Best Solar Survival Lights

Solar 28 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Camping Portable Flashlight,30 35 Rechargeable Emergency

Camping Portable Flashlight%EF%BC%8C30 35 Rechargeable Emergency

The dimensions are 478 inches x 1.77 inches x 1.26 inches. 3 ounces is the weight. 100,000 hours is the lifespan of the flashlight. The solar powered lantern has two modes: a collapsible lantern and a solar flashlight. Simply move up/down to turn on/off the 12 led lights. The solar lantern can run for up to 35 hours. The flashlight has a great focus and brightness. Don't worry about old people or kids knocking it over, the camping lantern is safer than candles, perfect for power outage, night dog walks, hiking, fishing, and earthquakes. Emergency lanterns can be used as a mobile power supply, not only used as emergency lantern charging for your phone through the USB output port, but also as a mobile power supply. Their led lanterns for power outages have a built-in battery with 3 charging methods, including a solar panel and hand crank, so they don't need to replace batteries to save more money. There is an indicator to show charge status and the 5V/2A adapter can only be used for 2 hours. Emergency lanterns can be used for power outages, hurricanes, and snowstorms. The IPX4 waterproof mini lantern has a hanging hook and is only 3.1x 3.1x4.9 inches. You can put the solar lantern in a tree. Light rain and water droplets will not affect the lighting of the led lantern. The use of the material improves shock resistance. The solar hand crank lanterns are great for outdoor activities. They support a 1 year warranty, 30 days free return and 24 hours customer service. Feel free to contact them with any questions. This is a great gift for car camping, travel essentials, or survival gear for your parents, neighbors, or kids. Get rid of the problem of no electricity by lighting up your life. They support a 1 year warranty, 30 days free return and 24 hours customer service. Feel free to contact them with any questions. This is a great gift for car camping, travel essentials, or survival gear for your parents, neighbors, or kids. Get rid of the problem of no electricity by lighting up your life.

Brand: Mesqool

👤These were taken this past weekend. The units barely lasted for a short time before they were fully charged. They needed to wind up a lot for them to stay on for more than 5 minutes. After leaving the sun hoping for a solar charge, they only lasted 10 minutes, which was not long enough for us. Not so happy.

👤I bought them for our emergency kits. We use 4 lanterns because we are a family of 5. 2 with a computer and 2 with a computer and a power source. These are easy to use. They give decent light at the lowest and are bright at the highest setting. I got 7 hours out of the charge. 3 hours bright and 4 at the lowest. It takes 8 hours of light and 4 hours of electric to get a full charge. I have a bad thing about them. They are very difficult to crank. The location of the handle and the angle it's at causes a bit of pain in the hand/wrist after a few minutes. I tried to see how long I could last, but couldn't go after 5 minutes. I gave up. If it was the only way for me to charge it, there were other options. It would be easier to crank if they made the handle straighter. These are a great add to any emergency kit at a great price.

👤I was not impressed with the run time. I wanted to know how long I could rely on this light so I charged it and turned it on. It lasted less than 10 hours. It was light and easy to use.

👤It looks nice, but it's too small for its price.

👤I would buy this product again. I was not aware that I could not fully charge the unit using the built-in solar panel until I received it. The product information on the Amazon page states that this information is buried in the product detail. I wanted to use solar as a method of charging. It is a well designed product that is bright.

👤The lantern was dead when I received it. I plugged my phone in. If my phone had been dead, it would have been enough to use it. The battery life is checked now. Will try to update when that test is over. After fully charging via outlet. I left the lantern on for 3-4 hours and it started to dim. It worked up to 6 hours but then stopped working. The lantern was turned off. It was dead when it was opened again. This was done without a solar or crank. This will make a good lantern in a power outage.

👤The package says that the solar must be outdoors and that the phone can't be fully charged. The flash and lantern work well.

👤The triple-charge emergency light arrived quickly and works great, we have had a lot of power down recently. It puts out a lot of light and charges my phone. Can not beat it for the money.

