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1. Stilvolle Tools Survival Contains Arrowhead

Stilvolle Tools Survival Contains Arrowhead

It is suitable for dogs with respiratory diseases. It can be used when the air quality is bad and you are going out for medical treatment. Functions: 5 The built-in function is a flat-head screwdriver, lure, trap lock, arrowhead, hook, and split ring. The built-in function is a flat-head screwdriver, lure, trap lock, arrowhead, hook, and split ring.

Brand: Stilvolle Tools

👤This is great for use in an emergency. It's better to have and not need. This is small enough to be used in the time of need. Even though Grim Tools are more expensive, I like them because they are American made and have more tools. I bought this one because it had a better profile arrow and hooks on the same dog tag as GT's only arrow head. I have several of the other GT tags. The weight and thickness are the same. I would have bought GT if there were other reasons.

👤It seems decent and hopefully performs well. The dogtag is not the size described. I don't have the same size dogtag or dogtag survival item as I have. Disappointed in that.

👤Solid. Can't wait to use it.

2. Dont Die Woods Toughest Emergency

Dont Die Woods Toughest Emergency

China is the country of origin. Extra large emergency blankets are 23% larger than standard foil blankets for full body protection. The mylar heat sheets can be converted into an emergency shelter, sleeping bag, emergency bivy, or other survival gear with a little bit of tape and paracord. NASA designed mylar to be waterproof and reflect up to 90% of body heat, making it perfect for hiking, running, and first aid kits. Their thermal blankets are a must-have for camping, trail running, marathons, 48hr/72hr/30 day go bags, tactical gear preppers, earthquake survival kits, home emergency, and car first aid kits. Durability, lightweight, collapsible packaging includes 4 extra large survival blankets rolled into ripstop nylon stuff sacks. You can carry enough blankets for your entire group in the included pack. The perfect balance of light weight and durable storage is what makes their blanket so unique. Other emergency survival blankets are cheap and flimsy, and are made from cheap bags. It's difficult to be there when you need them. In your car, roadside emergency kit, survival kit, first aid kit, bug out bag, zombie survival kit, and camping gear, there are tactical emergency blankets. They stand behind their products. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied. They donate a percentage of their profits to the environment.

Brand: Don't Die In The Woods

👤It doesn't seem to be any different from the others, so it's the world's toughest emergency blanket. I don't think it's true. They come individually packaged, but other brands do the same. It's a decent product and you can use it as an emergency blanket. Nothing more from what I can tell. If you think they are less expensive, buy them. It will probably be the same quality. I can't see any difference between "World's Toughest" and what I was sold on.

👤I used this as a base for my tent for 3 days in the cold and rain, and I bought it for a bike packing trip. It kept the ground water out of the tent and kept me warm inside the tent. The Mylar was so thin that it could be folded up with my tent, but it ripped the last night. If I were to go out again, I would bring two, one for ground cover and the other to wrap around myself. I would have been warm using one as a blanket because the temp dropped so cold.

👤The ones I received were of decent quality when I first ordered them. It's better than the normal silver ones I've used in the past. I was greatly disappointed after receiving my second order. The material definitely is not the same as the packaging. These blankets are no longer as durable as the cheap silver Mylar emergency blankets you can get anywhere else. They have the same orange color as the first order, however the sheen is different and the plastic sheets themselves are not as durable as they could be. The original ones I purchased back in June are still holding up well, however this second set I purchased in June is no more durable than the standard silver ones I've purchased elsewhere. I don't recommend these to anyone unless the company steps the quality back up to what it was previously, which is why they never do. I wouldn't trust them to do so if they were cheap, but they are still decent for insulation if you are careful with them. When a company starts cutting corners to rest on their laurels, that's when I start looking for a replacement, because I am willing to pay a higher price for actual quality.

👤I was expecting more heavy duty from the description. The emergency blanket has a pattern on one side and a storage bag. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I bought these to keep my pets out of my furniture at night. My cats and dogs won't try to jump.

