Best Survival Archery Systems Tactical Survival Bow

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1. Teceum Paracord Type III Black

Teceum Paracord Type III Black

The Paracord Type III is made of nylon. There is a color called apricot. 50 feet (15.2 m) is the length. It was made in accordance with the mil-spec. There are 40 colors to choose from. The package can be 50, 100, 200 or 1000 feet. You can get the Paracord E-Book by scanning the QR code. The colors may vary due to different monitor settings. Paracord Type III has a strength of over 500 lbs and a sheath structure made of 7 nylon fibres. The thickness is 5/32-inches. It was manufactured according to the mil spec. Their paracord is made in Europe and is resistant to damage caused by weather conditions. It is made to serve you for a long time. UV and fade resistant. The para cord makes it an extremely multi-functional. It can be used as a tent cord to set up tents, hang heavy items in your garage or basement, or secure a hammock. It's a safety rope in emergency situations. It's ideal for crafting custom accessories, such as lanyards, bracelets, dog collar, keychains, belts, and other items. A must-have for camping, hiking, fishing, boating, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. The best gift idea for men and women who love sports, outdoors, and craft projects. Travel gear and equipment.

Brand: Teceum

👤Love the color and quality. It's great for paracord rosary.

👤The Paracord is made in Ukraine. Is nice. Brother used to wrestle Siberia bear. Nyet, I buy different brands of Paracord.

👤The cost was average. Shipping was fast. It's perfect for my projects. Will buy again.

👤The quality of this paracord was very good. There is a lot of variation in the quality of the various manufacturers product that is labeled as paracord 550. The quality of the paracord is very good. It is a very high value purchase because of the price. The color of this orange is very nice. The dark gray that I purchased was very pleasant to look at. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered this for a number of projects. It arrived at my door and I was very happy about it. As soon as I picked up the package, I knew it wasn't on the spool. It would have been ok if it was neatly couled and tied. This is not the case. I should not have to untangle and knit 1000' of cord. This isn't acceptable.

👤As described. I would have preferred a better method of line storage.

👤The above ground pool has a winter cover. The jugs were attached to the pool cover. The cord has made them secure so far.

👤How much can you say about paracord? The paracord seems great. I can't say I put the weight to the test because it's not what I bought it for.

2. Tiny Survival Guide Preparedness Micro Guide

Tiny Survival Guide Preparedness Micro Guide

Simply sorting your items will make it easy to organize and classify items of different shapes. Great for school supplies. CARRY IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE. Credit-Card Sized to fit. In Your: wallet, pocket, survival kit, glove box, purse, pouch. One tough guide. Special Tear and Weather resistant material is used in maps. There are 101 illustrations, 67 lifesaving survival skills, 175 expert tips, 24 gear and 10 "Killer" mistakes. You should keep the tiny survival guide on you at all times. It's a quick reference when you're caught in an emergency or disaster. It is like a life insurance policy in your pocket. You should learn to survive these threats. Civil unrest, surprise attacks, natural disasters, nuclear, biological and chemical events, abduction, Hostage and terror threats, active shooter situation, vehicle accidents, hiking, camping and hunting emergencies are a lot of things. The guide to develop your mindset, skills, and gear is a pro active learning tool. It makes a great gift. The Digital Details can be scanned with the QR code.

Brand: Ultimate Survival Tips Be Prepared-because You Never Know

👤This is one page and it is folded up to be a pocket size. Many important things had to be so compressed that a person with no knowledge or even a little survival knowledge will not have enough basic information in several areas that are covered but not well enough to be useful. It is just one page folded up. The additional info that you can find is helpful, but sometimes in some of the apps the video or info is not as complete or as well produced as it could be, and it may not be available to look at when you need it. Being prepared for an emergency is serious. It is great that you are looking for information to be prepared. If you want to buy the necessary equipment for your home and car, you should buy a full and complete Survival book. Is this page better than nothing? .... Yes... If you buy this, you will think you are prepared, but you will not buy a full and well written survival book.

👤This is one of the dumbest things I have ever bought on Amazon. The idea of a pocket-sized survival book is a great one, but one of the first things it says is that you need to carry things with you and not depend on electronics, and the entire guide is full of QR Codes for you to use your phone. It's even more stupid that they lead you to the internet. The diagrams on how to set traps, gut a fish, and tell what different tracks are all useful to look at, but they could be better described in a book. The details are so small that you can't really understand what is happening, and everything is so simple that you can just remember the information. One thing I read that made me want to write this review was that at the end of the "Worst Case Scenario" section, it says that one of the essentials to check off, following a gas mask, is a Bible. I don't know if that is put in as a joke. I understand that people are religious, but the fact that you had to add this to a manual small enough to fit in your pocket is ridiculous. This was the dumbest thing I have ever read, and I have nothing against religion. Don't waste money. You can buy a survival guide. I only give it a star because it does some of what it tells you, but nothing else you wouldn't find in a basic survival guide.

