Best Japanese Survival Knife

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1. KA BAR Modified Tanto Kraton Handle

KA BAR Modified Tanto Kraton Handle

The knife has a lanyard hole. The blade length is 8. In. The overall length was 12. 75 in. The blade is made of 1095 Cro-Van. The handle material is Kraton.

Brand: Ka-bar

👤A new knife from an American manufacturer. The second photo shows what the Modified Tanto is. The third picture shows a comparison of the standard Tanto and the new modified Tanto. The Tanto has a partial serrated blade, while the Modified Tanto has a standard edge. The first photo shows the Big Brother on top, followed by the Fighter and the Tanto under, with the standard Ka-Bar blade at the bottom. The regular Tanto sheath has the upper snap removed and lacing added, with the final shot being all five in their stock sheaths. I like the feel of the modified tanto. It is the same as the standard Tanto, with a balance point between the guard and first ring. The straight back blade appears to be better suited for slashing than for puncturing. I would pick the Modified for carry if I were to pick between the two Tanto offerings. It's a nice addition to Ka-Bar's already versatile line of fighting/utility knives. It comes razor sharp.

👤Had to return the knife. The knife is great. The craftsmanship is amazing, and it looks cool. The sheath is the problem. The new system of mashing down on the sheath tab should work well. The plastic bends too much, and you have to push down hard to remove the knife. If you put it on your belt in a horizontal or vertical position, it won't work. The sheath that I have for my Ka-Bar fighting knife has the same set up to remove the blade as the one that comes with the modified tanto. Save your money and get a different bar.

👤The majority of us are either collecting or using these knives for tasks that are extreme overkill for a knife like this, and this is the best ive owned, it will do the job period.

👤The Ka-Bar is the same quality. I love this design because it's everything a knife should be, without unnecessary additions like serrations. The blade is meant for abuse if you aren't trying to damage it. This blade shape makes it easy to slash and stab.

👤I like to steal on knife blades. The knife blade shape reminds me of the Tops Knives Wild Pig Hunter. They should make a D2 model of it. I would get it in a heartbeat. The blade is light and balanced, and it makes fast movements. The thickness is perfect. It's a great deal and made in the USA. I didn't care for the sheath. I got the picture from Amazon. There is a search for "Ottoza Handmade Leather Knife Sheath Side Draw Knife Sheath - Bushcraft KnifeSheath - Hunting KnifeSheath - Survival KnifeSheath - Vertical KnifeSheath". It comes in brown leather.

👤I have wanted a Ka-Bar for a long time. I knew I had to have this model. It has a Ka-Bar sharp edge. If the point is used hard or dropped first, it will most likely be damaged, but used for its intended purpose it will last forever.

👤I bought this for my brother. He wore it around the house. He likes it.

2. Cold Steel Survival Rescue Secure Ex

Cold Steel Survival Rescue Secure Ex

The knife has a pry tool in the handle that can be used with a flat head screwdriver, strap cutter, bottle opener, and a wrench driver. Extreme stubbornness. The aim of the construction of the SRK was to create the toughest multi-purpose survival tool in the industry and a knife you can trust with your life. Trusted by special advisers. The Navy Seals B.U.D.S. training knife is the standard issue knife and is trusted by the military and special forces community for itsVersatility andDurability. It is made with Japanese high-carbon SK-5 steel, which is traditionally used for making a variety of hand tools and has great all-around toughness, excellent edge-holding capabilities and excellent abrasion resistance. It's convenient, secure and can be done. The handle has a single finger guard and a Kray-Ex grip for a safe, secure hold. The blade length is 5 inches, the handle is 4 1/2 inches, and the overall length is 9 1/2 inches.

Brand: Cold Steel

👤The sheath is incompetent and the knife looks decent. The edge contacts the inside of the sheath. No thanks, returned. I own several other Cold Steel knives and this is a problem. I'm done with their knives until Cold Steel learns how to design a sheath.

