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1. Sun Company ArmArmour Shielded Tactical

Sun Company ArmArmour Shielded Tactical

It has a solid, durable and rugged case, diameter 50.0mm/1.96inch, durable and breathable nylon band, and is suitable for wrist from 7.08 to 9.45 inches, big watch face with large numbers. It's easy to read for time. There is a shielding cover. Arm Armour's cover protects the compass and makes it easy to read. A great addition to any gear. The tactical strap is widely used by adults and children. The black and black striped strap is 22mm wide. The hardware is made from brushed steel. The 27mm Grade A liquid-filled compass can be read in low-light conditions. The compass is inside of a rugged housing. It's necessary for activities like hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and so many more.

Brand: Sun Company

👤This wrist-based compass works for me. I will only use it in the fog while swimming. I just swim east if it's foggy. I'm safe. There is a This might not work for you if you need precise directions. If you only need a general idea of the directions, you should be fine. There is a I can't attest to the glow-in-the-dark part. I'm hoping that by letting it receive sunlight between uses it will be enough to replenish it. You will be able to see the directions clearly. It works in the water. I don't recommend removing the compass from the wristband. I have not been able to slide the button back onto the wrist-mount since I did that for the first one. Unless you have it wrist-based again, don't do that. Good luck with your purchase. Will help with basic directions.

👤The cover is hard to open and you have to have the compass flat to get a right direction. It's about 20 degrees cooler.

👤To find the best products, ordered a few sun products. All good and have their place. It is recommendable.

👤It was nice to see a compass with a protective cover. It seems to be correct.

👤If you don't have a map or device to check directions, it's a good alternative.

👤The compass is easy to wear. The lume is not good for night or low light, it needs to be exposed to light often.

👤It didn't work for my father.

👤There are no negative comments for this wrist compass. It was easy to read. Would make a great gift.

👤I can't give a detailed review because it was for a gift. It arrived quickly and looked good. Have not received feedback from the recipient.

👤It was used as a quick and dirty guide when walking on the hill and made life easy when orienting the map. It's ideal for trail running new routes when on the move.

👤The recipient was delighted when he received a small and compact gift. The product was new, but the packaging looked a bit old. Maybe it had been kept there for a while. A good buy would be recommended.

👤Good functional compas are comfortable and accurate. A bigger dial would get it 5 out of 5.

👤Good compass and good delivery.

2. Casio A158WEA 9CF Classic Digital Bracelet

Casio A158WEA 9CF Classic Digital Bracelet

A silver-tone watch has a digital dial with an auto calendar. There is an alarm and a 1/100-second stopwatch. The case has a mineral dial window. The link bracelet has an accuracy of 30 seconds a month. Water-resistant to 99 feet (30 M): does not shower or submerge.

Brand: Casio

👤It's crazy that anyone would give this less than 5 stars. Pick a lot? What kind of expectations are people setting? It's sixteen dollars. It cost more at launch, but that's cents on the dollar compared to what it costs now. It's free. It tells time and will continue after you lose it. It has an alarm that tells you when to take your pills. It's not loud enough to wake you up in the morning if you're taking pills, but no one uses their watch alarm for anything. The watch strap tugs at your arm hair a little, which is just a horrible nightmare as you can imagine. The light is so dim you might have to focus a little harder in order to read the display. If you don't know the rules, it has a stopwatch in case you want to play 'who can hold their breath the longest'. It's fun. This is hard for me to talk about, but this is where the watch shines the most. I have small wrists. I said it. It's like magic. It ties my arm together. I don't look like my mother if she were to wear a man's watch because it hides the meagerness of my appendage. If you have big wrists, you're not going to like this watch. Don't blame the watch on your poor reasoning. This watch is very light. I think it's a good thing. This is not the watch for you if you need heft in your $16 investment. If you are a slim-wristed gentleman in the market for a watch that tells time, looks exactly like the picture, and is at the bottom end of your budget, this is your timepiece.

