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1. Augason Farms Breakfast Emergency Supply

Augason Farms Breakfast Emergency Supply

It has an average of 1250 calories per meal. 20,360 calories There are 6 breakfast varieties. A 20 year shelf life is possible.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤This is the second time I have ordered this bucket. I opened the bucket and looked at the contents. One of the bags of Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal was pierced with a tiny hole and was no longer oxygen-free. I am dumping this bag into the trash and replacing it with a couple of Mountain House pouches of granola because I can't tell if it was due to poor handling at the factory or actual product tampering. It will cost an extra $12. Did you check the contents of your food buckets?

👤It was perfect. I wish it wasn't a box in a box. It looks like it has been opened. Handel is in good condition and I am confident that the inside is closed. I am waiting on the lunch and dinner bucket for my first breakfast. A 24lb bucket of pinto beans, 24lb of rice, 10 cans of black bean burgers, and 10 cans of bell peppers are all in a pantry full of shelf stable things. I add things to a wish list and wait for a sale to buy them. I have never been able to get any of these at full price. I have slowly been getting one or two things at a time after Covid showed me how unprepared my family is. There is a bucket of emergency food. We will be cycling through 4 months of food. There are a few months worth of shelf life items. Within a month or two, I will have 6 months worth. I have been buying more food and have been eating less to fit it. The monthly food budget is what makes my purchases come out of it.

👤The dates on the packaging don't match the promised time, so they might have been sitting in a warehouse for a while. I opened it to make sure there was no puncture and there was still a decent amount of white powder in the pail. Couldn't locate the origin. I would recommend packing some zip baggies with it because some of the multiple serving pouches can't be sealed again. I have no idea how long it was in the warehouse. I got it on sale.

👤I believe that Augason Farms Breakfast Pail is an excellent emergency prep food to keep on hand in case of an emergency in your area. Depending on how much you want to eat, there is enough in one bucket to keep a single adult for 2 weeks to a month. The packages are in mylar. You need a bucket opener to open the buckets. They can be stacked one on top of the other for storage. The meals are enjoyable. I have learned that Augason Farms makes the best tasting products for shelf-staple meals that I have been able to find thus far. They have Morning Moos milk alternative powder in both flavors. When you make them according to the directions, they taste just as good as they look.

👤Imagine for a second that you are going on a camping trip with three children. Imagine that you have to choose between making a breakfast menu and a lunch menu, and then assembling 50 pounds of fresh breakfast and dinner foods. How do you keep the milk cold? How do you store and carry it? One of these little pails and another little pail containing the Auguson Farms lunch/dinner foods menu can be carried with you. Four of you, a grandmother or two, and a breakfast pail seem to be enough.

2. IRPRUS Original Emergency Replacement Preparedne

IRPRUS Original Emergency Replacement Preparedne

If you don't like the taste, they'll give you your money back. Russian army navy MRE daily diet is perfect for hunting and fishing. The three days of emergency power is a compact one kilo. Russian quality is just what helps survive. 5 years is the shelf life. The European system shows the date of production. Designed by Russian scientists for use in the most severe emergencies. Designed by Russian scientists for use in the most severe emergencies.

Brand: Irprus

👤I was wrong. It is worse than starving to death. That is eating the bars. They are made from flour sugar and fat. There are three bars and three o packs in each vacuum pack. The texture is not very smooth. It has an odd smell like shortening on the verge of turning. They have almost no flavour. For five years, they are goid. If you are caught in a zombie apocalypse, you will not be tempted to consume all these bars at once. The instructions are in English and Russian. They don't recommend drinking sea water. I will update my final pack in five years to see if they improve with age.

👤The bars are meant to keep a person from starving. I won't starve to death because it won't keep me full between meals. On one side is Russian text while on the other is English. I couldn't determine the calories, fat, sugar, or salt because this doesn't have a nutrition panel. If I'm starving and this is all I have, I'm not going to care about anything more than staying alive. The "ingredients" are wheat flour, sugar and fats, but they don't say what kind of sugar or fats they are. I had to cut it open because the tear strip tore above the sealed part. I had to pry the bars apart with a butter knife because they were stuck together. If these are part of your bug-out bag, you need to open the packet and pry the bars apart with a dull knife. They weren't great, but they weren't the worst thing I've eaten. I might get more because they weigh less and that will make carrying my bug-out bag easier.