👤I was very disappointed before I got to use the knife. This is the second time I've been disappointed recently, but I am usually a cold steel fan. First of all, the knife is great. What's not to like about a mini SRK? The sheath is problematic. I have many Cold steel products with this style of sheath and never had a problem. A great knife with a good sheath is usually a great selling point for a cold steel knife. The sheath is not good. The knife doesn't click and be secured like the secure-ex normally does. I have been using the same sheath on my full size knife for at least 5 years and it still clicks and secures the knife like the first day. If retention was my only concern, I could let that slide, although I don't feel like I should. Every time I sheath the knife, the sheath blunts the edge. I took the knife out of the box and tried to slice a sheet of paper, but it couldn't do it. Cold steel has a reputation for selling knives that are very sharp. I cleaned the knife with a ceramic rod and a stropping after I saw it had some damage. The knife was put in the sheath again after it sliced through the page. I realized it wasn't clicking. Right. The edge was blunted again after I pulled it out. It's enough to keep it from slicing paper. I touched it up again and again and it hit the blade. You may say that it can't slice paper, but it can still cut it. If you are camping in the woods for a week, how is it going to work if you can't cut paper after one sheathing? If you use it for work and sheath it many times an hour. You can't cut with a dull knife in those situations because you can't sharpen it. I'm going to have to either buy a Kydex sheath or make one myself, and that will cost more, because cold steel has been doing well for years. The value incentive for this knife is gone because of the added cost of a sheath. The original knife in SK-5 steel was ready for business and could be purchased for under 75 bucks. I was expecting the same.

👤A comment about the company that bought out Cold Steel was the reason for my review of the knife. Most companies will start cutting costs when they buy another company. That is just business. Quality is usually what suffers. Not saying that's the case here, but something to talk about before my review. Before buying a product, I do research and read reviews. I'm not sure if this is one of the new models since the buy out of Cold Steel, or if it was already in the works. I take the good and bad reviews into account. I agree with many of the comments about the lack of sharpness with the SRK-C. The sharpness of a new knife is the first thing I look at. I like my knives sharp. I spend a lot of time keeping my knives sharp. I own a lot of Cold Steel knives and if there was one thing you could count on, it was that it was going to be sharp out of the box. The knife did not come out of the box very sharp. It took more than juststropping it. I had to remove the water stones. The blade is the size of the knife. If you're going to make a compact version of an existing knife, why shorten it by an inch? The blade is 6 inches long. The blade is 5 inches long. What is the sense? The F1 blade is 3.8 inches long. The F1 is close to a perfect fixed blade knife for me, and I use it for work. The compact version of the SRK would be made if the blade was 4 inches. Grease. What is the grease in the sheath? My Cold Steel knives didn't come with any grease. Maybe it doesn't matter if you're in the bush. It's messy in a "normal" bush use. There is a blade. It's not a hollow grind. I don't like hollow grinds. It's a smaller version of the SRK. I bought this compact to add to my collection since I have the original one. I need another hole in the head. There is no reason to buy knives when you are addicted to collecting knives. You can't go wrong buying this knife for $38.

3. CIVIVI Flipper Outdoor Camping C20038D 1

CIVIVI Flipper Outdoor Camping C20038D 1

The tactical Kukri is made of Carbon Steel 5160 metal. The total weighs 1.54lb with a sheath. There are two small utilities knives. The blade has a clip point. The handle is lightweight. Button lock opener and flipper. The lock mechanism has a liner. The ceramic ball bearing pivot is caged. Carry pocket clip for carrying things. There is a lifetime guarantee against defects.

Brand: Civivi

👤The Civivi Cogent is a cross between the Benchmade Bugout and Griptilian, which are my favorite knives. The Cogent has better steel than the Benchmades. It is one of the best flippers I have. A great knife. I bought a second one because I like it so much. You may find that it needs a small drop of lubricant on the pivot.

👤I live in Minneapolis. I used this knife to chip ice. The tip snapped off. I am very disappointed. I thought the knives were great. Unless this problem is fixed, I don't recommend them.

👤I was looking for a non liner-lock backup knife to have in a pack that would be about the price of this Cogent. I thought I would give it a try. This is a keeper. The blade out of the box is very sharp. A simple workout on a leather strop really improves razor sharpness. The lockup is very good as the blade has no play. I distrust liner-locks that have some wiggle, that is a huge factor to me. The blade profile has a pointed tip. The user can control the movement of the spine. A light flick will pop the blade out into a locked position. If you want the blade to snap right out, you can depress the lock release. The handle has a good grip and a decent pocket clip. The user left a review after snapping the blade tip while digging into ice. This knife is not a KA-BAR and is not an appropriate blade for doing things like that. The blade is thinner than other options, which makes it a different type of survival tool. A flipper and a chunkier blade wouldn't work together. Don't stress this knife with inappropriate uses, it's a good knife, and recommend it as an edc.

👤I've been waiting for this knife since it was announced a year ago and it did not fail to impress me. I've used a pro-tech Malibu and now playing with this, the fit and finish are almost indistinguishable even if you've made it this far, and if you've made it this far, you're just as good. I recommend you add my new edc to your rotation as well. We/Civivi, keep em coming!

👤The button lock is great. Great activity. The damascus is gorgeous. This is my new favorite.