👤The blankets are the toughest space blankets. I can't tell if they are more durable than the cheapest ones on the market. There was no branding on the blanket. The varying bags are cute, but don't add much value other than being presentable gifts. Don't waste your money.

👤This blanket was used as my sleeping source in the cold and snow. I was still very cold during the night, so I didn't think it was working. I could tell that I would have been a lot colder if this blanket hadn't done its job. It's not something to keep you warm and toasty, but it does allow you to survive the night and I use two, one below me and one on top. They are easy to have as a just in case item and take up little space. As long as you are careful, Durability is good.

3. IUNIO Multi Tool Adventure Backpacking Emergency

IUNIO Multi Tool Adventure Backpacking Emergency

LIFETIME WARRANTY The camping hatchet is guaranteed for life. A multi-tool is a survival tool. Boy Scout and wilderness survival training can be done with a survival axe that can be used for a number of things. The usefulness is limited by your imagination. You don't need to be an expert survivalist to benefit from the multiple uses of this survival axe. Hatchet with tubular engineering! This axe is easy to assemble or disassemble. If you are in a close and compact situation, it can be a short axe. For different trips, this axe can be different sizes. The tube sections have space for everything from survival gear to small first aid kits. This is a good hatchet to have in case. A camping axe with a protective sheath. The sheath protects the axe for extra safety. Attach your belt like a bushcraft warrior. The wrap also provides a better grip and cushion for the hands, and is included for visual enhancement. A stand alone ax doesn't have many features. It's a great tool for a long term camping, fishing, off road or hunting trip. Best gift for Campers, Hikers, Hunters, Fishermen, Survivalists, Preppers, Backpackers, Boy Scouts, or anyone needing tactical and practical tools for their car, SUV, truck, van or RV. Iunio camping hatchets are built to last. They'll take care of you if you take care of their hatchet. Their awesome customer service team is always available to help with replacement requests.

Brand: Iunio

👤I gave it three stars because it is a nice axe, but after only using it two times, one of the screws came loose, and I had to stop and search for the other one. If I hadn't found it, it would have been interesting. Maybe they weren't tightened down during manufacturing, but that's on them. The compass came off after two uses. All in all the axe looks great and I love all the options. I don't know how it's going to hold up, but I plan on using it. Will see but I'm not sure. After I submitted this review, the company contacted me and explained the process and took responsibility for the issues I was having with this Axe. They have been very helpful after sending me a new Axe. It goes a long way for a company to read your reviews and respond quickly. I was impressed by their desire to satisfy their customer. I am testing out the new axe and survival shovel from them. The shovel is very sturdy and I am looking forward to using it on my next camping trip.

👤I had a chance to try out the axe this weekend. I was ready to use the axe after it went together. There are pictures of the parts. Took it out to take down a few trees, the picture of the tree was after a few swings. The axe was very sharp and it was able to cut the limbs quickly. As I continued to use it, I would have to tighten the handle or axe head. I only experienced it on the axe, but I saw reviews of it happening to people with the shovel. I didn't put the tape on to see how it felt on the hands. It wasn't bad, but after a while, it digs in, so I appreciate the tape as an included item. The axe with the IUNIO Military Portable Folding Shovel and Pickax makes a great paring. I have the axe and shovel in the shovel bag because there wasn't an option to hold it in the bag. It works despite being a tight fit. The axe bag looks like it has individual slots for the tubes and accessories, and MOLLE to fix it to the outside of a pack, so I may pick it up.

👤I received a new camping axe and I am very happy. It uses the tube sections to assemble the handle instead of using a fixed handle. If you're in a situation where the full 16 wouldn't work, you can use it with shorter sections. It has a flint rod for starting a fire, a whistle, a compass, and a very sharp knife. The sparks from the rod would be created by using the knife. I found the axe head very sharp. It has a hammer head that could be used to drive stakes. I have the same shovel that uses the tube handle. I carry it in my car all the time, and I will add this axe next to it in case of trouble. You can carry the axe on your belt with the nylon sheath. Thanks a lot.