2. GREATONE Emergency Portable Flashlight,2000mah Survival

GREATONE Emergency Portable Flashlight%EF%BC%8C2000mah Survival

Every home needs a lantern as a backup. Their solar camping lights can be used as emergency lights, hurricanes, camping gear, or camping accessories, which is the ultimate reliable lighting accessory for home, emergency, outdoors. 60 days replacement or risk-free refunds are provided for their solar camping lantern. Greatone Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio, the weather radio for emergency, and a power bank are all in one. The Rechargeable Radio is always ready to go, there are 3 charging methods. The solar panel, hand crank, and ausb cable can be used to charge the 2000mAh battery. Can be with you in camping, backpacking, hiking or any other outdoor activities. It can be carried in your trunk, suitcase, or hand. It is small enough to fit in your pocket. The radio station and the weather service: You can broadcast emergency weather warnings for hurricanes, tornadoes and severe storms. The Emergency Weather Radio from Geatone will keep your family safe. In case of an emergency, 2000 mAh power bank is all you need to charge your phone.

Brand: Greatone

👤I needed enough in the cart to get free shipping on my order. It was on sale for $12. There are many different brands of this radio. The battery size is the only difference with some and this one. The brands on sale have the same 2000ma battery. You should be able to find one for what I paid. Most of the reviews are not legit. This one is accurate. It does what it's supposed to. When I received it, I charged it up. The phone feature was tried. The charge was raised by 10%. It is good enough for an emergency. It takes about 30 minutes to charge. The solar charge was tried. It works well. It charged 70% in 8 hours. The crank charge was tried. Allowed the radio and flashlight to work. Guessing for a few minutes is enough for an emergency. The flashlight is bright enough to see in the dark. The sound of the radio is tinny. There were at least three stations in my area that worked, but only one of them was a NOAA station. The tuning knob is hard to turn, making it difficult to tune the station. It's fine for the price. The build quality is good.

👤I had verified the solar charge worked after I purchased it. I charged using the crank after a power outage. The lights were used to listen to the radio. It worked out well and I was very happy with it.

👤It is good to have this in a state like this. A good radio and flashlight. It is easy to charge. I only gave it 4 stars because it won't really charge your phone, but in an emergency it could help keep your phone from dying. Good for the price.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. During the winter season, we get a lot of power failures. This will be useful. It has a place to charge your phone and a radio. It was a bonus. The handle starts charging when you crank it.

👤3 options like solar,usb cord to charge and hand crank are pro. The light is not bright but it does the job.

👤It does the job for an inexpensive emergency item. It is not a sturdy item that I would take out in the field, but for at home use. The sound quality is average. The solar or hand crank option is the biggest feature.

👤The size of this thing is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤I live on the east coast of Florida and the weather radio station is useless. It makes a good flashlight.

3. SUBOOS Lanterns Battery Powered Pack

SUBOOS Lanterns Battery Powered Pack

Suboos presents its innovative battery powered LED lantern, which is equipped with the latest Chip on Board (COB) Technology, providing you with 2 times brighter illumination than normal LEDs that lasts for long hours. It's possible for all weather conditions. The camping lantern is made of light-colored material. It can survive natural disasters, such as rain, dust, snow or storms. It's the most reliable accessory for all sorts of situations. There is a built-in hook and magnetic base. Overhead lighting can be created with the battery operated lanterns. Attach the hook from a metal frame, car hood, or toolbox to a stationary light that can be easily detached. Their magnetic base has strong magnets so it will stick to any metallic surface. AA batteries are used. The next best thing to do during a power outage is to use led lanterns. You don't need a lot of things, just 3 AA batteries that will last you all night long, and even when the power goes out, this lightweight device still shines brightly. Suboos is committed to providing a perfect value for money. The set of 2 lantern camping comes with 6 Duracell AA batteries, 1 user manual, and a warranty card. Suboos is committed to providing a perfect value for money. The set of 2 lantern camping comes with 6 Duracell AA batteries, 1 user manual, and a warranty card.