👤The product is resistant to water and tear and has good information. It was possible to put a hole in it accidentally. The water resistance is pretty good. All this info can be found online for free. I don't think 10 bucks is worth it.

👤I like this guide. I can't believe the amount of information in this manual. It's better than most survival books that are full sized. I give away survival kits as gifts to my family members, and this guide is going into every one of them. I notice something new when I look at it. The authors teach the skills in more depth in the videos that you can find with the QR codes. The value is not ordinary. If I choose, I can use the magnifying lens to start a fire. The guide went into my wallet and replaced the $10 I spent for it.

3. Barnett Whitetail Crossbow Cocking Headhunter

Barnett Whitetail Crossbow Cocking Headhunter

The product is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. If you have a question, please contact the customer service of the company. 350 feet per second. The draw weight is 150 pounds. Extra camo tree. The overall weight was 6.4 pounds. The ax was to the rear of the vehicle. The dimensions are 34.25"L x 18.25"W. The gun cases are made of heavy duty, dual stage lockable latches and have a built in pressure release valve. Trigger tech has a zero-creep release. All steel components. Dry fires are eliminated by ack sensor and adf. The package includes a scope, rope cocking device, two Headhunter arrows, lube wax, and a quiver.

Brand: Barnett

👤The bow is great for a hunter on a budget. The bow would shoot a 1 inch group at 30 yards with little effort. The bow is narrow across the limbs, which makes it easy to use in a treestand. The cocking assist makes it easy to pull back the 150 pound limbs. The bow has a dryfire protection feature. The only way to decock the bow is to fire it with a bolt in. You cannot fire it without one. You could grab the string and let the crossbow go back down. That is not the case here. Either you have to shoot it into the game you're hunting for or you have to have a shooting block. If you want to decock it, you have to bring a block. There was a big pain in the rear. The scope that came with it wouldn't adjust even if I moved it. I contacted Barnett about the issue, but they didn't reply. This is a good bow for the money. It's accurate and quiet when shooting small and mobile models. This could be an awesome bow. Barnett contacted me after a couple of weeks to inform me that they would be shipping me a new scope for the crossbow.

👤My brother gave me a Very Nice PSE compound bow in 2006 when I was diagnosed with severe RA. Draw on my bow. I was floored. I help my 81 years old. The young Mother run our ranch, here in the Black Hills of Wyoming, almost every 4 footed meal you could think of is right outside. The Crossbow is made from high quality materials and easy to assemble, it is a pleasure to shoot. The scope that comes with the High Quality Bow is as good as any rifle scope I've used, I was amazed at the price. It is a gift from the Hunting Gods and I hope I can get it for 50 yds. I'm in "Outdoor Heaven" here in the most beautiful place, and it holds every shot in a 10 circle, for someone with no crossbow experience, but a few shots to become acclimatized to it. I wish I could have gotten the Best Crossbow. Big Time Thanks to Barnett for a very high quality bow that is easy to use and can be used by anyone. God didn't make all men equal, Sam Colt and Barnett did, and I can now make up for my lack of physical ability with equipment that gives me an edge. I can purchase such an item from 90 miles away from the nearest sporting supply thanks to the wonderful price that Amazon has for such High Quality.