4. Bushcraft Necklace Lifetime Guarantee Mountaineering

Bushcraft Necklace Lifetime Guarantee Mountaineering

Their survival gear can be used as birthday gifts or stockings. It can make your camping trip easier, as well as develop the child's ability to survive with hiking and camping gear. If stocking stuffers for men doesn't live up to your expectations, contact them and they will solve it to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Made in the USA! The pendent contrasts a pure white Zirconia Ceramic "Scraper" with a black barrel. The Unisex design fits up to 26 neck lengths and looks great on Flower Power Hippy Chicks as well as Bearded Bear-Wrestling Lumberjacks. The Double Fisherman's Bend and Alpine Butterfly loop adds a level of depth and style to this handy tool. It's perfect for any adventure with its light weight and compact size.

Brand: Wazoo

👤The white cermaic strikers are said to be plastic and thin, which makes them feel light. It is not plastic. I use it to start fires all the time. The outer coating on the black rod piece needs to be scrapped off before it sparks. I've started fires with a variety of things, including a tag holder, a fire tinder, and even Kleenex. It starts a fire. The leather probably won't last forever. If it does break, I would recommend replacing it with a para cord from Titan Survival that has a cord for fire starting, fishing line and copper snare wire inside. Plastic break away necklace clasp is also found on Amazon, and I would recommend it if you are not comfortable with having a strong cord around your neck. I don't write reviews but I find it hard to believe that people who don't understand the materials bring down the rating of a product.

👤Excellent product. You should notice the maximum allowable expansion to get around your neck. Most of the necks will be fine. The cord is free of harmful substances according to the manufacturer. The scraper is not plastic. It is a ceramic scrapper that does a great job. Some people don't know that the ferro rod must be scrapped first to remove the black covering. Continue to use the scrapper once the material is gone. If you use a "striking" action, you will get the result you need. The necklace material makes this ferro rod look good around your neck. I wear the necklace ferro rods under my shirt a lot. It's one of the things you would want to have if you were stranded. This would not be your primary ferro rod. You are not prepared correctly if it is. This is the back-up to your back-up. It's something to keep on your person in the event that you get caught off-guard and have a fire source to fall back on. To keep on you is the reason for it being small. Plan accordingly.

👤This is another home run for wazoo. It works great. I have a lot of ferro fire rods. The combo of ceramic and cerium works well. It has a beautiful combo and throws a lot of sparks. It looks and feels like authentic bush craft. It is a statement of interest and attractive in presentation. I had a parachord serated metal neclass strikers, but I didn't wear it because it looked cheap and I worried it would cut me in the wrong place. This magic item is a work of functional art, and I still have it. It pairs well with the whetstone from wazoo and due to the adjustability of both high quality knotted leather chords, they fit nicely around my neck and now I'm off to the jungle. If you value survival and natural adventures, you should treat yourself to this. It looks great in the v of a collared shirt. Purchase yourself one today and be who you are. You can tell the story.

5. Buspoll Survival Multitool Readyman Survival

Buspoll Survival Multitool Readyman Survival

After removing tools from the frame, you should not worry about storing them. Every survival card has a magnetic base that you can use to keep your tools in place. Stick it in your pocket for years of reliable use, or place it in your wallet. You will need it in your daily life. A survival card can make your life easier. The tiny survival tool is a clever combination of Doka and emergency tools. The net weight of the material is 11.4g and the thickness is only 0.5mm, which makes it easy to carry. There are 22 gadgets in one. 9x Fish Hooks, 4x Snare Locks, 1x Arrow heads, 1x Fork, 2x Sewing Needles, 2x Saw blades, and 1x Awl are included in the readyman survival cards. If you ever run into an emergency, this wallet tool is a must have. The military grade survival tool has your back, so you can explore the wilderness. If you ever run into an emergency, this wallet tool is a must have. The military grade survival tool has your back, so you can explore the wilderness.

