Best Survival Blankets Extreme Cold Military

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1. EKTOS Washable Survival Emergency Preparedness

EKTOS Washable Survival Emergency Preparedness

100% money back guarantee. Swiss Safe guarantees customer satisfaction or a 100% refund. The EKTOS wool blankets are perfect for indoors or outdoors. The job is done equally well in the wilderness, your adventure van or the master bedroom. They've worked hard to make these blankets as soft, non-scratchy and odor free as possible, but they're still made from wool, so you can still find comfort tips in the FAQ below. Warming and comfort -BREATHABLE. You are missing out if you haven't slept with a wool blanket. Wool has an amazing ability to retain warmth, provide airflow, and regulate temperature, and it's also a good year-round option. It's not the same as the hot sticky feeling you can get with synthetic insulators. Wool is a time-tested natural insulator that can provide warmth even when it is wet. It is inherently resistant to static, fire and soiling. Choosing a blanket made from sheep wool is a great choice for both you and the planet. Many blankets on the market still contain chemical flame retardants despite the fact that wool is naturally fire resistent. It's easy to sleep when you know this blanket contains no fire retardants or dyes. There are detailed care and washing recommendations for WASHABLE WOOL - EKTOS wool blankets. The blankets have already been triple-washed to make them softer, more odor free, and less susceptible to dropping, so they are ready for use as soon as you receive them.

Brand: Ektos

👤I bought 3 of these blankets. I need to replace some blankets. The price and weight are very good. I agree with all of the people who said the blankets had a strong odor. I took them out of the plastic bags and thought they would be good for 3 to 4 days on the deck. I have dogs. The blankets smell like wet dogs. I decided to wash two of them. One at a time. Wow! Take a look at the pictures the people sent you. See Ektos Blankets reviews for different colors. When I pulled the blanket out of the washing maching, I thought it had fallen apart completely and that it would be full of holes. Well, shake it out. You will have a lot of blanket. I put it in the dryer. The dryer should be stopped periodically to clean out the filters. Each time it will be full. I had to clean my dryer. The blanket was dried. It was soft, the smell was gone and I still had a nice weight warm blanket. As for your washing machine. If you don't want a wet washcloth, you can wipe the inside of your washing machine. It will take a bit of work to clean out your washing machine after you've washed these blankets. The blanket is a decent quality and a good value. I will buy more. Hope this helps.

👤A nice blanket. I like how it's clean. I keep the thermostat at 70 so I use it to keep myself warm on winter mornings and evenings. I wore the blanket as a cloak with the help of a penannular brooch. I drape the blanket over my shoulders, pin it shut, and I'm a human Wookie. I can pull the blanket closed when I sit. So nice.

👤I don't know where the negative reviews come from. The Ektos 80% wool blanket is gorgeous. There is no smell, there are no loose ends, there are no itchy prickly fibers, and I am not going to complain that the blanket sheds when it's washed. The first night we used this blanket, we sat it on the back deck and had a nice cool night. The blanket is thick and well made. I can't imagine a blanket of that quality. We use fleece, nylon blends, and another wool blend in our blankets. I will reach for this one every time. Wool is not meant for the washer or dryer. It has a naturally occurring protectant that makes the fibers hydro-phobic, meaning they don't absorb water. If you think it needs to be washed, first try to shake it out and hang it in the sun and breeze. If you need more, spray the blanket with a mild soap and cold water and let it sit. Air dry. It will last for many years if it is stored in a clean dry space.

👤It's simple, I've been drinking. Don't pull it out of the washer if you wash it twice. Add more detergent at the end of the cycle and run it again. Throw in the dryer on a warm day. It might shrink if you put it on high heat. BOOM! The smell is gone. It's there to prevent it from being eaten by bugs. The chemical that is. As far as standard application is concerned, it's harmless. What does that mean? Don't wash them and keep them smelling funny with the chemical so they don't get eaten but you have them for emergencies. Throw these in the cellar, vault, safe room and they will not get eaten. They will keep you warm and won't hurt you for a few days. You can wash them two or three times and get rid of the smell. They keep you warm and I don't think they are very itchy. I don't mind wool. I'm biased. If you've never used wool, I suggest you try. You either like or dislike wool. survival if you hate it If you like it, camping and when needed.

