Best Survival Backpacks Loaded with Supplies

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1. Stanley Adventure Base Stainless Steel

Stanley Adventure Base Stainless Steel

100% waterproof. They are waterproof and breathable. There are 21 casseroles, including a 5L pot, vent lid, 7-ply frying pan, cutting board, spatula, serving spoon, 6 plates, 22oz bowls, sporks, and a dish drying rack. It is difficult anddurable. This cooking set is scratch proof and rustproof and is easy to use and reliable for every trip. The kit is compact and easy to transport because it has 21 different pieces that can cook meals for small or large groups without taking up too much space. They made their cookware easy to clean because you should spend your time on exploration, not cleaning.

Brand: Stanley

👤I had all the camping gear I needed to keep a family off the grid. It looked like it had survived at least one of those half-lives, so my wife was going to have to do some work to get her out of the hotel. My family is becoming more and more interested in the outdoors. My family went camping, snow/water skiing, and camping as a kid. The beauty of living in Southern California. I have had kids since then and it has slowed down. I still go camping and target shooting. My twin 9-year-olds are in scouts now that they have stopped using the iPad and are outside for the first time. We do other activities after school. It makes for a lot of Amazon shopping and trips to local stores. The boy and girl scout packs are very busy with outdoor activities and my son and daughter meet up 1-2 times a month. Out with the old and in with the new. The bad: 1. Not light. Why is this good? It will last. The pot and pan are heavy duty and make a good balance for the set. 2. This is not a backpacking set. I wanted a family camping set and this is perfect. Everything is large enough to be user-friendly and small enough to be camping friendly. You can add the companion set of 24oz Stanley cups and have a really nice set. Everything was warm on our Coleman stove 6. It's a must when camping 7 that everything is cleaned up easy. I got this as an Amazon warehouse deal and the price was unbeatable. I will have to buy another place setting for my 3-year-old, but for now it's fine. I'm hoping the extra stuff will fit in the pot. Stanley has been around for a long time and they stand behind their products. I don't think they would be the same now. I try to read the comments that are negative because often people are expecting perfection for a discount store price. I will try to answer any questions you have.

👤I will not echo what everyone else has said about the set, the plates are small. There is a sliding piece on the fold-out handle of the pan that is important, and you need to understand that before you use this set. The pan will support its own weight without the lock, so it isn't really known what its importance is through any labels or obvious markings from the manufacturer. If you don't use the lock on that pan, you'll be spending the rest of your 32 degree morning cleaning raw eggs and molten bacon grease off your clothes and gear, and you'll be missing out on a nice warm bacon and egg breakfast. Stanley, thanks for the experience.

👤I paid $80.00 for this set in June. Excellent for car camping. Can be used over a woodfire. The heating function is provided by the thick bottoms of the pots. There are 4 sets of dishes. The handles on the big pot are rounded. The lid is designed to sit on a pot. The smaller pot has a handle that folds out.

2. Emergency Survival Professional Equipment Adventure

Emergency Survival Professional Equipment Adventure

Does off roading, hiking, camping, fishing, and rescue missions fill you with joy? You should take the Pathway North Shovel and Axe Set with you. Be ready for any situation. If you have a question, please contact their customer service team. Click to add to cart. The emergency survival kit is unique in that it was designed by survival experts. The comprehensive survival kit includes 21 survival tools, 106 first aid kit, and a fishing tools set which can meet your different needs and provide the most safest and comprehensive protection for any outdoor activities like camping, hiking, car travel, climbing, boating, etc. The most popular survival accessories are Hatchet, Folding Shovel and Pick, Folding Military Knife, 3-mode tactical flashlight, Multifunctional Saber Card, Survival Bracelet, and Wire Saw. The wound can be treated in time if all of the gears are used. All items are neatly arranged in a 600D nylon bag. It is easy to carry, small and lightweight, and can hold 142 items. There is still room for you to add your own gear. The straps on the back allow you to attach it to other bags or your belt, which made it a perfect companion for any outdoor activities. The Emergency Survival Kit is great for a wide range of people. It is an idea for a car, ship, bicycles, motorcycles, workplace, travel, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, outdoor sports, wilderness adventure and other activities. Emergency survival first aid equipment is a good gift for men. Their survival kit can make you feel more relaxed and safe. If you and your family are not happy with their product, please contact them in time.

Brand: Luxmom

👤I ordered this for my son, but it was missing a parachute cord, fishing gear, multi purpose spoon, and a rectangular saw. We did not get what we paid for.

👤I bought two of these and they were missing items. The fire starter, light sticks, and water bottle buckles were missing from both of them. It's a pretty cool little kit for my boys, and they love it, but it didn't come with everything listed.

👤I put the content into a stocking and it looks great. There is only one glow stick, one fire flint, and one paracord bracelet. Great purchase!

👤This kit is perfect for camping. My only suggestion is for a knife with no locking blade. The kit would be a 5 if not for this. All other items seem to be of the same quality as the case.

👤Everything was very small inside the bag when it arrived. A lot of items were wrapped up. The flashlight needs batteries added to it. The items were sharp enough to be useful. The firestarter sticks are missing. The package advertised a black survival bracelet and water bottle clip, mine came with army green. There is room in the bag for additional items, Tweezers are a bit flimsy, I plan on adding a few additional items to the first aid kit.

