Best Survival Can Opener P51

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1. EZ DUZ Deluxe Opener Black Grips

EZ DUZ Deluxe Opener Black Grips

The lightweight design makes them perfect for backpacking, travel, and even bug out bags. The can opener is made of heavy gauge chromed steel. The carbon steel cutting blade and thick rubber handles are easy to grip. The design of the gears allows for easy operation. Warm soapy water is used to wash by hand.

Brand: Ez-duz-it

👤I don't care if it's made in the USA or not. It's just like every other can opener in the world. It has been less than two years since it was last used. It won't make it around the can before it stops cutting. I would pay a lot of money for a quality can opener. If one actually existed.

👤I've had three of them. The first one was very good. It lasted several years. The next two are not the same. I gave credit to Amazon because they replaced the second one quickly, which turned out to be junk. The packaging is the same in the second and third openers, but the opener design is different. In the first picture, the stock image is left and the one I received is right. There is a bottle opener at the top- left corner, but the top corners aren't rounded the same way. You can see how the openers are different from the stock version in the second picture. These are great if you get the correct opener. You will be disappointed if you get a fake one. They don't work well and the design is bad. 1 out of 3 have been good for me.

👤Also, note: I paid full retail price for the product and never received anything of value for a review. I found a contact form on the manufacturer's website and sent them a message explaining the issue and asking how to get the product replaced. As of December, 2021. My rating was reduced from 2 stars to 1 Quality control and customer service are not good. This is the second one I have purchased. The first can opener I ever used was the best. The blade and gears rusted quickly because there was no resistance to the corrosive elements. The finish was destroyed by the dishwasher. Follow the instructions to not use the dishwasher. I bought a replacement and it doesn't work at all. The blade does not cut through the lid in one spot on every can, even worse, two spots on large cans. The defect is so large that I can't twist the lid. I can't open large cans without bending the metal. I will try a different brand next. I didn't use the warranty information in time to return the product to Amazon. It is now a paperweight.

👤America's Test Kitchen recommended this can opener to me. After 4 months, it no longer opens properly. I can only use it in a clockwise direction. It leaves some of the can open. It rusted very quickly. It was easy to use and grip when it worked. Click "Helpful" if you found my review informative. It's a good thing.

👤I want to like this, but I don't. I would send it back if I hadn't thrown it out. I don't like it that it opens the can partway, bends the can and jumps, and then stops before the can is all the way open. You have to open the can with a butter knife and pry open the little lid that's still attached. It doesn't matter if it happens on big cans or small cans. I have read that this company bought out Swingline, but this is not a Swingline can opener. I want my can opener to open my cans all the way, not leave bits for me to pry open. I'm out $10 and back on the market for something that actually works.

2. U S Opener Pack Military Issue

U S Opener Pack Military Issue

Your hands should be treated like royalty. No effort. There was no injury. Save your energy. Save time. Yes, you can. The construction is made of steel. The P-38 can opener is 1 1/2 inches long. The P-51 can opener is long.

Brand: Aj Veterans Supply

👤I don't remember the GI issued ones that were discolored. I find it annoying that some people are quick to give five stars just because someone ships the product quickly. I hope this review clears things up for those who are looking.

👤I passed them out in my shop after I bought the big pack. The ladies are less enthusiastic when they see the guys using can openers in the kitchen than when they see them using other kitchen gadgets. I'm cracking open my gourmet tuna with a rough and tumble P-51 flesh tearing, can busting inch and a half of badassedness. It's not hot here. It's just the blood rushing to your naughty bits when you see a man, a plan, and a can. The opener.

