Best Survival Axe Kit

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1. RZChome Multitool Backpacking Emergency Adventures

RZChome Multitool Backpacking Emergency Adventures

The VOTAGOO Camping Axe is a great present because it can be packed in your backpack or car trunk. In emergencies, you would find this pretty cool as a stocking stuffer or birthday gift, and also can develop the child's ability to survive with kids hiking and camping kit. A camping axe with a hammer is not just an axe, but a hammer. There is a saw-toothed knife, magnesium rod flint, emergency whistle, glass breaker, compass and flashlight. There is a protected cover. The folding survival axe can be hung on the waist or bag and is easy to carry. The axe's longevity is ensured by the protective cover. The set of survival tools is a great addition to any bag. The lenght is adjusted. The camp axe can be adjusted and selected according to the demand, which is convenient to use in different scenarios. Whether clearing a path through overgrown weeds or chopping down trees for the fire. The frame isdurable. The axe is made of steel and the extension rods are made of thick aluminum alloy. The powerful, packable and rugged axe is sure to last a long time. It has many features that a camping axe doesn't. The best gift for hikers, hunters, fishermen, survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers, or anyone else who needs tactical and practical survival tools for their car, truck, or RV.

Brand: Rzchome

👤This is a pretty cool tool. I like it. I will say a few things. The axe part on the wood has accessories that loosen up when used. They tried to fix that issue by adding rubber seals. They don't do the trick. I drilled a hole through the outside and added a pin screw to fix it. Then tape over it. The base of the knife and the threads that screw in are made of plastic. I mean what it means. That's ridiculous. I have some positives. The axe blade is very sharp. Great cuts! The best rod I have ever used is the feral one. It has nice sparks. The price is almost worth it for the rod alone. The compass works well as well. I would buy this. The threads need to be fixed when using the axe. If you can drill a few holes and add pins, it's a great axe. The axe blade is very strong. It won't fly off the bat like a lot of wooden axes eventually do.

👤My brother is very picky on gifts and tactical tools, so I gave it to him for Christmas. He loves it. It could use some tape, but that is not a big deal.

👤It's easy to assemble, it feels good in your hand.

👤Needed a tool for camping. This is an excellent tool that can be used on a camping trip.

👤It has a little weight to it but is definitely worth the money. The compass was broken when I got it, but it was exactly how I hoped it would be.

👤Everything works well and fits together nicely for the price.

👤It was pretty well made. It took some time to figure out how to put it together.

👤Very good product and well made.

2. Survival Folding Shovel Camping Multi Tool

Survival Folding Shovel Camping Multi Tool

The ultimate survival tool set is the perfect last resort kit. The company is owned by a US Veteran. The survival shovel multitool is a must have. The MILSPEC TACTICAL survival kit is built to last, using only premium metals and reinforced joints. Their heavy duty metal and design is built to last, unlike other sets that are fragile and not built to last. The soldier was tested. The survival tool set has been used by US Army veterans. It has to be tested to make sure it has all the tools needed for extended use. The perfect emergency car kit is stuck in the snow. Is it broken down? Are you in the wilderness? You should never leave home without your multi-tool set. Their multitool set has a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects or issues. They honor and respect their customers and back up their products with a full lifetime warranty as US Army veterans.

Brand: Milspec Tactical

👤I used it for camping. Even though it was a little heavy, the hammer did its job. I cut through some brush with the help of the sharpened side of the shovel. The compass takes a few taps to make it accurate. I'm pleased with its added functions and I have no issues with its usefulness.

👤Not bad. I was worried about breaking the plastic on the knife and fire stick since they were cheap. The shovel worked well. I had the axe roll in my hand multiple times and I couldn't lose it after a few tries. The return process has begun.

👤The seller of the axe sent me an apology and said they would fix the problem for future orders. Thanks! Great customer service. The product is small and sturdy. The axe was missing. The rest looks sturdy, but not the value stated without all parts included.

👤It is small.

