Best Survival Axe and Shovel Kit

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1. Brace Master Multitool Backpacking Emergency

Brace Master Multitool Backpacking Emergency

Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They fix any problem quickly and offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite, fast, courtious, and efficient way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them. The Brace Master Camping Shovel is a fully functional multi-tool and shoveling device. It can be used as a soil loosener for gardens and courtyards, but also for outdoor adventure camping picnic activities. This product has other useful gadgets, which can be used to cut vegetables, chop wood, catch fish, identify directions, etc. Thicken and enlarge the shovel head, thicken the extension handle, high-carbon steel, sturdy and durable, not easy to deform, and clearer and more durable accessories for you anytime, anywhere. With three longer handles. There are three different lengths of excavation comfort. It can be shortened to 32in according to your needs. It's easy to carry, it's easy to assemble, and it's easy to use. TheTightening type anti-skid handle is as important as the shovel head. The anti-skid handle of their shovel has a good grip. The handle is of high quality and will not fall off after many uses.

Brand: Brace Master

👤I bought this mostly because I could use the ax. It was like a champ the whole night. I was chopping wood to keep the fire going. I was impressed. It broke off as I was cutting wood. No one was hurt when it broke. I really liked this axe, but I'm really disappointed. I haven't had a chance to use the shovel like I did with the axe, but it seems sturdy and durable.

👤I didn't get to test anything out, but everything is sturdy. I'm sure all would do well. The nylon case is the reason for 4 stars. The case is not thick. I took a stress test. The nylon strap to the ax head was very small and the nylon seams looked like they could be pulled apart. I tugged on it thinking it would come out, but the strap ripped and I couldn't get it out. The tools seem durable if used properly and the attachment are pretty neat, but be aware of the case and maybe reinforce the stitching or just find another.

👤The shovel is sturdy and treads together. I used the axe head attachment to cut down a small tree and sheared it off after about 10 swings.

👤Everyone should have one in their vehicle. It's great for digging hole, chopping up wood and self defense.

👤The ax head broke off after 3 swings.

👤I received a BRACE MASTER survival multitool which included a handle, a fire starter, and a flashlight. Whistle 1 x Knife Extension 1 x Shovel Extension 1 2 x Extension Tubes, 1 x 2-Sided Bit, and 1 x Storage Pouch. A variety of tools are included in the BRACE MASTER Survival Multitool product. I am an outdoor person and do a lot of activities. The tool is an advantage. The extension tubes are thick enough to hold some weight behind it. The price was not out of line. It's a good idea to have a case that you can carry all of it in. I would recommend this to anyone. I never thought I would need a survival axe, but the latest epidemic has changed the way we look at the future. It is strong enough to cut and fell a tree. Or as a weapon in your bug-out bag to protect you and your family from zombies. This multi-tool can be used many different ways. When you don't have any other means, there are several useful attachment like a knife and harpoon. The shovel and axe are essential for survival when digging a wilderness latrine or self-defense. I couldn't find a warranty in the product information or item description. You are taking the time to read this. I received a product in exchange for a review. This is a very important tool for the SHTF. It comes with almost everything you need to use one tool. Hope this information was helpful. This product is made in China.

👤TheVersatility of this camp shovel survival kit is awesome all the things that are included with the shovel work, the axe is very sharp, and it comes with everything described in the description of product on Amazon. It is a very stable and sturdy tool and the tools that come with it, I like the fact that you can make the handle as long or as short as you need it to be, it is excellent for an axe for chopping wood, it is a very stable and sturdy tool and the

2. Cold Steel 92SF Special Hardwood

Cold Steel 92SF Special Hardwood

High quality products. Off Grid Tools has the latest and greatest outdoor tools that are functional, versatile, high quality, and innovative. During long adventures hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping, put survival in the palm of your hand. The Shovel Head has a thickness of 2mm. The overall length was 19.68 Medium carbon steel is a material. Overall Length: 20.50" Carry System: N/A Weight: 1.60 lbs. The overall length was 20.50

Brand: Cold Steel

👤The first time I tried to chop through a root, the handle broke. My 7 year old thought it was funny.