👤When I was a kid, my uncle gave me some of the P-38's that he had in the Army. He said that he had a lot of them because every C-Ration came with one. We are 30 years later and they still make them. In case of an emergency or camping, these are very handy to have around the house. I didn't know they made the larger version. I can open a can of beans with the P-38. The larger size of the P-51 makes it easier to use. You don't know how useful these are until the lights go out and you need a can opener, so stock up while you can and support a Veteran, and throw a few in the junk drawer, car, or tackle box, because you don't know how useful these are until

👤When I lost my old one, I bought these. I have the same P38 with me and it's still going strong. I found it on the ground. I use it every day and it's shown no wear after a year, so these are the real deal. I have it with my keys and it's bright silver and not a dull grey color. I've given away half of what I bought from co-workers, most of which were fellow veterans who hadn't seen one in years. Damn. I might buy more and keep giving them away. I don't see the one I am using. It has been a year. I lost my old one after 7 years. Not heavy but consistent use. This purchase should last you the rest of your life if you keep all of them to yourself.

👤I keep can openers in my car. Take up no room, keep one on the key chain and use the locks I use for dog trapping. Some canned food I use as bait does not have pull tabs, that's when the can openers come in handy. It saves room in the bag for more important supplies. It's not as convenient as a large model you'd keep in a kitchen drawer. I highly recommend having a few of these on hand as an emergency, backup or camping/survival type tool.

👤These are the best can openers. They are small, easy to use, and do what they are supposed to do; open the can. The P38 and P51 are the best kept secrets. Why is this happening? Because! These little guys will stand the test of time and use in this day and age. These will open a can of food if you need to survive. A $20 electric can opener was purchased from the store. The piece of crap became more difficult to use and eventually stopped working. Garbage. It requires electricity to use. A can opener that requires one hand to hold the device with one hand, while turning a crank with the other hand, was purchased from the store. It became difficult to use and eventually stopped working. Where can I find a quality item that will do the job, last a long time, and I can take it anywhere? The P38 and P51 are related. Opens quickly and easily. I would like to give them away to people so they can make their lives better.

3. KAGDIDA Ergonomic Stainless Restaurant Arthritis

KAGDIDA Ergonomic Stainless Restaurant Arthritis

It's a must have item. For gift, for kitchen, for cafe, for camping. The side of the safety manual can opener has a smooth edge and no sharp edges, which is perfect for just about anyone to handle. The blade, gear, and handle are all made of high-grade STAINLESS STEEL to ensure they will not rust after a long time of daily use. Ensuring that the can opener won't break over time. The can opener with a comfortable crank handle and big knob is easy to use, it is an easy way to open cans. Good-grip handles with a large knob for easy turning without hurting your fingers and fits your palm comfortably allow kids, women, and seniors to cut cans easily. Seniors with arthritis can believe can opener. It can open all kinds of round and oval cans, it is portable and light weight. The can opener has a hole on the handle that is convenient for hanging or storing. KAGDIDA safety can opener protects their fingers from sharp cutting edge and is easy to clean. The cutting wheel is clean to use. When you finish the can opener, you just need to clean it.

Brand: Kagdida

👤I cut myself on the water. The family joke is that I cut myself on anything. The neener family! I can not open this can with this can opener. I thought it was a dud the first time I tried it. I lifted the can opener and it was there. The top was pulled off the can. Since we got this, we haven't used our electric can opener. I want to buy some for my kids.

👤I have used this product for years and it is the best one. It makes it easy to remove the top of the can. The only issue I had with my tool was the one on the opposite side that had a bottle top opener on it. Apparently it did not break during manufacturing. It can be filed off with a small file in about 10 seconds. Something to watch out for is not a big issue. If you want to break the edge of the bottle opener slot, you can put electrical tape over it, but it's very easy to do. If it had a broken bottle cap end, I would give it 5 stars on the rating. I will probably buy another can opener just to have a spare because it's a great one.

👤It leaves no sharp edges. It was difficult to turn the handle so it might not be the best choice for elderly people with arthritis. It came with a plastic hook to hang the can opener from the wall, but it didn't include an attachment for the glue to affix it to the wall.

👤It's a good can opener for those who need to do things manually. It actually does what it promised to do, and that is to remove the top of the can so that you can rub your finger on either edge without getting cut! It was very nice.

👤I will not use the 2 handle type again after using this type of can opener. It takes a few tries to get used to it. You will see how simple it is once you do it. If it's still cutting cans in 6 months or a year, that's the real test. I will update my review if something happens. The bottle opener is on the end of the handle. The little hook doesn't come with holes or tape to hang it. I'm not going to use that.