👤When I received my order, there was no hatchet cover. The vendor shipped one out after I contacted them. Quality products!

👤A great tool for camping. Really like the different handle lengths and multiple tools.

👤We use a folding shovel for camping. It's great to help put out fires. My boys love digging holes with it. It's handy when you forget a steak knife. It's a good thing.

👤It's not bad to keep with a 4 Wheeler.

3. Off Grid Tools OGT SAKYDEX Survival

Off Grid Tools OGT SAKYDEX Survival

Also included: There is a saw blade, pick, axe and shovel. KyDEX SHEATH: The OGT Sheath cover is a great companion to protect your Axe. Bring it with you to help fulfill the needs of the outdoors. There is a sturdy construction. The high quality, durable construction is built to last. It can be used for every adventure you take. There is a protective cover. If you have sharp blades or edges on your multi tools, you should protect yourself and your belongings. The belt clip is compatible with the Molle system. For surgery aXE: Purchase this accessory along with your OGT Survival Axe tool that has 31 features to be ready for any situation from chopping, clearing, debris, demolition, pounding in, and removing tent stakes, or repairing your deer stand. High quality products. Off Grid Tools has the latest and greatest outdoor tools that are functional, versatile, high quality, and innovative. During long adventures hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping, put survival in the palm of your hand.

Brand: Off Grid Tools

👤The strap cannot be secured to the Survival Axe because it is too short. It cannot be secured to the Truckers Friend. Both axes are from the USA model. The black leather sheath is fine. I would assume the tan one does as well. The nylon sheath is compatible with the survival. Well, hit well. I'm returning it. The OGT Survival Knife is cool, but unreviewed, un-reviewed, and its operation is not easy or safe. I would like to review that but no option exists. The quality control area has some work to be done by OGT.

👤I thought the first one I ordered was faulty. The holding strap was too short and there was no way to snap it. I had Amazon replace it with the same sheath thinking it was better than the original. Guess what? The holding strap on the second sheath is too short. The time and effort that it takes to secure the strap is ridiculous, unless you have fingers like a gorilla or a nylon stretcher. I tried a pair of pliers, but they couldn't reach it. This design needs to be changed. I'm returning the second Kydex sheath for the leather sheath. Hopefully it will be enjoyable.

👤It works perfectly. The sheath is more durable than the nylon tool. The company had an optional sheath for this heavy duty tool.

👤This is a no-brainer if you have the axe. The axe's sheath does not allow for a versatile mounting option.

👤Works as described and comes with an awesome clip.

👤It seems designed for a left hander. There is no way to hang it because it is mounted on the right side.

👤It also fits the Off Grid Tools.

👤A nice sheath for an axe. Carries well. It's easy to remove/reinsert.

4. Emergency Survival Professional Equipment Adventure

Emergency Survival Professional Equipment Adventure

Does off roading, hiking, camping, fishing, and rescue missions fill you with joy? You should take the Pathway North Shovel and Axe Set with you. Be ready for any situation. If you have a question, please contact their customer service team. Click to add to cart. The emergency survival kit is unique in that it was designed by survival experts. The comprehensive survival kit includes 21 survival tools, 106 first aid kit, and a fishing tools set which can meet your different needs and provide the most safest and comprehensive protection for any outdoor activities like camping, hiking, car travel, climbing, boating, etc. The most popular survival accessories are Hatchet, Folding Shovel and Pick, Folding Military Knife, 3-mode tactical flashlight, Multifunctional Saber Card, Survival Bracelet, and Wire Saw. The wound can be treated in time if all of the gears are used. All items are neatly arranged in a 600D nylon bag. It is easy to carry, small and lightweight, and can hold 142 items. There is still room for you to add your own gear. The straps on the back allow you to attach it to other bags or your belt, which made it a perfect companion for any outdoor activities. The Emergency Survival Kit is great for a wide range of people. It is an idea for a car, ship, bicycles, motorcycles, workplace, travel, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, outdoor sports, wilderness adventure and other activities. Emergency survival first aid equipment is a good gift for men. Their survival kit can make you feel more relaxed and safe. If you and your family are not happy with their product, please contact them in time.