👤The confusion about whether or not a sheath for the trenching shovel was included was my least favorite part of the listing. It wasn't. The screws on the shovel blade were set in askew because the tool just arrived. I'm sure these screws would cause blisters. Everyone looked at the shovel and thought it was sharp. I would say that's a big overstatement compared to the item I received yesterday. The edge of the shovel is dirty and has burrs. I thought it wasn't sharp, but it has an edge. I can get a fine shovel from my local hardware store for 18.25 dollars, and get something that works. The Spetznaz entrenching shovel is not a tool for hard use. If I'd known this was the norm, I would've gotten one from the army surplus store. Quality control in S.A. is not very good. This lack of attention to detail can be seen in the final product which makes a nice paperweight. I wouldn't bet my life on this tool. As you read my review, bear in mind that I have yet to use the shovel.

👤The piece of kit is amazing. I struggle when trying to decide on a large tool for my pack. I like to choose a Parang, Husqvarna hatchet, or Kukri, all of which have specific uses and limitations. This Shovel is great for light digging, moving coals embers around, transporting a fire to another location, light chopping, making tinder, de barking, and the funnest is throwing into dead trees. This shovel is weighted forward so it is the lightest spin. It still sticks in deep. I used my Swiss Army Farmer to remove the handle and then used it to break it. It's still good! Even if the wood breaks off, the handle on the shovel is long enough to still be used. I chopped a decent sized branch, trimmed it down to size, and fitted my Shovel with a new handle to see how hard it would be. I had a working shove with a longer handle. I was able to start the screw pilot holes using the AWL on my Swiss army knife. You can use this shovel as a cooking instrument, and the coating can be removed. I heated the shovel up enough to cook an egg and it didn't melt or smoke. It can be used to make breakfast. Even though a Hatchet would chop better, a Kukri carve and slice better, and a Parang chop and clear brush better, none of them can dig holes, cook breakfast, or be thrown like a tomahawk. Buy one, use it, think outside the box and see for yourself. If I drilled a hole in the handle and tied rope around it, I could make a grappling hook out of it. It's fun to throw in dead trees for the little extra weight. It's a good thing.

3. CASAVIDA Multifunctional Military Entrenching Backpacking

CASAVIDA Multifunctional Military Entrenching Backpacking

Need more time? The extension handle is available for purchase. You can store this shovel in your vehicle to help you dig out tires or break glass in emergencies. You can carry the shovel in the bag. AXE SET The multi-functional camping tool includes Shovel Board, Axe, Hoe, Hexagonal Wrench, Saw, Bottle opener, Hoe, Fish Scaler tool, Emergency Whistle, Fire Bar, Ice Ax, Safety Hammer, etc. The purpose is to provide a neater folding shoveling job because of blade strength. You can get more in one scoop by shoveling deeper. Multi purpose survival shovel for your bag can be used in many different ways. Quality material. The axe and shovel are made of high strength carbon steel. The extension bars were made of high quality aluminum. A great tool for camping. The military folding kit has a nylon sheath that is flexible and rigid enough to be used outdoors. Great camping. A shovel and an axe. A combo. The AXE dimensions are 22'' L * 6.6'' W. Fishing, Disaster Recovery, RV Camping, Cadets, Scouts, Military Personnel, Hikers, Camper, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, Survivalist, Gold Digger, Truck driver are available.

Brand: Casavida

👤The light weight of this multi tool is something I like. I have concerns with a tool that you swing to drive tent stakes or chop wood that is decomposable into parts by removing the handle. What's good? The stakes for the tent are large and wide and I have a 12 by 12 foot tent. You can drive these stakes with the back end of the hatchet. A good amount of force is generated with one hand by the tool. 2. The side with the blade has been used to chop wood. You can get a decent sized chip with every swing because the blade is sharp enough to get through wood pieces that are about 3 to 4 inches in diameter. 3. You'll get lost if you rely on the compass at the bottom of the handle. Does not point at the Magnetic North. For that, buy a real compass. 4. I threw out the fire strikers in haste. I never used it, so no review. Two strikes against me in this review, because this also had the emergency whistle on it. 5. I don't need to use the glass breaker to exit my car because I haven't driven it under water yet. I didn't see a seat belt cutter on the tools, it seems like you need that before the glass breaker. 6. If you need an emergency beer, you should have a bottle opener. I don't think it's possible to go backpacking on a long hike. I'm happy with the purchase because of the stake driving and wood chopping properties. It's used in car camping situations and is a great addition to your toolkit.