👤I finally got a can opener that won't hurt my hands. It is hard to have arthritis. I tried a few battery operated ones, but they didn't last long. No batteries needed.

👤I like this tool. I didn't know what safe can opener meant. I've always used the normal can opener and it ended up with sharp edges and the lid falling into the can problems. This works well. It's very easy to use and cut on the side so you can use it as a lid to store cans in the fridge. Genius!

👤I thought I got a bad product. The product was doing its job. I was impatient. It usually takes 2 rotation for a smooth clean cut of the can lid. Highly recommended!

4. GI P 38 Can Opener 5 Pack

GI P 38 Can Opener 5 Pack

The lightweight design makes them perfect for backpacking, travel, and even bug out bags. The US Shelton P-38 can openers are 5 pack. The Tag-Z US Shelby P-38 Can Openers are made from STAINLESS STEEL. The US government has issued specifications. 1.5 Inches long. The P-38 can opener is 1.5 inches long and has a hole in it for a key ring or ball chain to open. Strong and light weight. The P-38 design is perfect for backpacking, travel, hiking and bug out bags. How to use - 1. The blade is open. Place the notch of the P-38 on the rim of the can. The P-38 should be turned down so that the blade can puncture the can. Turn the can 5. Remove the lid carefully. The lid will be sharp.

Brand: Tag-z

👤I prefer the simplicity of these little survival can openers to the larger, heavier, and often dirtier hand-crank can openers. I still prefer being connected to simpler technology, even though it takes a few more moments to open a can. I keep a few in the kitchen, but I also have many of these in my various survival and emergency gear. They're a joy to use because of the simplicity of their design. In my video, I demonstrate how to open cans. I show the difference between the large and small versions. I prefer the larger versions because they are more comfortable to use and open quickly. This product was not given to me as part of a promotion. This review is the result of my own opinions and use of the product, I bought it after doing some comparison shopping.

👤I stated in the review that I am not going to be the guy that dies with a cellar full of canned goods and no can opener. The smaller p-38s are good for a key ring or add-on. I have learned that a drop of hot glue at the cutting tip will hold it in place for a long time so it doesn't get caught in your pocket or pack. Will let go when you need it. Warm it with hot glue and a lighter. If you need more leverage, you can cut a small grooves in a stick and use the thin edge of the p-38 to open it. A must have!

👤I kept one of these in my pack and last week it saved my life. I was on the elevator when it gave out. We had no power, no light, and no idea what floor we were on. I had my pack. I used the can opener to make a fire out of a piece of my shirt, but I would recommend saving the lighter fluid for worse emergencies. I used the can opener to open the access terminal, but no one else knew what to do, so I soldered the wire back on. The power came back on. These can openers are for sale.

👤The 2 P-38 can opener packs were made by the same company that made the one I carried in Vietnam. I have one from back in the day that is the same color as my original one. My key chain now has a place of honor for the new one. Are they easy to use? I gave 5 stars because of what they are. They are not easy to use nor are they difficult. If you only have a small amount of knowledge, you can open a can opener like a champ. I know!

👤Why don't magnets work on some steels? Thomas Devine is a materials science and engineering professor at the University of California, Berkeley. The steel's concentration of chromium is the main reason for its excellent corrosion resistance. There are different types of steel. The two main types are austenitic and ferritic. ferritic and austenitic steels are different in that ferritic is magnetic and austenitic is not. A ferritic steel has a high concentration of iron and its fundamental structure. The face-centered lattice of the metallic atoms in an austenitic stainless steel is arranged. The fcc crystal's unit cell consists of a cube with an atom at each of the eight corners and an atom at the center of the six faces. The metallic atoms are located on a body-centered (bcc) lattice in a ferritic stainless steel. A bcc crystal has a cube with one atom at each of the eight corners and a single atom at the geometric center. The fcc crystal structure of the alloy will be increased if it is alloyed with elements such as nickel, manganese, carbon and nitrogen. The bcc crystal structure is more likely to be found in the alloy at room temperature.