Brand: Luxmom

👤I ordered this for my son, but it was missing a parachute cord, fishing gear, multi purpose spoon, and a rectangular saw. We did not get what we paid for.

👤I bought two of these and they were missing items. The fire starter, light sticks, and water bottle buckles were missing from both of them. It's a pretty cool little kit for my boys, and they love it, but it didn't come with everything listed.

👤I put the content into a stocking and it looks great. There is only one glow stick, one fire flint, and one paracord bracelet. Great purchase!

👤This kit is perfect for camping. My only suggestion is for a knife with no locking blade. The kit would be a 5 if not for this. All other items seem to be of the same quality as the case.

👤Everything was very small inside the bag when it arrived. A lot of items were wrapped up. The flashlight needs batteries added to it. The items were sharp enough to be useful. The firestarter sticks are missing. The package advertised a black survival bracelet and water bottle clip, mine came with army green. There is room in the bag for additional items, Tweezers are a bit flimsy, I plan on adding a few additional items to the first aid kit.

👤There is a fabulous survival kit in a backpack. The kit has a lot of basic survival tools, but also more advanced ones that aren't usually included in other medium size kits. This kit is perfect to keep in a trunk, in a larger bag, or in a case, so you can keep all of the essentials in one bag. I keep some items in the original plastic bags inside of the backpack to stop them from rubbing on the other items. I added a few AA batteries for the flashlight and foam ear plugs to the kit. The flashlight only requires one battery. If you keep this bag in a larger bag, it's very easy to grab it from there. It's wonderful to give a student who lives away from school, or who works too, a trunk for emergencies that can happen unexpectedly. The kit has good quality tools and accessories. Over the years, they have been on par with other similar items. I want to have a kit in all of our vehicles for everyday life, as well as our students and those working away from home. I would buy this kit again.

👤The survival kit is awesome. I like all of the items. Sturdy, easy to use, and full of necessary items. I thought it would be hard to put it all back after I got it out, but the pockets and compartments were very helpful. I didn't have batteries for the flash light, and I didn't have fire starter sticks. The red cross patch on the front is coming off but it is easy to fix. This is a well thought out survival kit. I can't wait to use it. I will update later after using all that I can and putting batteries in a flashlight. Thanks for your time!

5. LIANTRAL Stainless Backpacking Multitool Emergency

LIANTRAL Stainless Backpacking Multitool Emergency

Tecknet will give you a satisfactory answer if you are dissatisfied with their products. This survival tool is great for chopping, cutting, splitting, chipping, trimming, opening, scaling, making fire, shoveling, whistling, navigating and etc in a dangerous escape and more. It can be used as a tactical axe, it is a military portable folding axe with a sharp blade and a sheath. Which is the most compact life-saving kit of its kind. Premium steel for the axe head and special thick aluminum alloy for the handle and extension bars are high quality. The sports and outdoor enthusiast were in mind when the design was created. Strong enough to cut. It's perfect to be used as a camping axe. You can adjust the length of the LIANTRAL camping axe according to your needs. This folding survival axe combines axe, shovel, bottle opener, fish scaler tool, fire starter, emergency whistle, glass breaker, safety hammer, compass, hand rope, etc. The tactical axe is the best emergency tool for outdoor camping, hiking and hunting because of its compact and portable nature. This axe is a great gift for your family and friends. Purchase is free. They are proud of their product. If you're not happy with their products, you can get a full refund. Their products have passed strict export inspections. Rest assured to buy.

Brand: Liantral

👤The first use took 20 minutes to cut down a tree. On the second swing, the entire blade section snapped off. The knife is sharper than the axe and the blade is not duriable. The function is shut down in 30 F and the only thing that works is the safety hammer. The magnesium rod has a very low amount of sparks. Don't trust the positive comments that are paid for by the reviewers. I have a baton with a knife inside. You get what you pay for. It is not an axe.

