Best Survival Arrow Quiver

Quiver 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Sunkoon Survival 19 2 37 8inch Lengthened Shovelhead

Sunkoon Survival 19 2 37 8inch Lengthened Shovelhead

Men and women have stockings. The shovel head is made of high-quality thick steel, surface hardened and heat-treated. It's hard enough, wear-resistant and rust-proof. Enough to deal with all kinds of outdoor adventures. The shovel handle is made of aviation aluminum alloy. The grip is comfortable. The safety rope is sufficient to make your use safer. The Sunkoon Camping Axe is made of 3 CR13 steel, which is ultra-strong and rust resistant, and is made by a special process. It is easy to use because of the sharp blade and reasonable angle. You can defend yourself and chop, split, hammer, etc. The protective cover can help you carry it safely. Sunkoon folding camping survival shovel Axe Set includes shovel, axe, cutter, saw, hoe, hook, stick, wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, hunting spear, whistle, fire starter, ice piton, window breaker. Perfect. shoveling, chopping, cutting, sawing, digging, hammering, bottle opening It's ideal for camping, hiking, off-roading, SUVing, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and gardening. Sunkoon folding shovel Axe Multitool gear is composed of shovel, Axe, extension handles and other accessories. The Storage Pouch can be easily stored after folding. It's easy to carry. It is easy to assemble. The shovel can be extended to 37.8 inches, which can be used for any emergency situations. 3 screw-in threaded extension handles can be assembled freely, lengthen or shorten the length of the handle according to your needs, and then screw the shovel, axe or other accessories to the handle. You can use shovel, axe, knife, hunting spear, screwdriver and other functions more easily and comfortably.

Brand: Sunkoon

👤The quality and heft of the kit impressed me, I just received it. It's nice, I assembled all the pieces. The magnesium bar is coated with metal and the quality of the steel is not good. Yeah. The edge of the knife was sharp until savesay There are dents on the edge of the kit after someone tried to hit the magnesium bar. The magnesium bar is coated with steel so that it won't work, and after a few attempts with the knife it created dents. The shovel and axe is large enough and works well. I'll try to update the review a few months out, but how long the kit lasts will be determined by how long it lasts. I'll use the kit this weekend when I go camping.

👤The whole thing was awesome. After about 15 swings, the axe broke clean off. I was not doing anything crazy and I am very disappointed that this happened. Do not recommend.

👤The shovel and axe are very handy to use outside. It is easy to carry and apply to different situations. I used the axe to chop the camping woods. I wanted to dig a hole in an area with a lot of tree roots. It was hard for me. The shovel and axe made my job much easier. I would recommend the tools. I hope you enjoy them.

👤You can't do better if you aren't fighting Cerberus. All metal construction can be used.

👤The product is worth the money. It's amazing how versatile it is. It feels very sturdy. I like that it's not light weight, so I can still get some good swings on some logs. I think a lighter would lose that ability. The bag is small and can fit in a backpack. The compass is the only downfall I have found. It doesn't work. The location of the north keeps changing. I am in Alaska, but I am still far away from the center of the world. A well rounded product with many uses.

👤I love everything about it except for the glass breaking knapper. Will contact them to see if they will ship it out. I can break a window with a hammer on axe, but I paid for all of them.

👤I am very pleased with this awesome survival tool. It must be very high quality for any one to travel, camping, hunting, or fishing. I will not leave home without this tool, it can be used as a weapon and protection device.

👤It's cool to have, but not all that practical. It won't do any of the jobs as well as the tools would, but that is expected.

2. Easton Flipside 3 Tube Quiver Black

Easton Flipside 3 Tube Quiver Black

The package has 1 quiver. There is a loop pocket for ambidextrous use. The accessory attachment includes a belt clip and a bow square slot. Three tube design to organize arrows.

Brand: Easton

👤I started target archery with a recurve bow and needed something to hold my arrows at the ready and when retrieving them from the target. Even though they can look cool, I didn't want a back quiver. They can be sweaty in the heat and the arrows can rattle. The quiver solved both of those problems. The quiver has a solid clip that can be reversed to allow you to face it forward or backward. The pouch can be switched to either side of the quiver depending on which side of your body you wear it on. The design and execution are effective. The only downside to this design is that it tends to bounce against one's leg when walking. This is perfect for target practice when walking back and forth. I don't recommend this for target shooting where you might be bushcking or traversing different terrain.