👤I bought the model with scales. It looks great. This is the first button lock that I have ever owned and it has to be the best flipping action on a knife that I have ever seen. 14c28n blade steel is very strong. I know it's not made of steel. It's easy to keep a good edge. The fit and finish are very good. There is no lock rock. It's a good size for your pocket. It's barely even noticed. The pocket clip is very nice. This is one of my favorite knives. A good 5.

👤The blade stock is very thin and makes for a really thin slicer, the handle is good and the flipper was quick. I could be wrong. I would be surprised if the blade held up over the course of a day. It fell short of what I wanted.

4. Vegetable Knife Japanese Kitchen Stainless

Vegetable Knife Japanese Kitchen Stainless

We are professional handmade knife manufacturers, very confident in the quality of the caveman knives, and they ship the knife from LA and NY to ensure that you can receive it in timerovide. You can return it for a full refund within 6 months if you have any questions. Enjoy razor-sharp Japanese kitchen knife and forget about using dull utensils. The chef knife cuts through food with a straight edge. The Japanese Knife has a clean cut. Having a reliable kitchen companion is important if you are a pro chef or simply a home cook. The vegetable cleaver is here. The Japanese chef knife has a unique blade shape. The Usuba knife has a single bevel. The Japanese Cleaver is lightweight and has a solid balance. The vegetable cutting knife is easy to hold. The handle is made for protection. If you have a question about the Japanese kitchen veg knife, they're click away to support. It is a satisfaction guarantee. Give your loved one a stylish premium gift. Buy an Asian knife for every occasion. Comes in a box.

Brand: Tradafor

👤I received a knife recently. I have only used it once. I am very happy. I have some knives that work well. I hit my knuckles on the counter when using them. The knife looked like it would have more room by the handle so that it wouldn't be a problem. It solved that problem. I was cutting carrots that were pretty big and difficult to cut. The knife cut them quickly. I can see that this knife is going to be my new favorite because it took less time and was easier to use. Thank you so much.

👤It is a good knife, but it is not a good knife for a home cook because of the heavy weight and the fact that it takes a while to get used to steering the knife. The rounded front and lack of a proper concave in the back are my real issues. The back side of the knife should not be completely flat, but only the backside of the cutting surface, and that's the problem I was trying to fix by preparing the chisel front side for easier single bevel sharpening. I had to work on the back for more than an hour before it looked like the surface I should have started at, but it is still a challenge to consistently touch all the way along the current edge. I would not recommend this knife to a friend, I will keep it as a novelty or practice sharpening it.

👤I bought a vegetable Cleaver from Amazon at the end of the year. It was a great knife, with a very sharp edge out of the box. I lost it and I don't know who stole it. I decided to replace it. I ordered a new knife after I checked my previous orders. I am very disappointed that the knife that arrived was heavier and not as sharp as the first one. I don't think the brand of the first knife was a Tradafor. It was most likely the same brand as the japanese vegetable cleaver. I don't know if Amazon is the culprit or not. There is a The two purchases were different. The review should give an idea about the knife received.

👤This is my go to knife. I use it for almost everything. It's easy to care for. The edge is simple to sharpen because of the single bevel. The ergonomics are fantastic. It's very comfortable when held correctly. I hold the knife steady by pinching the base of the spine with my thumb and using the rest of my fingers and palm to hold the handle. The technique was taught to me by a Japanese chef. This simple change in grip and knife have made me more proficient in slicing, chopping and hacking. The knife is easy to sharpen and it's reasonably priced. It's close to perfect. The handle is a little too smooth. A little texture would be appreciated. It's a five star knife, even with that critique.

5. Silky Professional 555 24 Double Hatchet

Silky Professional 555 24 Double Hatchet

Hikers, men and women will find the best gifts. It's a must have for your camping/ outdoor accessories, survival gear and equipment list. The NATA has everything you would expect from a premium chopper. The blade has a double-bevel edge. Premium Japanese steel. Comes with a carrying case. The rubber handle absorbs impact and reduces stress. The rubber handle absorbs impact and reduces stress.

Brand: Silky

👤I wish this blade had been available when I was in the army. There are several things that are important in a tool. The design of the blade is important. The full width is carried to the front of the blade. This increases strength and weight where it is needed most. The steel is chrome plated to resist rust. The blade is easy to keep sharp. The steel runs all the way through the handle to the end. The grip is easy to grip and shock absorbing. There is a hole in the handle. It has an excellent sheath. Wrap your hand around the sheath when you remove or insert a blade. Leather sheaths become soft and offer little or no protection when wet. An inexperienced individual in my unit lost his fingers when he sliced through a wet leather sheath and grabbed a wet leather sheath and pulled the blade out. Do not do it! I own more than one blade. Always carry one in a vehicle.