👤It's just amazing. I was looking for a new watch that would be practical and look good, and I decided on the metal watch from the Patek Philippe, as it was more stylish than the tool watch I was looking for. It was a close call, but after looking at the additional problems on the Casio, it was an easy choice. It has an alarm clock that reminds me of getting up in the mornings, and a day date function as well. I was very pleased to see that it has a light function to be able to see it in the dark, which is very useful when shooting stars through the heavens at night. The choice was easy, and I will be using it as a dress watch, but only for the nicer occasions. I left my friends star struck when I wore it, including people I don't know on the street. I saved a buck as well. Highly recommend it!

👤If you read through all of the reviews, you will either be stuck in an airport or not trust the people who said this is an accurate, comfortable, inexpensive, easy-to-read watch. For less than lunch for two at McDonald's, you get 1980's technology and a neo-Classic color design that goes in and out of fashion like stripes and bell bottoms. I tried it and it woke me up from a sound sleep one room away, but my wife reminded me of the difference between "am" and "pm". The band or clasp is not good. You mean the ones that disappear on your wrist once you snap it home, and won't come off unless you get a low-flying jet or a passing car? If you want to know the truth about the band on a $16 watch, you should speak to the McDonald's manager. If it shaves a few hairs off your arm once a day, it must be the torture of the gods and not a reminder that this elegant little timepiece has faithfully kept time without your shirtsleeve, delay in removing your coat, or slow down wearing your sweater to catch the next act. It has a light for crying out loud. The buttons are easy to push, but rarely push accidentally; the face is easy to read, and it will run a stopwatch when you want to take your pulse, or find out how long it takes your significant other to. They come in a number of colors, including silver, all-gold, and black plastic. If you need to color-coordinate with $16 watches, you will be spared the fashion faux pas of mis-matching your mixes. I like it. If I break it or lose it, I will not buy another lunch for two at Mcdonald's.

3. Outdoor Survival Waterproof Emergency Paracord

Outdoor Survival Waterproof Emergency Paracord

The survival equipment bracelet watch is an update of the 6-in-1 survival equipment. The scraper can be used to catch fire. Whistle is used to signal the use of watches and compasses. Please don't press any key during the operation, 30 meters waterproof function is not suitable for long time swimming or diving. If you want to adjust the size, untie the end of the rope, cut it to the length you need, and then tie it into a knot according to the shape of the rope. The strap is made of rope. The bracelet is long and wide. It can be used in emergency situations. The rope is made of parachute rope. The wristband is made of paracord and aluminum. The advantages of the hundred ropes are that they have the ability to resist aging andcorrosion. 98 feet is waterproof. Do not swim in hot water or high temperature because it will cause you to lose your balance. The Multi-Function Electronic Watch has a cold light display mode, which combines dual display movements (hand + number), day of the week, date, alarm clock, snooze function, hourly chime, stopwatch display and backlight, and hands working simultaneously. It's a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or party, and it's also a great gift for friends and family.

Brand: Weijie

👤It's a decent watch for the price. The face of the watch is large. I'm a big guy and not bad for it. Instructions are not very clear. Hope you understand how the other features work and how to set your watch. Don't waste your money, pin comes out of the wrist band, the compass is a joke, and you can't read the time because of the water under the glass.

👤Instructions are poorly written and the item is too large. The band underneath the watch is poor, it can't be adjusted unless you untangle the paracord. To get your original band back, you need to find a video on how to retie your band on a tube. The item was not worth the purchase.

👤I am very happy I got this watch. After dealing with my second smart watch failure, I was ready for a basic watch. We are taking some family camping trips this summer and the survival features are going to be really useful. flint and strikers are awesome. Definitely recommend.

👤It is good to watch. The band is doing well. It's not suitable for smaller wrists. The side that was removed from the package fell apart. A screw is loose. Will keep for backpack, but won't buy again.

👤I wouldn't give any stars except I had to. I got this for my wife. The watch is large for me. No way to adjust to the band. I think I could have gotten a better watch for less. This piece of craap is not for sale. I wish they had canceled it when it was closer. I read reviews and tried my best.

👤A good size watch is what this is. It's big and bulky, and it catches people's eyes. I wasn't taking it too seriously because of some of the features on it. The light is bright and set up was easy to understand. All in all a nice watch.