2. Emergency Blankets Insulating Reflective Marathons

Emergency Blankets Insulating Reflective Marathons

We sell only the highest quality products that are built to last because you need outdoor gear that's as tough as you are. You will receive the best in the industry. Each survival blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage. They can be used for both ground cover and shade. Mylar blankets are great for saving body heat in emergency situations. It's perfect for emergency situations where warmth is required. Retaining/reflecting up to 90% of a user's body heat helps prevent Hypoxic and shock. Their blankets can help keep you dry in wet environments. Slip this bag in your backpack, camping gear or car for any outdoor adventure. The folded bag is small enough to fit in your pocket. You will be seen from far away. Military grade 12-micron aluminized mylar. This is an emergency blanket that is glad to have if you need it, it is built for hostile environments and cold weather emergencies, and you hope not to use it. The thermal mylar space blanket will keep you warm and dry in the toughest places. Your emergency blankets will keep you warm and dry. The emergency blanket is a must-have to keep you warm in the toughest spots. It's a good idea to keep it in your car, off road vehicle, camping gear, emergency bags, bug out bag, survival kit, and any other place you might need it. Highly packable and life-saving.

Brand: Deke Home

👤I was suppose to get six blankets but only one.

👤I thought there would be six packages. Only one blanket. Rip-off!

👤I have been looking for a solution to protect myself since I noticed that the EMF output around my circuit breaker box is off the charts. I decided to hang one of these blankets in front of my CB box after reading that Mylar is good for blocking EMF. It looks like a curtain. It greatly reduced the EMF being directed into my kitchen. If you have that CB box in your bedroom, you wouldn't believe how many people there are. I keep one of the blankets in my car in case of an emergency. Excellent quality for a good price.

👤It's probably about average for this type of product. If using for a project, they are subject to easy ripping. The thickness of the reflective material on my older Korean-made Mylar sheets is easier to clean than the lower grade ones. I can see more light through the film because the reflections aren't as clear. That suggests that they don't reflect as much light as they could. Dead air insulation like a coat or fleece can be used to reduce convective and/or conductive heat loss. The radiative part of the equation is helped by these blankets. They will do that. I'm not likely to use them in cold weather. I'm not sure if I would have paid more than a dollar for them.

👤On hot sunny days, I hang them in my south facing windows. You can see what's going on outside through them. They are kind of cool looking with the rectangular folds. The upstairs room was 20 degrees cooler before I put them up. We don't have air conditioning in Maine. This is more efficient.

👤You can use them for different things. In case of an emergency, I keep a few of them in the truck. If I see an accident or a homeless person in need of one, they are inexpensive enough to give away. I put a sunshade on my bedroom window to keep it cooler. I grow tomato plants in my bathroom window and use the seeds to reflect the sun onto the plants. They have many purposes.

👤6 units were to be included in the order. Only one was present. The seller sent me a new package after I notified him. I'm very happy.

👤These things keep in warmth. It's also waterproof, so it's very cool. A gift that costs me a buck or two but can make a big difference is a great gift.

3. Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company Collection

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company Collection

There is an outdoor gift. No matter what the occasion, the must have accessory for the hiker, camper, festival go-er or traveller is a Horizon Hound blanket. Going away gifts for special occasions. The wool is 80% merino wool and has a twill weave. instant warmth is produced by wool. Wool is less susceptible to mold and mildew due to its water-resistant qualities. On sunny days, a quality wool blanket can help protect you from the sun and keep you cool with the fibers' natural temperature-regulating properties. Their large wool blanket is approximately 66" x 90" and weighs approximately 4 lbs. This blanket is perfect for an extra layer of insulation. It's great for camping, hiking, backpacking, bushcrafting, boating, fishing, hunting, or storing in the trunk of your car as a utility blanket. A durable wool blanket is an essential addition to your outdoor gear and equipment collection. The Explorer Collection wool blankets have a milled finish, which means there is inter-fiber felting and fabric consolidation, which creates a denser blanket. The edging of the blanket is double-stitched using a thick thread intended to last a long time. This premium woolen blanket has a beautiful thick yarn whipstitch that adds a timeless finish. A soft wool blanket is a timeless gift. This makes a great gift idea for weddings, housewarmings, new beginnings, graduations, engagements, Mother's Day, Father's Day, grandparents, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Wool blankets do not need to be washed because of the self-cleaning properties of wool fibers. Machine washing can damage wool. The Woolly blanket is made from high-quality wool that has natural properties. A good shake and a spot cleaning can go a long way. Thousands of bushcrafters, hunters, campers, backpackers, hikers, survivalists, and preppers use woolen blankets.