👤The food in Russia was terrible but delicious. Russia is famous for one dish that is really good. A dish from Russia has moved to other countries. You cannot. Borscht is known only in Russia, and not one other country has a variation of it. I have not eaten it since I left Russia, and I did not like it when I ate it there. We are here. We have been given emergency food ratios by Russia. I got caught up in the moment and didn't address the obvious. The country with no great or mostly good food decided to share its emergency ratios with the world. There was no way this could end well. I'm going to say the punchline. The ratios smell like old fashioned soap and taste like it. The soap is used to get your mouth washed out. In Russia, old soap and Crisco are a delicacy. I wouldn't put it past them. I warn you, My Fellow American, that regardless of the price or the intrigue of having Russian ratios, you will not eat these. Not under any circumstances. They won't save your life if you have been in the woods for 3 weeks without food.

👤The emergency food was difficult to open. They can be kept for a long time without worry of decay. They have a weird smell of fried chicken when you first open them and it tastes like something you'd find in a store. Each package has three bars and was included in the order. The texture is like a hard cookie with a beige color. We had difficulty unsticking the food parts because they were stuck together. The ingredients are wheat, flour, sugar, and fat. It's all over. If you use your imagination, they look like a slice of white fruit cake or even worse, a poorly prepared divinity. They didn't mix up the ingredients. The writing on them is mostly English and Russian, but it doesn't give a lot of information. When ordering on Amazon, you can't choose the date because these last up to 5 years. I believe ours was made only 8 months before we got them. There's no information about calories or grams of fat. The packet says to accept food at a strong feeling of famine. I don't think anyone would eat these unless they were really starving. You don't have to worry about other people snacking on them when there isn't a famine because you have bought and stored them away. It doesn't seem like this would do much if there is a famine. You don't need vitamins C or calcium to stay healthy. Each pack is supposed to provide enough food for a day. The packaging is light and small. I would only use them for a short time. The purpose is to use them so you don't starve. These are insufficient in other situations.

3. CLIF BAR Energy Variety Protein

CLIF BAR Energy Variety Protein

There are 16 energy bars in the following flavors: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Cool Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter Banana with Dark Chocolate, and Blueberry Crisp. The Clif Bar is the ultimate performance energy bar, made with an ideal mix of fat, sugar, andProtein to sustain active bodies before and during long- lasting, moderate-intensity activity. The ingredients that are better for the planet. Every bar they make is made with sustainable chocolate and plant-based ingredients like almonds, peanuts, and organic rolled oats. There are delicious flatbreads. Classic favorites like Chocolate Chip and Crunchy Peanut Butter are included in the CLIF BAR flavors. Clif Bar provides wholesome, delicious energy that is all ready to go, whether you need sustained energy for hiking, climbing, skiing, or a long bike ride.

Brand: Clif Bar

👤I don't like to eat breakfast in the morning, but I need to have something with my medication. These bars are good and filling, so my medication doesn't upset my stomach.

👤Product was in perfect order and shape. The price is good. Lots of flavors the guys loved.

👤These are my favorites. I will have one for breakfast. I'm set for a long time. My favorite is the one with my favorite flavor of peanut butter. Excellent taste! I have to stop snacking on them.

👤The family went to Egypt. We had these for snacks during the two week trip, I bought a box of them. There were 8 different flavors. I don't get to try Clif or any other kind of bars so it was great to sample the different flavors. The peanut butter crunch was my favorite. I used them for long day hikes. Light. It is easy to carry. Provides the calories I need. They taste great.

👤Good price. I liked the variety in this pack. They seemed dryer than in the past. I'm not sure what happened there, it's about 6 months from now. Most likely will not buy again.

👤When you don't have a lot of time to eat, this is a great snack to have on hand. I use a banana when I travel. There are lots of flavors. Definitely worth a try.

👤If you like cookies and cookie dough, this is a brand for you.

👤I bought the variety pack to see which one I liked the most. Most are pretty good. There are some that are not so good. Someone else might like all of them. The variety pack allowed me to know which flavor I like the most.

👤Can't argue with the price.