Brand: Buspoll

👤Great tool, but doesn't fit in a wallet. Not even close.

👤They are okay. The ones I got are very sharp and do not fit in my wallet, so I wouldn't use them.

👤There are too many hooks and repeats but still a lot of bang for the buck. They should have the one with fishing lures stamped on it.

👤I wasn't expecting much. I have never owned a survival card. In an emergency situation, these fishing cards will be very useful. They seem to be well made.

👤It was great to have my emergency kit and camping kit with me.

👤It's perfect for a mini survival tin. There are small items that can be used to harvest food in a survival situation.

👤The product works well. I have used it multiple times while camping. Definitely recommend.

6. Emergency Survival Lifesaving Camp´╝îFathers Boyfriend

Emergency Survival Lifesaving Camp%EF%BC%8CFathers Boyfriend

Stohlquist products are the result of a lifetime of hands-on paddling and entrepreneurial spirit of founder Jim Stohlquist. The models they offer are the culmination of decades of product innovation and refinements to provide their customers with the best WaterWare available. Father's Day gifts for men are perfect. A nice gift for a man or a boy who is interested in adventure or scouting. It's cheap enough to buy several for your car, backpack, etc. 13 in 1 survival gear is an upgrade. Both emergency survival gear are multi-functional. Being well prepared is a must when going on a hike or outdoor adventure. All tools can be used alone, but purchased separately would cost you more. The survival gear box is small and easy to carry. The size of a small book is only 1 pounds. The products were concentrated in a box. Storage case fill with sponge. Place things in a bag, life vest, car, drawers, etc. The survival tool kit has essential tools for survivors or outdoor enthusiasts. It can meet the needs of different environments. 100% money back on the best service. You can contact their customer service if you find that the parts are not complete. You will get a hassle-free, easy refund if you return any of their products. You can buy their products with confidence.

Brand: Scimo

👤Maybe I'm wrong. I didn't take all the items out to look at them. I took the advice of others that once out of the carrier the items don't go back. The container is strong. This went straight in the bag because our family has a "to go" bag. If we are stuck at home during a disaster, most of these items are in a larger supply chest.

👤There was nothing to dislike about this kit. This is a good survival kit. The prices are great and the components are good. If you want to survive, you need to be able to break on first use. If you throw one of these in a bug, you can add many essential tools for a little more than a $20 dollar bill. I have been buying survival gear for a long time and I'm happy with what I got. It's hard to believe that anyone wouldn't be happy with one of these.

👤I am very satisfied with the purchase of the survival suit. I tested all the items and thought it was a great suit. It's not cheap. It can be put in my bag. There is a I really like it! It can be used to attack enemies at close range. I like to write with it. My friends think it's cool. I tested the wire saw with a tree. It's very helpful. I used it on a fishing trip. It can help keep you out of the rain. But folding is a problem. It can help you see or be seen. There were no batteries. I had two AA batteries for use in the event of an emergency. There is a The material is plastic, but there is a compass on the bracelet which is precise, so it's okay. The bracelet is paracord. A great bracelet. I can adjust the strap because it has a lot of functions. I like to wear it on my feet because it has a small compass that I can use to find my way. The knife is very comfortable to hold in hand. There is a Whistle is loud. The Swiss card is versatile. The light is mini. Bright! I tried it three times and it worked.

👤Good idea but cheap materials. The knife doesn't lock in place. The wire saw doesn't work. Inexpensive and innacurate, compasses are cheap. The case is okay. The fire starter works.

👤The compass was cracked and non-functional. It was difficult to get everything back in the carrier case. The kit is ok for what it is. If I had seen it before, I would have invested in something better.