👤There are no instructions on how to use the watch's survival features. The instructions on how to set the time are hard to understand. I can't adjust the band to fit the wrist. Will come back.

👤My nephew likes it so much that he wears it every day.

4. Equipped Outdoors Safety Watch Camo

Equipped Outdoors Safety Watch Camo

It's a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or party, and it's also a great gift for friends and family. A lightweight multi-purpose safety watch. It's easy to use the compass for navigation. It is easy to use magnesium fire-starter. Made of long string of paracord.

Brand: Equipped Outdoors

👤It is mostly positive. The face of the watch with the numbers is disappointing, but the smaller dial is just a printed label that makes it look like a more complex watch. I was surprised by that, but I wasn't expecting anything else. I didn't expect the two additional buttons on the edge of the watch to do anything. It has a watch, a whistle, a fire starter, and a paracord. I pull the stem to stop the watch when I'm not using it because it's nearly impossible to replace the watch battery by undoing the paracord band. I do it anyway, but I'm not sure if it stops the motor or just disengages the hands. The item is fine for the price. I wanted a watch that I could use when hiking.

👤I do a lot of online shopping. I didn't have high expectations for the price. This watch is worth $2. The whistle doesn't work, the compass is broken, and theflint is one step above plastic. It doesn't sit on the wrist. Save your money if you don't like the person you're buying this for.

👤The watch looks sturdy and decent. Unless you want to unweave, cut and reweave the paracord band, it is not possible to adjust it for length. It's not 100% sure, but it seems like a pretty sturdy band, even though not much you see these days is milspec paracord. It's too small for my 7 year old son, an average sized male. A straight measurement won't tell you if it fits or not, as the rigid clasp on the bottom means it won't conform to your wrist size. Maybe the compass is too close to the metal watch face, but it didn't accurately show direction. The whistle is functional and loud. The fire starter is present, but after messing with it for 15 minutes, I'm pretty sure it's non-functional. When I bought this, I was hoping for a watch for myself, but ended up with a toy watch for my kid. It's not bad, but it's not much of a survival watch as advertised.

👤The seller putting this junk out adds up for them. It looks like a first grade project and works like one. I try to resolve bad reviews. This is just junk. This is the first time it has been ripped like this. Nothing works. junk. junk. I have to read the reviews. Amazon is making me leave a star.

👤I would like to read reviews before I spend $8. If you think you will get what you pay for, then this watch is feee and only shipping should be considered. I am giving it to my child. He can play with it. Worthless, but expensive.

👤The watch band is only one length. The only way to fit the band was to untie the knots at one end. It was not possible at the other end. It was difficult to figure out a new way to tie and weave a new pattern without cutting the cord so it would fit well on my wrist. It took a bit of time to figure that out. The watch is easy to use. The compass seems to work. The fire starter is practicing. The whistle is not loud. Other features are not bad. Good for $8 bucks.

5. Survival Military Multifunctional Wristwatch Emergency

Survival Military Multifunctional Wristwatch Emergency

The outdoor survival watch set includes a digital wristwatch, whistle, fire starter scraper, paracord, and magic belt. A 2-in-1 bracelet. The inside of the sports strap is made of a material that can be adjusted to fit your wrist. It is made of parachute cord which can be stretched to a long rescue rope. A multi-functional sport watch. There is a day of the week, date, alarm clock, snooze function and a clock. The watch case width is 2.16inch, the lugs width is 1.06inch, and the whole watch length is 10.63inch. Some customers think this watch is large. Before buying, please note the size. The survival tool is very good. The design is easy to carry and use. It's a good gift for friends or family who enjoy travel, camping, first aid, mountaineer, hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, backpacking, adventure and military.

Brand: Addiesdive

👤Only thing that can't be adjusted on it.

👤The $20 watch had a broken pin on the band. I have to figure out what to do for a band since it doesn't take conventional spring pins.