4. Eccotemp FVI12 LP Propane Tankless Heaters

Eccotemp FVI12 LP Propane Tankless Heaters

We offer a risk-free LIFETIME & SATISFACTION WARRANTY. A survival kit, thermal blanket, and free membership to The Atomic Bear Academy are included. Whole home indoor, gas powered tankless water heaters are 3.6 GPM and are an energy saver. It's perfect for any small home, cabin or apartment. It's easy to read the digital temperature display on a small and space-saving design. Plugs into a standard 120v electrical outlet with a UL listed cord. The water temperature controls are easy to use. Minimum flow rate is 0.65 gallons per minute. The water temperature controls are easy to use. Minimum flow rate is 0.65 gallons per minute.

Brand: Eccotemp

👤I wanted to give a review on this water heater. It's been in my travel trailer for about three months. It was easy to install. I understand why it's not recommended for use, but I also understand how happy people can be over stupid things. I am very happy with how this little beauty performs. The shower is almost instantaneous, and the water temperature can be a bit tricky to get right, but it is worth it because it delivers unlimited hot water in about 5 seconds to the farthest part of my trailer. It doesn't intrude into the space one has in a travel trailer, and appears to "sip" propane. The heat from the unit is not an issue. I can hold my hand on the vent pipe when it's running, but it doesn't get hot enough to ignite anything because of the power vent. When it senses water flow, it ignites. After the flame is stopped, the fan continues to run. It's an absolute winner if it holds up. I will update this review if I encounter any issues. Still deserves 5 stars. I am amazed at how little propane it uses. I started with a 20 gal tank and still have some left. I had to lower the settings to account for the warmer water coming into the unit during the warm weather. I have had no issues with the water heater and am still happy with it. I am amazed at how it sips propane and heats water well. It's easy to vary the temperature even if you don't need it. Would recommend this unit to others.

👤We live in an off grid home. We love the hot water tank. 140 degree water in a second. We have no low flow issues. We use a 6 gal pump. There was one issue out of the box. The brass drain valve was leaking. A.79 cent O-ring was replaced. This tank is very good. Customer service was responsive and answered my questions. The temp controls are easy to use. I'm not sure why so many people are complaining. It is a great hot water tank.

👤I decided to replace it after two years of using it. It was just totally inconsistent. Went downhill from there after seeing to sort of work after first installing. It's useless for sinks as they won't generate enough flow to cause this thing consistently. Warm water can be made by appliances that give enough flow, but they aren't good enough to make hot water. Is it high capacity? I don't think so. Maybe they have a different definition for high capacity.

👤If you mix hot and cold water it will turn off the unit and cause a cold shower. It is a good idea to find a suitable vent pipe besides what is included. I bought the i12 when I sent the unit back. Working did a great job of keeping temp but would not ignite and give me an e1 error code. Tech support is useless. I wouldn't recommend any eccotemp products. I bought a takagi tankless water heater. Well built in Japan, it has a true 3gpm water output.

5. Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food

Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food

The US Coast Guard approved a 12-day supply of food. 2 packets Each packet contains fortified food bars. The US Coast Gaurd was approved for 5 years shelf life. The USCG No 160.046.36 was approved. No 168.006. It is designed to sustain life until rescue or addtional food is available. The coconut flavor is great. The coconut flavor is great.

Brand: Sos Food Labs, Inc.

👤I'm only eating these for 3 days. A personal challenge. The Final Day is day 3. If you like coconut, the taste is great. I score there. The main ingredient in the biscuits/cookies is sugar. They haven't spiked my blood sugar, I've taken my blood sugar 3 times, twice the first day and once yesterday. It was either 81 or 82 each time. The brick of food is 1.6 pounds, there are 9 biscuits/cookies, and each one weighs almost 3 ounces. The package felt greasy when I opened it and I was looking at a block of food. I cut a third of the cookies away with a knife, but they were wrapped individually and stuck together. They are wrapped in plastic. I've been drinking water with each cookie because of the promotion of thirst. That is important to keeping hunger away. I drink about 480 ounces of water and 6-7 cups of tea each day. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, I cut the cookies in thirds and eat 1/3 of a cookie. I save the last third for a snack. It seems to work until about 4pm when I get hungry and have to wait for it to pass. I continued to work out in the morning for 45 minutes. I feel the weight on my eye lids in the evening because I'm a little more tired than usual. I usually sleep for 7 hours but last night I slept for 8. I feel great in the mornings. I feel tired in the late afternoons and evenings. Breakfast was my strategy. I haven't had it yet. I ate it on the day before. A 1/3 of a cookie is enough to eat. Before you eat, drink at least 20 ounces of water. Yesterday was almost 11 am, so you should wait as long as you can. Again drink water and tea. There is a Yesterday was 1 pm. Drink water. The snack was at 3:30 pm. Drink water and tea. The dinner was close to 6 pm. Drink water and tea before and during snack. Water and tea are good for you. I lost over 6 pounds in 2 days. There were no ill effects. The first night was cold. I had to drink tea and put a warm cup against my neck to warm me up after taking my temperature. It might have been that I was incorporating a lot of tea into the plan last night, because I didn't have the same effect. Put one in your car, your wife's car, your kid's car. They're great for emergencies. Live off them for 3 days if they're about to expire. Update I lost 9 pounds after completing the challenge and felt great the whole time. The hunger is not the only thing. It's worth keeping your cars in case of an emergency.