Brand: Suboos

4. MPOWERD Luci EMRG Emergency Inflatable

MPOWERD Luci EMRG Emergency Inflatable

One year hassle-free after-sales service will be provided by ThorFire. Order with no fear. The solar light is powered by the sun and does not require batteries. It can last up to 7 hours on a single charge. Emergency light, flashlight, and lantern all in one. The inflatable, collapsible, lightweight is waterproof and weighs only 2.4 ounces. The emergency light is very durable. It's perfect for emergency kits, survival gear, storms, and car trouble. There are 4 settings of powerful LEDs: bright, super bright, flashing, red and white. All MPOWERD products sold by authorized third-party sellers have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Mpowerd

👤I was initially impressed with the light. It's light, compact and bright. The problem is that it doesn't hold that charge. The battery will go flat within a day or two. When you need it, it will be flat. The run time is an hour at best. I bought the original larger model first and had the same initial impressions, so I bought the second one. The quality just isn't there, but it also turned out to have the same long term issues. There is a fault in the design that causes the battery to self discharge and the advertised run time is false. It could've been a great product.

👤I love Lucy lanterns. This is not the same as the ones I bought for $20, it is smaller, and has less led lights. It doesn't give off as much light as the bigger ones. It is still a great light, but not what I was expecting. I should have read it carefully. Not as bright as the other ones. The clear sides of the bigger model are nicer than the opaque sides.

👤I bought the solar lanterns because it is difficult to get rid of batteries in a remote area and it is almost impossible to get them from the states. These solar lanterns are easy to use, lightweight, and I love the fact that I can use them in the water. If I asked them for one thing, it would be a red light on the Luci EMGR. I have the regular ones as well. I will purchase more of these because MPOWERD did an amazing job and they are smaller than the regular Luci Lantern. They are perfect for power outages, camping, remote locations, hooking them to your dive line if night diving, and warning to boats driving nearby- and much more. The plastic handles do wear out quickly, so I suggest reinforcing them. I taped them to create a stronger hold. That is the only con on the lights. If you can't tell, I'm very satisfied with them. I don't work for the company and I haven't been paid to give feedback.

👤The light is nice. It took me a long time to figure out how to open the inflation hole. The solar panel turned inside the unit so it was offset. See the pic. I don't know if it was weak or not, because it happened within 12 hours. I offset the buttons from their labels because it can't really hide the solar panel to keep it from charging. You have to use your finger to find them. The buttons are now offset by 90 degrees after I twisted it again. After a few charging, the battery seems decent. It's bright enough to get around, but it won't light up a room. I like to leave the red light on at night so that I can see what's happening in the dark. It's a decent product and it has a shoddy build quality. There is an edit on (11/3/2021). It developed a leak at the top seam after three weeks. It is small and the lamp inflates over the course of a night. I will probably use foil or duct tape to seal it, but I might try one of the collapsible solar lights I have seen on Amazon before. It is a shame that the concept needs better design and quality control given the two issues I have had inside of a month.

5. NeedIndeed Pack Emergency Survival Blankets

NeedIndeed Pack Emergency Survival Blankets

There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. They value your experience with the thermal blankets. Whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction, their professional customer service will do it for you. Each purchase comes with a 6-month guarantee to ensure satisfaction. Don't let accidents or weather conditions get you unaware. An emergency blanket is a must for any survival situation. durable, waterproof, insulated, and reflective space survival blankets! Fight off cold and keep warm by wrapping yourself in a thermal blanket. It preserves up to 90% of body heat. Introducing your all-inclusive survivalist tool, Multiuse to the Max. Stretching without tearing, your space blankets become shelters, emergency locators, sleeping bags, and more. The large mylar emergency blanket is portable and compact. A bag for fitting inside backpacks,bug out, glove boxes, or bike saddle bags. Light yet durable! Each solar foil blanket is made from a heavy-duty, high-density soft PE material.

Brand: Needindeed

👤This was bought for an emergency. It's great to have when you need a survival kit or bug out bag. Hopefully, I won't need to use it. Nice package. It looks like it's better quality than the cheap blankets. It is more expensive but peace of mind is priceless. It's better to have it and not need it.

👤Sturdy but compact. Each car should have one in it.

👤The emergency blanket is small and light. It's easy to carry and fits in my bag. The fabric is strong and durable. I am very happy.

👤I have to give it a 2 because I haven't needed them bought out of fear of a bad winter like my state had last year.

👤There is nothing I don't like about this product. It is worth every cent.