👤There is a fabulous survival kit in a backpack. The kit has a lot of basic survival tools, but also more advanced ones that aren't usually included in other medium size kits. This kit is perfect to keep in a trunk, in a larger bag, or in a case, so you can keep all of the essentials in one bag. I keep some items in the original plastic bags inside of the backpack to stop them from rubbing on the other items. I added a few AA batteries for the flashlight and foam ear plugs to the kit. The flashlight only requires one battery. If you keep this bag in a larger bag, it's very easy to grab it from there. It's wonderful to give a student who lives away from school, or who works too, a trunk for emergencies that can happen unexpectedly. The kit has good quality tools and accessories. Over the years, they have been on par with other similar items. I want to have a kit in all of our vehicles for everyday life, as well as our students and those working away from home. I would buy this kit again.

👤The survival kit is awesome. I like all of the items. Sturdy, easy to use, and full of necessary items. I thought it would be hard to put it all back after I got it out, but the pockets and compartments were very helpful. I didn't have batteries for the flash light, and I didn't have fire starter sticks. The red cross patch on the front is coming off but it is easy to fix. This is a well thought out survival kit. I can't wait to use it. I will update later after using all that I can and putting batteries in a flashlight. Thanks for your time!

3. Oceas Outdoor Mylar Emergency Blankets

Oceas Outdoor Mylar Emergency Blankets

Each pack comes with 4 individually wrapped, mylar blankets that fit into a highly durable EVA case. You can store the whole set in your car or take an individual survival blanket with you on your camping and hiking adventures. Mylar blankets are designed to reflect 90 percent of your body's heat. It protects you from extreme cold weather and helps prevent Hypothermia in emergency situations, making it the perfect outdoor gear for camping, hiking, marathon and trail running. Their extra large 7x5 emergency blankets offer 20% more coverage than the average reflective foil blanket. They are great for first aid kits, but can also be used as an emergency sleeping bag, shelter, bivy, or survival gear. Light weight and resilience are qualities. The space blanket is so small and light that you can take it with you anywhere. They're incredibly hard to tear and completely block rain, snow, and precipitation. 100% money back guarantee. They're willing to guarantee that they've created the highest quality emergency mylar blankets. They will give you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase if you have any issues.

Brand: Oceas

👤The product is a point of sale. All the silver and blue dye came off the mylar and stuck to everything. It will have to be washed with water before we can see if it comes off the sleeping bags and pads. 0/09

👤My son and his family were the recipients of one of these, as was my wife and daughter. One of these saved my friend from death. He had shot and killed an animal in the mountains and was going to use it to clean it, but when he realized he wouldn't be able to get out of the woods without getting lost, he wrapped himself in a blanket and spent the night. He said he would have died if he hadn't had the blanket. At first light, his friends came after him. Thanks NASA.

👤I just received my Oceas Emergency Blankets and I am blown away by the quality and beauty of the product. The hard-side case has a carabiner clip. I am not keeping my emergency blankets in this case, but I am looking forward to using them. Each of the emergency blankets has a small nylon bag. I keep an emergency blanket in my family's backpack, and these will be perfect. The blankets are large and beautiful, with my silver side and blue side being the same color. I hope I never have a reason to use this blanket in a true emergency, but I will always have it with me, and I will smile whenever I see it in my pack.

👤When I saw that Oceas had mylar emergency blankets, I was excited. I have two other blankets from them. I use them at my son's soccer practices. I knew I had to get a set for my car when I saw the emergency blankets. The TINY is very modern and has blankets in it. It's super sleek. It's a perfect thing to put in your glove compartment. Can't wait to see what other products Oceas comes up with.

👤Two bed spreads are being used on my Twin beds. I have a cat that sleeps on the bed. She used to get fur all over them. Now she doesn't. She mostly sleeps on top on the beds. She avoids a lot of fur.

👤I keep one of these in my pack, I use it between my hammock and underquilt when cooler nights are present. The footprint of e-blankets is larger. I keep my stuff in the bottom of the hammock compression sack and it never fails when I need it. You should have one in winter backpacks. It's lightweight. Takes up no space. It was worth it.

👤Oceas products are fantastic and we own almost a dozen of them. We have emergency blankets in our car for emergencies.

👤It arrived earlier than expected. That alone was impressive. The blue color was ordered. The main case and blanket is very nice. The material is foil like. It's not possible to check the durability yet or if it will keep us warm. It was used to watch daughter's soccer games. It earns 5 stars for now.

4. G P S T1612BPT Tactical Range Backpack

G P S T1612BPT Tactical Range Backpack

The duffel shoulder strap is a lifetime warranty. If you have a problem with your bag, please contact their customer support team through Amazon. The backpack is tan. The frame for rigidity is internal. The molle system is triple stitched. The storage system is visual. 1000 denier nylon with Teflon coating. The locks on the Zippers are Lockable.

Brand: G.p.s.

👤The range backpack is not of good quality. I received this pack as a Christmas gift and it has not lasted more than 5 months. The handguns are stored in a compartment where the lining has come apart. HPP Enterprises does not offer support. HPP Enterprises said that they were not responsible and that they should contact the manufacturer. HPP Enterprises failed to provide the distributor they use to purchase from the manufacturer, and the manufacturer does not deal with consumers. The product was poorly made and the support was poor.