👤Silky Made more than just folding saws was something I was happy to discover. We had to test it out in the field and man does this tool Chop and Baton like a champ! The handle of that steel is shock absorbing. Chris Thorn was a DropForgedSurvival.

👤I ordered Silky Nata and received it on time, but I noticed that it was a double edge, not a single edge. I like the gray case better than the yellow so I'm curious as to how that happened. The edge of the blade is not as sharp as most reviewers think it is, after removing the protective cover from the blade. Silky is very thorough on their quality control and I know I've gotten a good deal, but this on top of the wrong case has me wondering if I've gotten a dud. The rest of the product is as I would expect, a nice thick blade, good weight, well balanced, beautiful grinds, and a great grip, which absorbs most of the shock given while chopping. The performance is not up to my expectations due to the sharpness of the blade. I will sharpen this on my wet stones to a 17 degree angle as silky recommends and possibly give this an updated review. There is an edit. I have gotten this blade a bit sharper, it took nearly 100 passes on a course stone to profile the edge, it's no joke. With its weight, this blade can easily make a clean chop through a live tree branch. Thanks to its robust rubber grip, it delivers nearly no shock to the user. I've used it for weeks to clear thick branches. The edge is as sharp as it was when I sharpened it, and I now know what's going on. I'm updating my review to 5 stars because I'm so impressed with this thing.

👤My wife wants to remove the branches and weeds from the backyard. I got the grey case instead of the yellow one, which is not a problem, but should be corrected in the photo. It is definitely double edge. Maybe they are using single edge grey cases. I am not a skilled chopper sharpener, so I wish it was sharper. I guess I skipped that class. It rattles a lot in the case. The case should fit better. Good weight to it. Some trees were trimmed and some weeds were cut. It worked well for what it is. Short choppers are better than long machetes for this kind of work. I have tried both. Good luck chopping away!

6. Outdoor Edge RazorMax Replaceable Skinning

Outdoor Edge RazorMax Replaceable Skinning

The blade length is 5 inches, the handle is 4 1/2 inches, and the overall length is 9 1/2 inches. Two blades in one knife, a fixed blade and two styles of interchangeable blades, can be used to process game from field to freezer. Change blades fast and easy. Push the lock release button in the handle to remove the dull blade and insert a new one. The knife has 6 blades total with three 3.5-inch drop-point and three 5-inch Boning/fillet blades. There are additional replacement blade packs that are sold separately. TPR handles are molded directly to a polypropylene/stainless steel frame for unparalleled fixed-blade strength and durability, while providing a secure grip even in the most adverse conditions. The handle is easy to spot on the ground and saves time in the field. A quality sheath with a blade carrier and a blade storage box are included. The black knife has a nylon sheath. The knife has a camo sheath. If you have a problem with your knife, contact them and they will address it.

Brand: Outdoor Edge

👤The second blade failed to lock. There is a messy business of skinning hogs. The narrow slide channel design pushes debris into the knife slot and into the tiny lock pin mechanism. The field failed as followup blades wouldn't lock. Washed on the way back to camp. The blades were not locked due to debris in the mechanism. There is no way to clean the internals. Don't trust field use, might work in the kitchen. I had a couple of my old fixed blades. I would have been trouble.

👤Went out and shot a deer a week later after getting the knife. This thing is very sharp. The smaller blade was used for clean up and capping the antlers. I can't believe how nice and sharp these things are for the price, and if they get dull, just throw a new one on and go to work.

👤I have been using the Replaceable blade folding knife from Outdoor Edges for several years and love it, however, I wish they had a sheath fixed blade knife to use for hunting big game animals. As soon as they became available, I ordered one. Looking forward to many years of using it. There have been some complaints with the blade release, but I have not experienced them yet. I'm sure that OE would replace or fix any knife that was malfunctioning.

👤The first blade was sharp, the next two were dual, and the third was good for one use only. A lot of things get between the blades and the holder if the channel is thin. It was easy to replace the blade but not razor sharp.

👤This knife is great for cutting meat and is always sharp. It's a pain to get out if the blade gets stuck. The handle is a bit small.

👤The blades are very sharp. Short work should be done on any cutting, shaping or prepping task. The blade holder is a very sharp blade, so use caution when removing the replaceable blades. The process of blade swap is easy to follow.

👤This isn't a folding knife. It comes with a nice sheath and three different blades. A great knife for hunting. The disposable blades are awesome because I am not good at sharpening traditional blades.

👤Highly recommended! A good knife with blades. The blades are of good quality. The only knife you need is the one you use for hunting.