Brand: Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company

👤The seller claims that the blanket is made of merino wool. I performed a burn test to confirm that the fibers are natural. The product failed on the test due to the fact that most of the red fibers are much thicker than true merino wool fibers, and that the sample was a human hair. I think that this product is a regular Indian wool blanket, which you can buy at half of the price at Amazon. The logo is the same as before.

👤Garbage is reprocessed! I bought this blanket a long time ago. I decided to clean the blanket because it was time. In the tub is where you'll get a soak with a wash made for wool. The blanket didn't fall apart, but it did reveal threads of orange and other yarn that were used in the manufacturing process. There is an over abundance of over priced garbage products on Amazon that are sold by chinese companies that use American markeing tactics to make consumers believe they are getting something of quality when they are actually getting junk. The blanket is under that category. The Pendleton is a quality wool blanket. If you want a blanket of this quality, choose one of the options that are half the price. Don't buy it!

👤I have never played the wool blanket game. They are said to provide warmth, and I've heard many benefits of having one. There is a They were correct. There is a I needed something better than the thin, cotton blankets I have been using, especially with winter here already in PA. I already have a winter of car living under my belt, and I am here now to talk about it. There is a If I could buy a product that would make this 2nd go around more comfortable, the Woolly Mammoth wool blanket is it. The blanket keeps my body heat where it needs to be, so it helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The material feels good on the skin and doesn't make me angry. Some reviews said there was a strong odor. I haven't experienced that with my own. The care card mentioned if there is a strong smell, to just let it air out. I was unaware of the instructions on how to dry clean and not wash on the care card. The tip about dusting baking soda on the blanket was cool. I am very pleased with the product and company. I will definitely get another one of these when it's time to replace, I know this will last a while, and I know this will last a long time.

👤I felt I should make two quick notes after reading some of the negative reviews. Do not wash this blanket in the washing machine. If you don't know how to care for a wool blanket, don't get mad and leave a bad review. Take 5 minutes to hit up their website and read up on the care. Shrink and shed will be caused by washing. Spot wash as much as you can. It smells. It smells like a blanket. The smell is always stronger when they are new. As you air the blanket out, it will be less stinky. Some people are sensitive to where it smells like fuel, so I am used to it. If you notice that it doesn't make you gag, just spread it out outside on a dry day, or even in your garage where you can open the door, and it will get rid of the wool. It will smell like a dried up blanket after being rubbed on by people, and I have heard of people rubbing dryer sheets on it. If you like the smell of a real wool blanket, you might want to buy a more expensive one. A great blanket. It is not as soft as others. This hunting season will be used a lot. The stitching around the edge is my favorite feature. It is 1/2-1” thick and is strong. The quality is definitely worth the price. If they are out of stock, you can find them at the website. It was where I got mine when Amazon couldn't deliver. The price was the same for me as well. It was worth every penny. It is not designed for softness in my experience. This with my roll makes this dad all warm. It is a very nice blanket, but do consider its weight. The tradition of woolen blankets is still going strong with this one. I might buy the smaller one and keep it in my car.

4. Oceas Outdoor Mylar Emergency Blankets

Oceas Outdoor Mylar Emergency Blankets

Each pack comes with 4 individually wrapped, mylar blankets that fit into a highly durable EVA case. You can store the whole set in your car or take an individual survival blanket with you on your camping and hiking adventures. Mylar blankets are designed to reflect 90 percent of your body's heat. It protects you from extreme cold weather and helps prevent Hypothermia in emergency situations, making it the perfect outdoor gear for camping, hiking, marathon and trail running. Their extra large 7x5 emergency blankets offer 20% more coverage than the average reflective foil blanket. They are great for first aid kits, but can also be used as an emergency sleeping bag, shelter, bivy, or survival gear. Light weight and resilience are qualities. The space blanket is so small and light that you can take it with you anywhere. They're incredibly hard to tear and completely block rain, snow, and precipitation. 100% money back guarantee. They're willing to guarantee that they've created the highest quality emergency mylar blankets. They will give you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase if you have any issues.

Brand: Oceas

👤The product is a point of sale. All the silver and blue dye came off the mylar and stuck to everything. It will have to be washed with water before we can see if it comes off the sleeping bags and pads. 0/09

👤My son and his family were the recipients of one of these, as was my wife and daughter. One of these saved my friend from death. He had shot and killed an animal in the mountains and was going to use it to clean it, but when he realized he wouldn't be able to get out of the woods without getting lost, he wrapped himself in a blanket and spent the night. He said he would have died if he hadn't had the blanket. At first light, his friends came after him. Thanks NASA.

