way to store it. There is a room for four tea candles inside the glass, and a film canister of waterproof matches and a strikers strip in the koozie neck. Forget about the low-quality, $15 neoprene sleeve from uco.

👤I like this lantern. I made a heat shield out of disposable grills. It gives a nice light and keeps the condensation away when hanging from the ridgeline. The bottom candle holder is the only issue. It is very loose. It was unsafe and unstable. I had to make a gasket out of a rubber band. There is a The candle and base could be knocked free from the upper part of the lantern.

👤This is a smaller version of the UCO candle lantern, and it's pretty darn good. If you don't know how much light a candle puts out, look into that first. This model works off of smaller candles. Look into that first if you don't know how much light those put out. Even though a good lantern is built, candle is still candle. The construction is solid. The lantern has extra candles. It's easy to use. It's small. The point of the lantern is useless if the glass slides out accidentally and breaks. If you store the extra candles inside the lantern when not in use, you will end up with wax streaks on the glass. I would suggest getting the top and side reflectors from UCO, as well as the original candle lantern cover, and some round screw top tins for the candles. You don't have to worry about melted wax getting inside the lantern if you leave it in the car, truck, boat, or tank because the tealights fit perfectly in that size tin.

👤It's a bit flimsy. If you're not tossing it around, the lantern will still light up. The UCO candle lanterns have weak support prongs, but this one has a unscrewable base. It's easy to clean, and it's also easy to replace a candle, so you have to hope candle wax doesn't end up coating the flimsy spring they include. There are no cheap moving parts to worry about with this one. It holds up to four tea lights, but you can use other candles if you prefer. It is in a pouch to carry it. If you plan to hike with this lantern, you will want to add padding to the inside. The lantern is small and light enough to be added to any kit.

👤Tea lights burn for a long time. The candle lantern has three small vertical supports to hold the globe in place so the light isn't blocked. It's very light and good for camping. You could store candles in the unit. I don't have any complaints.

👤I've used an original for many years. They are almost the same size as the original when they are stowed. They're well made but don't save much space. Get the original.

10. Ner Mitzvah Day Yartzeit Candle

Ner Mitzvah Day Yartzeit Candle

The 7 day cane. To mark the anniversary of a loved one's passing on a yahrzeit, or for memorial purposes. These candles are made with high grade 100% Vegetable Oil wax that is soft to the touch. There is a safe plastic holder. The holder is elegant and safe to use, because the flame burns inside its tall walls. There is no fee for standing. The self-standing candle does not need a cup or candlestick. It can be placed on any surface. The emergency power can be used. The Emergency Candle will burn for 7 days.

Brand: Ner Mitzvah

👤I am very pleased that the first candle is still burning eight days after it was purchased as a memorial for a beloved one who recently passed. You should plan to purchase again. There was an update on 11.21.20. On my second set of candles. I don't know what I would have done without these candles. They last into an 8th day. I bought a larger amount to make sure I had them on hand for a full month.

👤I ordered this candle to light after I talked to my father. It is supposed to burn for 7 days, but most burn for a bit more. The candle burned for 6 days. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but in this situation it is. I don't know if this flaw was only in the candle I ordered, but they burn for 7 days as advertised.

👤I needed a candle for shiva. It burns clean and the plastic lip has melted, which is not a big deal for me. It doesn't seem like it's in danger of burning or smoking. The only thing I'm not happy about is the sticker that's impossible to remove from the candle. I should've known that the hideous product sticker on everything coming from the Amazon warehouses was a problem. Next time, I would try to get the product from the seller. Thank you, Amazon.

👤I keep a candle holder in my garden that holds candles for at least a week in memory of a loved one. They are lit 24/7. I have ordered these candles several times and will keep buying them. If you buy cheap candles elsewhere, they don't last a day.

👤I try to hide the red label. I was hoping they would peel off quickly. In case of power failures, I keep candles around the house.

👤I'm happy with the order. I don't want to waste one of the candles just to see if it works, as they were purchased for an emergency situation. It came in a timely manner and was exactly what it was advertised to be. I would buy them again.

👤The candle was great for the first 4 days, but then the container cracked and the wax started coming out. The candle wasn't bad despite not finishing the week. The container was not very hot and there was no smell.

👤I wanted a candle that would last a long time. These burn for 7 days.

👤When I reported a cracked container, the seller did nothing. She wanted to give the money to AMAZON. This was a remembrance candle for my friend. It was used last night. My cat is fighting for his life after being badly burned in a fire. My beautiful cabinet is ruined and we could have died. Legal papers are being drawn up for incompetence and gross mismanagement. The seller is nothing but a liar trying to shirk her responsibilities and stay away from this EVIL product. Don't touch them.

👤The candle is advertised as a 7 day candle. It is a candle. It is Kosher. It is not fit for purpose. It's in a jar. I have previously ordered glass ones that were broken. I thought I would use plastic, but be warned it will melt as the candle burns, meaning you can't really leave it unattended. It is not safe to leave a candle that is meant to stay burning to its own devices. If you will be in and out, you should be fine.

11. Stansport 135 36 Hour Survival Candle

Stansport 135 36 Hour Survival Candle

It would be a perfect gift to your family, friends, and yourself on special days, like Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, and so on. Can be used with one, two, or all candle three wicks. Candle light and heat are provided in survival emergencies. Up to 18 hours of protection can be provided. For a burn up to 6 hours, light all three wicks. A metal case and wax for camping or backpacking.

Brand: Stansport

👤I haven't used it yet. I can't say how it will work or how long it will burn. It's good to have and keep stored with blackout supplies, there are cheaper alternatives. Would purchase again.

👤We lost power for 48 hours because of the storms, they gave us a good amount of light. I wanted to replace them.

👤It should get the work done, but is a little smaller than I thought. I haven't used the Bug Out Bag yet.

👤I bought this candle to try it out in my emergency pantry. I hadn't realized that it shouldn't be used inside. The package says that the lead level in the product might be problematic. If I needed to boil a small amount of water, it would come in handy.

👤Have not heard anything about the gift.

👤I would buy it again.


What is the best product for survival candle holder?

Survival candle holder products from Don't Die In The Woods. In this article about survival candle holder you can see why people choose the product. Needindeed and Stonebriar are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival candle holder.

What are the best brands for survival candle holder?

Don't Die In The Woods, Needindeed and Stonebriar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival candle holder. Find the detail in this article. Uco, Hyoola and General Wax & Candle Co. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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