👤I decided to give this a try after seeing the other reviews of the product. The sheath is the only thing that hurts on this thing. It's not very good. This thing did a great job. It feels sturdy and heavy in your hands, the blades on the hoe and axe are very strong, they can easily chop through firewood and dug through the packed earth. The ferro rod that is also included works great with the knife that comes in it, so I would recommend having something sharper on hand for shaving wood or skinning fish, or whatever, but it isn't super sharp. I don't have a need for the compass or the glass breaker, so I can't comment on how they handle. This product would be a good one to recommend. It has a small whetstone and oil for maintenance.

👤It's an awesome survival tool, but it's made in China.

👤A great deal on a multitool. The knife is small but functional. It can be hard to loosen sections, so wouldn't over tighten them. Extra space to add some of your own needs within the tube handle sections. Overall very nice solid design is easy to combine into one for the average outdoor/camping needs.

👤This is amazing. This would be helpful in an emergency. It's amazing! The star is very good.

👤The first one I ordered was missing something. I replaced it after returning. The second one had the same problem. I didn't want to go for a third one.

👤I consider myself pretty strong, but it's light to me. Overall, a great product, it is very durable and sturdy.

6. Survival Equipment Emergency Birthday Christmas

Survival Equipment Emergency Birthday Christmas

If you have a question about WOWMVP Survival Kit, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will help resolve it for you. They want your satisfaction. These survival gear are suitable for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or holiday gifts for your men. Let them go camping, wilderness exploration or hiking. They are sure to love this kit because it brings smile to their face. It's a multi tool kit, perfect for your car, backpack, office. When there is an emergency like a natural disaster or wilderness adventure, you need survival gear kits. This camping gear is a great companion to help keep you safe and have peace of mind while you are outdoors. Survival gear and equipment will help build an outdoor adventure interest for your children. To improve survival skills and to let them know how to first aid in an emergency. Can store all emergency supplies. It's easy to carry and store. The box is stronger. The emergency survival kit has a weight of only 1.8 pounds. The camping gear kit has a sponge inside to absorb shocks. It's lightweight and portable and can be placed in cars, backpack, mountain bike, etc. The wilderness survival kit is designed for people who like camping. Customer satisfaction and quality are their top priorities. If gifts for teen boys don't live up to your expectations, contact them. They will make sure that you are happy with your purchase.

Brand: Vzfospd

👤I needed a second bag after buying a new car. The box of goodies had everything I needed. The multi-functional hatchet/hammer is the best item. This is a must have. I always have a fire starter, knife, fishing kit, and flashlight. A single AA battery is needed for the flashlight. The fire starter was a decent size. The rest of the items would be useful. This is a waterproof hard case. I had to play a game to get everything back in. It is stuffed!

👤I gave this to my husband for his birthday. He is a hunter and fisherman. I worry about him not having a survival gear. The price was very reasonable. You get a lot of stuff. He could survive until we find him. I would recommend anyone to hunt.

👤The survivor kit is great for hiking. I wanted to give him a nice quality kit so he could use it while he is out hiking. It comes with everything you need to survive in the wilderness.

👤My brother received this gift. He said he loves it. Highly recommended!

👤The gift was bought as a present. I was impressed with the kit and went through it all. The quality of the conents seems really nice and I like how compact everything is. I know my husband will love it. I would give it to others.

👤I opened all the items that came with the set. The tools are of good quality. You can use most of the tools in this kit around the home. I think this kit is worth the money. I would highly recommend it. I don't write reviews often. I wanted to let you know that I am excited about this gem. It has a nice case and carrying bag. It was perfect.

👤This is a gift. It was a pleasure to discover all the survival essentials. The knife and axe tool was very high quality. I will be taking this kit on my next camping trip.

👤This product is great. Everything you need to be prepared is in this very well made package. The recipient was very fond of the gift. The tools are made well and are sharp. Great purchase! Will buy again.

👤The kit has everything you need to survive in the bush. The items fit in the case. All items are made to order.