👤I was pretty excited to read the reviews. Construction is very high quality. It looks like it could last 20 years. You can find the Compartments labeled for all you OCD folks. It's a deal breaker for me, the Negatives. I have to ask, what pistols were made for? I tried to fit three handguns in: Glock 19 and 3 magazines. I had to fight to fit the handgun in the handgun sleeve, but it did zip up, even though it was bulged on the sides. The magazines are only about an inch thick. They didn't mess with anything Double stack.45 with 2 magazines - this one I managed to fit in, but had a bear of a time zipping up the case, and once in, absolutely couldn't fit it back in the bag with the overstuffed glock and other gun. The gun is small. This is a CCW gun, not a hand cannon. The gun has a 4 inch barrel. The double stack.45 is pretty wide, but the other two are on the small end of autoloaders. I don't know what I'd do with a full size model like a 21 or a 17 if I had to fight to fit a compact glock into this thing. I'm returning it because it doesn't fit anything. If you're running around with a trio of pocket guns, you should look elsewhere.

👤It's made in China, not the US. The label on the bag states "Made in China" in black lettering above "Patents Pending" in bright white lettering. It was false to say that the bat is right. Looks and feels strong. There are several compartments for small things. Looks nice. If you use these, you'll get mole's. The compartment that holds the pistols cases is locked via the interlocking dual zippers. The bag's other zippers are not compatible with locking devices. Only one pair of shooting glasses is owned by Suporrts. The small squishy ones are not made to support regular size ear protection. Not designed for large items. If you don't put your holster belt inside, you'll have to take out your guns in order to fit. It was designed to carry a single shooter's stuff. It's not designed for competition or serious shooting. The "Tall" version has the same limitations and price as the other versions, but with an extra gun pouche. I was really looking forward to owning this, but it was not functional for my needs, so I sent it back.

5. ARMYCAMO Expandable Tactical Backpack Military

ARMYCAMO Expandable Tactical Backpack Military

You can use this backpack for school, travel, or a military tactical assault rucksack. It can be used for any backpack situation. You will love having so many different places to put your stuff. It has a hydration compartment. There are lots of places to store and organize your life. The pack has 3 days worth of clothes and other essentials. A backpack for combat, range, survival or hunting. It is impervious to water. You can shrink it down to a smaller bag if you don't need the extra room or expand it to 5 inches deeper if you need more gear. Their backpack will impress you. It can be made into a bug out bag or a 72 hour emergency kit. It is tear resistant with 600 denier polyester and great straps. When you are not hiking, camping or trekking, the waist strap is not necessary. 40 lbs can easily be handled internally. The capacity of 39 to the expanded 64 liters is only weighed 3.6 pounds. Their customer service wants you to be satisfied with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. The backpack comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Today is the day to get yours for family and friends.

Brand: Armycamo

👤This is a bug out bag. I picked this one up to carry a tarp, some ground cloth, and a full variety of survival items because my Maxpedition Sitka couldn't hold all of them. The bag is large, if you want it to be. It can be expanded to a point where you can overfill it. I was surprised how much I was able to put in. I still have room for more 5 stars because of all the stuff I put into it. The MOLLE is on the side of the pack. It's useless. If the MOLLE were horizontal, I have a couple of knives with sheaths that could be put there. The elastic cord is on the back of the pack. 0 stars for that. I thought about returning it for that reason alone, but since the pack is so large, I can live with it as is. The water bottle holder is very thin and flimsy, it won't hold up to much use. 2 stars for that. The hardware, straps, and zippers seem to be in good shape. I don't think these are as good as a Maxpedition pack, but you're not paying the same price. If not abused, these should hold up. 3.5 stars for these. If you are careful with the zippers, they will likely remain good. When compared to uniform colors, the color listed is not a true MultiCAM. I was surprised to find two small pouches attached to the back pack shoulder straps, because it's just a color and no cigar. One of them has a pseudo MOLLE attachment, the other does not. If you want a small flashlight or multi-tool, they just dangle off the backpack straps, unless you use a zip tie to secure them. It was not a thoughtful application. It's not bad at all and would be a good bag for a sub $40 price. Put everything you think you need in it and hope you never use it. I'm not sure if it will last long if used frequently. Put it on after loading it with 25 lbs of junk. It can be adjusted to fit an average sized adult.

👤The video is for pack breakdown. The first couple minutes are the review. It's a good thing. It's perfect for the price point and will work for most people. The canvas should last a long time. Storage pockets are large and will hold a lot of stuff. It is easy to open the expandable feature. It is comfortable to wear, even full, because of the chest and waist strap and padding shoulder area. The most important areas have rubber lining. The materials and inner lining are very thin. It's going to be very hard to use. This needs to be fixed for a small amount of money. Plastic is used in the Rings, zippers, and buckles. It would be a major step up in quality if metal were used. Understand who this pack is for, weekend campers or an emergency backpack. If you're expecting to use this pack more than just on the weekends, or occasional use, you'll want a higher quality pack with metal buckles and zippers. This pack will work well for most people, but it's designed to last for years, so it's not for everyone. It's a steal for the occasional use. It's definitely recommended for the right person.

6. Streamlight 44941 Ultra Compact Lantern Battery

Streamlight 44941 Ultra Compact Lantern Battery

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to their amazing product support team. It is comfortable to use in close quarters. The handles are designed to lock upright or stowed. Hangs with spring- loaded D-ring, which is placed against the body when not in use. When batteries are not included, the battery level indicator flashes red. When batteries are not included, the battery level indicator flashes red.