👤The black/gold-orange was the cheapest of the colors and it works exactly as advertised. 3 generous tubes that each hold 6 arrows comfortably, 12 arrows in a pinch, and much less rattling sround of arrows. When holding a full load can be a drag, but that's no fault of the quiver, as the belt/pocket hook is much broader. I would wear a utility belt for this so that my pants don't rub against the hipbone. I've scarfed 2 others and the best quiver under $30 is the one I tried. The stuff from Easton works. When you see a deal on one of them, grab it. I support the company that supports the archery community. I support the two municipal archery ranges in the Los Angeles area by supporting their products because Easton helped fund them. This quiver is excellent and not because of their philanthropic endeavors, but because it's well designed and built, and I got a black/Gray one which is the color I wished they had on offer. It's good!

👤It's too convenient to ignore. There is a surprising amount of storage space in the pocket. I have ten arrows, my shooting glove, my arm guard, a pair of needle-nosed pliers, replacement arrowheads, a few loose nocks and inserts, and a nock turner in my quiver. It's not tight for everything. It fits well on my belt and is not getting damaged. I'm not worried about the wear and tear on the velcro because it's strong so far. I put fabric on the inside of the tubes to make them quieter, but I don't hold that against Easton at all. I bought another one for my wife. I would recommend it.

👤I am new to archery and didn't want to break the bank. This is a 3-tube ambidextrous forearm with a rectangular pouch attached to hold releases, gloves, quiver gaurds, etc. As a beginner, I usually shoot groups of 3 or 4 arrows per target, but the separate tubes help me keep as many as dozen arrows at a time all organized. It's small enough to fit in my bow-case. I attach the vecro to the inside of my bow case with vecro strips. Excellent price and a very good quiver.

3. Allen Youth Archery Compact Quiver

Allen Youth Archery Compact Quiver

The water resistant design of the handheld flashlights was impressive. The youth archery quiver is small. The style can be worn across the back. Holds up to 14 arrows. It is designed to keep arrows in place.

Brand: Allen Company

👤It is ideal for young and small people, but unless you are a very big and tall person, this quiver will do just fine, especially for the price. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to fit kids and small adults, but can't be loosened for average adults. I read a couple of previous comments that said the same thing, that it was suitable for adults. I took a chance and bought it at a low price. I thought I could use it to hold some extra target arrows. I have a BEAR Titan 30# recurve and thought this quiver could be used with it, as I am an experienced archer and bowhunter. I am not a big man but I am not a little guy either. I weigh 175 lbs. This quiver is perfect for me. I shoot 30 inch arrows and they fit nicely in the quiver and above the top of the quiver. It's nice quality for a budget quiver. I don't recommend using broadheads, but you could use 3-4 arrows with broadheads if you wanted to, but it would be awkward for big game hunting. It can hold at least a few arrows. The headline is to get your attention so you don't just see the word YOUTH and scroll down, because the average adult can use this quiver as well. If you are new to archery and looking for a budget quiver, this is a good choice. It's sturdy anddurable enough for kids. It's well made and cheap. I hope this review helps.

👤This quiver is made from quality materials. The padding is thick and nice. My son has 13 arrows in his possession, ranging from 27" to 29", and they all fit in easily. The inside of the quiver is padded so that it can grip the arrows with a flexible grip, keeping them in place as long as you don't turn it too far over. It looks like he could fit at least 6 more arrows in there. The strap can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and body types. My son is very thin and has it adjusted as small as possible. I included a picture, but Amazon wants it turned sideways. He would not consider the pink, so it's not an option for most boys, so I wish it came in another color.

👤After my son got his first re-curve, he asked for a quiver he could keep on his back, as he was getting into archery. The bow that I bought for him had a cheap vinyl quiver that only had belt slots, and barely held 4 arrows. I ordered this guy, and he showed up as described. It's like a standard backpack in that it's thicker. The strap is strong enough to hold the weight it needs to carry. I had to make a cardboard tube to fit into it in order for it to hold its rigidity, so it was easier to use. Kids and young teens can use a good starter quiver. Might survive a few hunting trips. It's just a starter. It can be used for your newest archer or someone just starting out in the sport. It works and won't break the bank.