👤I wanted a blade/hammer combo. The other stuff was just a bonus. It has a solid build and is heavier than anticipated. I think I will have to put a lot of effort into breaking it. It came with a medium sharpening stone/oil, which was a nice surprise, don't recall that being in the bio. There is a The other stuff... Don't buy this for the compass, it's garbage and doesn't point anywhere. There is a clothes pin in my picture of the knife. If you only use it for light work and don't throw it, it should be durable. Don't buy this ax for the knife. The window break is cool. I don't think this ax will be able to split large logs. The weight is not a big deal for me. The sun is south of me.

👤The ace is very nice. I was concerned about the strength but the segments are ice and tight which gives them a solid feel. Adding flint, steel, sharpening oil and whistle is nice. The knife doesn't screw into anything, that's my only complaint. A handle segment cannot be added to a knife. It pushes into one of the segments. There are threads on the knife. It doesn't fit into any of the segments. Without anything to screw it into, it makes it worthless. The knife piece rattles when it's in the handle. This would be complete if there was a little more engineering.

4. Suprock Survival Tactical Entrenching Emergency

Suprock Survival Tactical Entrenching Emergency

Are you looking for a partner that will accompany you up the mountain and into the sea, through the jungle desert, and through the snow? Then, the perfect travel companion is the survival shovels from SUPCAMP. If you have a question, please contact them. Take your partner with you on the long journey. The materials are high-quality. The shovel axe are made of thick high-carbon steel, with 3 CR13 high carbon STAINLESS steel integrated casting technology, high strength, strong and durable. The camping equipment is a great partner for outdoor camping. The shovel are made of high-carbon steel is strong and durable enough to endure the harshest conditions, and three different assembly methods, 0-180 shovel head can be adjusted at will, and spiral handle anti-skid design, surface oxidation resistance Rust and waterproof. A multifunctional survival tool includes shovel, axe, knife, saw, hoe, hook, stick, and spanner, a corkscrew, whistle,igniter, ice cone, fish scale, compass, and many more. Ready whenever and wherever you need it. It's easy to assemble. The store has a folding design for easy carrying. Take it with you in your car or backpack. The portable bag size is 10*7 inches and the handle lengths are from 19 to 32.4 inches. The strong quality of the Lifetime Replacement Service makes shopping worry-free. The survival shovel can be used for a long time. If you have unpleasant problems during use, please contact them so that they can solve them for you.

Brand: Suprock

👤I took this with me on a camping trip, but I didn't think I'd use it the whole time. The shovel has a very sharp point at the tip that helped it break branches and really anything, even though it was only strong. The handle is comfortable to hold, but I love that I can shorten it. I was able to use this to dig a fire pit at the beach. The axe is very sharp and can be used to cut wood for a campfire. It came with a cover for the axe. It had a cover for the shovel as well. It's convenient to store everything inside with the bag that comes with it. It's great for camping trips in case of emergencies. This is made with quality steel and has not cracked, bent or rusted.

👤Comes with a nice carry case. If zombies show up, the shovel is a great way to protect yourself. An axe will definitely be useful. It is easy to carry and pack because of the case.

👤The shovel is very easy to use. The school bought a shovel with the idea of trying it out and seeing if it worked, thinking that it would only work if I used it twice. The shovel is easy to use, and it feels worthwhile.

👤There was no principal return. The product doesn't match the instructions.

👤A shovel is useful when camping.

👤All threaded pieces fit great and are definitely lightweight. I thought I had asked for the one with the axe. I would probably order it if I tried it. This price point is recommended for sure.

👤My daughter received this item as a gift. She keeps it by her bed. I don't know why she wanted one. She loves it! She won't let me take a picture of her until I can get one from her.