7. SOG Tactical Survival Hunting E37T K

SOG Tactical Survival Hunting E37T K

The company has a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. The fixed blade knife is made of. 4.75-INCH AUS-8 STAINLESS STEEL. The Navy Seal knife with sheath is 9 inches in total length. There are 5.4 bullets in the holster. The glass-reinforced nylon handle for this type of knife has no maintenance. There is a hard-moled KyDEX SHEATH. The Kydex sheath is great for camping knives, hiking knives, belt knives, rescue knives, skinning knives, boot knives, or military knives. SOG uses a heat treatment to strengthen steel at the atomic level for a stronger fixed blade knife. SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog

👤The box was well made. It was a good fit for the knife and sheath. The edge grind was not perfect, but it was good to go. My sheath was the kydex. The knife is not too tight with the snap. I wore it for a day with the belt attachment, then began looking for an alternative. The lump under my belt was not comfortable when folded over in the high ride position. I was disappointed to find that the mounting holes didn't line up for a small t-Lok, my molle attachment, or any of the belt clips/attachment hardware from my sheaths. I found the belt attachment on my holster to fit. I swapped to those and now everything is fine. You would be hard pressed to find a better knife for the money. If you're willing to do a little work yourself, you can get a good tool.

👤The blade is not equal for a mass production survival knife. Don't be fooled by the cheap mainland China knives that are cast, not forged, and have a thin easily broken handle section. The knife is made in Taiwan, which is almost as old as Japan, which was making deadly blades for a thousand years before Western Europe. Are you going into the field? Take this blade!

👤My own sheaths include 12 & 1/4", 10, and 9 knives, with a belt loop and retainer plate. After months of searching for a lightweight, solid, fixed-blade for backpacking, I finally decided on the SOG Seal Pup Elite with Kydex Sheath, mainly for it's compact 9 & 3/8" overall length and an incredibly lightweight 5.7oz. I plan on lashing the knife to my pack because it fits securely in the sheath. I have removed the belt-loop and retainer plate from the sheath, leaving me with a total mounted weight of 7.0oz. Backpackers are happy! I was able to slice through paper without tearing it with my razor because it came sharp and sturdy. That is razor sharp in my book. The serrations cut me out of the box after little more than a light brush. I asked the reviewer if he had even handled the knife. It is not dull from the box. So what if it were? You wouldn't throw a knife away just because it dulled, because all knives need to be sharpened from time to time. You're not paying for a sharp blade, you're paying for a high quality blade that you keep sharp. You're getting proven steel with excellent edge holding capability with the Seal Pup Elite and it's AUS-8 steel specially treated by SOG. The edge has SOG's original design with plenty of belly, which distributes the workload along the long, sweeping edge. The blade starts at just under 3 inches thick, making it nearly impossible to break, and I've jammed the knife tip into hardwood over and over again, so far it's just fine. I've used it to chip down branches and firewood and the edge is still sharp. Thanks to the Titanium Nitride coating, I have not seen a spot of rust since I left it out in the night. Is it durable? Check. Solid feel in your hand, lightweight and durable. The Elite's handle is slightly longer with a curve around the pinky compared to the non-Elite version. It feels very maneuverable because the balance point is at the index finger. The texture molded into the Zytel is better shown in pictures than I could describe, but it still has an impressive grippiness to it. If you've never felt it before, you'll be amazed at how light and durable it is; it's incredibly hard, harder than any plastic I've ever dealt with, and still not brittle. They say it's a mix of nylon and fiberglass. Whatever it is, it is not negotiable. I don't use the Lanyard hole. Sheth. The Kydex sheath is made of three easily separable parts. The sheath is lighter and 888-282-0465 than any other sheath out there and perfect for backpacking. It can be mounted in almost any direction, and the knife locks in with no rattle. The sheath is molded around the knife and hilt, and the hilt is slightly away from the blade. Retention even when mounted tip-up with the retention strap removed is provided by the larger end of the hilt being able to pass through the sheath. There's no need to press a release mechanism, but it might shake loose under certain circumstances. I glue the expanding part of the case together to tighten the sheath's hold on the hilt. It's stable enough to run with confidence. There's a quick-access cord cutting slot in the sheath, but it's not very useful, so I'm saving that for the "Cons" section of the review. Go ELITE! It's worth the extra money for the Elite version of the Seal Pup, I had the chance to handle the standard version before making my final decision. It's nice to know that, should I ever need "notch" wood, I have better sheath, better handle, longer blade/ shorter choil, and spine rasp. They look cool, and as I'm writing this review, Amazon is selling this knife with the Kydex sheath for $73. This is an outstanding deal for what you're getting. There are limitations to limited hacking. A 5.7oz knife with a 5" blade is a great compromise where larger knives are too heavy and bulky to bring along, but with the saving in weight and length you also lose sheering and hacking ability. It is not practical to hack through branches thicker than 2 inches diameter or baton through logs thicker than 5 inches with the Seal Pup Elite. Hardcore survivalists might want something with a bit more length, but that's not what this is for. The handle of the Zytel is limited in its ability to hammer. The base of the knife was rounded off by SOG. If they had left it a bit flatter, it would have been up to the task, but as it stands, the rounded pommel doesn't strike hard enough. There is a thumb-ramp formed into the Zytel handle to prevent slippage when thrusting the blade, and it does have very slight grooves, but not The first 3/4" of the spine isn't rasped, which makes sense to me as it would be perfect jimping if you were to ride your thumb high. The thumb ramp under actual use is not a problem because there's enough texture and finger grooving in the Zytel handle. Sheth. The sheath is in the Pros section, but it has flaws. Kydex is said to be a top of the line sheath material. The sheath is still better than the nylon one, but it's cheap. It's a sheet of plastic that has been heated and folded around a mold, riveted together. If you don't insert the knife straight in, it'll get stuck on the way in, which is why it's developed a catching point inside. The retainer plate in the middle of the belt loop is different from the screw points in the belt loop. I don't plan on using either of them, but you might want to know. The rope cutter is a joke. You have to pull hard since you don't get the slicing you would otherwise get if you just used the knife, but think about it: when is it going to be quicker to un-lash the sheath from your gear, just to cut a cord? I have never gotten it caught on anything, but I'm still afraid it's a liability. It's all done. I think this is a great lightweight backpacking knife.