4. TOPARCHERY Archery Shoulder Shooting Pockets

TOPARCHERY Archery Shoulder Shooting Pockets

The heavy duty design is made of 900D fabric. Multi-function and high wearproof. Approx. length. 21.6 inches. The width is 6 inches. It can hold up to 30 arrows. The carry system has three points. It's lightweight and comfortable. Accommodates arrows of any length and is easy to carry and take off. A large front storage pocket. It can hold archery accesories. It's suitable for both left and right hands. It's perfect for shooting, hunting, target practice and so on.

Brand: Toparchery

👤I'm new to archery and don't have a lot of experience. It took a long time to ship, but once it did, it arrived quickly. It seems good. It's easy to change. I have a big chest and it adjusts to my size just fine. It's comfortable and holds a lot of arrows. I've used it a couple of times and I really like it. It works great for me, but I'm not sure how great it would be for more experienced archers.

👤Great. The old and new versions were bought. New is perfect. 5 stars ofc. The stitching work on both is good. The old version is the subject of this review. The new version has a bigger pocket than the old one, but it is only one pocket and not two. It was perfect until I realized it had an odor. The smell of a fresh clean fabric product was different from the smell of an old product that was being stored. I am not joking. Thank you for that. The Christmas recipient will wash this smell away. Maybe I should do it before I give it.

👤My husband shoots archery almost daily and he loves it. It works very well, is well made with strong stitches, and is very please with it. He said it looks good on him. Would purchase again.

👤My son wanted an over the back quiver, but we couldn't find one that he liked. I bought this for my son because I took a chance. He loves the way it fits, the pockets for extra supplies, and the arrow capacity. It is a sturdy quiver. The lesser quality quivers are expensive. This one is very good for a lot less money.

👤It is not a fancy quiver. There are a couple of small pockets for your accessories. It's easy to make the arrows reachable. It takes some trial and error to get the right fit. A good purchase.

👤I was very excited to purchase a back arrow quiver because I am a novice archer. I looked at many different styles. The material and modern look of this item made me choose it. All my arrows look great in it. The material has a good amount of air in it and there are two pockets. Michael from ToparchERY reached out to me by email to check out whether I received the item or not. I decided on a back arrow quiver and this item after using it for two weeks. I appreciate that Michael checks every package carefully. Great customer service is still a goal for some small businesses. Reggie M.

👤We thought it would be a low grade piece of kit, but we found out it is a high quality piece. The manufacturing process for the pressurized wood is expensive. I have manufacturing experience and was impressed. The bow has proven to be durable and has been abused quite a bit. The product is very high quality.

👤The item is very well built and looks like it will last a long time. The design of the clip makes it easy to remove and put the quiver back on. Very satisfied.

5. TRUGLO Tuff Loc 4 Arrow Quiver Black

TRUGLO Tuff Loc 4 Arrow Quiver Black

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you will be fully refunded, as at Keshes, they back their products 100% and Guarantee your full satisfaction. Both carbon and aluminum arrows with shafts.229" diameter and larger can be compatible. Construction is lightweight. The durable composite is compact. Double-grippers are secured with the Gripper Design. The quick-release camlock makes it easy to remove it. The Arrow and Left Hand convertibles are 4.

Brand: Truglo

👤It is important to me that you understand that this will fit the Samick Sage and all versions of that bow. Someone on here thought it wouldn't fit. This is not true. It is variant and it fits the Sage. The Old Mountain Edge is from 3 Rivers Archery. It definitely fits. This bow quiver is very impressive. It is my first time. It serves my basic needs. The quick connection is what I like. It is easy to remove when you want. Light weight is what the cleat is. The weight is noticeable but doesn't seem to cause an issue with accuracy It does not fit the 5 spring points that I have.

👤The company does not want to confuse the public that the price does not include mounting hardware. .... Unless you are an extreme expert, I don't think you should consort with these people. On what you need for accessory parts. I finally got an email telling me that this quiver does attach to the Air Javelin's M-LOKS but just as every woman knows the best products to keep that 'fresh' feeling, all men should know that M-LOKS need 'T-NUTS'. They can't seem to provide these. I thought T nuts were a snack from England.