👤The apocalypse won't be bad after all. I decided to eat one and see if I want to keep this in my closet. They are so delicious that I've already gone through a 3 day pack. There was nothing wasted. I "lived" off of 3 bars a day for 3 days, and they do eradicate hunger. I accomplished everything I could on a day to day basis, except for the desire for a cheeseburger. It was an interesting 3 days but I am confident that S.O.S. Rations will be a great addition to the long term food storage. If I can stop eating them. I had them with coffee, so maybe that was cheating.

6. MET Rx Colossal Protein Healthy Replacement

MET Rx Colossal Protein Healthy Replacement

There is a box of MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Protein Bars Variety Pack. There is a box of MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Protein Bars Variety Pack. The meal replacement bars are packed with calories. Zinc and Vitamins A and C are found in each MET-Rx bar. The MetamyoSyn blend is a quick and sustained delivery of amino acids to muscles.

Brand: Met-rx

👤There are 24 g of sugars. 40 g of sugars. Don't buy it, it's just high calories and sugars, total fat is 14 g, and there's 24 grams of added sugar.

👤I keep it short because I could write a lot. These are not for you if you are on a deficit diet. As a treat, but not on the regular. There is a If you are trying to gain muscle while losing fat. These are great for you. As for the worry on the calories. Your body needs food. The fitness industry makes money from low-fat and low-cholesterol. Do you remember when fat was considered bad? If you are a woman, you need to eat. It is fuel for an energy. I love these take them to meet my count because I can go all day without eating. I have to be carful with calories because I am missing my heavy weights. Most people care about that. What does it taste like? I think it is the best tasting bar I have ever had. For years, an individual has been eating a variety of bars and powders. This is my new favorite brand. This is a good replacement for candy bars if you are not used to them.

👤I'm not very focused on fitness right now, so I'm more interested in finding filling bars that I enjoy eating. I was recently diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and I'm still adjusting to my medication that suppresses my appetite in the mornings. I've been relying on these bars as a quick and delicious solution to get the vitamins and minerals I need. I like the Peanut Butter Cup, Super Cookie Crunch, Chocolate Crunch, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The cereals are pretty sweet. The Churro was good, but not my favorite. I would like to try more of the flavors.

👤The bars have a lot of sugar and corn syrup. They are very sweet. The apple pie and churro flavors have a rough texture. The apple pie flavor was good. The churro flavor was a subtle cinnamon bar. I wouldn't purchase either of those flavors again. The super cookie crunch had a lot of texture. It had a good amount of bitter chocolate flavor. Still sweet. I would buy the cookie crunch again.

👤I've had different kinds of bars. There are many worse brands than this. If you don't eat a lot of sugar, these taste good and won't ruin your meal plan. The apple one is really good. The chocolate one is not as bad as fresh chocolate brownies. The consistency can be changed by the presence of a certain amount of a certain substance. These are well worth the price. I had to stay home so much that I wanted more snacks. I'm always happy to have something I need. I'm not sure if the bad reviews are correct, but I think they are good. I got these at Walmart and 711, but they don't all have the same flavors.

7. Emergency Food Rations 10 3600 Calorie

Emergency Food Rations 10 3600 Calorie

A 500g pack contains 9 individual bars with an energy value of 260 kcal each, which are vacuum-welded together in an aluminum foil. A 500g pack offers more than an average daily emergency of 1800-2000 kcal. The calories per ration is 3600. The US Coast Guard standards are met. The temperature was -40 F to 300F. The temperature was -40 F to 300F.