👤I gave it to my teenager so he could go camping. He is very happy. There are a lot of items that he likes.

👤Mon cousin has vraiment content.

7. LEVORY Boyfriend Survival Equipment Emergency

LEVORY Boyfriend Survival Equipment Emergency

Customer Guarantee They will give you a lifetime warranty and 100% money back for your Bravedge multitool. If the products are damaged due to problems, please contact them. Friendly and instant service will always be offered by them. Gifts for men who have everything, Father's day gifts,Birthday gifts,Valentine's day gifts, Christmas day gifts, gifts for dad, gifts for boyfriend, gifts for husband, gifts for him. The tactical gear almost contains everything you need when you are in an emergency. If you are going to travel or join any other outdoor adventures, you need to carry your backpack or car. The extremely useful Kits weight is only 1.7 pounds and the dimensions are 8.26 x 4.7 x 1.7 inches. It can be put in your backpack, car, climbing gear or mountain bike. Levory j always takes customer experience as the top concern. Their products come with a worry-free 18-month warranty. If you have any doubts or trouble, you are welcome to contact them by email at any time, they promise to give you a satisfied resolution within 12 hours.

Brand: Levory J

👤The little survival kit is perfect. You can get a decent survival tool set for around $30. There are several things in it that will help you in wilderness situations. There are a lot of useful tools and emergency supplies. Everything was in the description. Everything is packaged in a hard case to prevent scratches. It should fit in your bag with ease.

👤This is something I like to have in my truck. This was perfect because I live in Colorado. Solid quality items in a nice case. The knife was better than I expected. I put it in the floor compartment of my truck.

👤If you like camping, survival, or just need an emergency kit, this is it. I don't have to tell you what's in it. The quality is decent, but not high end. It's great as a starter or complimentary set. There is a nice assortment of tools that you may need in an emergency. It is a wonderful gift for a special person in your life. It's a bit tricky to put the gear back in the case.

👤I bought this for my husband, and he was overwhelmed. This kit is not cheap. It is packed with stuff. They paid attention to detail and put as much function into every piece as possible.

👤There is a neat little kit. Everything you'll need for a survival situation. Everything seems to be of good quality if you look at the box. It's hard to get back in the box after you've pulled everything out. It's packed to the brim with stuff.

👤The ad seems like a very good survival kit with high-quality products, but when you receive it, it's very cheap and lightweight, not something you should have if you're planning on buying a survival kit.

👤It's nice to have in the hiking pack if you put together a GO bag. Definitely will be useful.

👤Absolutely as seen in the images.

8. Yeacool Camping Survival Multitool Emergency

Yeacool Camping Survival Multitool Emergency

Skeleteen items are made of non-toxic materials. The Survival Axe is part of a great survival kit. The axe can be used to collect firewood, split small branches, build survival shelters, and hammer in stakes. There is a lot of flint to start a fire and an emergency whistle that can be used in a survival situation. A compass can help you find your way back in the woods. It's a good idea to have an axe on your backpack, camp kit or emergency bag. The modular design of the Camping Hatchet allows it to be used for bigger jobs. It's useful for different outdoor activities or just a small pouch. Storage room is offered by each individual tube to bring extra items. What a great idea! The most needed tools for deep in the great outdoors are on this axe. The sheath is easy to fit in your belt in safety position. It is a handy tool to carry out in the wilderness. You can put the wrap on the handle to protect your hands. It's a pretty sweet tool. It is the most versatile camp. You could own an axe. Practical tool for hunters or fishermen, good learning tool for youngsters or Boy Scouts. A handy tool for hikers. This is a back up tool to keep in your truck. Everyone should have this for road trips, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They fix any problem quickly and offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite, fast, courtious, and efficient way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them.