Brand: Streamlight

👤This will be a lengthy review for a lantern with 3 AA batteries and an on/off button. Some love light, some love lanterns, some love their gear and some love very well-built things. Read on for any of the above. The Siege AA is very well-built. The Rayovac Sportsman Extreme is built like that for those who know it. It is a very robust lantern for those who don't. It feels like a single piece due to the rubber bumpers. The rubber on the Siege is thick. The rubber on the body feels like it sticks to your hand. The water seals all around because of the thick O-Rings and the lock on the top of the battery cap. - The handle has a rubbery coating on it and there are some click stops on it to keep it up. The hook on the bottom is deserving of a 5 Star award. It is as solid as can be. I don't want to say this but it's a little over-engineering. It's made from thick metal with a strong spring clip and it feels like the light will come apart before it ever will. The light is protected by a clear dome with the diffuser off. The On/Off button is not bright in the dark and will prevent accidental off/on. You will use your thumb to grab and hold the lantern. I can see people with big thumbs trying to do a little bit harder. The on/off button has a green, orange, and red light on it. I can understand the red part, but I think the green is a little too engineered. When you want to turn the lantern off, the green light in the button is the only useful feature. It looks really-really cool for those who care. After it got on low-low, I did the battery drain test and it lasted for about two hours. If you use this extensively and depend on it, you will just have to learn its behavior. When the lantern is on red mode, you almost want to turn the green away from you because it spoils the experience of having a red light. Everyone Merry Christmas. Load the batteries by removing the bottom about a quarter turn, put two AAs positive down and one positive up, and then put the cover back together with the two tear drop-shaped plastic parts. After the whole discussion, rage and hate for the poor Rayovac design with the two little notch that had to be aligned when putting the battery cover back and probably all the love and attention this design will get, let me tell you my opinion. Is it easier and a better design? By all measures. Is it enough? Hardly. The Rayovac had an odd battery arrangement, and it was the first thing that hit me. I was not happy to see it here. I don't think it's smart. The design team will have to work harder if they have all three with the (+) down. You will have hard times first finding the batteries, then putting the cover back, and then worrying about how you put the lantern back. If you know that the negative part of the device is always spring loaded, you can put the batteries right. You will have a hard time completing the operation if you don't. You need a light. If you have zero light, you can either be a pro with backup lights, or you can be well prepared and trained to replace your batteries in complete darkness. I am not saying that it doesn't matter. I am acknowledging that it is better than the Rayovac. That's not enough for a full statement like "Now anyone can replace the batteries in the dark." Streamlight should have all batteries one way and do something with the cap for that to happen. Either put a little string or a spring loaded strap on it so that you don't lose it, or hinge it, which is complicated, I know. Enough with this. Press on/off to turn on. It starts in low mode. It was perfect! Press is quickly going to Mid Mode. Press is quick, goes to Hi Mode. Wait 2 seconds and press it to turn it off. If you always want to turn it on on Hi Mode, you can't because there is no memory for it. If you press and hold the button, it will change from White to Red. It goes from a steady red to a blinking red when you press it quickly. Press it again and it will stop. Long press again and the light goes back to white. You can switch to red or back to white if you want, regardless of the mode the lantern is in. Press for a long time and it will switch. Whenever it switches back, long press again. Well thought out. There is nothing to remember other than the long press part. You can change the flooding light by removing the diffuser. The body was barely warm after about 3 hours of continuous use on high. Light. The light is bright. It gives a nice illumination with a good amount of light above and below the lantern. The pictures show great symmetrical bending tricks in the vertical plane. I took two pictures, one straight and one up-side-down, after the light was set 16” from the ceiling. Great job on that design! The color temperature is very neutral when on the red side. On max, it is a nice white, on a perceived range of 4,000-45,000K. The output is claimed to be 200Lm on high, 100Lm on mid and 50Lm on low. It is not enough to know the Lumen rating to describe a light. Just like you can't compare cars by HP alone, speakers just by Watts, cameras just by MP and TVs just by contrast ration, the same goes here. A 200Lm light is brighter than a 100Lm light. The light is shaped and presented. Measuring the illuminance gives a better idea of how much light is being received. The light on Hi is 200lm and it illuminates a surface with 12.7Lux measured at 3.3Ft (1m) in line with the light, but my Inova X2 AA rated at 150lm is the same light and it illuminates my desk in 320Lux. That is the reason why the output rating of a flashlight is so close to a light. The light meter is used to measure two ways: setup #1 with the light sitting straight in a dark room on its base, and the light meter facing the light in line, at the LEDs level. The light is pointing straight at the light meter now with the reflector removed and setup #2 keeping the same clearances. All measurements were done the same for both Siege AA and Sportsman AA. The results were setup #1 Streamlight Hi-12.7Lx, setup #2 Streamlight Hi-53.9Lx, and setup #3 Rayovac Hi-4.5Lx. In the setup #1, I moved the lights up and down in relation to the meter to gauge the distribution of the light in the vertical plane. The Streamlight had great evenness, with light losing only 2Lx at the extremes. The Rayovac is not even. The light gets brighter under the hat, which is really unfortunate, because the shadow above the light is caused by the hat. Please see the pictures for reference. I didn't test the red and low modes because they have very long run times. I tested the light with Eneloops. I will report back once I finish the battery. You have to keep in mind how that is tested, as the claimed 7hrs on high is with batteries. It doesn't mean that the light will stay on for 7 hours. The light will still be on after 7 hours. If I followed the recommendations of the American National Standards Institute, the total runtime would be the amount of time that the light stays on until it reaches 10% of the initial output. As far as I know, the way they are is only related to flashlights, not lanterns. They can measure and quantify the runtime. The light was bright for about 2.5 hours with freshly charged Eneloops. The light was dim after 3 hours and the button started to blink red. I left it on for two more hours and it got dimmer and dimmer to the point where you could see the light. I stopped it because I didn't want to discharge my eneloops. I measured them and they all had the same amount of power. It still started even if I turned the light off. Some lights don't work. 0Lux is better than 1 or 2Lux. You can use the last bit of energy in your batteries to find new batteries and replace them before the light dies. A comparison between the Rayovac Streamlight and the Siege AA is a little unfair. The Siege is a product of the year. I haven't seen the 2008 product in stores or on line, but there is a supposedly 150Lm one. Technology is measured like dog years. It is not possible to compare a 2008LED with a 2014LED. The design, construction, and heft of the two are not debatable. Even in the battery cover's case, the Siege is a better thought out and built piece. A battery indicator, a bright, white, even light, and a hefty hook on the bottom make it much brighter. I don't know if the Sportsman design is patented or not, but you don't need to look far to see the similarities between the two. Not to mention the hundreds of clones that are on the internet. I give credit to whoever came up with this design, just referencing the date. The D version of Rayovac is very nicely designed and the AA version is very cheap, but I don't give any credit to the people who designed them. The run time test was done after 3 hours on High and the Siege was dim and the sportsman was shining like nothing happened. Which one would you prefer, a bright light with short battery life or a dimmer one with longer battery life? Do you prefer a dead lantern or a one that shines 7 hours later? You can use the Siege on Low mode and get 37 hours of light. Conclusion. I would knock just half a star combined for Run Time on High, not having all the batteries the same direction, not having the battery cover tethered to the body, and the green indicator too strong for when the light is in Red mode. Positives include a great light, well built, very good, diffuse light, plenty of modes to please everyone, intuitive user interface, easily replaceable battery cover, water proof and drop proof, and decent run time. Looking forward to the second Siege AA.