👤I had thought it was larger.

6. Rechargeable Brightest Waterproof Collapsible Light【2018

Rechargeable Brightest Waterproof Collapsible Light%E3%80%902018

There are three kinds of power supply methods. The red light next to the DC input is bright in charging. It's important to have light with you at all times. You can charge your mobile phone or other device in an emergency. Can't charge Apple mobile phone or tablets. The Ultra Brightest Portable includes 3 individual COB strip LEDs, which are designed for a longer lifespan and carry a lot of light. You can adjust the light by pushing in the handles and then carry it to a bright place. The magnets on the bottom of the lantern are stronger than those on the car or any metal surface, so you can do the work with two hands. Every home needs a best lantern. Perfect gifts for men, family, and friends, whether as a work light, book light, or reading light. Hurricanes, storms, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, car auto emergency light, shed, attic, garage and power cuts are just some of the things that have happened. When the weather is bad, you should have an emergency kit. Every home needs a best lantern. Perfect gifts for men, family, and friends, whether as a work light, book light, or reading light. Hurricanes, storms, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, car auto emergency light, shed, attic, garage and power cuts are just some of the things that have happened. When the weather is bad, you should have an emergency kit.

Brand: Tansoren

👤The light is bright. It is difficult to see it is so bright. I decided to plug it in for a few hours to make sure it was fully charged, even though the light was very bright. I covered the solar cell after turning it on. The light is not as bright after three hours, but still good enough to see in a dark room. I think it is a good deal if they last for a while. If the brightness was adjusted, these could be improved. I am sure the light would last longer if I reduced it by 50%. Three hours and still usable light is what I expected. I could have up to 12 hours of light, since it came with four lights. It would go further if I brought four sets of AA batteries. I don't know how long the batteries will last. When the light is fully charged, the little red light should go out. The red light was on for a few hours. I assume the light only indicates that it's plugged in. There are no instructions for the light. If you are camping or out of the grid, these four lights will provide more than enough light for the entire night. I will see how long it takes for one to charge up. The light is still working after more than 24 hours of continuous use. It is dim, but good if you need to see where you are going. Again, for the price, I would recommend.

👤I've tried at least 6 other brands and this one is the winner. I live in an environment where power is unreliable. These are used in my barns at night to give the young animals enough light to find their mothers or feed in the night. These will last all night. I needed another set so that I could have 4 charged at all times for power and barn issues. These lanterns are brighter and last longer than other lanterns I've tried. They charge easily. They are plugged into a multiplug. I've used the sun. It seems like the plug is easier for me. It is reasonably durable. I've dropped them in the barn a few times and they haven't malfunctioned. It's not a hard surface.

👤After I received the lanterns, I plugged 2 of them in and stuck 2 outside to see if they worked, but about 10 minutes later, I smelled something electrical in the house. The lanterns that were plugged in started to smoke. This could have caused a fire. I caught it in time.

👤The lantern has a 3 AA battery light. I suppose it's better than nothing in an emergency. A 40W light bulb is not bright enough for reading, but a fully charged lantern is. It is enough for the camper to be somewhat functional because it will easily light up a medium sized tent. The internal battery only lasts for an hour before the light goes out. AA batteries give 6 hours of usable light. The red charging led is on as long as there is light around, even if it is indoors. The internal battery gets a full charge from overnight AC charging. Solar charging is very slow. A full day of sunshine is not enough to fully charge the internal battery.