5. BANORES Unbreakable Flashlight Multi Function Equipment

BANORES Unbreakable Flashlight Multi Function Equipment

The function is Shovel, scoops, saws, axes, picks, mulberry, bottle opener, magnesia rod, hammer, nail pullover, wrench, hammer, etc. It's military-grade handle makes it a breeze to work with and the shovel is made from hardened, heat-treated military solid carbon steel. Abuse and impact can be handled without scratches or dents. The Survival Tools set has 28 tools in it, including a shovel, flashlight,saw, axe, hoe, hexagon wrench, scissors, multi-function tools,bottle opener, screw set, compass,whistle,hunting knife, etc. The Survival Shovel Axe is made from a strong mix of high carbon steel and chromium, making it rust resistant. The shovel has passed their destruction tests and will be standing the test of time. The extended and portable folding shovel is about 24 cm long. The extended back shovel can reach up to 40.1 inches to meet your needs. It's suitable for camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, emergency, gardening, etc. It is easy to assemble and store the parts. It only takes a few minutes to assemble, and BANORES camping shovel set is the best gift for husband, elders, and friends.

Brand: Banores

👤This is the review you want to read. I bought this for myself to use. I am currently in the mountains of Idaho and have a lot of use for everything in this bundle. I struggled to get this bundle, but I decided to invest in a good pick axe and go with this axe bundle instead. Don't buy this kit for the axe, first thing you need to know. It broke when I was using it as a wood axe to chop up small logs. The axe head surprised me and seemed capable of chopping. The sides of the log were damaged by my swings, as you can see in the picture. The axe head is pretty good. It broke on its own neck. It broke on its own neck and did not break at an extension where you can connect to it to extend it out and make it longer. The picture is deceiving because you can see threads where the break is, but it is not the case. I think they put that neck into the axe. There is no way to change out that neck for a different extension if the threads are there. I have a small hand hatchet with a hammer. There is a risk with that axe. The axe head broke off and that was the end of the story. If I hadn't used it as a short hatchet and extended it into a wood chopping axe, it could have gone flying off somewhere. It broke my second swing into a wood log because I didn't have enough force to break it as a hand held. I am not sure about that. Let's move past the axe and get to the rest of it. The shovel. The neck of the shovel is important because it can be used as a hoe. I have used it a bit and it may feel a bit weird, but I am used to holding shovels. The shovel doesn't seem to break easily. After the axe broke, I played with it to see if the shovel would hold up. There is a bit of a hassle in changing from shovel to hoe. It's easier to remove the shovel head from the extensions and put it back on. The way that the extension handles screw together makes it difficult to adjust the shovel head lock because the threads are opposite directions. Nobody is buying a cheap compass. You can buy replacements if the flint looks like it screws in and out. If you are getting in some night work, I recommend using a headlamps as well as the flashlight. I like the pocket knife a lot. It was ready and sharp and is not a cheapo knife. It is a Browning. The clippers and pliers are of good quality, not necessarily name brand, so if you have craftsman tools, obviously this wouldn't be on par, but it's not just cheap crap that seems like it's going to break just being taken out of the package. The extension bars feel like a force to be reckoned with. They feel good quality, the whole set, all of the metal smelled like a well oiled fire arm and that smell was really impressive and added appeal to everything. They screw together clean and at the final turn, even if you screw it in tight, it will come together. The work they put into those extensions is great. The whole thing feels powerful and smooth, but it is also misleading. If they don't use aluminum or aluminum alloy on the head of the axe, it's simply not strong enough for a real man to use, so I think they have to use something else. The only complaint I have is the axe. I wish they would have tested it more, or at least not advertise it as a wood cutting axe, because that can seriously hurt someone. I think everything else in the box is decent, except for the axe, which is a bit down, but I don't think it will break as easily. If something else goes wrong, I will update this review. I will give this 3 stars because everything is pretty good with one exception. I would have given it 4 stars, but I feel like it should lose one for the danger it poses if that axe head doesn't break as smoothly as mine.