👤I just received my Oceas Emergency Blankets and I am blown away by the quality and beauty of the product. The hard-side case has a carabiner clip. I am not keeping my emergency blankets in this case, but I am looking forward to using them. Each of the emergency blankets has a small nylon bag. I keep an emergency blanket in my family's backpack, and these will be perfect. The blankets are large and beautiful, with my silver side and blue side being the same color. I hope I never have a reason to use this blanket in a true emergency, but I will always have it with me, and I will smile whenever I see it in my pack.

👤When I saw that Oceas had mylar emergency blankets, I was excited. I have two other blankets from them. I use them at my son's soccer practices. I knew I had to get a set for my car when I saw the emergency blankets. The TINY is very modern and has blankets in it. It's super sleek. It's a perfect thing to put in your glove compartment. Can't wait to see what other products Oceas comes up with.

👤Two bed spreads are being used on my Twin beds. I have a cat that sleeps on the bed. She used to get fur all over them. Now she doesn't. She mostly sleeps on top on the beds. She avoids a lot of fur.

👤I keep one of these in my pack, I use it between my hammock and underquilt when cooler nights are present. The footprint of e-blankets is larger. I keep my stuff in the bottom of the hammock compression sack and it never fails when I need it. You should have one in winter backpacks. It's lightweight. Takes up no space. It was worth it.

👤Oceas products are fantastic and we own almost a dozen of them. We have emergency blankets in our car for emergencies.

👤It arrived earlier than expected. That alone was impressive. The blue color was ordered. The main case and blanket is very nice. The material is foil like. It's not possible to check the durability yet or if it will keep us warm. It was used to watch daughter's soccer games. It earns 5 stars for now.

5. Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets Bulk

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets Bulk

The mylar blanket is a light, airy blanket made from heat-reflecting plastic. The mylar blankets are dual-sided in gold color. The same top-performing individually wrapped blankets are in bulk savings quantities. Military-grade 12-micron aluminized polyethylene mylar is light and durable. Emergency use is designed to block rain, snow, and moisture. 100% money back guarantee. Swiss Safe guarantees customer satisfaction or a 100% refund.

Brand: Swiss Safe

👤I wanted to use them in the church's warming shelter. Many of the city's unsheltered people are in danger from the extreme cold when they have to leave and having one of these could possibly save their lives. I was very happy to have found them.

👤It is a great product. I got it for the people on the streets because it was large and it was cold, I thank companies like this one that make products thinking of others. It is worth every cent. I am praying for you all. Thank you so much!

👤Put them in the glove compartment. I haven't opened a package because they can't be re-folded. It's not possible to tell when one will be useful. They were bought to add to a survival pack.

👤I only received 9 blankets. I assume my bag opened at the warehouse because it was open inside the sealed package. The app doesn't give me an option to just have the missing 1 replaced and it's not worth sending all 9 back for them to send me another 10.

👤These were bought to hang on the railing. For my son and his family. I celebrated Christmas on my deck. I have blankets on that block the cold wind and reflect the heat back to us. I used tape to attach rails. I tried to remove the tape from the blankets, but they ripped.

👤The material in the camping section is more expensive than the ones in the material section. The 10 pack is mine. It held up better than the cheapest one at Walmart when it was pulled out for testing. There is gold on one side and silver on the other. You don't feel bad about only using it once if it's at a dollar. I don't have the skills to fold it to fit back into the bag.

👤We bought the blankets to put in packs for the homeless. We tested one and it kept us warm.

👤Don't buy if you're warned. The package only has 20 blankets, not 25.

6. Surviveware Emergency Blankets Backpacking Marathons

Surviveware Emergency Blankets Backpacking Marathons

The machine is washable. It's easy to care for your new blanket. They get softer with each wash. You can scroll down for care instructions. Their extra-large blankets are folded into waterproof bags that are 888-282-0465 to allow you to travel light and protect your gear when facing the elements. Their extra-large blankets are folded into waterproof bags that are 888-282-0465 to allow you to travel light and protect your gear when facing the elements. When something is designed by NASA, you know it will provide the best thermal insulation. Their blankets are green and silver and retain up to 90 percent of your body heat. They use foil that is strong and can be used again and again. There is a weatherpROOF. The emergency thermal blankets are waterproof and wind proof.