👤The wristband is a strap. The paracord is all decorative. The Wrist clasp is very heavy.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this military style survival watch with a multifunctional bracelet. I gave this watch as a gift for a male friend who loves large wristwatches and it is easy to read. It looks like it was made well with all the elements functioning correctly. The manual is hard to understand but it can be done. The watch is light weight and the paracord strap is wonderful with multiple tools hidden inside. This watch is a real bargain, for everything it does and all the accessories are included. My friend loves it and it keeps accurate time. Thank you for this item, I am very happy with it!

👤If you are an outdoors person, and you are a man or woman, you will love this watch. This has a lot to offer. This is a very large watch and thick. One of my sons is a fan of this watch, but the other is not. We live near a national park and both boys are outdoors. My son thought the watch would be useful, but it has more than 6 functions. All the functions work as they should.

👤I got this for my son who wants to join the military and likes to camp and learn survival techniques. He likes the functions of the watch and also likes the look. He has been using it for a few months now and all the functions still work. He likes it.

👤Muy bonito reloj. Fue un regalo y por la calidad.

👤El reloj lleg en mal, una de las cintas se desprendi de inmediato.

6. Emergency Survival Paracord FLC158 FWC Black

Emergency Survival Paracord FLC158 FWC Black

AK87 bracelet is based on feedback and practise continually upgraded created tactical survival gear, you can 100% trust, really for you to conquer the wilderness. It's free to buy it and enjoy it. If you have any questions, please contact Daarcin. Their team will solve your problem. The size of the Whistle Buckle is 52*29mm. Plastic, Magnesium, and Metal are the material types. You will have survival tools that can help you in an emergency. A fire starter that will help give you sparks, and a compass that will guide you. When you own survival gear and men's and women's outdoor hunting gear, this is a stylish accessory to own. It works well with hiking and camping backpacks. Why some of the compass direction is not right? The metal flint Scraper and Flintstones Stick has an effect on the compass that leads to the wrong direction. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, please contact them.

Brand: Coobigo

👤Fire starter would work in a pinch, but it seemed good. The compasses would point in different directions. Messed with them for a while and they would not work, verified with other compasses in the same location. Returned without a fight.

👤The items were delivered on time. A decent concept. I ordered 5 packages. Every feature is present but not useful. 1. It's not reasonable to think a small button compass would have the same accuracy as a full sized lensatic compass. One of the compasses was malfunctioning. The price is not a big deal for personal projects. 2. I tried to throw a spark with the ferrous rod, but it fell out of my hand. 3. The whistle works but not well. It would be better than nothing.

👤I'm being a little tough on the stars, but the buckles feel flimsy, you try to buckled them on your wrist, they feel very sturdy. The ferro rods fell out easily when you tried to hit them. If you strike it with the sharp side and remove the interferences like a car, watch, TV, speaker, it will spark. This could keep you warm, and get you home, with a paracord, some cotton balls, and a knife. It was worth the investment.

👤The dial on the compass didn't spin correctly, and 2 of the compasses had air bubbles. I got what I needed, but I was annoyed that I had to pay for two units that were not good.

👤I didn't like it at first because it interfered with the compass. It's been perfect since I figured out that the strikers are not permanent. I will wake my kids with the fire starter, even though they love the whistle.

👤The quality of the built-in compasses was a pleasant surprise, even though the whistles seem to need a little sanding. The fire-starters seem to work well. This product is something I recommend.

👤Two of the five have a compass that isn't pointing north. There is a If one uses in an emergency, they will be following in the wrong direction. I was going to return, but it wasn't worth the effort. I'll use the two that don't show north.

👤I really like the idea of buckets, but the campuses are not all accurate. Two out of five are correct. There is a few degrees off. You can see that the other one is way off. It's disappointing that these are not as good as the ones that have been reviewed. I don't usually do reviews, but I felt that someone with campus experience needed a review. I'm an Eagle Scout and I was in the army. Maybe some people were luckier than I was. I've used campuses most of my life. You will get more lost if you use these buckles.

👤The metal scraper probably causes the compass to need time and wiggle to point to the north. It works well.

👤La pierre pour allumé un feu. Livraison rapide.

👤It doesn't work. Fun for kids but not reliable for survival. Found it cheaper on eBay.