7. AIYEGO Portable Outdoor Powered Rechargeable

AIYEGO Portable Outdoor Powered Rechargeable

SOLAR POWERED The Solar Bulb Light can be charged by infinite sunlight. The waterproof 3.5M wire can be introduced into a room, the solar panel can be fixed on the roof or any place with sufficient sunlight, and the DC connection can be plugged into the port for easy charging. In the daytime, the solar panel absorbs the sun's rays and converts them into electricity and batteries, while illuminating in the night. SIMPLE CHARGING The Solar bulb light can be charged by either solar energy or a 5-8V AC adapter and can work for up to 4 hours. The red indicator will be at the top of the bulbs when they are charging. The bulb has a maximum brightness of 130lm, equivalent to a 3W energy saving lamp or 15W incandescent lamp, and full brightness for 4 hours at low power consumption. The bulb is shockproof and made of plastic. The light cover is thick and hard to break. The built-in battery has over-charge and over-discharge protection. When the battery is fully charged, the circuit will stop charging automatically; when it is not fully charged, the protection circuit will cut off the power to the device, to stop lighting, and protect the battery lifespan. The bulb size is small, so you can hang it on the backpacks or in the tent, while going hiking or camping. The bulb can be used for portable lighting. Its low weight allows you to use it as an emergency lighting. The bulb size is small, so you can hang it on the backpacks or in the tent, while going hiking or camping. The bulb can be used for portable lighting. Its low weight allows you to use it as an emergency lighting.

Brand: Aiyego

👤These were bought several years ago and are still working well. These are great for camping or emergency lights around the house. I just bought some new ones and am not happy with the new design. My original pair had a lightweight frame around the solar cell to protect it from impact or crushing damage. The solar cell is only part of the set. I can't imagine that the solar cell is waterproof like my original set.

👤They work well in our chicken house and last a full day. They are not strong. One got rained on and filled up with water, then stopped working. I dried the drain hole out with a hair dryer and it works now.

👤I've been using two of them for a while. The daylight is extended for at least 4-5 hours. The chickens like it. They seem to be charging well but sometimes get tipped over. There is still light coming from the bulbs when I come into the house in the morning. I already have, so I would buy again.

👤There is no cover on the solar panel. Very cheap. They don't come off and on with daylight. They are always on if they are on with the on button. It is a manual on off and that is not what I needed.

👤I only used one light and could add the second. I will use it for another shed. I put a light in my shed that is a 5 X 3 and put a solar panel on top of it to get the sun to come in.

👤Use in sheds, campers, tent, no batteries to buy, just charge up daily. The solar panel is not very strong. I suggest mounting somewhere dry. It can be charged through the internet.

👤I bought the second set. The first set was enjoyable. I bought another one. The charge panel is easy to use. It works for other items as well. The last hours were bright and received quickly.

👤The lights are a big deal. The lighting in my bedroom isn't dependent on the local utility. The lights put out free light at night. It feels good for the budget and the planet to use them.

8. Rechargeable Flashlight Charges Indoors Included

Rechargeable Flashlight Charges Indoors Included

Make sure fires are fully extinguished and never leave them unattended. You can prevent forest fires. Polysilicon Solar Charging is more Convenient and Energy-saving, and also support a computer, car, and a power source. For Home Emergency, Camping, Hiking, Construction, Ordinary Maintenance, and Mountaineering are all multi-functional. Sidelight COB can be used as a portable desk lamp. The recycling can be adjusted by the Long Press switch. The built-in 1200mAh can be used as a power bank. The built-in 1200mAh can be used as a power bank.

Brand: E-shidai

👤Excellent brightness. It is difficult to turn on in the dark with gloves on. I use a flashlight for 6 months a year and walk in the dark for 45 minutes in the morning.

👤I was expecting a little bit bigger, but it actually works out great. I keep it in the corner of my truck dash. I use it every night. I was surprised at how light it is. There was no battery weight.

👤I ordered 5 of them but one flashlight does not have a charging cable. I tried to communicate with Amazon about the complaint, but it was not user-friendly.

👤The light was bright and would surpass most others. I only owned it for about a week, but a bag of mine was stolen and my light was missing.

👤I can't tell if the wall charge connection works or not because I can't test the water or part. Don't want it to fail.

👤Super lite is the best lite ever bought. So far, I have bought three.

👤Can't speak for longevity.

👤I hope I can return it for a refund because it isn't that good.