Brand: Grizzly Gear

👤0 stars. Both of them are called Bilbo and Sitch. I bought one of the food ration to try before buying a case. This was supposed to be a sugar cookie. The mainstay coconut bars have a pictur for date. These were made on 12/14. 2 of the packs were damaged.

👤The two people on the left are vacuum sealed. The two on the right are not sealed. I bought a pack of bars. 3 of the 10 were not sealed properly, so I know they will last the 5 years. The other 7 were made in October of 2020, so they have been exposed to oxygen for almost five months. I would recommend to go with a different brand. I will have to reach out to the company to figure out how to deal with this situation.

👤We needed emergency food storage. I wanted to see what they tasted like. They smell like grease and reminded me of when I was younger. They don't taste like they smell. The taste is not that sweet. We could eat these if we needed to. I only gave four stars because of the smell. They're good. We will be buying another case soon.

👤Most of the low-star reviews say to check your product immediately after you receive it. The bars I ordered in January of last year were manufactured in 2016 so they burned through almost all of the shelf life. I assume that one of the bars was unsafe to eat because of the vacuum seal failure. Just sent it back. The product is great, but inventory management is poor.

👤I would love to give five stars. I contacted the seller to let them know I got 2 out of 10. It's been a week and no word back. The service was poor. Poor product. A few of mine were not labeled with an expiration date. This seems to happen a bit. If you're looking for 25 year shelf life, buy from someone else. I don't like to rely on these in an emergency.

👤Half of the packages are not strong. I don't know how long they last with air circulation. I have every reason to believe that half of them would last longer than five years. Half of them are not. I have to vacuum seal five of them because I have to finish the job on half.

👤The taste is not bad for what it is. It's pretty good like shortbread with a hint of lemon. They need to ship it better because the packaging is not strong. I ordered a set for myself and two friends, not my specialty. Each had at least one that the packaging was not long air tight. The bar is good, but they need to not just throw them in with no padding in the box. It might not be the biggest deal, considering the bulk I ordered, but nothing about how it was handled or the situation that may not happen in smaller batches, or replacement batches for the damaged one, should be taken into account.

8. Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar CASE

Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar CASE

There will be more water storage per inch. The design allows for more water storage. A more compact emergency water storage solution. The pack contains 32 cartons of drinking water. The total of 90 bars in the value pack is 200 calories per bar. It is packaged in a way that makes it easy to ration and store in your survival and disaster kit. The coconut flavor is superior and all natural. The small and lightweight is USCG approved and has a 5 year shelf life. A high energy value and ready to eat. A high energy value and ready to eat.

Brand: Datrex

👤I don't know why I gave it five stars. I hope to never have to use this. Emergency food is what it is. We need to be able to survive and not like "Oh we ran out of mac-and-cheese", which is what N. Korea did. I assume the internet will be down at that point, so I'll keep ordering stuff, but you won't see my final review because I assume Amazon Prime will still be able to provide two day shipping at that point.

👤I have used this product before. It is reliable and has all it's claims. We have kit bags that are updated every few years. The Emergency Food Bar case is very reliable. The Emergency Food Bar was the best we found and tested. I will order them again.

👤It's hard to beat the price when buying in bulk, as you get about 550 kcal per dollar for something that's ready to eat, fairly balanced, and non-perishable. You can get more calories for your buck by buying more staple foods such as rice, sugar, or vegetable shortening, but you need to prepare something to eat out of that. The taste of Datrex bars isn't overwhelming, and they aren't really sweet. They have a biscuit-like consistency with a hint of coconut. It is something you can enjoy in a non- emergency setting. If it ever comes to that, they are probably ok for medium-term survival with a reasonable blend of vitamins and fat. The heavy weight is the only negative. If you want to hike or be tired, you're better off with freeze-dried foods.

👤I keep them in my emergency supplies. I try to test my emergency equipment before I put it away to make sure I know what to expect when I need it. I've purchased other emergency food bars and ration packs, but these Datrex bars are my go-to bar now. I don't care about making sure I have the healthiest ingredients in emergency food, I need affordability andDurability. Datrex makes an affordable product that is quite healthy, performs well in my car all year, tastes quite good, and doesn't leave me thirsty, and that's just one of the reasons I like it. Definitely a winner in my book. I supplement these with a few MRE ration so that I can have some heated food for a few nights so that I don't get stressed out.