👤This is not Carol. The Umarex Javelin Arrow is compatible with the Truglo CompactQuiver. M Lok nuts were not included. I had a few extras on hand. It's difficult with a BiPod attached. If I keep the legs in a forward position, it works. If I want the legs to go straight down, then the Bipods pushes the Quiver out. The attachment is at the opposite end. If you don't use a Bipods attached to the side M Lok slots, you have no problem getting 2 M Lok nuts, Umarex could market this as fitting the Umarex Javelin. I will modify my M Lok slot to allow me to move the Quiver back and forth. This way the Recon BiPod will work. This is really cool, as of now. Umarex does not offer a BiPod. In closing. I am very pleased with this quiver.

👤When I received my first quiver, I had to figure out how to mount it before I realized I needed a mount. I assumed there was no need for a specific mount when I searched for it. I noticed a small rectangular space on the back of the packaging plastic that was empty, but I didn't know it was empty. The mounting plate has dropped out because the end of the packaging is prone to open from the leverage of the quiver hanging out that end. I requested a replacement, which Amazon is always good about, but even though it had the mounting plate, it had started to jump out of the little plastic sphere in which it was supposed to stay. The mounting plate needs to be secured. The quiver is sticky with my arrows, but better than loose, and I think it will loosen up over time. A great addition to my bow and a deal at $20

6. KESHES Archery Arrow Quiver Holder

KESHES Archery Arrow Quiver Holder

It is designed to keep arrows in place. Extra Hardened bottom prevents tearing from the arrow points, Breathable Bottom to prevent dirt and dust cluster, and Padded shoulder strap for slip protection. It is adjusted. The shoulder straps of the Arrow Quiver can be adjusted to fit comfortably for both youth and adults. The archer's quiver can hold up to 20 archery arrows at once, with an opening of 12.5” C. A sling style padded shoulder strap is one of the options for your comfort. It can be worn on your waist-Belt if you so desire. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you will be fully refunded, as at Keshes, they back their products 100% and Guarantee your full satisfaction.

Brand: Keshes

👤The little quiver is great. It doesn't tip or dump from the hip. It's very comfortable on the back and soft until the bottom, so it keeps the arrows held together against your back, but leaves room for the tips. It's ideal for being quiet with a quiver full of broadheads. The inside of the quiver is made of smooth plastic that doesn't make noise when it slides against the arrow shaft, which makes it easy to draw an arrow from over your shoulder. The arrows are bunched together in the center so they don't rattle, and the quiver flattens out against your back. The materials are very strong and the D ring and hip clip are made of steel. It's great for the price.

👤It's perfect for little kids, but not for adults. There are arrows in the ground. Bummed!

👤I like the camo. The sholder strap is not built for a heftier person, so I have to ault it if it is going to fit the way it should.

👤I could tell there was a manufacturing error when I opened the box. The company logo is placed on the inside of the quiver so when you put it on it isn't facing out. Is it enough to get me to return it? It seems to be well made with strong materials, but since I was looking for an all black quiver, the error was in my favor. I will update this review once I use it and my arrows don't puncture the bottom in less than 3 months.

👤I suppose it's okay if you have a budget. Is it possible to get a much better one? It seems too heavy for it. When full of arrows, it's not balanced well. I don't think you should buy it and look elsewhere.

👤The soft case was expecting something with rigidity. But it works.

👤It was perfect for a freshly baked baguette. A mark for strap length was lost and needed a couple more inches. A larger man is carrying his daily bread.

👤The materiel is too thin and I wouldn't use it for hunting, but it is good for target shooting. The strap is flexible, but a little more length would be great for taller guys like me.

👤This quiver is made of fabric and has no rigidity at all. This is a poor choice for a back quiver. It comes with a clip that can be used to mount it at your waist. My son wanted to use it as a back quiver. He likes it and decided to keep it so it's not bad. I can't recommend it as a back quiver.

👤Vraiment cheap, ne est pas coter plus de 5$, trs mou, bretelle de qualité trs ordinaire. Je retourné en m'en acheté un autre modle pour presque le mme prix. Cherchez un petit!