7. Kissmi Paracord Bracelet Survival Emergency

Kissmi Paracord Bracelet Survival Emergency

You can return within 30 days for a full refund if you don't love you anymore. This is the perfect present for the person in your life. Father's day, 4th of July, birthday, Christmas, or to gift this to the person who is outdoors in your life. The PCS 5-in-1 survial tool has a fire starter, compass, loud emergency whistle, and emergency knife. The Paracord Bracelet is an indispensable survival accessory for any camping, fishing, hiking or hunting trip. This product is so strong that you can load it up to 500 LB. It's not necessary to measure or guess your size to fit around your wrist. This military grade 550 Paracord Bracelet for Men, Women and Kids is lightweight and stylish and makes it easy to carry and store. This military grade 550 Paracord Bracelet for Men, Women and Kids is lightweight and stylish and makes it easy to carry and store.

Brand: Kissmi

👤I had trouble locating the whistle. The compass, flint, and other items were all good, but I found the whistle a bit difficult to blow. This package is very good value for money and delivers what is said. The cord is strong and secure. Very pleased with this.

👤A cute gift for my grandsons. The colors are nice. The whistle is loud and they need to practice the Firestarter. Every child needs a safety bracelet.

👤I bought these for my troop. The bracelets are the same as pictured, but the compasses are a bit confused. I contacted the company but never heard back.

👤I wanted the kids to have a whistle while hiking. The whistles don't make any noise. I tried all of them.

👤The family loved hiking in the woods on Christmas. The spark will light if you scratch the black first.

👤Some reviews mentioned sharp edges. Just be aware, not for very young children. It's a great stocking stuffer.

👤I received these for a campout. The whistles didn't work well.

👤The compass is about 10 degrees off.

8. Kissmi Paracord Bracelet Survival Emergency

Kissmi Paracord Bracelet Survival Emergency

Why some of the compass direction is not right? The metal flint Scraper and Flintstones Stick has an effect on the compass that leads to the wrong direction. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, please contact them. The 10 PCS 5-in-1 survial tool has a fire starter, reliable compass, loud emergency whistle, and emergency knife. The Paracord Bracelet is an indispensable survival accessory. This product is so strong that you can load it up to 500 LB. It's not necessary to measure or guess your size to fit perfectly around your wrist. This military grade 550 Paracord Bracelet for Men, Women and Kids is lightweight and stylish and makes it easy to carry and store. This military grade 550 Paracord Bracelet for Men, Women and Kids is lightweight and stylish and makes it easy to carry and store.

Brand: Kissmi

👤These were bought to put in bug-out bags and give to friends and family during the Pandemic. The buy is worth a lot. Twice as many for the same price as other listings. The product is the same. Each came individually wrapped and was great for gift giving. Would buy again.

👤We are outside. I gave a few to my friends. I like knowing that my kids have a whistle if they stray away from the trails or wreck on the trail and need help. The toy is supposed to burn down the house. It was Kidding. It does spark, but not the greatest. If you need to be, the compass will get you in the right direction. They are too large. They would fit the Giant. I always carry a gear pack.

👤I bought them for our camping trip. The kids loved them. They are larger for their wrists and can be clipped to a belt loop. It was nice to give them a whistle in the woods. Don't start a fire with them. Make a few sparks.

👤They are great. A small amount on the larger side. They fit the 13 year olds perfectly. The ferro rods are easy to understand once you get used to them. Don't be too aggressive or the rods will slip out. They are a great value if they are not.

👤I've ordered these before. We love giving them to Scouts because they have a couple of their required emergency supplies built right in. The Scouts will receive these for their upcoming adventure.

👤The leaders wanted them as end of year gifts, so they gave them a great bracelet. Kids will clip on a belt loop or backpack until they fit.

👤The teen boys were impressed with these. A hit for a group.

👤The quality was better than I expected. Cool colors too. The sparks will fly when you remove the black coating from the ferro rod. Before using the compass, remove the bracelet. Would purchase again.