9. FORTECLEAR Emergency Flashlight Portable Hurricane

FORTECLEAR Emergency Flashlight Portable Hurricane

The big display reminds you of the low battery, upgrade the battery, and it's ideal for outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, kayaking, etc. A 100% refund guarantee and friendly customer service are provided by them. If you are not happy with the emergency weather radio, you can contact them for a new one. Emergency weather alert radio. The portable weather radio can pick up both radio and weather channels. You can be prepared for tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wild fires, and more if the weather forecasts, warnings, and other emergency messages issued by the NOAA are not broadcasted on AM/FM. The built-in 5000mAh batteries of the AM/FM/NOAA Radio can keep you up-to-date on weather conditions, provide a reassuring flashlight and reading light, and even double as a phone charger or power bank. The weather radio can deliver up to 20 hours of radio time or up to 8 hours of flashlight use on a single charge. You can use the built-in reading light or the built-in flashlight. You can choose from 3 brightness settings to suit your needs. The lamp can allow up to 40 hours of reading time. If you need help, you can use a separate button that will flash a beacon and alarm. The portable hand crank solar emergency radio has three different power sources. You can quickly charge the radio with its charging port. It is a great option if you are hiking or camping under the sun. A minute of cranking can deliver up to 50 minutes of light or 6 minutes of radio. An emergency kit is a must have. The portable radio is small enough to fit in a backpack or emergency kit and can offer the up-to-date news and weather conditions. It is a must-have emergency gear that can be used at home, on the road, or in the great outdoors. A lanyard and charging cable are included. Friendly customer service is offered by them.

Brand: Forteclear

👤The price was good for a backpack.

10. Waterproof Emergency Bluetooth Speaker,AM Broadcast

Waterproof Emergency Bluetooth Speaker%EF%BC%8CAM Broadcast

This is the home and outdoor accessaries. IPX4 waterproof survival radio, with 3.5mm headphone jack, is necessary for home use and outdoor use, it helps you get ready before any emergency events. Their crank weather radio has been greatly improved because of the inconvenience caused by manual channel tuning. All you have to do is switch to the radio mode and press the search button. Powerful radio signals can quickly receive warnings from the USA Meteorological Bureau. Hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and more. It's better to protect yourself and your loved ones. The waterproof speaker is unique in the market because it has a professional speaker function and is not limited to use in emergency situations. If you want to make a friend or lover happy, this is the gift for them. Loud and stereo bass sound can be used outdoors. The waterproof emergency radio speaker is perfect for camping, hiking, and the beach. 5000mAH cell phone charger. The largest 5000 mah battery capacity on emergency radio is powered by a more reliable internal battery. A large backup charge up for phones. A fast charging power bank with wind up and solar power. A reading lamp and a flashlight. If you are camping or in an emergency situation, a light source and alarm are very important. The portable emergency radio can provide a flashlight with a distance of more than 25M. The foldable reading light can be used to read documents in dark conditions. The alert can reach 200m. Their weather radio is more stable and practical and it is a great choice whether outdoors or indoors. The packing includes an emergency radio, charging cable, and instruction. They offer professional technical support with 7/24 customer service.

Brand: Garinosen

👤The radio channels were reset. I held the sos button for 3 seconds and it shut off.

👤Considering the size, the sound is better. Radio reception is good. The battery life seems to be good. The only way to program preset stations is to let it run through auto programming, which means you get a lot of preset you don't want, and have to click through them to get to the ones you want. You can't save your favorite stations like a car radio. You can double tap the up or down button to seek the next station if you want to change the frequencies one at a time.

👤A lot of features are included in a very nice product. The reception of the weather band is strong. It works great with digital tuning. It has a good sound with a lot of base. It doesn't have any private listening ability like a headphones jack or ear buds. It's a great product.

👤Thinks to like it, there are 3 ways of charging, wind up, and solar. It seems to last a while. There is a bright reading lamp. It's handy when the lights go out. The bands of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration as well. It's water proof. Sound control and minimum volume could be better. Don't expect to be able to charge it quickly. The wind up and solar are used for last resort emergencies.

👤If you want to use this in an emergency, look elsewhere, because you may want to use it for prepping for a disaster that may result in power loss. If you are looking for a good sounding speaker for camping, this will suffice. After fully charging the batter and storing it, I had to get a speaker for it, but it was almost completely drained. I have cheap cell phone battery packs that last a long time. The solar panel is too small to be reliable on solar recharging.

👤I bought this little radio for its many features, not only for the sound quality, but also for its multiple charging capabilities. I use this radio for emergencies and other outdoor activities, because it can kill regular electronics if it gets wet.