5. Military Survival Opener US Shelby

Military Survival Opener US Shelby

The natural fire starter has no chemicals. It is safe to handle. There will never be a shelf life. The SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is made in the USA. Made in the USA. You can have one in all the places you want. It's great for survival, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, toolbox, etc.

Brand: U.s. Shelby Co.

👤It may be hard to accept that there are other, simpler, even better ways to open a can of food or supplies, because we've become so accustomed to hand-crank can openers. The can opener is a survival and military style and has been used to open many cans. I prefer it because it's smaller, easier to clean, and very effective. In my video, I show you how to use the can opener, but you need to know what you're doing, as it's a simple procedure. I keep these in my survival and emergency kits. There are different sizes of can openers. I prefer the larger ones because they fit in my hands better and offer more leverage. This product was not given to me as part of a promotion. This review is the result of my own opinions and use of the product, I bought it after doing some comparison shopping.

👤I opened many C-Ration cans in Vietnam with the P-51 can opener. The C-Rat opener is a bit larger than this one so it's probably easier to open cans. You can't beat these things for can opening and stove making, they can be used to cut vent holes in the bottom of cans. Back in the day, cans with the lip at the bottom were a standard thing for cooking meals. The can openers don't make it through metal detector checkpoints. The guard was surprised when I picked it up. I had it for over fifty years and it wasn't going to be left behind.

👤The best military can openers are by the U.S.Shelby Company. I used a set a few years ago while on a camping trip. It worked well to open cans of chili. I bought a new set when I misplace it. It was a big mistake. The metal was thin, it appeared to be chromed sheet metal, and the cutting blade wouldn't open properly. The quality of the second set of can openers was very different than the first set. The blade is made of thick metal and works well. The P-51 can opener is like holding a piece of history in your hand that still works in the 21st century. I believe the US produced these tools during World War II. I hope they continue to produce them.

👤The P-51 has a 3-star rating. I guess I was expecting more. If you want a tiny can opener to keep in your emergency supplies or to take backpacking, the P-51 is a good choice. Don't expect it to open a lot of cans. It's not as small as the P-38. The 51mm arm has more leverage than the other arms. It opens cans. I got the hang of it after opening several cans. The hook is cut into the side of the opener. The corner of the can is grabbed by it and used as a lever handle. After the fourth or fifth can, it was no longer hooked into the can's lip. I was able to bend it back into place with pliers, but it bent again with the next can. I think this makes the P-51 disposable. I hope this review helped you.

6. U S Shelby Co NA Openers

U S Shelby Co NA Openers

The smooth edge of the lid makes it easy to re-sealable it. 10 brand new cans.

Brand: U.s. Shelby Co.

👤3 times buying the 10pk of these. I give these to homeless people. People are always grateful when I give them a gift. Most people own a can opener, but I don't. I keep one in my wallet. I also have 2 in my bag. Here's the basics of the can opener. Require electricity. Have fun with that. After a while the blade gets dull and doesn't cut the lid. When the round blade gets dull, the gears that hold the can start stripping. Then you have a device that only works on the top of the cans paper label. We've all had that. The best can opener so far is the hand crank. Doesn't make a sharp edge. It doesn't dull out. It will start stripping itself after use on a few thicker cans. It will leave a gap that the opener can't close. It won't roll the lid off of smaller cans. A small can has 1 cup of veggies. Anyone remember the DFAC style of 1 Gallon Baked Beans? P-38 and P-51 are related. It will take you about a minute to open a lid. You can open a can in about 10 seconds without even trying after you've used it for a few months. The one in my wallet was a year old. I realized how dull the blade was when I got the new ones. You can still open cans even though the blades on these can get dull. A cheap can opener can be found at your local store. It will cost you a few bucks. The cheapest solid metal one with no hand grips is 88 cents. The P51s are the same price as a decent 1, but you get 10. Don't toss them even if they get dull. You can still open a can if you put them in the drawer, survival bag, trunk of your car, or garage. If I don't give them away. I think these 10 should last me the rest of my life.