7. NSG Deluxe Bow Arrow Kids

NSG Deluxe Bow Arrow Kids

The material is Polypropylene. It's fun for everyone. The archery set is easy for the kids but still fun for the teens and adults. The active play for boys and girls includes a bow, a target, and arrows with cup tips. There are active fun inDOORs and outside. When you practice your shot, you can improve posture and muscle development. Kids, pets, and walls are safe with safety arrows without sharp tips. The archery set is made for anyone who wants to hit a target, and is easy to hit with a bow. Apply moist to the arrows. There is a bow and arrow kit. The Archery Set is perfect for indoor or outdoor play and will quickly become an active basement, play room, backyard, lawn, and park favorite for the whole family.

Brand: Nsg

👤Great idea. The arrows don't work. We have tried without success. My son is excited to play with the set but after 15 minutes, he gives up and puts it away. The target decals came warped. We just wanted the arrows to work.

👤My daughter is 6 years old. The quality of the suction is poor. Not worth the money. Most of the parts are not properly packed inside the packing. It was like someone's return product here. The quality of parts was not good. The only quality is Bow.

👤Not bad for my 8 year old. The suctions don't work well. The target was smaller than we thought. It wasn't bad.

👤I spent money on this. I have two boys who only played with it three times. It did not hold a suction. On the second day, two arrows were broken. This is the worst purchase I can remember.

👤The nuts that you use to attach the limbs to the riser were not threaded in a way you could use them. The bolt won't thread on because they're fitted in the back. I will return if I can't find something to make it work.

👤The product is designed for people who use their right hand. It was awkward for my son, who is a lefty. One of the screws could not be screwed into place. We had a spare that worked.

👤This was the cheapest set I have ever seen. The arrows were made of flimsy plastic and the cups were curled. The usual junk from China. It was a joke for the money. We immediately returned it.

👤This was a present for my son. The bow looks nice and the target stand seems sturdy. It took a few minutes to put everything together. Assembly was easy. The cups stick to the target. You must hit the target straight on. The Grandson was able to hit the target. He is young.

8. Adjustable Archery Arrow Carrier Strap

Adjustable Archery Arrow Carrier Strap

There is a bow and arrow kit. The Archery Set is perfect for indoor or outdoor play and will quickly become an active basement, play room, backyard, lawn, and park favorite for the whole family. To keep the quiver comfortable. The minimum length is 24 in. The maximum length is 39 in. It can be up to 18 different lengths.

Brand: Southland Archery Supply

👤The product was received quickly and fully adjusted for my 31 inch arrows with plenty of room to spare. I took the top cap off the screw-on lid and used it to put arrows into it with the closed lid.

👤I bought two tubes with inserts. My standard arrows with feather flaetchings have zero spacing, which makes them unsafe to store in this tribe. One of the inserts has a manufacturer defect. The seller did not reply when I contacted them. Most likely, they will return one. I got a reply the other day, asking if I needed more help. I explained that I returned the item because I never heard from them and they just acted relieved that I didn't have to do anything. Good customer service is not expected.

👤The foam insert is not in the product description and will not work with most recurve target arrows. An arrow with a small diameter will not fill out the slots in the foam insert and will be loose in an arrow tube. It's probably still better than nothing, but those with thin target arrows will be better off with the generic foam inserts that are available with many vendors. The thickness of the foam between the arrow slots is thin, so it's not certain if it will be durable. This is a problem that the generic foam inserts do not have.

👤Here's the deal. This is flexible, and you can stretch it if you want. You can strap it on your back. The lid is nice and it will be nice for hiking when we take our bow and arrows. Shrink the arrow when it's in use to make it easier to get in and out. Very nice. It's only 1/2 a con that you get what you pay for. If you have to turn the cap you might pull the notch out of place. I might drill a hole to better secure the position. I like to change it back and forth. Over time, the cheap plastic will wear out and it will start collapsing, so my concern is that. We'll see! We like it so far.

👤I was expecting a thinner wall material but it appears to be tough. The insert arrived with mine. I was only able to get four Excalibur Firebolt arrows. The arrows are too close together. I bought it to use with my climbing deer stand. When climbing up and down trees, it will be a great asset to protect my arrows. I put the cap on the tube with a small strap so that I wouldn't drop it while removing or putting it back on. I put pieces of foam in the cap and the bottom of the tube to protect the broadheads. The problem with arrow protection was solved by the money. I used it on my tree stand. It was great to store arrows for my crossbow. Bill.