Brand: Surviveware

👤I bought 35 of these blankets for use by people in the Kansas City area who needed additional warmth during the last brutal cold snap. I know of a woman who was without heat because her landlord didn't pay his gas bill, and she received one of the blankets. She was a recipient of one of the blankets and I was very happy. All 35 were not given out at the same time. One of the social workers asked if the remaining blankets could be given to the homeless. The answer was absolutely correct. These blankets can be used to help others who are less fortunate.

👤Surviveware has aid kits and tourniquets that I have bought before. The Emergency Blanket gets another approval. It is small and weighs nothing. One of my friends got injured on the hike and we needed to extend our stay. The blanket provided great thermal retention and it was the right size to wrap them in. Cheap blankets are not as effective as they should be and I have carried them before. I paid an extra penny for these. I have enough for my first aid kit, car, boat, and Bug out bag in a five pack. They can be washed so you can use them again and again. I like the idea that you can use these as emergency shelters, just like you would use a tarp. I've heard of people putting curtains behind them to block out heat during the summer. I will use this trick if AC fails. Five stars for a versatile product.

👤The smallest one is made out of a camera case and looks like you are carrying a camera. I will put at least one in each one. The properties of these things are amazing, sitting in a cold wet storm with a simple candle going was completely warm and cozy. sewed it all at the edges, taped a thin grey closed cell pad to one edge, and sandwiched several between black polar fleece and small thin waterproof camo tarp. Not trapped in a sleeping bag, polar fleece is super warm and dry.

👤These are great. I ordered them for my nephew to learn how to survive outdoors. They are practical and cool. Should the occasion arise, he can open one and use three others. He lives in Connecticut where they get snow. When I was in high school, my physics teacher had one of these in class and I thought it was cool. It's fun for all ages and could save your life. What is not to love?

👤I had to use one on a hiking trip that turned into an overnight stay due to bad light. It was big enough to cover me, and it did not tear. I have had cheaper blankets that are flimsy, but these are thicker. They are enough to fold it up the next day and keep using it. Shipping was on time and fast. I will be buying again for friends as gifts.

7. UTOOL Ultra Emergency Blanket Waterproof

UTOOL Ultra Emergency Blanket Waterproof

Prepare you for emergencies with a 7x5ft size and 1.4lb weight. Heavy duty work can use 5-layer thickened materials. The 4 Reinforced Grommets + waterproof and windproof function as a shelter, tarp or ground cover. The sun reflects the sunlight for a signal and keeps warm. 100% money back guarantee. Utool is behind every product.

Brand: Utool

👤I've been backpacking in the mountains and deserts of the western United States for over 45 years. I worked as a survival instructor for 18 summers. This is the best thermal blanket/tarp I have found so far. You need to use common sense and not expect magic out of it. If it is even the least bit cold, they are not going to be a "stand-alone" sleeping bag. Most of them don't breathe. If you wrap yourself in one, you're going to wake up damp. There is a The UTOOL Ultra Emergency Blanket is the same. It is built tough enough to make a ground cloth, light enough to carry on your pack, and hold the heat better than most, but it is not magic. You put it around your sleeping bag. There is a I have never done it, but the tarp is large and waterproof, so you should be able to build several different types of one-man shelters with it. It won't replace a good tent and it isn't magic. It would make a decent signaling device in the event of an emergency. I'm happy with what I got.

👤The replacement arrived with more defects than the first one. If you can guarantee a non-defective product at some point in the future, I would love to buy multiple of these. But not with this defect. The good news is that I really like this product, but I was surprised that there was a stripe down the whole length of it, which was not a good sign. The mylar layer will rip off easily in that location if it isn't being bonded. I'm going to try to return it and see if I can get one that's bonded over the whole surface.

👤I have a bug out bag, survival gear, and a garage full of them. I bought this again as a gift for my friend who is into the wilderness. I bought 11 last time. This is a great item to use for many things, from camping to making a makeshift shelter during an emergency, it is also a great tarp for daily use. The sun can get really brutal, so I always put it on the hood of my car to reflect the heat. There is a review that says the grommets are ripped off. I have been using this blanket from many brands. This blanket is better than Grabber and UST. Don't count on them to hold off a tornado if you know what I mean. If the wind gets really big, I suggest wrapping it around you instead of tying it up.

👤My pastor gave me a space blanket when I was on a backpacking retreat. It was wise to save over a pound. It kept him warm. I was impressed. I tried it when I was stationed in Turkey and it kept me warm. I felt like I was in a snack chip bag when I was testing it, and I thought it was too fragile. It's as tough as a tarp and keeps me warm. I knew this one was much tougher than the originals because I folded and refolded it. This one is not the same. It's not silent but the toughest lining in this line is able to solve the fragile mylar. The treatment in this model is very good.