👤This was used one time. Two cans were opened for a camping trip. I washed it the next day. It should be dry on the draining board. It was instant rust. It worked out fine to open the cans. I have nine more and using this product should correct any iron deficiency I might have. I can't believe our soldiers fought with this product. Do not store it in a location that may be problematic. After each use, dry them. I'm not sure how one can dry the tunnel.

👤While waiting for the last storm to make up its mind on where it was headed, I realized we didn't have a manual can opener in the house. It was silly to have to use a generator to open a can of soup when there was no power, so I left these in all the drawers and spread among the neighbors. My roommate was years ago. I couldn't afford an electric can opener. We had a P-38 that could open a can. If the can is placed on the drive gear just right, my current electric can opener will work. What a pain. I grabbed a P51 and let it rip.

7. Strongest Heaviest Anti Slip Stainless Ergonomic

Strongest Heaviest Anti Slip Stainless Ergonomic

The most durable materials are used to make the fire starting kits. All of their fire starting kits are tested before they sell them. Every time, the Wilderness survival kits and firestarters are built in the USA, they are built to perform under the most severe conditions. A multi function can opener. Everyone takes can openers for granted, but they are also one of the most useful. Their 3-in-1 hand can opener can open cans with ease, and it doesn't hurt your hands. The cutting edge is ultra-sharp. Tin can opener has a strong cutting side disc that cuts through metal with ease, while its innovative tooth on wheels grips on tightly and punctures can lids with a smooth opening, the rust-proof body will last for a long time to come. The can opener is made with the finest food-grade plastic and has a strong and resilient body that won't bend or break. People of all ages are safe to use the can opener. The can opener has an easy to turn knob that won't hurt your fingers and an ERGONOMIC handle that sits nicely in your hand. Tin can opener makes a perfect gift for all occasions. There is a lifetime guarantee. ZALIK is a USA based business that will make sure your satisfaction comes first. They want to give you the best products and service. If you're not completely satisfied with the can opener, please contact them so they can make sure you're completely satisfied.

Brand: Zalik

👤Sometimes it works well. It doesn't stay on the can very long. I would love to get a better one that works all the time. The more I use it, the worse it gets. It is not good. Just junk.

👤It doesn't cut all the way through waste of money, the ones at the dollar tree works better than this one, and I wanted to buy it, but I thought it was me that was holding it wrong or something, I have never had a problem with it, but I thought After trying and failing, I asked my husband to open the small veggie can for me, but it didn't open all the way.

👤It took me 6 tries to open a can of tomato sauce. Three tries on cans. It's worse than the can opener we got. It is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure and profanity output by 100 points.

👤This was very easy to use. I need to replace it because I don't really work well anymore and it's a waste of money.

👤The can opener is better than the lid. After the second or third turn, it stops cutting. I had to use an electric can opener to open the can.

👤The wheel is not that sharp, but it's not bad, and I would buy the opener from oxo, because it was absolutely awesome, and I had one before, and it was a little bit stronger. Go for it, given the chance.

👤I needed this thing so bad that my can opener was on the way out. It requires almost no effort after you ordered it. This opener works perfectly. I eat a lot of canned goods and this one should last me a while. Very happy.

👤The price is good, but it seems chintzy and it's hard to open cans. I would love to find a really good one. The review was changed from four stars to one. The can opener is useless. The cans won't hold the cans so the cutter loses contact with the lid. This happens on cans.

👤We have had this for over a month and it no longer works. It was never great but it doesn't work anymore.

8. P51 Can Opener 2 Pack

P51 Can Opener 2 Pack

Not made in the USA. Not the can opener from Shelby.

Brand: Unknown

👤This is an excellent tool for travel. They don't open cans the way they used to. I get a new turn handle and it just loses its effectiveness after a while. The portable small item works. I have one for travel and one for when my can opener becomes a paper weight. It is very sturdy and affordable.

👤I was surprised when I opened the package. They are larger and easier to use than military grade, and fit my needs well. Going into a bag.

👤The hand is larger than a standard p-38. I think they will last a long time, they are nice and sturdy, and they have a lot of camping trips ahead of them.