👤I've owned Block Rockers for over a decade. When I'm piddling around, I always enjoy having music outside. I was at a friend's home recently and he had a device like this. The sound quality was really good. I decided to get one of my own. I wanted to listen to both AM and FM radio. I liked the idea of being able to charge it by hand. I live in a part of the country that is prone to hurricanes. The lights made me feel better. Probably never will. They're there. The batteries of the Block Rockers always lasted more than a week at a time. The speaker had less battery life than advertised. I left my apartment early in the morning and came back later in the day and was surprised to hear the radio playing. More than 24 hours. It was still going strong. I put my Block Rocker up for sale. The speaker beats it with his hands. Stereo sound quality, light weight, and emergency ability. It is a fraction of the price.

11. SUAOKI Rechargeable Collapsible Flashlight Water Resistant

SUAOKI Rechargeable Collapsible Flashlight Water Resistant

We support a 1 year warranty, 30 days free return and 24 hours customer service. Feel free to contact them with any questions. This is a great gift for car camping, travel essentials, or survival gear for your parents, neighbors, or kids. Get rid of the problem of no electricity by lighting up your life. Re-charging via solar power is one of the methods. The SUAOKI led lantern lights have dual re-charging methods. This lantern can be adjusted to fit any space you need it in. It can be folded down completely to take the least space in your backpack. The SUAOKI lantern can work for more than 10 hours in low mode and 5 hours in high after being activated. The SUAOKI led lantern lights can be used as a flashlight, power bank, or both, with a built-inusb output port. It's ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, or as a lighting source for late-at-night porch readings. This nifty device can charge your devices.

Brand: Suaoki

👤I got this from the "deal of the day" a few weeks ago and have done some preliminary testing. I don't like charging with the micro-usb outlet. After a few charges, you have to use the plug to get the charge going. It takes about 4 hours to charge. The light was still on after 15 hours, but not as bright. I don't know how long the high setting is. I used these in a room with a 27x15 foot area and it illuminated the room very well. They are sitting in a drawer. It's too early to tell. It only took 10 minutes to green light when I charged it after only 6 days from a full charge. I need to do this after about a month to update the results. I need to do more testing on the solar panel, but it does charge the phone. This next issue is very important. When the lantern is fully charged it will not be able to charge your phone. I tried it with both of them. Each lantern only charged my phone less than 30% with its own internal battery supply. I don't know if you can charge your phone with the solar panel. I need to do more testing to see if there is another way to charge the phone. It's all for now. I will have more results later. A pretty good product. I'm keeping them. I'm considering buying more if the price goes down. I think they are a bit overpriced. Hope this helps someone.

👤I bought one of these a long time ago as a deal. It works nicely hung from a tent top and I thought it would be fun for camping. The light is still as bright as it was when I got it. I would buy this again. It's a nice gift and a great addition to an emergency kit. I kept it on my bedroom windowsill because I thought it would be a novelty item. It was pretty handy. I end up grabbing this little light for evening dog walks to look for lost items in dark corners, under beds and wherever they happen to be lost because someone is always misplacing the flashlights. I keep it in my suitcase or backpack when I travel. I wouldn't use a trickle charge to charge a phone, but I would try it in an emergency. I don't think that the little light that I have is as flimsy as the reviews say, and I don't find that to be the case with the handles breaking. It's pretty easy to open and close the two sides if you know how to do it. It's easy to use and portable. I would definitely buy it again.

👤After a few days of light use, it began to crinkle. Immediately after expansion, it tilts over to the side and collapses. It doesn't have hooks to attach it to the hooks in the tent or portable toilet. The Moji Black Diamond lantern takes batteries instead of using solar. I bought a Luci Lux, which is more water proof and more durable than this product, but I never used it. I would return it. I am beyond the return window because I was out camping for so long. The light did not last a week. Don't buy.


What is the best product for solar survival lights?

Solar survival lights products from Mesqool. In this article about solar survival lights you can see why people choose the product. Greatone and Suboos are also good brands to look for when you are finding solar survival lights.

What are the best brands for solar survival lights?

Mesqool, Greatone and Suboos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for solar survival lights. Find the detail in this article. Mpowerd, Needindeed and Tansoren are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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