7. WolfWarriorX Military Tactical Resistant Traveling

WolfWarriorX Military Tactical Resistant Traveling

It's perfect for everyday use, and it's perfect for walking/traveling/biking/hiking/museums/theme parks. It's a great gift for everyone. The regular size of the tactical backpack is 14.2 x 21 x 8. The expanded size is 14.2''x 21''x 13''. The main compartment expanded from 39L to 64L. There are 4 main loading spaces and a mesh pocket in this backpack. There are lots of rooms for a lot of stuff and separate compartments for it. The chest belt can help diffuse the pressure of the military backpack. The backpack has an extra strap around the chest and waist to distribute the weight better. The side buckles make it easy to secure the backpack and reduce the size if it's full. Men and women can use a laptop backpack. The sog backpack is made of 600D material and is waterproof. The backpacks can be used for many things. A large backpack can be used as a book bag for college or high school students. The back pack is a casual pack for different people. The backpack cab can be expanded with a zip on the side. The maximum packet capacity can be reached if the side thickness is switched between 8 and 13 and the backpack is water resistant. It is convenient and practical in daily life. There is a water bottle mesh pocket. You can drink water in outdoor activities. The shoulder strap system can be loaded with tactical pouches, but they are not included in the picture. 3. You can use a mountaineering hook to hang small things.

Brand: Wolfwarriorx

👤I bought this for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica and wanted something that would probably get wet. The backpack was in great condition when it arrived. The quality was better than expected. Just like me, Rugged and good looking. This was definitely not a cheap knock-off, but a well made military-style backpack. I will buy a waterproof bag for the interior to make sure everything stays dry. The pack was advertised as water and tear- resistant and cute. There is a * When I return from the jungle, I will update my review. There is a method for this. I am back and the backpack worked out great. I didn't know that it was extendable, but that feature really came in handy. I used this as my carry-on item and it wouldn't fit under the seat on the plane because I overfilled it. I packed it all away. I never made it to the jungle.

👤One guy wrote a bag that was waterproof but got wet and it was States that was water resistant and better than most backpack I've had. Through my hydration pack and other things.

👤If I stop at the store, I use an old backpack that I wear when I ride my motorcycle. The dust bit it. I wanted a cheap backpack to replace it. I ordered it because it seemed cheap and the right size. I was amazed when it showed up. I wanted a cheap backpack. This thing is amazing. The quality is topnotch. The details are amazing. There is more than what is listed in the description. They don't mention that it has a compartment for a water bladder. I think they don't mention it because of patent issues. There are so many high end details, like the zippers that have little holes in them so they can be locked with a small padlock. I think I'm not realizing the right way to use some of the features without some kind of instructions. How they can sell a backpack at this price is beyond me. It would be $200+ if this was the same thing that Camelbak was selling.