👤It does what it's supposed to. Cans can be opened on a keychain. You can keep one in your wallet or desk drawer. No one can find a can opener at work or on the road.

👤If you ever need a can opener, you have two. The best way to open a can is with your fingers. Hope this helps!

👤I was thrilled to get the P51 from Amazon, I lost it and used to wear it with my dog tags. It's the best can opener in the world and it's a must have in survival kit.

👤The seller claims that this is a very simple tool, but it appears to be just that. It will open the can with moderate effort. Since there are so many ways to open a can, you should ask yourself if this is something you really need. It's an interesting and functional bit of history and nostalgia.

👤I love these. The regular can opener breaks them like the p38 kis.

9. Chef Craft Butterfly Can Opener

Chef Craft Butterfly Can Opener

It is easy to store in a full drawer. It's great for camping or to take a lunch. The handle has a bottle opener. The metal and nylon part are nickle plated. It is dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

Brand: Chef Craft

👤This was a bad purchase because I don't like the new style that has replaced this style in stores. The gears are not enough to hold onto the edge of a can, so it slips several times before you get all the way around, and can only be started again if there's a new puncture. This is perfect for people who like to open cans in five minutes. Look elsewhere. It's too bad that it's hard to find the cheap, simple kind of opener that can work.

👤This was not the can opener that was supposed to work for more than one use. It should have been one of those long lasting tools. It wouldn't cut after 4 uses. The bottle opener side was so odd that it wouldn't work to puncture a can. Save yourself the headaches and keep searching. There is a can opener somewhere out there.

👤It looks like a good can opener, but it isn't. The blade doesn't stay near the edge because it takes a lot of effort. It leaves a jagged edge on the can. I have used this style before and it worked just fine. This one doesn't work well. I tried to keep the can from moving while working the opener. It looks like the part, but it is not.

👤The item doesn't work well, it slips while being used. They don't make them like they used to. Don't buy.

👤This doesn't open cans. I've spent 30 minutes trying to get it to work. Don't buy this because it's a scam. The "can opener" is rated high by the company and they want to keep that. My previous review was deleted. Don't buy anything from this company.

👤I bought an electric can opener and a manual can opener at the same time. I am glad I got the manual one because the electric one stopped working less than two months after I got it. The manual can opener is very well made and has kept working. The blade on it is sharp, so that it can open cans of any size. Even though I have arthritis, it smoothly opens cans without stressing my joints. It's nice to have a dual opening option on it.

👤I was very happy when I got it, it was all metal and very sturdy. When I tried to open a can of milk, which was my purpose in replacing the one that I had used for over 70 years, it wouldn't even start to puncture a hole when I hit it with my hand. I had to grab a pot holder to protect me from injury, so that I could hit it as hard as possible. I took a file to sharpen the blade, and then I filed until I could puncturing a hole without having to protect my hand. It would have been better if it had been sharper.

👤I have a can opener that I use all the time. I don't know the manufacturer of the old one, but it is better than the one I just received. The whole mechanism is loose because the rivet was not set correctly, and the gear cannot engage and stay in the can. Poor manufacturing. I purchased this one 15 years ago, but it is made of flimsy steel. I might have just received a lemon, but this one is going back. I don't think this one is worth anything. Take it from someone who has used this type of can opener for a long time.

10. Pack Survival Opener Military Model

Pack Survival Opener Military Model

Can opener and bottle opener in one. The set of 10 P-51 can openers are in a box. The handle is long and has a blade. The lightweight design makes them perfect for backpacking, travel, and even bug out bags.

Brand: Us Shelby Co

👤Most of the openers are poorly stamped. Only 2 out of 20 have the US SHELBY CO label legibly stamped. There is a I tried 2 of the well marked ones and one of the open ones. When I was in the Army, the P38 opener came with the C-rats and they were clearly marked as US Shelton CO products. These are disappointing, they do not meet mil spec markings... Seconds or Knockoffs?