8. Emergency Blankets Equipment Earthquake Preparedness

Emergency Blankets Equipment Earthquake Preparedness

The machine is washable. It's easy to care for your new blanket. They get softer with each wash. You can scroll down for care instructions. Going camping with friends or family is important to keep you and your family safe. Did you get stranded in your car? Are you worried about losing power during a storm? The solar blankets could save your life. Protect your body from the heat or cold. You can have peace of mind going on your outdoor adventures if you have a blanket that protects you in winter or summer. If you have a first aid blanket that is wind and waterproof, it can keep you warm up to 90 percent of the time. The lightweight design of their silver survival blanket makes it easy to keep handy in case you need them for insulation, shade, shelter or ground cover. The foil space blanket was developed for NASA and it will not add any weight to your luggage.

Brand: Zenwells

👤I bought this to make small blessing/hypothermia prevention bags for the homeless. A blanket, a few handwarmers, and a pair of socks fit nicely into a gallon ziplock bag. I can stop and give it to people who need it. I have many years of experience in the emergency room and I can say that it's much easier to prevent hypothermia than treat it.

👤I have a family that likes to hike, hunt and ski and they don't always stay on the beaten path. Children are on the road a lot. They are perfect for all their activities. The blankets are lightweight, don't take up much space, and can be tucked in a pocket even if they aren't taking a full pack. One of the things I like best about them is that they double as a blanket or a portable shelter if needed, and they are effective against both heat and cold. They can be used to insulate a tent. The blankets are made of military grade material, so they are large enough for my son, and they are also made of the same material as NASA blankets. I believe they will be sturdy even in the wind, because they were tough and durable. Our weather can change quickly, so they are a real advantage. They make great take along blankets. I can refold them and use them again. I bought these blankets and I am very happy with them. It makes me feel better knowing my family will be taking these.

👤I use these to cover my patients while they are receiving treatment, and I'm an acupuncturist. They are light enough to keep the patient warm and not disturb the needles. Love them. When they wear out, they do eventually tear. I bring them home to play with the cats. They make a very loud crinkling noise, but it's fun for them.

👤If you ever need one, these emergency thermal blankets are great to have around. I keep a few in a first aid kit in my car, boat and house in case of an extended power outage. If you get stranded in the middle of nowhere on a road trip due to a snowstorm, you need to be prepared. They are essential survival tools for camping or hiking. It's best to be prepared because you never know what Mother Nature will do. They're waterproof and will keep you warm. The mylar surface reflects the sun's heat. Even if the sun is not out, it will help to keep the warmth within your body so you don't lose the energy you have. These are very small and lightweight, but they are 52 inches long and 22 inches wide. It's great that they are folded into their own bags. It's definitely recommended for anyone who likes to be prepared.

👤I use blankets to keep the heat out. In the summer time in Houston, putting these on all West windows really cuts down on AC bills. I keep them in the car to be better protected from the sun if we have car trouble or need some quick insulation for cold foods. They make a nice shelter from the rain and will cover people trying to get to the car in a sudden rainstorm. Good at the beach to sit on, shelter from the sun or give extra cooling to ice chests. They can be given to the homeless. I use them to protect plants. Just put them down with rocks. It's worth the money.

9. Arcturus Heavy Military Wool Blanket

Arcturus Heavy Military Wool Blanket

The best got better. Thanks to feedback from thousands of customers, they have made dramatic improvements to provide more warmth and value. Arcturus wool blankets are triple-washed during production, making them softer, more sanitary, and less susceptible to shed. If you want to get the most accurate reviews from your Arcturus fans, check out recent customer feedback. Their blanket is perfect for any place, it looks right at home in the woods or on your couch. Wool is fireproof. Their blankets are safe for you and your family because they are never treated with flame-retardant chemicals. A large size (64" x 88") will keep you and a friend cozy while camping, at a tailgate party, or an outdoor concert. It's also great as an emergency blanket in your vehicle. Wool is a natural fabric that will keep you warm even when wet. 20% of the blanket is made of synthetic fibers that are washable. Synthetic fibers help secure the weave and add years of life to your blanket because of their short length. The machine is washable. It's easy to care for your new blanket. They get softer with each wash. You can scroll down for care instructions.