👤This is my first crossbow. In this review, I will share my impressions of the one I never held. I'm not a hunter and I don't plan to kill anything unless my life depends on it, so my primary use for this is target practice. I always wanted a compound bow, but this crossbow was a good deal that I couldn't pass on. I referred to the manual and tried to find some instructions on the internet, but it was difficult for someone who was not familiar with the weapons. Manual does a good job scaring people. Every other paragraph has the word "catastrophic failure" in it. There's not a lot of detailed information and not a lot of good diagrams. You get pictures of the wrong part of the bow. Some pictures have missing labels. A small diagram would help a lot. It's like they wrote in the hurry, thinking that the user knows how to use a crossbow. I didn't want to guess how to assemble it because I didn't want to risk losing my fingers. Assembly requires you to position strings/ropes correctly, one that fires goes on top, rest in the slot. You attach the upper part with limbs because it has correct slots that will prevent you from assembling it wrong. I wish there was some kind of obfuscation on the box, as anyone handling package can clearly see that it's a crossbow. The crossbow's strings and ropes were already oiled. The rope cocking device was a problem and according to the manual it would cause "catastrophic failure and dismemberment". I contacted Barnett about it, but he hasn't responded yet. I was confused about how to use the rope cocking device, thanks to unclear instructions in the manual. I saw how easy it was when I watched the video. I put my boot on the rope attached to the string and pulled it up. I was expecting it to be a lot easier, but it seems to require a lot of force to load. It seemed like limbs would break. I tried again with more determination because I am not a weak guy. I was not sure how far to pull it so I stopped and the hooks fell off the rope and hit me in the face. I didn't pull the way up, but I did not suffer catastrophic failure, and there was no blood on my face. I wore gloves and a full face shield and it worked. I'm not blaming the crossbow for the incident, just sharing my story. I adjusted the scope, made few shots, and figured out how to use everything in a couple of hours, even though the manual didn't have any. It shoots straight and has a lot of power. It is not light by any means. The crossbow is heavy. I'd say the same as a small rifle. Many reviewers say it's light. I think other crossbows are heavier. - It's loud. I expected it to be quiet. I have nothing to compare crossbows to, but neighbors will hear you firing. Stock is not a big deal. I didn't like quiver. I'm afraid to force my arrows into the slots because it seems very awkward to use. The middle slot is too small to fit the arrow and only 2 are usable. Scope is fine. Many reviewers complained about it. It needs to be adjusted. I had no issues with it so far. If I notice anything out of the ordinary, I will update my review. I think it's a good crossbow for the price. It was a great value for the price. I wish the manual was better.

4. SUPOLOGY Emergency Survival Adventures Necessary

SUPOLOGY Emergency Survival Adventures Necessary

It measures 10-1-5 by 5-1-5 by 4 inches. Get what you need in a professional camping kit. The kit includes: a personal water filter straw, a multi-functional tool, a first aid tourniquet, a wire saw, an emergency blanket, a flashlight, a band-aids whistle, and a fishing card. The upgrade hard case can hold all items. The water filter straw can remove harmful substance. The smallest solid particles are found in the environment. It is helpful to reduce plastic water bottles using the water filter. A good partner for disaster water supply. The camping kit case is portable and lightweight, with a weight of only 1.28 pounds. It is easy to put it in a backpack. The water filter straw provides clean water, the multi function tools can quickly cutting branches, and the emergency blankets can retain 90% of body heat. All items are packaged in a good quality box. It's a good gift for fathers day, Christmas, new year, and other special days. It is a perfect gift for Dad Men Father Boyfriend.

Brand: Supology

👤I like to be prepared and this kit looked like a good lightweight addition to my pack. In my video, I show you everything. There is a small black bag that holds everything. Everything seems to be in working order. The kit has a filter straw in it.

👤A good knife, a spork/opener, and a pen are included in the kit. There are fire starter, filter straw, and more. The pieces are well designed and seem sturdy, but this is not a complete kit. The flashlight case is too big for a AA battery. It's probably smaller than a 18500 battery, but you can easily adapt it to use AA batteries. I wrapped a layer of Moleskin around it. It will be safe and dry in the flashlight if you have moleskin around.

👤The survival kit arrived on time. We used most of it this past weekend to see if it works. Yes, it does. My boys started a fire with the flint, we cut small limbs with a saw and used a knife for many applications. This set is worth a lot of money. Some of the ware on the tested products are shown in the pics. We have more to try on our next camping trip. Enjoy and thank you!

👤This was a perfect gift for my son. He enjoyed opening it and seeing the items. He thought about how he would use each implement. We thought the flashlight's battery was missing a part. It works so don't be confused. It requires a AA. It is a win. Two whistles that aren't loud, one goes on your key ring, but they do the trick. To be prepared!

👤You get what you pay for, with no instructions, nothing to tell you what to do, and not everyone is a master of the outdoors. The all in one tool is a perfect size but the finish is rough. The knife has everything I wanted, but it feels cheap. The mini flashlight is the worst part of the kit. They didn't grind the inside enough and the battery didn't fit. This has nothing to do with the seller. There are some things that I would change to make it a better kit. The value is great. I wanted to point out a few things that could be better, so I would recommend it.

👤You can't beat this for the money, I'm an emergency supply collector. You can put everything in the velvet case. A personal water straw, a durable foldable knife with case, 2 flash lights, emergency blanket, Paracord with compass, a spoon/fork combo fire starter/striker, whistle, multitool can opener, and more are included. I'll be buying gifts for these kids.