9. TecHong Emergency Waterproof Wristband Adventure

TecHong Emergency Waterproof Wristband Adventure

Simple and Reliable is the title of the waterPROOF and WEATHERPROOF. The ferro rod will work even after getting wet. This is a must have tool for camping gear, survival kit, bushcraft, hiking gear, hunting, fishing, camp stove, and EDC. The 6-in-1 survival equipment includes an outdoor survival watch bag, digital bracelet watch, compass, whistle, fire start scraper, and Paracord. The scraper can be used to start a fire. You will not get lost if you use the whistle. Please don't press any key during the operation because it's not suitable for long time swimming or diving. The wristband can be adjusted to fit the best length for your wrist. The parachute cord can be used in an emergency situation. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted. The watch has a diameter of 5.6 cm and a width of 2.2 cm. Wristband strap can be adjusted by yourself. 7 CORE PARACORD You can use the bracelet to stop bleeding, make traps, and bundle temporary tents, and it can support up to 485 pounds. Do not use it in high temperatures or near fire. A multi function digital watch has a day of the week, date, alarm clock, snooze function, hourly chime, stopwatch display and backlight. 98 feet is waterproof. Don't soak in hot water, high temperature or stimulating water because it doesn't guarantee intense exercise permeation water moisture. There is a guarantee. They want your complete satisfaction. Let them know if you're not happy with your purchase and they'll give you a replacement or refund. Tracking information is used to ensure in time delivery of their packages. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem with your orders.

Brand: Techong

👤I can't seem to turn off the alarm on this watch. I can change the time it goes off, but it doesn't. It's not intuitive to use and doesn't come with instructions.

👤This is a good watch that has a lot of features for someone who spends a lot of time outside.

👤There is no manual for this watch, other than a good watch for camping, which is what is disliked.

👤Not tactical at all! I was unloading trash from my truck. It gets a -5 for being durable. Time will tell...

👤The watch hand did not work. Overall, digital did a good job.

👤I would've liked to read the owners manual on how to use the product, because it didn't arrive in its original packing.

👤The watch comes with no instructions to use or set it.

10. Survival Multi Functional Adjustable Wristband Waterproof

Survival Multi Functional Adjustable Wristband Waterproof

When you are in the wild, you may face danger. Emergency survival equipment is born. There is a time dual display. Paracord, fire starter, survival whistle, led light, compass, tool card,bottle opener,bicycle banner, etc. Powerful functions, high-quality, multi-functional, safe and practical survival watch are some of the features. To fit different wrist sizes, Inside of survival watch band is the magic sticker, it can fit the best length for you. The Tactical Watch combines dual display movement (pointer + number), 12-digit timing function, display hour, minute, second, day, week, alarm and hourly hour, 12/24 hour system selection, full Automatic calendar, stopwatch display and EL backlight. 5ATM waterproof. It is usually suitable for daily use. It is not suitable for a long time in the water. Pressing buttons underwater is not recommended. This sports watch is suitable for daily life, adventure, gift, and can be worn just for beauty. It is a great gift for your friends or relatives. It's suitable for outdoor adventures, field adventures, outdoor recreation, first aid, mountaineers, climbing, adventure and military.

Brand: Smilkat

👤This is not something that I am happy with, it is made for a large person. It's too big even after adjusting for a small person.

👤This watch is amazing. Everything is needed for survival.

👤I bought this watch for my boyfriend for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The digital watch has a perfect time day month/date. The analog will lose time during the day, so you have to change the time a lot. The temperature gauge is small. The compass is accurate. The white light and white strobe work well. The rod and sticker are small. I would save it for a real emergency because I was afraid of breaking the watch snap/lock. The small multi tool/striker is useless. The whistle is not loud. There is enough para cord to start a few fires. There have been no scratches on the face. I wear it all the time. The glow in the dark hands and markings on the dial make it look good. No issues adjusting it to fit my wrist.

👤The watch was pulled out of the box and tried on. It was still huge even with the goofy adjustment. It will take bites out of your skin if you're not careful. The deal breaker was the intermittently working analog part of the watch. It was rather disappointing.

👤I like the watch. It was still big even after adjusting, but it looked stupid on my wrist. Back to looking.

👤I took the band off and put a silicone band on it because it was too heavy for me.