6. SOG Folding Shovel Survival Entrenching

SOG Folding Shovel Survival Entrenching

3 screw-in threaded extension handles can be assembled freely, lengthen or shorten the length of the handle according to your needs, and then screw the shovel, axe or other accessories to the handle. You can use shovel, axe, knife, hunting spear, screwdriver and other functions more easily and comfortably. The full length is 18.25 inches. The military shovel is lightweight and can be used to get the job done. The E-Tool has a wood saw edge that can be used to cut or chop trees. It is possible to compare and portable. The multi-use shovel is barely bigger than your hand. It takes up about the same amount of space as a stack of paper plates when folded. A tool that is easy to pack and takes up no space in your backpack or camp kit is needed. The high-carbon steel construction is used. The shovel was designed to handle a long list of jobs. The blade is made of steel and is designed to cut through dirt, sand, gravel, and snow. The triangular handle is strong and works well for optimal use when digging, trenching, cutting, or slashing. The folding design is 3-way. The shovel collapses into a portable shovel. The spade blade can be adjusted to act as a pick or hoe. A camp tool that can dig fire pits, bury waste, or trench drainage lines. Sog toxicity for life. They will take care of you if you take care of your folding shovel. SOG shovels are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. Sog toxicity for life. They will take care of you if you take care of your folding shovel. SOG shovels are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog Specialty Knives

👤I am not happy with this product. I encourage people to read the reviews and look at the product description. The "metal" is poor quality and I have two main issues with this item. The package claims that it is made of carbon steel. The handle is not attached to the shovel. The item will not work well as a shovel in sand or snow or loose dirt. The size of the item is not a standard tool size. The "shovel" is said to be equivalent to a military tool. It is not! The photo comparison is below. I am at fault as much as the manufacturer because they did not list the overall dimensions. This is bad for failing to notice. This is a poorly made product which will only work under certain circumstances. Maybe it's for the backpacking community. It fails as a shovel or entrenching tool. The SOG shovel is next to a regular size shovel.

👤I like SOG. I have a NSP edition folding knife. The doors did not live up to their reputation. I took it out on a bike ride to see if it was worth the money I spent on it. I was going to dig a small pit and fill it with fire. I was able to dig as far as 12x12x8 in the soft soil with a rock or stick. The blade of the tool was bent because of this little bit. A little more digging. It began to bend left to right. I held it back with my hands. I tried to set it up like a home. This worked for a while, then it bent again. I put the dirt back in my pit and packed it up. I will buy another one and not ignore the reviews. I had my eye on the SOG tomohawk, but this has me rethinking. So disappointed.

👤It was given to my grandsons who were camping and he broke it in the sand. I think a four year old is tougher than a shovel.

👤I use this SOG tool for metal detecting. I was wrong. The shovel head has begun to bend and even rip where it is attached to the handle after about half an hour of use. If it is carbon steel, I shouldn't have been able to bend it back into shape by hand. The pick is too loose to use in a solid soil and is bent into a roundish shape so a large amount is left on the pick when removed. The round part of the shovel head where it rubs on the handle and pivots is showing signs of wear. After 30 minutes of use. I don't recommend this for metal detecting if you're in mud or sand. You could get a sifter.

👤The metal used in the shovel is not very good. The base of the shovel that connects to the rest of the product has had to be re shaped. Would not buy again.

👤I don't know why people are staring. The quality is there for the price. If you are going to dig a real trench, you should get a real shovel. I think it works well, it's intended for a latrine hole, leveling a sleep spot for a tent, clearing a spot for a fire that sort of thing. I own it because I think it's durable enough to take a beating and not use my hands. There is a lot to like about the tool. It's compact size and all metal features make it a good choice for someone like me who isn't so picky to one star it for it's lack of grade 8 bolts. I will not be swinging this thing into the ground. I know it's small and will take time to make a large hole but, this is for small holes or clearing the surface to make level. It could be a little nicer with higher grade bolts, but that's the way things are made these days. I hope it lasts but, I am using it as an emergency tool and have peace with it's limitations. Save your hands.