8. Gerber Gear Ultimate Firestarter 31 003941

Gerber Gear Ultimate Firestarter 31 003941

The Texas Bushcraft steel flint has a convenient and portable design that fits in your pocket, backpack or auto glove box. Quality crafted knives and tools for every task: Whether saving time, the day, or a life, Gerber delivers professional-grade pocket knives, multitools, and equipment. A Gerber blade has you covered. The Ultimate Survival Knife and sheath features a half-seraded blade that is ideal for edge retention and cutting rope, a hammer, an emergency whistle, sharpener, and firestarter. The sheath is made of nylon and has a sharpener, Fire Starter locks into the sheath and the blade has an ergonomics rubber handle. It's built to handle any task. You can operate like an expert with the partially serrated knife. Whether used to explore, work, defend, or survive, Gerber knives tackle the tasks of daily life head on. The ultimate fixed blade survival knife is 10 ounces. Theitarian drop point blade is 2.2 The steel is made ofstainless steel. The knives for men and women are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The ultimate fixed blade survival knife is 10 ounces. Theitarian drop point blade is 2.2 The steel is made ofstainless steel. The knives for men and women are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤I bought this knife because of the good reviews, but I was wrong to think it was a USA made product, it is engineered and designed in China, and I am going to rethink all my purchases. The knife is strong, has a good grip, but could have been sharper, but it is ok. There is a whistle on the lanyard and a fire starter rod that is on the back of the blade that makes sparks. I wish the descriptions pointed out that it was made in China.

👤The Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival has taken a lot of abuse over the years. It is one of my favorite economic knives. I was looking for a spare since it was discontinued, and luckily the non-advertised version came out from Gerber. It came with a great color. See the pictures. I recommend this product for hikers who need a good economic knife.

👤I read and watched many video reviews before buying this knife. A lot of people don't like the fact that this knife is made in China. Most of the things they own are made in China. I don't think so. The craftsmanship of this knife is not as good as that of a handmade $200+ knife, but it is a pretty good knife. It is tough as nails and holds an edge. Whatever you throw at it, it can handle it. I keep it in my emergency kit when it's not in use. Fire and earthquakes are the biggest natural disaster risks in my area. I would recommend this knife to anyone looking for a heavy duty knife.

👤The knife has been good. Within the first few uses, the firestarter broke. I returned the fire starter to the store. I haven't received the replacement or a response. Terrible customer service.

👤I just got a knife and I like it. This is the same as the Ultimate Knife but without all the markings. The subdued colors of this one make it much more appealing to me, even though I like the Bear Grylls style in general. The nuts and bolts are sturdy and you can feel it right away. The flint won't fall out if it hangs upside-down, and it snaps right into a sockets on the front of the sheath. It snaps firmly into place, but it's not easy to remove. It's much easier to pry loose the flint on my official Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro than it is to use the knife blade. The sheath can be worn vertically or horozontally. The sheath has a sharpening stone under it and can be opened with a strap. Since this isn't a Bear Grylls item, it's expected that this knife doesn't have a pocket in the sheath to hold it. Even though I haven't taken this knife out into the woods yet, I will not hesitate to rely on it for my needs when they arise. This knife is also available under a different listing with a custom engraving on the blade. I went with the original because I wanted the free prime shipping, but both knives are the same price.