👤It is a good quality kit. A good knife. The limb cutting saw iscent. A good fire starter. A good pen, glass breaker, and defense tool. The straw has 2 good accessories. The contents are good. If you don't already have a storage bag, get one that is visible and easy to access. I would recommend this kit to anyone.

5. Bear Archery Titan Youth Only

Bear Archery Titan Youth Only

The story is about something. Small items such as string, armguard, tab or glove can be stored in the gear storage compartments. The bow set has an ambidextrous riser for left or right hand use. The bow has a sight pin and finger rollers. The age range for children is 12 years old and up. There is 20-29 lbs. The draw length range is 22 to 28 inches. 60-inch long bow has durable limbs.

Brand: Bear Archery

👤My wife is a certified archery instructor for the Girl Scouts and we were looking for an inexpensive bow that she and our daughter could use in the backyard to practice with, this is the exact same bow they use at their archery range. The only issue we have found is that if you miss your target, you need to have a good back stop, as I have put a couple of arrows through our fence at about 20 yards. We are going to purchase at least one more bow so the whole family can shoot at the same time, nothing like a little competition to make you be more accurate.

👤The first bow I ever owned was a red one with a black rubber grip, and I loved it. I lost my bow during the move. I enjoy using an old Locksley bow for hunting. I need a lower pound pull bow for target practice as I have neighbors nearby. I am glad I found the bear titan bow. Just as sweet and fun to shoot as my first bow by Bear, it's just as easy to string. I picked up weighted arrows for the bow's pull and draw, just for target shooting and practice. The string seems a bit cheap, but it's an inexpensive fix to replace it. I am a very happy customer. Bear makes great recurve bows. Looking forward to more happy shooting.

👤People come over to shoot my bows. I am hesitant because non experienced people damage bows. One guy in the group always dry fires it before you can catch them. fiberglass bows are pretty much bulletproof. My kids will eventually grow into it and it will last a lifetime. The bow is strong. It was what I was looking for. I can live with it being grey instead of green. The handle is comfortable for me. The bow has a nice look. I was amazed at how well it spits out the arrows. I had expected it to be slower. I have been shooting with other bows but I was shooting tighter groups. I love this thing. If you purchase this, you will be as others have said. Buy a replacement string. The type of bow that comes with it is not a real string. It broke on me the very first day. A real string will increase the performance of the bow. Just grab one. I have not had a problem with the nocks falling off. They wouldn't budge when I tried to pull mine off. Maybe they have fixed that issue? I would like to see these bows come back into production. No doubt this bow would be able to take game, but not legally. We need a company to make bows with a heavier draw weight and fiberglass that is made in the USA. I think people would like it.

👤I had fun with a similar style bow when I was a kid. It shot far enough that I couldn't figure out why people were buying a beginner compound bow for their kids. The kiddy compounds don't have any power, so you could throw a baseball further than the bows shoot. Things clicked after buying this one. It has a lot of power. If I want to, I can shoot it across my property. I bought the Titan to give my kids something to do. I didn't have to share it with the youngest ones. The accuracy is not good. I remember the kick of the arrow that made me believe that nobody could really hunt with a bow. I always thought that the problem was me, even though that isn't true. This thing is more accurate at 30 paces than 12 and it can either hit the target or leave a trail. I shot my friend's bow and arrow and it went where I wanted it to. I realized what I was missing after that. I still think these bows are a lot of fun, but my 10 and 12 year old can hit the target at 12 paces equally or more than I can with the titan bow, and they are using that kiddy compound bow. A friend gave a birthday present. If you want to have a lot of fun and aim at large targets, you should buy this bow. Why not for the price?

6. Hunter Safety System Reflective LIFELINE

Hunter Safety System Reflective LIFELINE

The package includes a multi-reticle scope, two headhunter arrows, a rope cocking device, and wax lube. Most of the ships are assembled. Stay safe down the tree. It keeps you safe from the ground to the stand. It's easy to find your stand in low light. The new reflective material has a flashlight beam. It's enough for any size of stand. Accommodate can be up to 30 feet. Stay calm. The Recon and Cowbell sound dampeners eliminate rattles and clangs. Don't waste money. A second with installation. It was quick and easy to install.