Brand: Yeacool

👤I have only had a chance to use it around the house so far, but it has performed well and will get more use as hunt seasons approach. The tool is so well built, you are hard pressed to find where the various parts of the handle screw into each other. It looks like being one solid piece. If you plan on splitting it with a heavy log, you must only use the short extension tube with the ax head. Medium diameter logs are easy to split. The included knife and ax can be used with any standard sharpener. I keep small ones in my stuff. I have yet to use the sharpener, but my guess is that it performs well. There is an easy fix for the ax head coming loose from the first extension tube. I used clear nailpolish on the threads since I'm keeping mine with a permanent attachment. It's about as good as Lok-Tite, and should you need to separate them, they come apart easier than with Lok-Tite. The advantage of using clear nail polish is that it's almost as good as Lok-Tite, but easier to remove if you need to. I agree with the instructions that some lube on the other threads will keep o-rings sealed, and make the ax easy to disassemble, and that the spray made by WD-40 works better than plain lube. I have never tried it, but I trust my friend's judgement. Greetings to all, and hope that this review helps.

👤I have two shovels that have the same characteristics as this item, with the handles and things hidden inside. I wanted an axe. I didn't have an axe in my survival set. An axe is more useful than a shovel. Pros is what they are. Even though it's just cardboard, it's an awesome case. When I'm done, I like to return all the parts to the case. It's the same thing. Comes with camo grip tape. That's cool, it comes with a sharpner. Love the color. My other shovels are not gold. It's the same thing. I like the paracord off the end. The instructions are confusing and HairMax This thing is in my survival/camping set.

👤There are two items that are always sliding around inside this light weight thing. I wonder if I'm not going to be able to get it apart one day, because the handles keepunlocking, which brings me to tighten them more and more. The feeling of it is very bad. This would be better if the grip was fiberglass. The handle is touching your hands. I thought it was sharp until I started using it. Not a good cut. I could do better with a claw hammer. If you're the seller and you're worried about my post, don't want to smooth things over. This thing is not worth much. I don't want to hear it.

9. Sunkoon Survival 19 2 37 8inch Lengthened Shovelhead

Sunkoon Survival 19 2 37 8inch Lengthened Shovelhead

Men and women have stockings. The shovel head is made of high-quality thick steel, surface hardened and heat-treated. It's hard enough, wear-resistant and rust-proof. Enough to deal with all kinds of outdoor adventures. The shovel handle is made of aviation aluminum alloy. The grip is comfortable. The safety rope is sufficient to make your use safer. The Sunkoon Camping Axe is made of 3 CR13 steel, which is ultra-strong and rust resistant, and is made by a special process. It is easy to use because of the sharp blade and reasonable angle. You can defend yourself and chop, split, hammer, etc. The protective cover can help you carry it safely. Sunkoon folding camping survival shovel Axe Set includes shovel, axe, cutter, saw, hoe, hook, stick, wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, hunting spear, whistle, fire starter, ice piton, window breaker. Perfect. shoveling, chopping, cutting, sawing, digging, hammering, bottle opening It's ideal for camping, hiking, off-roading, SUVing, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and gardening. Sunkoon folding shovel Axe Multitool gear is composed of shovel, Axe, extension handles and other accessories. The Storage Pouch can be easily stored after folding. It's easy to carry. It is easy to assemble. The shovel can be extended to 37.8 inches, which can be used for any emergency situations. 3 screw-in threaded extension handles can be assembled freely, lengthen or shorten the length of the handle according to your needs, and then screw the shovel, axe or other accessories to the handle. You can use shovel, axe, knife, hunting spear, screwdriver and other functions more easily and comfortably.

Brand: Sunkoon

👤The quality and heft of the kit impressed me, I just received it. It's nice, I assembled all the pieces. The magnesium bar is coated with metal and the quality of the steel is not good. Yeah. The edge of the knife was sharp until savesay There are dents on the edge of the kit after someone tried to hit the magnesium bar. The magnesium bar is coated with steel so that it won't work, and after a few attempts with the knife it created dents. The shovel and axe is large enough and works well. I'll try to update the review a few months out, but how long the kit lasts will be determined by how long it lasts. I'll use the kit this weekend when I go camping.

👤The whole thing was awesome. After about 15 swings, the axe broke clean off. I was not doing anything crazy and I am very disappointed that this happened. Do not recommend.