👤My son received an Amazon gift card after selling Boy Scout popcorn. We looked for a cheap prize that would work for camping. This kit has it all. After working on it for a while, his son wanted to see if he could start a fire with the flint and steel. He was very impressed with his choice and was surprised to find a mini flint and steel on the bracelet along with a whistle and compass. This kit is a great gift for a Boy Scout or someone who needs a small kit to go hiking or camping.

7. Hitdudu Survival Equipment Kits Tactical

Hitdudu Survival Equipment Kits Tactical

The strikers are an emergency reflector. The camping equipment kits include a folding knife, spoon, fishing gear, flint stone & scraper, wire saw, pocket bellow, emergency blanket, whistle, flashlight, and 1 x AA battery. This camping accessories box can meet most of your needs and keep you safe while outdoors. This little tool box is easy to carry. The gear kits allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Even without professional skills. Your family trip can be more enjoyable. This survival tool kits is a great gift for friends and family who love hiking or hunting. They will be impressed by your choice if you give them this gift. The product is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem with the products.

Brand: Hitdudu

👤Sturdy and reasonable collection of equipment. The quality of the knife itself would have cost at least $20, so buying all this individually would have been much more expensive. It's a solid piece of equipment and I'm quite satisfied with it. If I were buying all of this individually I would have spent close to $100 dollars, but I'm happy with the deal I got. The box is tightly packed and smaller than you would think, it has a lot of equipment in it. I think they did that to make it easy to toss it in a bag pack. I wouldn't use some of the stuff, but it doesn't hurt to have that stashed in the truck. The inclusion of a tactical pen is pretty funny, it seems sturdy and rugged.

👤My son loves it. There are a lot of cool gadgets.

👤A camping trip this summer! There are many items that could be useful. A strong tool is a knife.

👤The set is small and easy to use in a car or for camping, but we're not sure what a few of the pieces are for. Some pieces are hard to pack back together. Most of the items feel sturdy.

👤This kit has everything you need for survival. It should be easy to carry with you. The saber card has several tools in one. It's definitely a handy item to have.

👤I was skeptical when I got my kit because it was small. I was shocked to see how many useful items were in the contents. I'm glad I found this kit. It will be a permanent fixture in my bag. There are many useful tools for survival. It's lightweight and doesn't have a big footprint. It is hard to reorganize once the contents are out of the kit. I put together a lot of the items I would use the most, like the carabiners, the water holder, and the bracelet, in my survival bag. I highly recommend this kit to anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors.

👤The kit is good for camping. You don't realize there's so much stuff in there. It is similar to the knife and rope. It's fun to practice your outdoor skills like a fire starter and blower. The storage box keeps everything neat.

👤A survival kit is a super cool camping kit. There is a flashlight, knife, compass, combo spoon and fork kit. There are a lot of items to help on the camping tour. It was very pleased with it.

8. Huntingdoor Traditional Hunting Screw Broadheads

Huntingdoor Traditional Hunting Screw Broadheads

It's perfect for any adventure with its light weight and compact size. The length is 6.5 cm/2.55in. 14mm is the cutting diameter. The weight of the arrowhead is 150 grain per arrowhead. There are 12 hunting arrowheads in the package. It is an excellent hunting broadheads because of its heavy duty design and sharp cut. After safety testing and quality control, high quality carbon steel can be used. This kind of arrow tips are sharp and fast. The broadheads are always right on target. The arrowhead has a shorter profile with less blade surface for better flight and better accuracy. Standard thread design, easy to install, screw in arrowheads suitable for all kinds of arrows, such as carbon arrows, glass steel arrows, aluminum arrows and crossbow bolts.