7. Gardening Lightweight Multitool Backpacking Emergency

Gardening Lightweight Multitool Backpacking Emergency

There are multifunctional tools, including shovel, axe, stick, wrench, saw, hoe, screw, bottle opener, whistle, icebreaker and compass. It's very good for digging, shredding, sawing, picking, hammering, and opening bottles. A camping shovel. The design is lightweight and multi-functional. Imagine all of the uses: shovel for digging, pickaxe for gardening, saw for cutting, whistle for help, compass for navigation and bottle opener for drinks. It can be used for a lot of things, including garden tools, backpacking gear, and metal detector accessories. The trenching tool has a modular design. The handle is made from segments of tubes compared to traditional folding shovels. There is space for small items in the tube section. Practical and tactical functions! The folding shovel multitool has a canvass storage bag that makes it easy to carry. It folds down into a simple sleeve that you can carry with you. The carry bag is strong enough to protect the shovel and surrounding items while hiking or driving. A great gift idea for people who love the outdoors. It is very well built and engineered at a very affordable price. Are you shopping for a loved one? Great for hikers, campers, hunters, fishermen, survivalists, preppers, backpackers, scouts, gardeners, archaeologists and many more. Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They fix any problem quickly and offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite, fast, courtious, and efficient way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them.

Brand: Yeacool

👤If you want a small, lightweight, tactical, emergency shovel, then this is worth every penny, but if you are looking for a larger shovel, then this is not for you. You have to carry a shovel and water bucket in Idaho. They handed out water buckets around camp.

👤It broke after 2 months of my 11 year old playing with it. Would have thought it would hold up over time. It broke so quickly that it could not be used as a camping shovel.

👤I probably wouldn't have ordered it if I had read the reviews. I almost didn't order it, but I'm so glad I did because it was so obvious that the shovel was made in China. The strength of this shovel, its extra hidden tools, and its price make up for the two weaknesses that I can think of. I highly recommend it. The shovel head is about 4 by 5 inches and was accurately described in the listing. I didn't expect to rely on the pass since it is nonfunctional, but I did not like it. The shovel and handle are made of metal, so if one beats it against a boulder, it will do its job. It can be slid onto one's belt from a sturdy shovelhead-shaped bag. I was very pleased to see how strong this little shovel is. You can bend the shovel head and the pick. There is a whistle, little saw and little cutting blade hidden in the handle pieces. The package comes with assembly instructions that show you where the extra survival features are hidden.

👤My brother in law received this as a gift and he loved it. He uses it with his Radar detector, he said that it has been perfect for carrying with him and using whatever his detector tells him, he needs to dig it up. He likes the tool kit.

👤I bought a shovel to dig out my truck. I'm happy with it because it goes through snow and ice easily. The shovel head is only 4 inches wide so it's not a full size entrenching tool. I'll update the review as I get more time to use it.

👤It's nice for metal detecting. It would be a good shovel for a backpack.

👤This was bought for his son. He liked it. Capable but compact.

👤This shovel is great for hiking. It is light and has many functions. Keeping gear weight to a minimum is important for me because I like to be on the trail for a couple days at a time. I will be able to save weight by adding this kit.

👤It wasn't worth it because it didn't include half the tools included in advertisement. It would not be a good idea to recommend it for the price, it is extremely small, and you have to put it together.

8. Extremus Multi Tool Flashlight Firestarter Construction

Extremus Multi Tool Flashlight Firestarter Construction

Their product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacturer defects and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The Extremus viper multi-tool is an all-in-one tool that can be used around the home or in the field. There are 13 different accessories in the complete kit. This one tool can do it all while outdoors. The axe head, shovel and knives are all made with 3cr13 STAINLESS STEEL. 6063 aircraft aluminum is used to make the extension handle. Better performance and quick work on big jobs are achieved by quality construction. There are so many uses for the viper multi-tool. The kit includes a multi-functional axe, flashlight, knife blade, fork and knife, magnesium Firestarter, glass breaking cone, and aluminum extension handles. You can adjust the configuration of the viper multi-tool by adding or removing sections of the aluminum handles for a longer or shorter tool. The maximum length of the shovel is 30” but if you are working in more confined spaces you can shorten the handle for a better tool. The Extremus Viper Multi-Tool comes with a molded case where every accessory has its own storage area. The dimensions of the case are not large. The total weight of the car is 5 lbs.

Brand: Extremus

👤It is a very cheap option that will work for light and occasional use. If you are buying a shtf bag, look for a sturdier option, but if you just bury some poo in the woods, it will work.