Brand: Hunter Safety System

👤I know people who have been badly injured by lockons and climbers. I never used the harnesses that the stands required. Having 3 little girls at home makes me think differently about falling out of a tree having climbed countless trees and hung stands for years without any protection... I tell anyone I know now the same advice I received after almost falling 30 feet from an ol man climber... A compatible harp is a good buy. You will wear it. I have the flex hybrid, it's easy to put on and you'll love it. I have a tree climber line for my climbers and have always been careful to inspect cables and hardware, as I have always been leery of lock-on stands. I know from the time I clip into the line at the bottom on the prussit knot that I'm secured. I have a bowline knot in the bottom of my bag, so I just clip it to my bag and climb up to get my gear. If you have a loved one that hunts climbers or lockons, you can buy them appropriate lines and they will wear them. I was stubborn and ignorant to not have one before, and I was thankful that a close call woke me up and made me use the products. Having gotten a text from a friend that fell 25' and crawled to get cell signal to find them with broken legs, helped them get out and watched them lose their job. I didn't use one. I don't climb without it.

👤I have used H&S safety lineman rope for a long time. I'm thankful that I haven't had the chance to use this rope. I found it necessary to address the question of the life of this system after seeing a post that questioned it. The attached picture shows how to replace after 2 years of service. If the instructions are not clear, it would be better to stay out of trees and not hunt on my land. Happy hunting and stay safe.

👤I finally bought a few of these. It would have cost me a lot more to make them myself than to buy the good climbing ropes and carabiners. They were easy to put up. You'll just need to tie the bottom of the rope off at about shoulder height if you want a 30' tree stand. It took me a while to get up and down the tree with the Prusik knot. It didn't take much longer to descend from my stand. The time is made up by not having to break out a tree strap to hook the harness into. I am very happy with the price of these. I paid through Amazon. I saw they were on sale at Academy Sports. These things are reflective. You won't have a hard time finding your stand in the dark. I bought 4 of them at once, and they went from $24.99 to $29.98 right after I bought them.

👤I love this thing. It is easy to hold my weight. I bought climbing rope and carabiners to add to the attachment points for our boys. It was very bright in the dark.

7. Rochan Slingshot Professional Slingshots Replacement

Rochan Slingshot Professional Slingshots Replacement

A lanyard and plastic sheath. Their slingshots are made with a frame made of steel and aluminum and a wooden handle, which is more comfortable to use. The slingshot design with a laser flashlight and a sight can help you find the targets quickly. The slingshot with double spring design and rubber bands can increase the shooting strength. The wrist support frame design also offers flashlight holder device, which is not included. The wrist rocket slingshot is ideal for outdoor competition, exercise, fitness catapult and hunting.

Brand: Rochan

👤I have been collecting slingshots for a long time. I like slingshots. My preference is for the wooden Y slingshots to have flat bands. I own a tube band slingshot. I have had issues with control. This slingshot made me rethink. It is as accurate as my best slingshot. It can be broken down into different parts. 2. Attach a flashlight to your hand. 3. A tube slingshot gives you less feel than a powerful one. 4. The laser 5 is extremely accurate. Excellent quality 6. It is a must for survival. You will have a lot of bullets. 7. The wrist support has a powerful magnet on it. Get this. You won't regret it.

👤I just bought a Rochan Slingshot and was amazed at the quality. The frame is cast aluminum and the grip is real wood. It is very comfortable and accurate. This is a professional slingshot that comes with a storage bag and spare tubes. I highly recommend this product, it is a top quality item at a great price. George is in Fort Myers, FL.

👤A powerful sling shot. Takes strength to use correctly. Not for children. It can be accurate to about 15 or 20 yards with practice. Will do a lot of damage in that range. Caution is used when using. This isn't a toy.

👤The slingshot has a neat looking design and has features that are not found in other slingshot. I am hoping that with more practice it will be the better slingshot because it looks awesome and costs a bit more. The wrist support is a bad design and I have used it a bit more. It is too narrow and the metal arch makes it hard to support your wrist. I took it off for now. The shot doesn't penetrate both sides because it rests in the bottom of the water, and it's 10 feet away from 16.9oz water bottles. I have put about 50 shots on this with the original band. It takes time to build up the finger strength to hold onto a ball and pull it back far enough. I need more practice and a rough thick skin to form on that part of my finger to be able to hold and pull, or get some stretchy bands because the black one doesn't stretch very far before I can't hold the ball shot anymore. The wrist support is too narrow and needs to be cut off to allow the leather to conform like others do. Experiments with other bands will show if included bands stretch far enough or are just too short. I haven't tried out the laser, but it seems like a nice laser, my dog likes to chase it around. If you want to shoot arrows, you can add an arrow whisker biscuit to the front piece of the laser. A basic type biscuit will fit if you remove the laser holder. The whisker biscuit and bands are needed to set into the knock of an arrow. The bottom scope ring attachment can be used to attach a fishing reel. You are in business if you get some fishing arrows. The slingshot is well built.