👤I decided to create an earthquake survival kit because I am working in southern California. You can survive for a month if you buy a case of vitamins and have enough water. You should keep your kit in your car. It is always close by.

👤One of the units lost its vacuum. I had the chance to sample the bars. The bar was not very good. It was very hard to eat. The sweeter it got the better. They would work well in a survival situation. Each unit has bars wrapped in plastic. I will keep a small amount due to my experience.

9. Clif Kid Organic Granola Packaging

Clif Kid Organic Granola Packaging

A good source of whole grains. Each variety pack contains 16 delicious snacks, including original Zbar, Zbar Protein and Zfruit. It was designed to ruin. The blend of fat, fiber, andCarbohydrates make it good for kids to snack on and give them energy to keep moving. CLIF Kid cares about the planet just as much as they do. All of their products are non-GMO and contain organic ingredients. Their products are free from high-fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors, which are things parents want to avoid. The taste is delicious. Kids love a variety of flavors.

Brand: Clif Bar

👤I almost gave my nephew a bar of oatmeal. My sister caught him before he bit her. The wrapper had small holes and cuts all over it. Before feeding children, please check the bars and wrappers.

👤I can understand that the listing says flavors may vary, but I don't think it's right that the lead image shows no peanut butter flavors and the pack you receive contains 75% peanut butter.

👤Our kids liked them so we swore by them. We had a monthly subscription to them. Half of the bars in the box were taken up by a peanut butter flavor. None of our children like it. We had to cancel our subscription. Why did they add this flavor and so many of them in one box? Very disappointing!

👤The variety box had a perfect blend of flavors and options, and they were all quite good. You can tell that you are eating a clean and good quality meal by the consistency and the amount of sugar in it. The reason I gave 4 stars is because the bars are so low in the amount ofProtein that I thought they were 5 stars. If you're looking for a good snack, look elsewhere. This is a great option if you want a snack that the kids will love.

👤I bought these for my daughter, but I think I've eaten more of them than she has. The flavors in the variety pack were described in the description and we received everything. It was well packaged and shipped by both Amazon and a cute box, which is impressive given how soft some of the bars are. I don't like having to try a product for the first time, but I think this was a pleasant surprise. The flavors are on. We've tried the chocolate brownie and iced oatmeal cookie. One of the best bars I've ever tried. The oatmeal cookie is my favorite. You would think that it would be really sweet, but it's not, it's really balanced. The energy bars are not hard at all. I would feel comfortable feeding this to a younger child, because they're so soft. You would have to judge that for yourself. I haven't tried the bars that came with it, but I can tell from the packaging that they are very firm. They are not large bars. I find them very filling. The fruit twists look good. My daughter likes them and that's good for me. The cute little box is what it was shipped in. It's great to keep them out of the trash. I have arthritis and the packaging for the bars is easy for me to open, so it's reasonable to assume that most children would be able to open these themselves. I would have to rate this as a 9. The bars have a good taste and are well thought out, but I wish they had more nutrition. I would like to see an equal number of all the flavors. It's a personal preference. If your school allows it, it's a good starter kit for a classroom snack box or even to send off your college age kid. I paid almost a dollar per bar for this box. Sometimes you can get what you pay for, even if it's a little expensive.

10. Datrex Emergency Survival Water Pouch

Datrex Emergency Survival Water Pouch

Can draw from almost any fresh water source. The water is lightweight and extremely compact. Individual sachets are ideal for storage. 60 ft3 (1.70 m3) is the pallet volume. It's easy to put in a survival kit with a pre-measured sachet. Such, Canadian Coast guard, EC and New Zealand approval.

Brand: Datrex

👤I am a prepper nerd and I have been checking the water being sold in these small pouches. Many are just tap water and bags. The total dissolved solids are referred to as theTDS. I have seen a range from 100-300 parts per million. The water is pure. I did a simple test here and the lab tested it and both came out as 4 parts per million. The purity of the water is 10 parts per million. The soft taste and slightly acidic PH of around 5 is what Reverse Osmosis Water has been heavily Filters through for taste. Very happy with the package.