👤It was a disappointment. I should have known this was a mini pickaxe. I needed something to loosen up red clay in a tight space and thought this would work. The handle is not designed for swinging like a pickaxe, and the tightening nut works loose when chopping into red clay. The head is going to work loose if any type of chopping motion is used.

👤I was surprised that this product did not fulfill all of my needs. It might be useful for gardening your indoor plants located under a grow light. I grant you that, but this is not a survival tool you can depend on. It was good for a laugh. It would be a great gag gift. Returned the same day. Fast shipping and fast refunds are positive. An excellent seller! All the best to you.

👤I was imagining my Dad's old entrenching tool, which he probably bought at a surplus store in the 60's or 70's. The new version of this tool folds up really small, but it is still roughly the same weight as the old one, and it has a 2ft long maple handle. The D-handle on my unit was cut, but it was easy to knock it down with a file. I'll be glad I have it if it's needed. If you're expecting a shovel that's factory perfect, you should pay more.

👤When digging fence post holes, mixing concrete, clearing roots, and scooping dog doo, this was a life saver. The only sign of wear on this thing was paint fading on the hinge area. If you work outside, you should get this product. This is the last pooper-scooper you will need if you have dogs. My Army issue E-tool's lock ring was constantly seizing up, but the lock ring also worked perfectly.

👤The box was damaged when the shovel arrived. It has also been used with scratches.

👤I kept it because it works. The dirt must be soft. There will be a problem if it is hard. It was used for camping.

👤Everything came in a very sturdy box and the quality is great for the price. I will be keeping this in my car. Everything fits in the case and is lightweight. The flashlight is not very bright, but it is ok for a backup.

9. Yeacool Accessories Collapsible Multi Tool Backpacking

Yeacool Accessories Collapsible Multi Tool Backpacking

Lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns. This survival shovel is the last piece of camping and survival equipment you will ever need. The mini folding shovel can be pressed into service as a shovel, saw, bottle opener, nail puller, hoe, Pickaxe and more. Great choice for Backpackers, Hikers, Gardeners, Scouts, Archeaologist, Gold prospector, etc. A great gift idea! The folding design makes it easy to carry, transport and store. You can loop to your belt or backpack. One multitool does it all. The design is compact but intelligent and solid, and it has a soft rubber grip handle that makes it easy to perform your gardening, shoveling or digging tasks. The shovel head and handle are made from high-carbon steel. It's practical to cover all your outdoor needs. Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them.

Brand: Yeacool

👤The design of this product is lightweight and really liked, but the shovels broke the first time I used them. My husband is married. I took them out. This product can be used for very light weight digging, but it can not tackle cornstalks. The spot where you screw the shovel to the handle was broken.

👤I bought this folding shovel because it was cheap and I like to try out hiking-type gear that isn't heard of and doesn't have a huge price-tag attached to it. It cost me $10 and it was shipped in less than an hour. I noticed immediately that the shovel was durable and well made. Nothing was lost and nothing is going to break after use. I used it a few times and it performed well. The shovel blade cuts through dirt like a knife through butter. It is very light. I can't think of anything I dislike about it. I think I have a product that is worth $50. It's lightweight. It is durable. The design is cool. There is a multi- function. I'm happy to add this shovel to my hiking gear. Thank you for an awesome product!

👤I thought it was so small that I would give a poor review. I decided to look at it again and make sure I was correct. I don't like to give poor reviews. I can see now that the size is adequate and it will be great having this take up so little space. The metal is thick and good weight. This instrument has a feel. Well.. Once you hold it and form it, you know that it is high quality. It will stay where you put it. It does one whole lot of function, and it's designed to do all the jobs. I thought it was a shovel. Not. Don't let the size fool you, look it over good when you get it, put it in all the positions, give the manual a quick look over, know what all it can do. This is a very useful tool. I put it in my glove box so I can get to it when I need it. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The camping shovel/pickax is a small package. It is an excellent tool to have on your belt. This isn't the right tool to dig a fox hole. If you want to dig a drainage trench, dig a fire pit, shave, cut or chop small tree limbs, it will not be out of place. I was impressed with the quality.