👤I like the backpack. It has a lot of space and can be expanded. Without the expanded panel, it's a lot of storage, but it's huge with the expanded panel. It has internal straps to keep your items safe. There is a hydration slot for your laptop in the back compartment. The material is strong and water resistant. I don't think it's waterproof because of all the stitching. The backpack is comfortable to wear and the top handle is convenient. There are only 2 small issues. The small front pouch's zippers tend to stick. It seems to have trouble going around the small turns, but one of the legs sticks on a straight run. The teeth have been lubricated with a teflon oil and a zipp stick. It improved the smoothness of the zipper, but it still sticks a little here and there. The backpack I brought last year has the same issue. I have a 20-year old backpack from Jansport with a nylon zip and it runs very smooth from the first day, even though I am not sure what the problem is with zippers these days. The backpack has larger teeth than the Jansport zipper. Maybe that's the cause. There are two more The mesh water bottle holder has a compression strap on the right side. The pictures are attached. If your water bottle is a disposable crush-able type, you lose the use of the bottom third of the mesh bottle holder, so your water bottle may stick out the top a bit. Do you really want to loosen the strap every time you want to get a drink of water? I would recommend the backpack to anyone looking for a backpack. There is a lot of capacity and features.

8. G4Free Outdoor Backpack Climbing Backpacker

G4Free Outdoor Backpack Climbing Backpacker

The backpack has a new version. Please contact them if you get the item without a port. They will make up for you. The 50L hiking backpack is made of waterproof nylon, high quality pull string zippers, good ventilation, and is versatile and multi-functional. The maximum bearing capacity is 50L. The measurement is 14.2 x 9.4 x 23.6 inches. The travel backpack has many pockets. One large front pocket for quick access and one large deep main pocket as well as one special zipper pocket for shoes or dirty clothes is all you need. There is a rain cover pocket with a bottom one. 2 Hipbelt pockets could hold cell phone/MP3 player and 2 side pockets for bottles or umbrella. There is a compartment in the main pocket that is designed to keep you hydrated. A great travel backpack for various sports activities. The hydration bladder is not included. TheBreathable Mesh Back Panel make the heat quickly spread out, it has a resistance to sweat, and it makes your back feel comfortable when you carry the backpack for a long time. The shoulder is heavy with the design of Thick Shoulder Straps. The hiking backpack with rain cover can protect it from the rain. There is a big room for a Hydration Bladder, your iPad, mobile phone, A4 documents, books, magazines and other accessories, multiple attachment and straps for hanging tools, trekking pole, tents, sleeping bags, and other items. All of these items can be protected from rain.

Brand: G4free

👤This was used for the first time on a test hike. There was a decent amount of stuff inside. It was the comfort and stability that I loved the most. It will be used this weekend for a minimum hike of 6 miles. Will see how I feel on Sunday. I used this on my first long hike yesterday. Some of the 9 miles were a good scramble. The pack was comfortable. The pack never felt big or got in the way of me, even on the'scramble' down. I did not have everything loaded, but it was packed well. Today is. I don't have back, neck or shoulder pain. This will be my keeper. It's a good thing.

👤I am returning the backpack I received. Some of my observations are good and bad. It was refreshing to see how light this backpack was. Most of the brand name backpacks are so heavy that they forget that we have to carry them around. When I lifted it out of the box, it was light and good. It was surprising that it looked very stylish, even though it was only $40. The proportion of height, length and width is what I like. It looked good. The pockets were all designed well. The sleeping bag compartment and the main compartment were separated by a zip up so you could separate them. The backpack is not a good thing. 50L. I have a backpack. This bag has less space inside. After I put my sleeping bag in the sleeping bag compartment, there is not much room left for clothing and other things. They folded the backpack in half to fit into a smaller box. It's really bad money saving idea. The back support was bent when I took it out. There was no way to bend it back because there was no metal frame in the support. It felt like something was inside. I tried to flatten it. I was not able to return to normal. It might be better after you use it for a while. I don't know. These two flaws were not good for me. I will return it. If you are on a tight budget and want a decent looking backpack, I can see why you would choose this. I give it 3 stars.

👤This pack is very good. TheInternal frame. There is a It has plenty of space, a hip belt, and a rain cover, but it doesn't have a separate area for a hydration bladder. The bag has only one pocket Bottom zip open for easy access. The size is for everyone. The frame is not adjusted. The pack is easy to adjust.

👤This backpack was bought for a backpacking trip across Europe. I saw that this one had good reviews and was only about 40 so I thought, why not? So far, so good! I haven't been on the trip yet. I packed it and was able to fit a lot inside.

👤I received a backpack. The G4 Pack is an incredible value and a wonderful opportunity for those who don't have a lot of money. There is a This is ideal for a person who needs a pack for a variety of reasons. First, laptops and tablets should be in protective cases. There is no padded pocket in this pack type. There is a The interior volume is enough for those who want what they need, not what they want to have. There is a I would purchase the more expensive pack if I were a hard core outdoors person. I have in the past. I am very happy to have found and purchased this G4 and am confident it will serve me well. And you too.

9. Loowoko Backpack Waterproof Climbing Mountaineering

Loowoko Backpack Waterproof Climbing Mountaineering

All negative issues pointed out by customers have been improved. The straps are for tying up your day back pack or hanging sleeping bags. There are pockets on both sides that hold water bottles. The lightweight backpack for both men and women is large enough for 3 or 4 days travel or trips and is compatible with most airlines.

Brand: Loowoko

👤I can't begin to rave about this pack. It is amazing! I have a lot of packs that were over $200, and I am an avid hiker. I got this pack because I was going on a last minute hike and my sister couldn't get it back to me in time. I ordered this pack with 2 others. The other two packs were terrible and I returned them, but this one was better than all my others. I packed everything I needed for the weather hike in there. The fit is amazing. The pack is comfortable to wear and adjusts in the right places. It fit me perfectly, I am a 125lb woman. My friend is 5'9" and 200 lbs. I was worried about the zippers but they are still great and all of the ties and straps are still excellent. This pack is perfect for everyone.