👤These boxes of food and necessities were added as an option to boxes of food and necessities for the needy who may or may not be living in cars or out of backpacks. Many people are grateful to have these as most boxes from the food bank are mostly cans and traditional can openers are heavy when you are on foot. Can be put in your wallet.

👤It takes a little skill to open cans. They're easy to use once you learn how to do it. It's not as easy as a big bulky can opener. It's a lot easier to open a can with a knife. It is all in the wrist, like the old saying goes. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy to use them to take out a flat head screw, trim some fishing line, or cut some twine. There are many ways to use these. The quality of these ones was very high. I'm very impressed! The metal is thick so they won't bend. The blade is sharp to cut through the tin can and the hinge is strong. They're a great value at the price. I gave a few away to friends, because I put one on my keychain, one in my kitchen drawer, one in my tackle box, and one in each glove box. I didn't spend a lot more than buying a decent can opener because everyone loves them. Highly recommended!

👤Three different can openers are being used in our kitchen, because they don't seem to maintain their integrity for long. As you work around the can, they stoppuncturing or skipping. I bought a pack of these because they work. They're not as smooth and leave dangerous edges, but you have to be careful with them. We have a pack of 10 in the kitchen for when I can't handle a broken can opener, because they always work. I think so.

👤I put one in my desk, my work carry lunch box, and my glove box. I keep one in the kitchen drawer with my large hand crank can opener, to be at hand when a bent can just won't co-operate. I gave my mom one. She can use it for those small sections that don't need a automatic opener. I gave one to my boss to keep in the supply cabinet, but still have one left. I carry the Swiss Tinker knife's can opener. That's saying something!

👤Before I got this, I used to own a big bulky can opener with plastic handles that kept breaking, but I put a couple of those keychain loops on them and scatter them around my own wallet. If one of the big bulky styles fails or gets lost, you can get a load of them for cheap and not have to worry about losing them.

11. Coghlans G I Can Opener Pair

Coghlans G I Can Opener Pair

Instructions are included. The instructions for changing out the gear and knife are in the kit. Heavy-duty metal is used for each part. A versatile tool for camping, backpacking, and more. A set of can openers can be used as a cutting edge. It is made of nickel-plated steel that will not rust and will stay sharp for a long time.

Brand: Coghlan's

👤These can openers were bought to put on key chains for homeless community college students. Many students don't own can openers, which makes it difficult to open canned food items.

👤This is the only can opener I own. Nothing to take up counter space, nothing to need cleaning of tomato sauce splashes, and all that comes with manual or electric can openers. One quick wash with hot soapy water. It's easier to use because it's larger than the P38 used by military. It's perfect for camper, RV, pocket and my kitchen as well.

👤I wanted the American-made military versions, but I didn't notice they were Canadian knock-offs. They work. The three stars are what they are.

👤The ipeners are great for your car.

👤These are not fake. Don't buy the cheaper knock-offs for this item. They are great to carry in an emergency bag. If you have no can opener in an emergency, what are you going to do? You can make a couple of emergency prep bags.

👤Excellent quality, surprising. Be careful. Not for kids.

👤It's great for camping or when your home models wont work, they're perfect for that.

👤I bought this so I could act as a spare if I lost my tin opener, after all I don't want to lose my food if I can't get into it. The other is going on my key ring. What can be said about these? It is relatively cheap and useful as fek. It is a good buy.

👤I have always carried one of these since I started working away from home and it is easy to use. I never have one with me.

👤Not that much quality, I was hoping for... I had to use pliers to tighten the blade.

👤The GI can opener doesn't bend. It's made of carbon steel. It's probably the one you're looking for. I tried and returned two other brands before finding this one.

👤They'll do the job, but build quality is less than I would expect from a Canadian made product.


What is the best product for survival can opener p51?

Survival can opener p51 products from Ez-duz-it. In this article about survival can opener p51 you can see why people choose the product. Aj Veterans Supply and Kagdida are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival can opener p51.

What are the best brands for survival can opener p51?

Ez-duz-it, Aj Veterans Supply and Kagdida are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival can opener p51. Find the detail in this article. Tag-z, U.s. Shelby Co. and U.s. Shelby Co. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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