👤I received a case of water with an expired date on it. The bottom of the box was wet, so I knew we had a leak when I put the case with my emergency storage. When I opened the case to look for the leaking packet of water, I found that all but 19 of the 64 packs had expired by the time I received the package. The other 19 were older. They had a date in the future. One of the 2 water paks that were unexpired had a leak. It was as if this company tried to hide the expired water in a different case and then placed enough paks over the top of those to try to pass it off as okay. They would have fooled me if one of the packs had not leaked. This company was dishonest.

👤We bought a box of these to distribute among our bags. We haven't tasted it yet, but we hope we never have. It doesn't sound romantic to drink out of a plastic packet. I'm happy to have it. It looks like it's a great backup for water in your house, car, bug out bags, whatever you can think of. Many of them come in a box and are very affordable. If you need some water in an emergency, you can distribute them among the various areas of your life. The packets are very lightweight and durable. I think it's very sturdy and should be cut with a knife to puncture it. They arrived quickly, packaged well and were a good value. We are looking forward to never using them. My wife and I found this one to be the best emergency water out there, but there are many other brands, and you can find a different one that you like better. Other options include water tablets, water bottles, and so on. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to look at other options. I am very happy with what we received and I look forward to never having to use them.

👤This is a big part of my bags and I want to give it 5 stars. There were two pouches inside the box. There were no visible tears or cuts on the bags, they just leaked out of the seals. The book that Amazon had packed in the same box was damaged when the water leaked out of the box. They were packing a book in the same box as a case of water. The water in the undamaged pouch is fine. The one I opened was packed in the year of 2017: it was fresh and clean.

11. Datrex Emergency Survival Calorie Ration

Datrex Emergency Survival Calorie Ration

The total of 180 bars with 200 calories per bar is in the value pack. It is packaged in a way that makes it easy to ration and store in your survival and disaster kit. The coconut flavor is superior and all natural. The small and lightweight is USCG approved and has a 5 year shelf life. A high energy value and ready to eat.

Brand: Datrex

👤I ordered a box of these to be used in case of an emergency, and I will never use them for anything else. These will help me get my daily intake up if something happens where regular food is hard to get for a short time. It could be supplemented by food storage or an extra sugar boost. For something you can quickly pack and eat on the go, they're decent. It's not bad. They're very brittle, so you could probably think of ways to make them better, but that would shorten their shelf life. The extraMoisture means they wouldn't last as long. Some reviewers leave because of how they don't hold together. You're probably getting these in case of an emergency, not as a delicious treat. I'm guessing that in an emergency you won't care that your food is hard. If there is a flood, earthquake, or other natural disaster, the stores will be closed for a while, and it could be days or weeks before anyone gets to you with any supplies. Are you really going to look at these and say "I'm starving, but they're not" when you're hungry? It's a good thing.

👤Datrex is a survival bar. Bars that stay stable for a long time. I have bought these many times because old ones have expired. They are usually 1-2 months old. I don't think every order will be fresh off the line. The clowns sent me bars in April. That is not acceptable with this product. The return cost should be left to the customer. I wouldn't recommend doing business with them.

👤The 10-pack was ordered by me. The bars were rolling around in the foil and the seals were broken. They're worthless as storage food because of the air leak. 40% of the order was wasted. Datrex is great food. Don't buy here.

👤I eat these for breakfast since I have high blood pressure. I have them in my car so I can get them at a lower price. It's pretty good but bland. I keep these in a sealed box to protect the seal. I had a couple of loose seals in a go bag. I suggest a hard box.

👤If I was out of food, I would try one but it would be a bad delivery or storage method. I don't know what they taste like, individual packages seem to be sealed, but the shipping box is old and damaged.

👤My package arrived yesterday. Some of the seals were broken, so I was a little concerned. All mine were sealed tight. These are perfect for BOB's because they are very small. My kids were allowed to try it last night. They all liked them and compared them to strange cookies, however they should not say that there is a bad taste. They have a slight hint of coconut, but no after taste. They go down quickly and don't leave you thirsty. I don't want to live on these things as they are small. You will get the calories you need, but it won't make you feel full. It's a great item for a bug out bag. You will be happy to have bad things.


What is the best product for survival bars food?

Survival bars food products from Augason Farms. In this article about survival bars food you can see why people choose the product. Irprus and Clif Bar are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival bars food.

What are the best brands for survival bars food?

Augason Farms, Irprus and Clif Bar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival bars food. Find the detail in this article. Eccotemp, Sos Food Labs, Inc. and Met-rx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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