👤I need this pack to help me get to the beach. I can't believe what's in it. There was plenty of room left inside the main compartment, which I packed with my fishing rod, tacklebox, first aid kit, and creature comforts. I was trying to keep the weight down so I wouldn't die before I got to the beach. I put my purse stuff in the top compartment. I put our chairs on either side. I put my rolled up beach towel at the top and my floatie at the bottom. This is marketed as a daypack, but it would work for an overnighter. It stands on its own if you pack it right. The little pack was supposed to be waterproof, but it wasn't needed. The straps were padded and easy to adjust. It has a hook on the outside for a hydration system, and you can put it in a pocket on the inside. I can't say enough good things about this backpack. It's great, and I love it. You can't beat the price. It's a good thing.

👤The seller tried to resolve the issue. They sent me an updated version of the backpack which seems to have resolved most of the previous issues. The connections, straps, and zippers seem to be better made. I used to carry a backpack similar to this one. Cheap. I don't send things back because this product isn't as good as the backpacks I bought in the price range. I wouldn't trust the stitching or the zippers on a backpacking trip.

👤After a 3 day / 2 night backpacking trip on the AT, the pack is light, looks great, and good for the value, but they claim it is a 50 liter pack. The pack feels smaller if you use the extra 5L pouch because it takes up interior space. They are tied to the shoulder pads with a strap. They were difficult to adjust and keep tight as they loosened on their own. The shoulder straps and belt straps are not easy to loosen, especially with the pack on... The pack is top heavy and doesn't keep the weight centered around the waste but rather on the shoulders... The only place to put water bottles is on the sides, but in the picture of the product they show pads or other items strapped to the sides where the bottles actually go... The pack won't sit on its own if the water bottle pouch is tight. Being top heavy makes it more difficult to load and unload.

10. Emergency 5000mAh WinDrogon Portable Flashlight

Emergency 5000mAh WinDrogon Portable Flashlight

A necessary survival equipment for outdoor activities is a great kit for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or night walking. There are emergency lights for home power failure. Everyone needs a reliable light. The weather radio gets rid of the traditional manual channel adjustment method and adds the function of automatically searching the correct channel to ensure that the signal can be clearly received. It can switch to the weather warning mode. When bad weather/disaster information is received, an alert will flash on the screen. The portable hand-cranked radio can automatically detect 7 weather band channels. This is equipped with high-quality antenna and speakers to receive professional broadcast weather information, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and snowstorms. 5 Power Supply Methods Multi-function radio supports 5000mAH built-in lithium battery, charge by solar, hand crank, Microusb cable or 3 *AAA batteries (not included), large capacity battery can support your mobile phone to be fully charged twice to ensure that you can The radio is always on. There are three modes of high beam, low beam, and two combined lights, which can adapt to your lighting needs in different environments. The high beam can reach 10M and the low beam can increase the lighting range. The reading lamp has a soft reading light to protect your eyes. It is also a must-have. Over 4.2 million units of this model are sold each year. The complaint rate is very low. A lot of people have been helped by this product. If there is a problem with the products, please contact them, they are a realiable seller. Customer satisfaction is their priority.

Brand: Windrogon

👤Excellent digital display radio, does everything I need my units to do, if I changed anything, I'd make the control buttons a bit clearer contrast-wise, otherwise a really enjoyable unit to operate, thanks. It works well on all bands, and can pick up both the local and distant NOAA stations over 100 miles away.

👤I am very happy with the radio. It's what you need in an emergency. It's small and light. The radio is great. I received a very difficult station at the bottom of the dial and it was clear with no static. I like the screen. It was fully charged when it arrived. There are battery, solar andusb charging.

👤The Windrogon weather radio is easy to use and works great. I like that I can charge it, but it also has a hand crank. The battery charge display was one of the reasons I purchased it. It is easy to tune in to radio stations with the digital display. The button will be useful when needed. The quality of the unit is excellent. It comes with a set of lights that can be turned on. Highly recommend this product. I read all the reviews before buying.

👤I loved the radio. I wish I had bought it before my last power outage. It has a regular battery and solar panels. There is a place to charge your cell phone and there is a sound quality that is great. Everything you might need was included. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤After using the first purchase in outdoor settings, I am so satisfied with the second purchase that I have to write a review. I have a survival radio that is old school and works on 3 AA batteries, but it is difficult to tune to radio stations without picking up background static, it costs $20 and it is just a radio that operates on 3 AA batteries. The pictures show how the display looks in the dark, as well as a comparison of the size and display of the iPhone XR. Digital radio station tuning is very clear and probably because it is accurate. The display is bright in the dark, but it doesn't stay lit forever. There's a built-in internal battery, a powerbank, and aUSB port that you can plug in to charge your device. I own a portable solar power bank that takes forever to juice up, but I am not sure about hand crank charging, or 3 AA batteries. It's an issue because it has a 5,000mAh battery and contributes to the weight. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤Extras over most similar weather radios: 5000mAh instead of 2000-3000, multi-function flashlight instead of a single beam, hand crank is large enough to use easily, auto-scan which makes it easier to locate stations, weather alarm option, and sturdy structure. It's a great bug out bag addition as it's not bulky and has 5 ways to charge the radio and it's a power bank as well.