9. Smith Wesson SW7 Tanto Handle

Smith Wesson SW7 Tanto Handle

Their thermal goggles come with everything you need, including a protective case, a phone/ computer card reader, a neck strap, and a 32 gigabytes of storage. The overall length with a blade length of 5.2 inches and a weight of 8.5 ounces is 26.9 centimeters. The blade is made of 9Cr17MoV high carbon steel and has a black handle. The ambidextrous, thermoplastic sheath is dependable. The blade will not slip with the hand guard. The Lanyard Hole is an easy carry feature.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤This knife is very sharp. It came out of the box razor sharp. I love the heft of this weapon. If you've ever been in close contact with someone trying to kill you, you want something that will pierce through several layers of clothing, and deep inside, without worrying if it's going to snap off. I carried a Buck Nighthawk for a long time, but it didn't get the penetration that this knife does. The sheath is my biggest beef with this knife. The retaining clip works well, but the plastic extends up the handle to get a good grip. If you're wearing tactical gloves, you'll end up fumbling the knife instead of getting a quick draw. I cut back the plastic until the issue was solved. Changing configurations to carry was difficult, as you need to use two tools to remove the screws, but once I did it, I was able to attach to my molle.

👤This knife is very sharp and will be worth buying again.

👤The item's listing is not accurate. The weight is "0.56 pounds". Only the knife itself is true. It's 12.4 or 0.78 pounds with the sheath. The knife has plastic "tabs" on both sides of the sheath that extend the thumb/forefinger notch on the handle when it is fully inserted. It's difficult to remove the knife from its sheath because you have to shift your grip to the right spot. If you're willing to modify the sheath, you can easily cut off the tabs with a hand-held hacksaw blade. The tabs are quite large so they can be used under an ounce.

👤The belt loop is reverse able.

👤I got mine a few days ago. I think this is a nice combat knife, it has all the necessary requirements, it has a nice weight to it, and it is very sharp. You can tell you are holding something substantial by the blade profile. This is a true combat knife. You will be able to perform some bushcraft tasks as well, but make no mistake, this thing was designed for one purpose only. Retention is excellent and the sheath is very well made. Right and lefties have the same belt loop. The handle is very comfortable and has a rubber feel to it, it is secure even with wet hands. I would definitely recommend this so far.

👤I thought it was smaller. I'm very happy with it. It was pretty sharp.

👤The S and W Tanto blade knife is a nice package for $33. There are issues. There is no need for the second finger grooves or the first finger grooves, even though the handle is a great size for a change at 5 1/2 inches. The gimping on the back of the handle would have made it more comfortable and functional. The handle was designed for the look and not the function. I like the material used for the handle. I don't understand why the blade has a step down in the grind toward the tip. The Grey finish on the blade is nice, but would look great with a Black Finish. The blade should have been very sharp. The negatives are few. The sheath you get at knives in the $30 range is usually plastic. It is quite stylish and functional. I really like this knife, but I don't like it. If Sand W were to redesign the handle, I would consider it a 5 star knife. I must rate this knife and sheath as a 4 star package until then.

10. Schrade SCHF27 Extreme Survival Handle

Schrade SCHF27 Extreme Survival Handle

The overall length is 29.2 cm and the blade length is 6.6 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. The high carbon S.S. has a black handle. It's permissible. The nylon filled glass fiber sheath is ideal for carrying while working. The blade will not slip with the security of the finger choil. The knife has a pry tool in the handle that can be used with a flat head screwdriver, strap cutter, bottle opener, and a wrench driver.

Brand: Schrade

👤I have had good luck with this blade. Would they survive the odds? Probably not. It is nice to have a knife that can get beat on and not worry about it breaking. The finish on this is nice overall and smooth but it just looks too toyish to me. In the picture it looks like a grey, but in person it is more like a moon rock grey. It is not bad. I was surprised when I opened the box. The knife is very nice and razor sharp, you can shave with it. It cut my arm hair without hesitation, which is pretty impressive for a large knife. The retention is a little tight, but the sheath is pretty good. You have to give the knife a tug to keep it from moving. I don't care much for the tool in the handle, I can give my appreciation to the person who is trying to be innovative and outside of the box, and hey you might be in a bind one day and use the oddly specific tools. The skinner can be used to safely cut seatbelts in an emergency. It doesn't make noise unless it's the little key ring. If you are a covert operator, the noise can get annoying. It is hardly noticeable. I would recommend this knife to friends and family, as well as other schrade products, because my overall impression of the knife is very pleasant. I am pretty sure they have a lifetime warranty, that is excellent, they bring a great bargain to the table.