8. Crosman Elkhorn Jr Compound Bow

Crosman Elkhorn Jr Compound Bow

The line is available in black and green. The lightweight limBS have an integrated center-shot riser. Heavy-DUTY ALL-WEATHER STANDINGS. 15-pound draw weight. There is a 33 inch tip to tip. The brace height is 8-inch. There is a quiver, finger tab, arm guard, arrow rest, and a pin sight included. The 33 inch axel to axel length is ideal for beginners. The design allows for optimum hand placement for right handed shooters.

Brand: Centerpoint Archery

👤The bow is pretty great. I bought two for my son and one for his friend. We had a great time out this weekend. The kids were hitting the target after a few test shots. The draw was easy for my son, but it was difficult for his friend. They were drawing with ease after 3 or 4 rounds. The sight needs improvement. It is not enough for a real bow. There is a The wrist and finger guard that come with the bow are sub-par. You need to purchase a leather wrist guard and three finger draw glove. The Arrows are not very good. The cheap plastic knock broke on all the arrows. You will need more arrows to do your job. I would say it is a 4 because it is the only detractor. The poor quality of the accessories caused me to take off another star. We had a great time and the price was under $40. I bought 2 dozen arrows, wrist guards and shooting gloves. The boys shot all day on Saturday and then again on Sunday. They were hitting the target after a few rounds. We lost a few tips when we shot into the foam target.

👤If you are looking for a fun, dependable, well built now for your child, this is it. There is a My 9 year old son loves his new toy. I paid for this myself and would buy it again.

👤This product is not a success. The bow's limbs are solid, but everything else is terrible. They use a steel tension cable instead of using a real bow string. Cool cost savings for a performance hit? Not at all. The diameter of the cable makes it impossible to use any arrows except the two provided, which will break the first time you use them. It means that it is not possible to add a nock to the string. The range won't allow this bow to be fired there for safety reasons, but I got this to get my daughter started in the competitive league. It wouldn't be hard to offer replacement parts that would turn this bow into a worthwhile budget-conscious alternative, but apparently selling a use-it-for-a-day toy as an "intermediate" product is a better business model for Crosman.

👤This bow is a good one, and it is a good price point. My child's previous plastic bow cost a lot. It's difficult to get him out of the range, but it's fun. I added a cheap 3-point brush arrow rest and sight to the bow, then bought him a cheap release, and removed the sight. Thanks for watching. The bow is light and strong, and can hit targets at 30 yards or less. The bow can send arrows 100 yards at the right angle. The cable guide shoots string between the balance cables to keep them out of the way of the arrows. There is no adjustment on this bow. The bow's draw weight is 19 lbs. I assume that the bow you get will be within the limits. I think the draw length is set at a max of 26 inches. A person 5' to 5'8" should be able to shoot this comfortably. For your child to use this bow, he should be able to pull 20 lbs, not just once, but many times. They don't have to hold 20 lbs while they are aiming because once past max pull, the pull weight of the string drops to about 7 lbs. It's not a matter of age, it's a matter of strength and size. The accessories have already been said about. Can't comment on the rest. The bow riser is too narrow so I had to adjust the arrow rest brackets. The included arrows are low quality and cannot be used with our 3-point arrow rest because the nocks are glue. It's important to get extra arrows with a nock so you can line up the indicator correctly. I recommend arrows with points that are sharper than the dull ones that come with the bow, because the included arrows bounce off the target at more than 10 yards. The bow and balance strings have been commented on. They don't seem to be metal cable. They are covered in plastic. You couldn't add nock points or nock arrows safely according to an earlier review. Adding nock points was easy and I found the statements to be incorrect. There are videos about the bow. I don't like it because you can't add a multi-pin sight without it being too far out in front of the bow. Most kids will shoot without sight pins, but some sort of work-around is necessary to shoot more accurately. The arm protectors work, but are cheap. The bow-mounted quiver works well. The finger tab is not used by us. Not all accessories will fit on this bow. It is an excellent value, even with its limitations, and can be used as is or upgraded to be more competitive.