Brand: Huntingdoor

👤1. I got 12 for $7.88 because I had a coupon. 2. They are forged steel and weigh more than 160 grains. 3. They have an oil quench coating on forged steel items. A typical oil quench coating is not a super durable one. 4. They are the perfect size for a 158 grain steel object. 5. These will make excellent mole hunting tips. 6. The weight percentage of your arrows front of center will be calculated. 7. Before you tighten the threads with your broadhead wrench, use bow string wax on them. There are 8. Big game hunting will not be legal in most states as they are below the minimum width required for hunting in the majority of states. There are 9. They were packaged well. 10. Would buy again. 11. Left to right 75gn conical, 75gn BP, 100gn BP, 125gn blunt, 125gn BP, 140gn field point, 150gn Bodkin, 140gn 4 blade aluminum ferrule broadhead.

👤These are some of the best. It's not right out of the box to devote some time on a high quality whetstone. You can get them polished to a mirror finish. It's great for hunting small game.

👤I wanted to sharpen mine by hand, but I could do it with a couple hours and a wet stone. The arrow heads are awesome. There is a If you fire at wood, you'll ruin the tips after a few. They should be saved for hunting. I use mine as a pen knife, and they are now razor sharp. I put a 300 grain insert on them to make it easier to sharpen, and it made a perfect 70 gram throwing spike. If you enjoy small spikes... I'll buy these again. If I ever need to... I might want to make sure I have some in the future.

👤The price and tips are both good. I have two sets of arrows. Some carbon express speed freaks had "bullet" style tips on their practice arrows. I had to adjust to the lower shot of my cheaper practice arrows because they were slower than the speed freaks. All my arrows shot the same with the 150 g tips. The speed freaks dropped down the same way as the other arrows because of the weight added to them. I aim with the same sight point. When I get new arrows, I will get more of these. They came in a small plastic case and needed a bit of cleaning, but overall I recommend these. They are what I wanted. The hunting laws in your area are not wide enough to use for a large game. They are good for small game.

👤This order was filled as part of a larger order, and the arrowheads were contained in a small plastic container that was packed into a huge box. I ordered 12 arrowheads, but only 7 arrived. Not happy. There is an update. I was very pleased that they arrived before Christmas, as these were Christmas presents. Thank you, huntingdoor. The broadheads are a soft metal, not deserving of a 5 star rating, but their prompt customer service put them at the top of my good-sellers list.

9. WoneNice 50L Waterproof Hiking Backpack

WoneNice 50L Waterproof Hiking Backpack

There is a thick ferro rod, multi-purpose steel strikers, and a long paracode lanyard. The backpack has a main compartment, two front pockets, sleeping bag compartment, mesh side pockets, and more convenience to you. The material is made with high quality Polyester + nylon fabric, it is water resistant, tear resistant, anti-Scratch, wear resistant, and smooth and comfortable. With a strong hanging system, you can carry more items. It is adjusted. The chest and waist belts are adjusted. As you need, adjust the tightness. It's suitable for both genders at any age. It's convenient. The shoulder straps and high elastic back support are made of padded material. What you get is a hiking backpack, rain cover, and a backpack.

Brand: Wonenice

👤I don't usually write reviews. I think this was justified. A spoon was found in my backpack. It was not a new spoon. It has the space I need. It is disturbing nonetheless. I'm not sure what to do in this case.

👤We went to Europe for 2 weeks and the backpacks we used were waterproof and durable. Each of our kids was ordered a different color. There are lots of colors to choose from. We traveled by a lot and it made it easier for everyone to carry their hands free. Unless you have it packed really, really full, we could fit them in the overhead bin on the plane. It holds a lot. It was helpful to have different pockets and compartments. This backpack is perfect for travel.

👤I wouldn't buy this back for more than a couple of days. I had to tighten the shoulder straps because of my heavy load. If you put shoes in the shoe compartment at the bottom, it takes up a lot of space in the main compartment. It makes it pointless. A tent with more than one person should be secured outside the pack. The tent takes up most of the space inside. There is little to no space in the main compartment for anything other than the tent, sleeping bag and small camping pillow. The top hatch pouch was not easy to put stuff on. The water bottle netting on each side is for store bought plastic bottles. The strap and back cushion was adequate. The load is between 25 and 30 pounds. As much as I said was drawbacks. I will give this pack 4 stars for not breaking or tearing on my first outing.