👤The shovel and axe are very handy to use outside. It is easy to carry and apply to different situations. I used the axe to chop the camping woods. I wanted to dig a hole in an area with a lot of tree roots. It was hard for me. The shovel and axe made my job much easier. I would recommend the tools. I hope you enjoy them.

👤You can't do better if you aren't fighting Cerberus. All metal construction can be used.

👤The product is worth the money. It's amazing how versatile it is. It feels very sturdy. I like that it's not light weight, so I can still get some good swings on some logs. I think a lighter would lose that ability. The bag is small and can fit in a backpack. The compass is the only downfall I have found. It doesn't work. The location of the north keeps changing. I am in Alaska, but I am still far away from the center of the world. A well rounded product with many uses.

👤I love everything about it except for the glass breaking knapper. Will contact them to see if they will ship it out. I can break a window with a hammer on axe, but I paid for all of them.

👤I am very pleased with this awesome survival tool. It must be very high quality for any one to travel, camping, hunting, or fishing. I will not leave home without this tool, it can be used as a weapon and protection device.

👤It's cool to have, but not all that practical. It won't do any of the jobs as well as the tools would, but that is expected.

10. Tigergo Portable Survival Multi Tool Tactical

Tigergo Portable Survival Multi Tool Tactical

There is outdoor survival gear and equipment. The axe tool is easy to use with one hand. It's an indispensable tool for home and outdoor use. It is suitable for camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, exploring or indoor activities. The multi-tool camping axe kit has functions such as axe, hammer, bottle opener, fish scaler tool, fire starter, emergency whistle, compass, glass breaker, etc. It can be used as a tactical axe, tactical folding axe with sharp blade, and a sheath. The axe head and extension bars are made of thick aluminum alloy. It was designed and produced for the outdoors. You can adjust the length of the handle according to your needs. The axe has a nylon sheath to protect it from the elements. The outdoor camping hatchet is a great gift for friends and family who love hiking or hunting. They will be impressed by your choice if you give them this gift.

Brand: Tigergo

👤I tried to sharpen it because it came dull. The blade is wobbly even though I have tightened it many times. The compass fell out. The knife is the only positive thing about it.

👤This thing is cool. We will see how well it holds up.

👤I love it! I ordered this two days ago and it arrived here. It was lightweight and great for me as I am pettite. It is so small that it can be removed into three pieces. It fits in my purse. It has a sturdy cover, a smaller knife, and a compass that works, and it also has a small knife. Excited to go camping with the kids.

👤It's lightweight but durable. It's easy to put together and take apart. I don't know why I bought it. I am excited.

👤Excellent product! It's small and wouldn't be used as my main axe.

👤It was a gift for my husband and he loved it.

11. Hitdudu Multi Tool Equipment Emergency Backpacking

Hitdudu Multi Tool Equipment Emergency Backpacking

Buy Today with confidence and they will give you a satisfaction guarantee. They stand behind their Credit Card Survival Tools because they are the best camping and wilderness survival portable tools on the market. Gifting makes it the Best Gifts for Men, Dad, Son, Boys, Fathers, and a useful Gift for Women and Kids Survival gear kits bag. The survival kit includes the functions of the axe, shovel, hammer, bottle opener, fish scaler tool, fire starter, emergency whistle, glass breaker, etc. It can be used as a tactical axe, tactical folding axe with a sharp blade, and a sheath. The axe and shovel are made of sturdy thick aluminum alloy, which makes them durable. It was designed and produced for the outdoors. You can adjust the length of the handle of the camping axe shovel with extension bars. The nylon sheath protects the blade of the axe and spade. The product is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. Feel free to contact them through the contact seller if you have any questions.