9. BARNETT Whitetail Crossbow Bottomland Standard

BARNETT Whitetail Crossbow Bottomland Standard

The complete hunting accessory package includes a crossbow and a hunting vest. The weight of the vehicle is 6.6 pounds and the width is 18.125 inches. The step thru riser has a single bolt assembly. There are no artificial flavors. It is compatible with the Barnett 17455 crank cocking device. 118.6 feet pounds of energy. The package includes a multi-reticle scope, two headhunter arrows, a rope cocking device, and wax lube. Most of the ships are assembled.

Brand: Barnett

👤I had this together in 15 minutes. The speed and power were too much for me to handle. The first arrow went through the fetchings and buried the arrow. The second arrow was placed in the quiver only to be released on a new target. I followed the instructions and threw my back out. I am interested to see how the deer jump the crossbow string because it is loud and the speed and power is amazing. Bring on bow season, I'm amazed they allow these in the same class as a bow. I'm going to put this beast to the test. I am amazed at the speed and power. I'm sure there are better options. I will give this one a try.

👤When I got the box, I was surprised that I picked this up on prime day. The lowest end version of the crossbow has an MSRP of $399 and is on the box. I was worried that the different version may not show up with all the extra goodies. I was surprised that this bow is an upgraded version with a sku ending in a 4 and is for sale around $600. Not sure how this worked out. It is a great crossbow. Didn't take long to see it but didn't have time to tune it. It is light, very flexible and has a smooth Trigger. Can't wait to use it. There is an update. I made it through the first archery season and wanted to update the review. Was able to take a buck with this at 44 yards, as I was in a 20' high stand shooting down a hill, the range finder takes angle into consideration. It was a great shot, right on the money. I used the barnett arrow all season and it worked great with this bow. The paint on the limbs is starting to peel but it does not affect the bow's performance. I will be tuning and using again in a year.

👤Pros. It is a good looking crossbow. I have a wildcat extreme and a C-5. They were both good compound bows. I read the reviews and decided to take a chance. Huge mistake! Everything is blamed on Covid. Day one. Zeroed the scope that it came with. Had to max it out to the left and still shoot to the right. Nope, you have to fix it. If the scope and mounts are in perfect condition you should not have to do that. The machining is poor to say the least. A good scope to firearm mount can be found in good rings. That is ok. As soon as it arrives, I will strap a Vortex on this. Day 2 saw 60 shots. There is a new date of July 7th. The Rope cocking device is used. The hook on the right side fell apart. I broke 4 ribs when the bow kicked out from under my foot. I am laying in a hospital bed and writing this review. Not cool! I have been trying to contact Barnett to find out where I should send the hospital bill. The Rope cocking device is a defect. I have sent thousands of bolts and never had a failure like this before. I feel bad! I am also injured. I am not able to participate in a hunting season. Period. The $.35 cocking device failed. Not good at all! I would avoid all barnett purchases until they have a full staff and are doing better quality control. There is one small thing wrong. There is a lack of care, quality, and ethics on the crossbow. I will not buy from them again after this dispute is resolved. I feel like I'm owed something. I am not some "entitled" person. I am a vet who got injured because of a subpar product.

10. Fieldline Treeline Daypack Realtree Edge

Fieldline Treeline Daypack Realtree Edge

This item is not for sale in certain zip codes. The Fieldline Pro Series Treeline Hunting Backpack is designed to fit in with your surroundings. The camo backpack is great for duck hunting or any other game you want. The Treeline tactical backpack is built to go the distance whenever you are on the go. This pack has an extra large main compartment for clothing and a roomy secondary compartment for everything from snacks to spotting scopes, as well as an internal organizer for everything from a bone saw to a snack. A front pocket with a zip up is accessible to the likes of keys, tags or handheld radios. Attaching accessories for a pack set-up is possible with multiple gear lock attachment points. The heavy duty samurai backpack has a yoked shoulder strap system with a sternum slider, padded back, and one-inch waist belt. Side compression straps help balance gear. The dimensions are 18.6 x 7.5 inches WxHxD. The MOLLE bag benefits is a lightweight and modular carrying system that lets you attach additional pouches and tactical essentials to your gear for on-the-go access. Additional features include a hydration-compatible port and two elastic mesh side pouch to hold water bottles. The LIFETIME WARRANTY is backed by the outdoor products. Since 1973, Outdoor Products has been delivering long- lasting travel gear. They offer a full range of outdoor and sporting goods made from the highest quality materials and most durable fabrics. They have your back, so get out there and explore. Hand wash only.