👤This was given to my soldier. He loved it and was approved by his CO. Anyone joining or already in, it's a great watch.

11. Citizen Eco Drive Stainless Display BM8180 03E

Citizen Eco Drive Stainless Display BM8180 03E

It can be made in the USA or imported. The ECO-DRIVE is light-POWERED. Light can be converted into energy. There is a permanent power cell. The watch runs forever with no battery changes required. The tactical watch is water resistant to 100 meters. It is suitable to wear in the shower, but not for scuba diving. Functions E101, 3 Hand, Day, and Date. For your active lifestyle. A day-date display window, a dial featuring hour markers and a minute track are included in the Citizen military watch. Citizen has a 5-year warranty. Every Citizen purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year limited warranty so you can be sure your timepiece is up to date.

Brand: Citizen

👤The Citizen customer service department has retained a photo after not honoring a return under warranty. The Eco-drive battery was the only item that didn't show signs of wear, and it was 888-282-0465. The winding wheel was broken and the jeweler couldn't fix it without a costly replacement part. I tried to redeem the warranty by sending the broken watch to the service center in Torrance, CA, but was met with a string of useless responses. The final offer to retain my business was a bill for $100. The watch is new for $125. It's rarely about monetary compensation in customer retention case studies. Every industry has the same attitude that a brand stands for. The adage of 'they don't make them like they used to' is accurate and doesn't have a critique of the product. The watch broke and several parts needed to be repaired in less than a year. Wouldn't that bother a craftsman? There is a I can't see how a warranty can be any better than a promise. I will be buying a new watch somewhere else.

👤The 8180 has been great value for money because it is a simple, reliable watch and I have worn it most days for a year now. Citizen's solar technology has worked just as advertised, even though it is the cheapest Eco-Drive watch. If you take it off and put it in a drawer for a week, it will run happily. This is a small watch that won't look outsized on a small wrist. I only began wearing a watch again three years ago after 15 years of not bothering, so I missed the huge-face trend. It is not ridiculously thick, but at 37mm it seems like a good size for my wrist. It feels very solid, even though it is light. The face style is casual enough to wear in a business context. It has a similar look to a pilot's watch, with the triangle marker at 12 o'clock being inverted compared to most such watches. The skeleton hands give it a light weight. The face characters are clear and modern, and the outer markers keep it from being too plain. I would happily wear a normal pilot's watch with a suit, but the 8180 is a good choice for business wear. As long as you change out the strap, that is. The grey-green woven strap is short and ugly. I replaced it immediately with a band that was better suited to the watch's appearance. My daughter gave me a wonderfully comfortable tan leather Fluco Vigo riveted cuff which shows off the watch at its best, but the 8180 looks classy with any leather band. The solar cell in the face is not enough to power a movement that runs a second or so a week fast. I don't swim. The movement is silent. The glow-in-the-dark coating on hands and numbers is weak and fades quickly. Does this matter? The middle-of-the-night problem is solved by phones. The flat mineral crystal window has a few small scratches which I noticed when I looked at my own close-up watch photography. This problem could get worse over time. Would anyone expect this price for glass? - The date is hard to read in a lot of lighting conditions. The watch face has a solar photovoltaic layer. The hands obscure the date. The white day-date window can sometimes look like an extra hand, forcing you to look again. Citizen's face is similar to Franklin Gothic, but not quite to my taste. The numbers are readable and most people won't notice. BM8180-03E? Who names these things? Citizen's AT0200-05E is a piece of jewelry that is similar to the 8180 but chunkier, and has a little more money on top of that. If you want a watch that runs on sunlight and is still affordable, you should look at the Kinetic SRN051P1 from Seiko, it is much thicker (14.5mm) than the Citizen and comes with a nice leather strap. If the Citizen brand is too downmarket for you, IWC will sell you its Mark XVIII Pilot's Watch for 5000 or so, but that watch will stop if you take it off for a couple of days. The 8180 has everything I want in a watch and almost nothing I don't. The Eco-Drive was still going strong well past the 15-year mark. I will be happy to have mine do the same.


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