👤Solid construction, with inserts to help stablize your arrows. cons: 1. The "knocks" that are used to keep the extended tube in place are not very effective. The tube can be shortened unintentionally. 2. If you have feathers on your arrows, this tube may not fit. I can only fit 6 arrows in the insert, because I have 5 long x 1 wide feathers on my arrows, and I can only fit them side to side.

9. Trophy Ridge Spot Arrow Quiver

Trophy Ridge Spot Arrow Quiver

The Arrow and Left Hand convertibles are 4. The dual arrow grippers can be adjusted. The hood has a soft touch. The quick detach mounting brackets. A hanging loop can be hung on a tree.

Brand: Trophy Ridge

👤They were still making and selling this model of quiver for my Bear Authority. I got bucked off a horse while hunting a few years ago and the quiver broke. It didn't damage my bow, but I needed a replacement quiver. I will review the whole thing. This version has no foam to puncture broadheads, it does not have anything like that, and the TR connection allows these to be taken off easily. They're a popular item and supply and demand are similar. If you are looking for a lightweight bow, this is the one for you.

👤It works as expected. I like attaching the bow to the quiver with a mechanism that mates it to the bow. I used this to mount on a cross bow and use 20 inch arrows. The two rubber parts that clip onto the arrows can be adjusted based on the length of the arrow. I'm confident that this would work with full length compound arrows. I put 20 and 21 inch arrows in it. The only reason I gave it four stars was because the rubber retaining portions seem smaller for more skinny arrows. It's difficult to get my crossbow bolts into the rubber retainer. I used a screw driver to get them in place. I can carry arrows into the woods, but I'm not sure how that will wear over time. Not sure if I would want to use it for constant in-out. Happy over all.

👤It's a great quiver, I made a few modifications to it, including taking one of the rubber arrow keepers off and filling the top with foam, it's a great quiver, I made a few modifications to it, including taking one of the rubber arrow keepers off and filling the It can be difficult to get a standard diameter arrow out quietly and quickly with both of the arrow retainers attached to the quiver.

👤I had left a replacement on the roof of my car so I got this. The loop on the top or bottom is helpful for hanging in the stand that my last one did not have, and I like that about this one. The arrows are not going to fall out. If you want a quiver that holds arrows secure and has a silent removal, this is the one for you.

👤I was a bit skeptical since the price was very low and the reviews were mixed, but I took a chance and am really pleased I did. I put this quiver on a few months ago to get ready for deer season. It was easy to position, and it has been solidly attached to my bow ever since. It's small, but holds 5 arrows, it doesn't rattle, and it's easy to remove, but arrows are easy to remove for shooting. 5 stars, couldn't ask for more, but maybe a camo pattern instead of plain black.

👤I was very excited about this quiver. I like the sights on my bow. The quality and design of this product is not acceptable. I failed on my first outing because the small plastic tab that "locks" the quiver into place was not fastened. I discovered the failure while walking. I had to use a ziptie to secure the quiver to the bow. Even worse, an email to the company expressing disappointment but willing to give it another try if they would just send another plastic tab went completely unanswered. I will not purchase any more TR products after returning this quiver.

10. Adventure Awaits Handmade Quivers Outdoor

Adventure Awaits Handmade Quivers Outdoor

It's used for a lot of things. A crazy fun activity for everyone. Long Lasting Bamboo Wood, Safe Rubber Tips. Cub Scouts and youth activities are great for birthday parties. Please don't point arrows at people, animals or breakable objects. Great idea for gifts. Birthday, Christmas, and more.

Brand: Adventure Awaits!

👤I'm not a reviewer. I had to recommend these guys. The kids were happy with the bow and arrow sets. The bow and arrow tips were of good quality. The tips look realistic. This isn't an archery bow. This will teach kids how to use bows and arrows. The wood used in the quiver is the same as that used for the 10 arrows you get. The bow string is made of plastic. I think it's a great deal. The kids are loving it and they're the main consumer. They're both 9 years old. They have follow up emails to make sure you are happy. That also impressed me, but it was not big corporate stuff. I would buy from them again.

👤These are well made, but don't fly. Our kids are very frustrated because the arrows go every which way when they are shot, because there are no feathers on them. The arrows are easy to use and shoot well, we are impressed with the quality, they just need feathers to make them shoot straight. There is no consistency in the way they shoot. We will give you stars if you fix this.