Brand: Fieldline

👤This is a great little pack that I use for hunting. It seems to hold up after I loaded it down. There were items inside that were dry in the rain. I keep a lot of things. This holds all the gear you need. On long hunting expeditions, I attach this to the outside of my pack. I think it's a good idea.

👤This bag is used for hunting and other outdoor activities. It can hold enough for a day of hiking or a trip to the woods. I carry a camera tripod, extra trail camera, rain gear, extra batteries, pens/pencils, and snacks in my bag. There are bottles of water on the side of the bag. I did not get compensated for this review. The only downside to the bag is that the zippers are not the quietest, but for the price point, it's not bad.

👤Fieldline products have always been purchased for hunting and fishing trips. Back packs and fanny packs have been part of my life style. Outside of a Labrador, Fieldline products aredurable and I will continue to use them. Shipping was fast.

👤I bought this as a replacement for my son and it is smaller than I anticipated. I ordered him to do something else. I will use this one. I carried my stuff in a kavu bag so this was an upgrade for me.

👤My son wanted a backpack. Sometimes he needs 2 backpacks per year. This one has held up better than the others. He likes it.

👤I love this bag. It holds my gear, including two sets of Binos, flashlight, skinning knives, calls, extra gloves, batteries, water, phone, battery packs, frog tog, socks, etc...

👤I bought a daypack for my wife after having two before. She was happy with it.

👤The bag works well. It's design is practical. It is true. It is great for hiking and hunting. I am concerned about its longevity. I try to take a delicate approach. For the money, you can't go wrong.

11. Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow

Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow

We are always looking for ways to benefit their customers. You will receive a string replacement completely free of charge when you buy a Dacron string replacement with any of their recurve bow. You can enter the promo code at the checkout. The bow comes with two Safetyglass arrows. The set also includes an arrow quiver and a 1-pin sight. The value of Whisker Biscuit is$40. Care-hand wash. There is a recommended age range for youth children. The bow is compatible. Right handed. The draw weight is 15 to 25 lbs.

Brand: Bear Archery

👤These are not toys. You can kill someone with this set. These bows are the real deal. Well made and sturdy. The directions don't say much about the day to day use of the bow. It doesn't talk about maintenance but about not dry firing a compound bow, proper manners when retrieving arrows from the target, and so on. I would recommend these bows to anyone who wants to get their kids involved in this sport for fun or hunting down the road. I was able to adjust them to shoot accurately. My kids are able to shoot arrows on target. Initially, we shot from 15 feet to get the mechanics down. There were some misses and bullseyes after we moved back. I got a set of these for my children. They are awesome because they have enough lbs to shoot accurately from distance, but can be adjusted for kids that can't draw a bow. My kids are strong because they are into sports and gymnastics and they don't have issues drawing the bow. Most kids their age are not able to draw the bow without adjusting the lbs. I think the bows are small. My kids are not extra tall or have long arms. They can't fully open up their chest when they draw and stand sideways. I got them so we can have fun and prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

👤Can't say much positive about this bow. The draw length is short for my 9 year old daugter. That is the biggest issue with this bow. For a small child, pulling the weight at the lowest setting is not enough. A kid that can pull the weight back will find the draw length to be short. It's a losing combination. The draw should go back to the corner of the mouth. The site is useless without a peep, the bow cannot accept a peep sight, and the arrow rest is nice. The only reliable way to aim is to look at the tip of the arrow. The bow looks good, but look elsewhere.

👤My daughter is interested in archery and I bought this bow for her. The ability to modify the draw length is not shown in the specifications. I will have to return and look for a new bow as the draw is short for my daughter.

👤It was a gift for a boy and he loved it. He wants to get really good, so he practices everyday and takes pictures of himself with it. It got him away from his video games on a daily basis.

👤For a young beginner, this bow is okay. This was too small for my son, who is 11. The first time my son tried using this bow, one of the arrow tips broke off, which isn't the bow company's fault. Make sure you have your child's drawing measured by a professional. The maximum draw is 22'. I'm not sure if this was noted in the small print, but I missed it. It's a good bow for a younger child.


What is the best product for survival archery systems tactical survival bow?

Survival archery systems tactical survival bow products from Teceum. In this article about survival archery systems tactical survival bow you can see why people choose the product. Ultimate Survival Tips Be Prepared-because You Never Know and Barnett are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival archery systems tactical survival bow.

What are the best brands for survival archery systems tactical survival bow?

Teceum, Ultimate Survival Tips Be Prepared-because You Never Know and Barnett are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival archery systems tactical survival bow. Find the detail in this article. Supology, Bear Archery and Hunter Safety System are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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