Brand: Arcturus

👤No. Just no. I wanted to love this blanket. I read the reviews and decided to buy based on the positive number. The bad smells that other reviewers listed were straight out of the box. A chemical smell is not bad. Good sign. The blanket was pretty. Good sign number two. My cat jumped up to check it out with me. She rubbed and kneaded and then pulled out a clump of fluff. Uh oh. Not a good sign. It was not aggressive. I was hesitant to wash it because I was worried it would ruin it, but I went ahead and did it. I used a front loading gentle cycle washer, but it didn't work out for me. You can now see the weave lines because of the amount of fluff that came out. I am sad. I tried two more gentle washes because I read that the fluff goes away after a few washes. Nope, nope. This sad blanket is not useful. I can not use it because of the shed. There are tons of fibers and fluff in the house. It gives Kitty something to play with. It's really sad. Nobody wanted to love this more. I can not.

👤A star. Really bad. You can't sell this to people. I did laundry 3 times and it still sticks with heavy chemicals. The image is attached and shows how it looks after I did laundry.

👤I was going to make an anorak wool shirt from these blankets. We cut and sewed the shirt and hood. I have worn out hunting, backpacking, and hiking. It was tested from 35 degrees in the high desert with a 20 mph wind to 10 degrees in the mountains with a gentle breeze. I have never been more comfortable in the weather. I will be buying more to make shirts for the family and to have blankets on hand. These are worth a lot of money. As all get out, it is soft to the touch and warm.

👤I hear people say that the blankets smell bad because they have been in storage. I have smelled hideous blankets in storage when I was a Marine. I left the blanket outside for a day and it smelled great. I will be buying more blankets because it is warm and durable.

👤The blanket arrived and looked great. It smelled like petrol. They told me to wash it after I called them. I have an allergic reaction to small hairs on my clothes and bedding because my washer and dryer were ruined when I washed it in cold and air drying. If I could, I would give this a -5 star rating. This is the worst product ever. I was able to return it because of Amazon. I will return. I am sad because I wanted this to work out as I am cold at night but it only left me with severe allergies and headaches.

👤We wanted a heavy wool blanket to be placed in the trunk for emergencies, but it wasn't the one we were looking for. There were two issues that werebreakers for us. We washed the blanket in cold water and then dried it on the low/air. After two washes, the chemical smell did not change much, and we did not feel safe keeping it. There are two things that happen:shedding and. The blanket was nearly full of lint during two runs through the dryer. On the second run through our high-efficiency front loader washer, the blanket shed enough to cause a small amount of water leaking from the machine's front filter. We've had our washing machine for over a year and have washed a lot of things, but this is the first thing that has gotten in the way of the filters. We thought about taking the blanket to a laundromat to see if the smell would go away, but we decided that it was not how a blanket should behave. The kinds of problems we had are not necessarily specific to this brand. These kinds of issues are common in reviews for low cost 80% wool blend military style blanket. If you are sensitive to chemicals, you might not like the smell. The heavy weight listed in the product description is correct. I weighed it and it came in at 4.2 pounds.

10. PREPARED4X Emergency Blanket Poncho Activity

PREPARED4X Emergency Blanket Poncho Activity

The machine is washable. It's easy to care for your new blanket. They get softer with each wash. You can scroll down for care instructions. PREPARED4X created its emergency poncho using tough mylar and NASA- engineered tear- resistant material, so you can keep warm. Their patent-pending PREPARED4X wind-resistant and waterproof blanket poncho hybrid is a great way to keep your hands out of harms way. The mylar blanket poncho is roomy and convenient, and you can fit your backpack underneath it to keep it safe and dry. It is ideal for your survival kit, hiking gear, earthquake kit, bug out bag, or car emergency kit because it has a poncho and thermal blanket in one. It's important to have an emergency survival poncho in your bag so you can protect yourself from critical heat loss in an emergency situation.

Brand: Prepared4x

👤I bought these out of all the others. I bought this for a homeless man. I understand that it isn't durable like a winter jacket, but it is 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465 He said that the wind went underneath and through the opening that it did not have arms, so he did not feel warm. I thought it was more durable than some of the others, but it wasn't. I wanted to help him. What if it was an emergency case? It didn't do what it said it would do.

👤They are rubbish bags that are silver in color and tear very easily. They cost me $30.96 because they are not mylar and are not warm. They are a scam.