👤The backpack is very comfortable. Medium size. I like small pockets. Very useful. I don't understand why the back of the backpack isn't strong. There is no support in the back and poorly packaged content can put pressure on your back. If everything is packaged correctly, you can go comfortably. It is not very important. The quality and material was good. The backpack was good for three days of travel after I hiked to the mountain. It looks new. It's a good recommendation!

👤I bought this bag for my emergency kit and it fits a lot. I decided to use it as a carry on bag for a short trip and I loved it. There is a lot of room for 2 pairs of shoes and clothes. It's easy to fit in the overhead bin.

👤A great pack for a backpack. I used this for a single overnight hike in the north cascades. It was too big for my frame, but was comfortable with the straps. The main shoulder straps which I needed to pull every 60 minutes or so were not a huge deal breaker. The rain fly fits beautifully, despite the heavy use and a very stuffed bag, and the zippers have stayed in tact.

👤I use this on camping trips. It is very comfortable and holds more gear than you need. If you lay the pocket on the bottom of the pack flat, you'll be able to access the side pockets. If the pack is standing up, everything tends to sink and shift into that area. I have not yet had to use the rain cover.

10. Tiny Survival Guide Preparedness Micro Guide

Tiny Survival Guide Preparedness Micro Guide

Simply sorting your items will make it easy to organize and classify items of different shapes. Great for school supplies. CARRY IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE. Credit-Card Sized to fit. In Your: wallet, pocket, survival kit, glove box, purse, pouch. One tough guide. Special Tear and Weather resistant material is used in maps. There are 101 illustrations, 67 lifesaving survival skills, 175 expert tips, 24 gear and 10 "Killer" mistakes. You should keep the tiny survival guide on you at all times. It's a quick reference when you're caught in an emergency or disaster. It is like a life insurance policy in your pocket. You should learn to survive these threats. Civil unrest, surprise attacks, natural disasters, nuclear, biological and chemical events, abduction, Hostage and terror threats, active shooter situation, vehicle accidents, hiking, camping and hunting emergencies are a lot of things. The guide to develop your mindset, skills, and gear is a pro active learning tool. It makes a great gift. The Digital Details can be scanned with the QR code.

Brand: Ultimate Survival Tips Be Prepared-because You Never Know

👤This is one page and it is folded up to be a pocket size. Many important things had to be so compressed that a person with no knowledge or even a little survival knowledge will not have enough basic information in several areas that are covered but not well enough to be useful. It is just one page folded up. The additional info that you can find is helpful, but sometimes in some of the apps the video or info is not as complete or as well produced as it could be, and it may not be available to look at when you need it. Being prepared for an emergency is serious. It is great that you are looking for information to be prepared. If you want to buy the necessary equipment for your home and car, you should buy a full and complete Survival book. Is this page better than nothing? .... Yes... If you buy this, you will think you are prepared, but you will not buy a full and well written survival book.

👤This is one of the dumbest things I have ever bought on Amazon. The idea of a pocket-sized survival book is a great one, but one of the first things it says is that you need to carry things with you and not depend on electronics, and the entire guide is full of QR Codes for you to use your phone. It's even more stupid that they lead you to the internet. The diagrams on how to set traps, gut a fish, and tell what different tracks are all useful to look at, but they could be better described in a book. The details are so small that you can't really understand what is happening, and everything is so simple that you can just remember the information. One thing I read that made me want to write this review was that at the end of the "Worst Case Scenario" section, it says that one of the essentials to check off, following a gas mask, is a Bible. I don't know if that is put in as a joke. I understand that people are religious, but the fact that you had to add this to a manual small enough to fit in your pocket is ridiculous. This was the dumbest thing I have ever read, and I have nothing against religion. Don't waste money. You can buy a survival guide. I only give it a star because it does some of what it tells you, but nothing else you wouldn't find in a basic survival guide.