Brand: Hitdudu

👤This kit is great. Everything was neatly packed into a carry pouch that you can wear on your belt or hiking backpack. The shovel will be useful in digging a nice latrine hole. The hatchet will help you cut your wood to throw on the fire. Even though you're on top of your camping game, you forgot to pack a lighter, so how are you going to start a camp fire? The kit comes with a flint fire starter. When you are laying in your sleeping bag having a hard time sleeping because someone told a scary story and your worried skin walkers are going to drag you out of your tent, this kit has you covered, it comes with a nice bayonet style knife that when attached to the included poles makes a great You can use the knife for sawing or cutting things like the rope you need to hang your tarp over your tent. This kit is filled with well made tools that can help you in an emergency, like digging your car out of mud, or even make a great addition to your camping gear. I'm going to go camping and I love it. I am sure you will love it and you are getting a good deal. The tools have a good weight to them and the axe has a good blade. When you unpack the tools, look at the ends of the poles. It also has a shovel with a notch in the handle to tighten nuts and a screwdriver head with a notch in the handle. It is a good buy. I have said this before. I love it!

👤The Hitdudu Survival Shovel and Camping Axe Kits arrived as advertised. The directions for how to assemble the parts are missing. The multi-functional pieces are great for saving space. The handles on the pipe are hollow. It takes a few minutes to figure out how the pieces are going to form the knife. I would like it to be a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. The pieces will only screw together in one way. If you put two pieces together and they stop halfway short of seating, those pieces don't go together. If the pieces don't fit together easily, you have the wrong one connected. Good quality with a few exceptions. A shovel and axe head. Multiple pieces serve multiple purposes. Durability is given a B+. I will explain this in each section. The bag has a very secure full closure piece across the top flap so no parts escape while out on a hike. It has a long strap that can be adjusted to carry on the shoulder or cross-body. There is only one loop on the bag back. I find one loop annoying because it leaves too much play in the bag. A second loop with both loops placed closer to the outer edge of the bag would provide support. The shovel is sharp. The kit has a shovel that is sharp enough to cut rope out of a box. The serated edge could easily be seen. The shovel head has a hook knife on the upper corner that can be used as a can/bottle opener and three octagonal wrench holes on the side. The octagonal wrench holes on the side of the blade make it a knife as well. The tension nut at the base of the handle can be turned to move the shovel head. The nut is made of plastic. I think it will break over time. You can switch between the two positions. The shovel head is solid and won't break under use. The axe is sharp. It will be able to do some serious chopping straight out of the box. The hammer end of the axe head is welded into place. It is made for traction. Alan bolts hold the axe head in the handle. To keep the bolts secure, you will need an appropriately sized alan wrench. The bolts closest to the axe head were loosened and I had to tighten them up. The axe is very sturdy and would hold up well in camping and hunting. I can't say that it would survive a lifetime like a solid steel piece would. The axe has a reinforced fabric cover that snaps into place over the blade. The axe head cover has a belt loop strap for added convenience. The axe is referred to as a folding axe. I don't know if that means something technical, but the axe doesn't fold down in any way. The knife is very sharp. It doesn't have a sheath to protect the blade or you when you reach into the bag. I keep the knife point inside the empty handle piece. It has a bottle opener area. The knife blade was difficult to find the right configuration for. If you need the help, I attached a picture to help you figure it out. There is a double ended phillips/flathead screwdriver bit that slides into the hole in the fixed end of one pipe piece. A picture is included again. There is a whistle. It doesn't go into the pipes. It is completely independent. There is a glass breaker pipe tip that can be used to crush something. There is a fire starter in the advertisement. I don't see a fire starter tool with this kit. A decent tool kit for hiking, camping and hunting. I don't think I would rely on it for long term survival. The lack of a compass and fire starter, the plastic knife base which can break over time, and the plastic tension nut on the shovel make it a bit overpriced.


What is the best product for survival axe kit?

Survival axe kit products from Rzchome. In this article about survival axe kit you can see why people choose the product. Milspec Tactical and Off Grid Tools are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival axe kit.

What are the best brands for survival axe kit?

Rzchome, Milspec Tactical and Off Grid Tools are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival axe kit. Find the detail in this article. Luxmom, Liantral and Vzfospd are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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