👤I bought the one-handed version. It is made from two pieces and is compatible with molle. I use it for camping on motorcycles. This little guy is a little bit bigger than my trowel, but it is still very sturdy. It's a little bit heavier. If you use normal human strength, it will not collapse on its own. It doesn't cry like a baby when it hits a rock, just open the pick side and pry that puppy out. I don't need the saw feature for my use, but it works well for small branches. I never used the bottle opener on the shovel because it doesn't make sense to me. The saw shouldn't be chewing through your stuff, that's why the storage pouch is reasonable.

10. Portable Survival Backpacking Entrenching Emergency

Portable Survival Backpacking Entrenching Emergency

This folding camping shovel is a must have for wilderness adventures or for preparing for an emergency situation. The camping axe has a number of functions, such as a shovel board, axe, hoe, hexagonal wrench, saw, bottle opener, fish scaler tool, emergency whistle, and safety hammer. The extension bars allow you to adjust the length of the shovel. The axe and shovel were made of high- strength carbon steel which is wear resistant. The handle and extension bars were made from aluminum and were designed and produced with the sports and outdoor enthusiast in mind. Not just camping. The tactical shovel is perfect for camping, hiking, gardening, backpacking, hunting, traveling, expedition, car emergency, and outdoor survival. It's easy to disassemble and it's great for outdoor activities as camping. Purchase is free. They are proud of their product. If you're not happy with their products, you can get a full refund. Their products have passed strict export inspections. Rest assured to buy.

Brand: Sehertiwy

👤Adding a multi tool shovel and getting rid of a regular axe and bad shovel helped me save a bit of weight.

👤These tools are strong. It takes a while to screw each section of tubing together, but otherwise everything is very sturdy. The bag has basic pockets which I just shoved into it. I think the bag could have more custom pockets for each item. Some of the small pieces are tucked into the smaller pockets. I'll probably just be dumping everything out and finding what I need.

👤I keep a lot of combinations for my backwoods survival gear in my Jeep.

👤The kit is great. I haven't used it, can't speak of the durability. It seems to be very strong.

11. BeyJoy Functional Survival Manganese Engineer

BeyJoy Functional Survival Manganese Engineer

This shovel is lightweight and portable, it comes with a shovel head and a camouflage bag, it will make your adventure safer and easier. BeyJoy is a portable and strong multi-functional toolbox that can be used in the trunk of the car for outdoor exploration and is suitable for garden planting and felling at home. The extension bars of high quality manganese steel can carry out a variety of shape and function conversion. The main tools are a shovel, axe, pickaxe, and self-defense stick. By changing the shape, it can be used for a lot of things. There are auxiliary tools such as a broken window safety hammer, whistle, flint, multifunctional knife, peeling, hexagonal wrench, bottle opener, dining knife and fork. The scenarios are designed and produced with the sports and outdoor enthusiast in mind. Please keep away from children, this product is dangerous. If you need to charge the strong light directly, you should use a rechargeable battery. The rings need to be in strong light after the normal luminescence. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact their back office customer service.

Brand: Beyjoy

👤I am not sure how heavy a strike the tools can handle, but I like the hatchet and pick axe the best. I like the multi tool set and carrying case. I think the company has gotten it right. I was not able to find a better price or customer service at the time of this posting.

👤I have a survival toolkit in our camper. It is easy to store. I put a pen in the pictures. The items are strong. It will be useful on our camping trips this summer.

👤It is well built. The case is nice. The set has multi functions.

👤Good quality, wish it had more handle pieces and a flashlight battery.

👤Very cool. The case is very durable. It's a perfect addition to my truck.

👤It was bought for off roading. It was well made and small. It's better to carry a small shovel and axe.

👤Everything is in a solid compact case.

👤I bought this for our go bag and it wasn't what I expected. The axe head doesn't screw in correctly, and the steel seems a bit fragile. The flashlight arrived with no batteries, but I have the charging port. Not what I expected.


What is the best product for survival axe and shovel kit?

Survival axe and shovel kit products from Brace Master. In this article about survival axe and shovel kit you can see why people choose the product. Cold Steel and Casavida are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival axe and shovel kit.

What are the best brands for survival axe and shovel kit?

Brace Master, Cold Steel and Casavida are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival axe and shovel kit. Find the detail in this article. Suprock, Banores and Sog Specialty Knives are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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