11. Go Time Gear Emergency Survival

Go Time Gear Emergency Survival

Go Time gear has a better design. Better quality. Customer service is world-class. That is the Go Time Advantage. They were tired of low-quality survival gear and cheap survival tents. They needed a high-quality survival tent for life threatening situations that didn't break the bank. It didn't exist. They built it. If you want to escape to safety in an emergency, you need a Life Tent with your survival gear kit. The Life Tent is a waterproof and windproof tube tent made from extra-thick tear and puncture resistant polyethylene material that locks out rain, wind, and snow. You should keep this tent in your emergency kit. The interior reflects up to 90 percent of your body heat to keep you warm and dry. The 120-decibel survival whistle is designed for emergencies and survival and can be used to cut through wind and trees. The nylon core of Para-synch Technology can be used to tie down or repair gear. The difference between life and death is your tools. The Life Tent is perfect for your bug out bag, hiking pack, survival gear, or car survival kit. It's easy to set up a tube tent with a 20 foot rope of nylon core paracord through both ends and tie between two trees. The tent's corners should be anchored with rocks or gear. The mylar tube tent can be used as an emergency sleeping bag, emergency bivy sack, pup tent, space blanket, or thermal bivvy. You should bring with you your other emergency preparedness items. The Life Tent is constructed of heavy-duty 28um extra-thick mylar material with a tear and puncture resistant coating to protect you in the event of a disaster. It can be folded up and placed back inside the nylon sack. The Life Tent is a must have for survival in an emergency. It's great for your car kit. Go Time gear has a better design. Better quality. Customer service is world-class. That is the Go Time Advantage. They were tired of low-quality survival gear and cheap survival tents. They needed a high-quality survival tent for life threatening situations that didn't break the bank. It didn't exist. They built it. If you want to escape to safety in an emergency, you need a Life Tent with your survival gear kit.

Brand: Go Time Gear

👤I add one of the tents to my back pack because I am a member of CERT. My son came upon a wreck. I only had one emergency blanket. There were two people in one car and one in the other. The tent was used to keep the man warm. I need to order 2 more soon. Thank you.

👤I would like to point out how lite this is. It is almost completely weightless in my hand. Very happy with that aspect. It is not true that it is durable enough for multiple use. The product is done. It stretches to the point of wrinkling into worthlessness. When stretched, it gets very thin. I can't imagine setting it up and rolling it around on the inside with no cushion between you and the hard ground would make this fabric mangle over night. That being said. It is an emergency option. I want it to work once. I would buy a new one if I ever needed it. The stuff sack is very large for me. I bought the tent and bivi from a life tent. There was enough room for an Altoids tin fire kit in the stuff sack. This gives you shelter, warmth and fire. Also allows you to cook food with a metal cup and ward off unwanted guests at night. I think it is a great product. This is a one time use, save your life product.

👤If you put a trash bag or two into a bag, it would be better. The cheapest products were high quality. This is for people who want a false sense of security and never look at the products they buy. I would steer clear of it.

👤This is a sheet of plastic that is thinner than mylar and has a piece of string added to it. It is in a pouch. If you really want one of these, you can either buy a piece of string or a sheet of mylar and make one yourself.

👤I was under the impression that this would be a higher quality material. It isn't the case. The tent is just as thin and frail as a standard blanket. I should have spent more money on a nicer one. It comes with rope and it will keep me warm.

👤I haven't had to use this, and I hope that I don't have to in the future. It is a great addition to a camping bag. It would be great to have a taping off so that it can keep wind out.

👤My son and I were so excited to purchase this tent in case of an emergency that it would save our lives. We went to the woods to set up our tent after we received our package. There was a light breeze that day and the tent was blowing and whipping around. After some work, we were able to set up our tent. I noticed a puncture hole in the side of my tent as I entered the tent to see how warm it would be. I stuck my finger in the hole to see if it was a hole, because on the product information on the website it says the tent is impervious to puncture and tear. My finger went through the hole and became even bigger. The tent is very thin. You can see the black bear coming when he runs out of the woods. We know about the dangers of wild life because we live in the woods. When we set up this tent, the wind blew it up into some trees and it looked like a garbage bag had fallen into the tree branches. I think it would be better if you wrapped yourself in a garbage bag and just bought a tent to keep you warm. This is not a real emergency tent, it is a tent that you can set up in your backyard for your daughter to use as a shade from the sun at her tea party. The tent would make a good welcome mat at the front door so guests can wipe their shoes off before entering. If the ship got into a disaster, the tent would be a good emergency flag. If you were on a long family vacation and couldn't find a restroom, this tent would be better used as a pair of emergency pants. If you fall off of your cruise ship vacation raft, it would be a great emergency raft. The tent should be sold as the number one portable on the go emergency sleeping bag/ body bag. Don't die in the woods, remember everyone.


What is the best product for survival backpacks loaded with supplies?

Survival backpacks loaded with supplies products from Stanley. In this article about survival backpacks loaded with supplies you can see why people choose the product. Luxmom and Oceas are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival backpacks loaded with supplies.

What are the best brands for survival backpacks loaded with supplies?

Stanley, Luxmom and Oceas are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival backpacks loaded with supplies. Find the detail in this article. G.p.s., Armycamo and Streamlight are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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