👤There isn't a notch on the side of the bow that you can use to aim the arrow at. There is a hole in the center of the bow that the arrow is placed into. The arrows have no feathers at the end which means they can't be aimed. I didn't notice that the product was missing. We will need to buy new arrows or file down the bow to make this a good set. It's useless as a beginner bow and arrow set.

👤This bow is perfect for my 6yo who is obsessed with Brave. It's easy for her to use with the hole to thread the arrows through. We put half of the package away before giving her the bow as a present, because we bought the package that had double of everything. We will have the extra as a backup if she loses or breaks this one. After a few months of off and on use, the bow is still in great shape. One arrow had the rubber tip come off, but we glue it back on with e6000 glue, and it hasn't been a problem since. We will glue them on so they don't fall off and get lost. It is in a big box and is just a heads up for anyone planning to give it as a gift. There is nothing to make it look nice as a present. We wrapped it up in tissue paper, which made it look a little better as a package. We adults have had a lot of fun with this thing. We had a contest where we had to spin around and then draw and shoot a bow. It was fun to see who could shoot the farthest. The longest shot went around 30 feet. It had a tailwind. I'm not sure how much credit we can claim.

11. TOPARCHERY Traditional Shoulder Leather Handmade

TOPARCHERY Traditional Shoulder Leather Handmade

It can be up to 18 different lengths. Large accessory pocket Handmade Cow Leather. The high is 52 cm and has three points. It's suitable for both left and right hands. It's suitable for riding and shooting. The quiver's first layer is made of genuine leather. The second layer of the quiver is made of leather. There is a layer of black tarpaulin in the innermost part of the quiver. The belt front is genuine leather. The material is leather. The package has 1 quiver.

Brand: Toparchery

👤It's not real leather and it's not good fake leather. It looks plastic and cheap. Don't buy it.

👤It has the look of plastic, the smell of plastic, and the feel of plastic. It looks like it was a roller store reject. You couldn't pay me to leave the house with this junk.

👤It appears to be pressed leather, similar to what Benchmade uses for some of its knife sheaths. It wouldn't be bad except it's thin. The straps are too thin and it isn't going to hold up to use. The pocket on the outside could be longer. The tabs on the end of the string knock against the quiver, so for any actual field use, they need to be removed. The long cords allow you to tie a second knot in them and hold longer items in the pocket, like an arm guard and a shooting glove. The bungee separator idea is cool, and the quiver will hold two dozen arrows. Adding a more substantial bottom and some foam to hold the broadheads securely would be required for broadhead use. It is a field point only quiver. I shoot a bow and arrow. The design doesn't work well for the back carry. The quiver hangs too low and leans back if you adjust it to carry the arrows low enough to get out of it. It will mostly be used to carry arrows back and forth from the house to an archery caddy and hold them while shooting at the caddy. I have given up on finding a practical leather quiver and am going to make one of my own designs to hold a half dozen arrows with broadheads securely.

👤It seems like a great quiver. It has a lot of arrows. It seems to be well made. I'm very happy with my purchase. I'm not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a quiver. I thought this was a great buy for someone just starting out, and I still think it was a great purchase. I would buy it again, but I don't think it's necessary for a long time.

👤It appears to be well-made, but I haven't taken it into the woods yet. The picture in the advertisement accurately shows the amount of arrow left from the top. There is no protection in the bottom for broadheads. To solve this, I took a large yogurt container, slit it down one side and across the bottom, and slid it into the quiver. I wrapped the foam pipe insulation together and put them inside the container. If you twist the shock cord around each arrow individually, it will keep them from rattling or slipping out.

👤I love it! The product looks like a medieval quiver, thanks to the packaging. The seller sent me a warm message to see if I liked the product, which made me love it more. I highly recommend this product. My little sister is over 6' and my brother is over 6', so it's flexible. It took me a while to figure out how the straps worked, but when I realized you just sling it over your shoulder then unclip the other strap to sling it around your chest it worked great! I would buy again for other archers.


What is the best product for survival arrow quiver?

Survival arrow quiver products from Sunkoon. In this article about survival arrow quiver you can see why people choose the product. Easton and Allen Company are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival arrow quiver.

What are the best brands for survival arrow quiver?

Sunkoon, Easton and Allen Company are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival arrow quiver. Find the detail in this article. Toparchery, Truglo and Keshes are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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