👤Shipping was late. The poncho was light weight but had a hole in it when I opened it. See the photo. The box itself wasn't damaged, and two others didn't have any holes. I would not wear this on a backpacking trip. It is very thin, and with the tree branches it would tear. It wouldn't fit in a large backpack. I am not sure how many uses you would get, but luckily you get three in the package. It is a good value for the price, but I am not sure I would be willing to take it on a multiple day hike.

👤These emergency ponchos are great! I used to use thin mylar blankets, but they are not as thick as the one I tried, and they are not as good as the one I tried. My phone would recommend these over regular mylar emergency blankets because of the smaller bag size. I am ordering more for gifts and putting them in vehicles.

👤I gave away three of these to medical volunteers at the protest. They thanked me very much. I stayed outside in the rain for about six hours thanks to this thing. Don't think you can reuse them. The orange paint was sticking to itself the next day. It didn't seem like it was in good shape for another outing. Even though I had a backpack on over it, it was fine until I took it off. It was perfect.

👤The jacket is twice as thick as a typical Mylar blanket but will tear easily if caught on anything. The arm sleeves are short and come down to my knees. It is too big in the waist to allow heat to escape. I believe the price is too high for a 4 pack. I would pay fifteen dollars for them after touching the product. It will work under a poncho. The hood is a good feature and the seams are not torn. It was easier to repackage than a blanket. To make the arms and total length a foot longer, add a waist strap and double the thickness.

👤I took this on a camping trip and loved it. This blanket kept me warm when I was a small person. These blankets are very small. I keep 2 in my car and one in my camping gear. I would buy this product again.

11. Emergency ,Designed Retention ,Marathons Aid。ANMEILU

Emergency %EF%BC%8CDesigned Retention %EF%BC%8CMarathons Aid%E3%80%82ANMEILU

The cookware kit is designed for anyone who loves camping with their family and friends. It is portable and convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities. Emergency Mylar thermal blankets are emergency blankets. The Mylar blankets are perfect for home emergency kits and bug out bags. Each survival blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage. They can be used for both ground cover and shade. Mylar blankets are great for saving body heat in emergency situations. Emergency use is perfect for situations where warmth is required. Retaining/reflecting up to 90% of a user's body heat helps prevent Hypoxic and shock. Their blankets can help keep you dry in wet environments. Mylar emergency thermal blanket is made from the best Weatherproof Material. The foil cover can reflect heat back to the body, or it can be diverted from the sun. It's perfect for camping trips and sporting events. Use as tent footprint, backpack cover, rain poncho, emergency signal, solar oven, shade cover, fishing lure, bird repellent, emergency shelter, sleeping bag liner, ground cover, bivouac sack, wind blocker, arm sling, tourniquet, bivvy, trail is nearly endless.

Brand: Qio Chuang

👤We gave these to homeless people and they seem to like them.

👤I got these because they were cheap and I was surprised at the quality. The curtains were down for a few weeks so I only needed two to see the heat from the two sunny windows. I have camping gear in the car. I thought I would need extras because they wouldn't hold up. I put them on the window frame at night so I don't have to look at it. I thought they might rip up, but they are holding up. I can peel the tape off without the reflective part peeling off. I had temporary use for them. They would work well as an emergency blanket.

👤These things are large. It was much bigger than I thought. I didn't think they would work, but they warmed up immediately. Can't wait to try them out.

👤I use these to cover plants. Work well!

👤The heat comes through windows from the sun. It acts like a one way mirror during the day, with a heavy tinted window effect. When looking at it from the outside, it's barely visible.

👤You have to keep one in your car. I would love to have one in my car on January 29th. Atlanta Slowpocalypse! My first test was to stand outside in the cold weather of Atlanta with nothing but a t-shirt on. I wrapped it around myself and felt like Batman. I stayed outside for 15 minutes, and the longer I stood there the warmer I got. I had intended to give them all away as stocking stuffers, but I had to convince them not to. I only gave one away.

👤I like the product. I received a 3 pack with no resolve after ordering a six pack. The product is functional.

👤There is nothing to complain about so far. The space blankets are very thick. I opened one to make sure it covered the entire upper torso and genitalia. It did all of them. I would buy the 10 pk. You can put them in multiple places you deem necessary.


What is the best product for survival blankets extreme cold military?

Survival blankets extreme cold military products from Ektos. In this article about survival blankets extreme cold military you can see why people choose the product. Deke Home and Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival blankets extreme cold military.

What are the best brands for survival blankets extreme cold military?

Ektos, Deke Home and Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival blankets extreme cold military. Find the detail in this article. Oceas, Swiss Safe and Surviveware are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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