👤The product is resistant to water and tear and has good information. It was possible to put a hole in it accidentally. The water resistance is pretty good. All this info can be found online for free. I don't think 10 bucks is worth it.

👤I like this guide. I can't believe the amount of information in this manual. It's better than most survival books that are full sized. I give away survival kits as gifts to my family members, and this guide is going into every one of them. I notice something new when I look at it. The authors teach the skills in more depth in the videos that you can find with the QR codes. The value is not ordinary. If I choose, I can use the magnifying lens to start a fire. The guide went into my wallet and replaced the $10 I spent for it.

11. Smith Wesson SW8 Filled Handle

Smith Wesson SW8 Filled Handle

Convenient fishing will allow you to enjoy your fishing journey easily. A 5-prong harpoon is suitable for fish. The overall length with a blade length of 4.2 inches and a weight of 8.5 ounces is 27.2 centimeters. It isdurable: The blade is made of 3Cr13 STAINLESS STEEL with a black nylon handle. It's permissible. The nylon belt sheath makes it easy to access. The blade will not slip with the security of the handle grooves.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤Nothing special. I hope I never need it, so I will put it in the truck's toolbox. I hope someone shoots me if life has gotten so bad that I have to rely on this thing. Why did I purchase a spear tip? It will probably kill a few times before it breaks. I think it could kill. Probably. What would you do if you only had a broom stick and this thing? 20,000 years ago, this would have been an awesome weapon. Today... Let's be realistic. It is better than nothing, but it is more of a comfort blanket than a weapon. If things have reached the point where you are going to use this weapon, your death is imminent. Hey... If you have 20 bucks, you can help the economy and buy stuff. You'll never use it. It's only 20 bucks. It costs more than that to get drunk.

👤I hike where it's still wild. Bear spray can be effective, but not always. Sometimes guns aren't always needed. Mountain Charlie fought bears with a knife. I keep this on my belt. My staff has a thread. The snap-strap can be too short if you try to keep the sheath on. I use Amazon'sExtender snaps for your boat cover, black, add one inch, Finger loop built in, 5 piece set to secure mine. It's not a slash-slash setup for spear-chucking. It was recommended.

👤Like most kids 67 years old, I like to take things apart to see how they are made. The lanyard hole is large enough to hold a biner clip and the handle is made of metal head threads. The sheath is very good. The stitches are good. The head will not damage the sheath. The strap is strong. The edges of the tip needed some attention. They are very good at taking a good edge. Even with a poll pushing it, I believe the steel will stand up to throwing. The belts are tight enough to hold things without slipping. There are no rattling noises. If I had an idea that this was as nice as it is, I would take it. I don't know anything. I can't see how anyone wouldn't be happy with this purchase.

👤Thanks to this, I can stand on my front porch in my towel every morning and proudly proclaim "This is SpartaAAA!", because I found a way to release my true inner warrior.

👤The Genuine Joe GJO60468 Wood Floor Broom Handle, 1-1/8" Diameter x 60" Length, Oak was $7.41 as an add on item through Amazon prime. I like to appear threatening in town, but can lock on with threadlock or gorilla glue. It's perfect for a walking stick. I put a rubber chair leg cap on the end of the broom handle and put a 5 finger easy up cane end on the threaded end of the broom handle for walking in the city. If necessary, the spear head can replace the easy up cane cap for self protection. It's great for protecting kids and wife from dogs.


What is the best product for survival arrowhead tactical?

Survival arrowhead tactical products from Stilvolle Tools. In this article about survival arrowhead tactical you can see why people choose the product. Don't Die In The Woods and Iunio are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival arrowhead tactical.

What are the best brands for survival arrowhead tactical?

Stilvolle Tools, Don't Die In The Woods and Iunio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival arrowhead tactical. Find the detail in this article. Wazoo, Buspoll and Scimo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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