👤Since this is an item that I use a lot, I thought it would be worth discussing what it does well and what it doesn't do so well. I don't use this as a survival knife, I'm a vehicle dismantler, and this knife and my other knives get a lot of heavy use. The blade steel is better than the S&W fixed blade I used before. The Work Sharp belt drive tool sharpener is amazing at giving a sharp edge in a few seconds, but I only have to sharpen my S&W once a day. I sharpen it in the morning just to be sure, in a lot of cases it feels like it could go longer than that. It holds the edge better than other knives I've used, and it sharpens to a very good edge. The notch on the top of the knife look cool. I don't care. It doesn't matter if they are sharpened so they can be used as a saw in a pinch. The finger hole is well positioned and comfortable for close up work. The flat spot on the top seems to be good for survival applications. The drawbacks are related. The blade guard is only on the bottom, I would have liked to see it on the top, but it hasn't been a problem. The end of the multi-tool is not good for using as a hammer in a pinch like I was able to do with the flat end of my S&W. The handle is comfortable to hold, the material is great and doesn't get slippery when wet, even when it's covered in oil, it isn't difficult to hold and doesn't try to slip out of my hand. Even though this knife is a full tang, the blade has begun to slide inside the handle. I had it for about 2 weeks and it already slides inside the handle. I don't know much about handle construction, but I think there could have been pins put through it to hold it in place. I didn't expect much from the Multitool when I first ordered it, it seemed like a gimmick. The tool is ok, but the blade screwdriver is a bit awkward to use, and it's difficult to get a lot of Torque on the sockets built into it. The retainer broke, the tool slipped out of the handle, and I lost it. I had to throw the retainer in the garbage after I looked at the pin that was completely gone. If you're buying this knife for a multi-tool, look elsewhere. 1/6. The sheath that comes with this knife is very nice. It seems like it's going to hold up better than the nylon sheath I got from my S&W, which ripped so much that it was useless, which is what got me hunting for a new knife in the first place. I have never had an issue with it falling out when I press the knife into it. The part that is a plus is how rigid it is. It will stay locked to your side when hanging off a thick belt, which means you don't have to tie a rope to your thigh to keep it from swinging. It can be difficult to position when sitting, as it tends to dig into my side. It's nearly impossible to get the knife comfortable if I sit down to do computer work, so I usually just take the knife out of the sheath. The balance of this blade is worth noting. I'm used to a knife that balances right where the handle ends and the blade begins, but this knife is blade heavy at that point. It seems like a bit more weight in the end of the handle would have balanced this knife perfectly, but it has taken some getting used to, since it doesn't balance as well as my S&W did. If you're looking for a no-nonsense knife that will hold an edge and cut things, this is a very good knife, especially for the price. I advise you to remove the retainer and multi-tool, since they will break anyways, and that will eliminate the rattling sound when you use the knife. The blade sliding on the handle might be the only thing that will keep me from buying this knife again. I don't know if I'm expecting too much for the price.

11. Kershaw 4008X Stainless Black Oxide Injection

Kershaw 4008X Stainless Black Oxide Injection

The knife has dual thumb knobs and a finger hole. Excellent strength and stability is provided by the 3.8” full tang, fixed blade high quality 3Cr13stainless steel. The lanyard security on the sheath snaps the knife into place when not in use. The nylon handle is injection molded for strength and rigidity. It is possible to carry around a pack, bag, purse, pocket, glovebox, toolbelt, emergency kit and more. The Dune is a great gift for hunters, backpackers, anglers, wilderness first responders, and more.

Brand: Kershaw

👤It's a pretty simple knife. I thought it was the right size. The sheath holds it. Not tight or loose. I don't have to pull it out or swing it around by the string because I don't have to. The only problem I have is that a little of the carbon came off when I sharpened it. I will cover it with a sharpie if it really upsets me, the price is good for what the knife is, so I give it a good review. It's made of metal. It's good enough for me.

👤The tanto is a backup knife. I own a Kershaw Lucha and multitool that are excellent quality, but this one is marked "made in China", which is cheaper and less quality than the steel used in it. The sheath is locked by the blade. Well. There is a slight rattle. I don't know how that will go over time. The blade is sharp but needs some work on my knife jig to get a good edge, otherwise it will fit me well for neck carry and deploys quickly. Proper grip and a hilt guard are not required for stabs. Again, this knife should be used as a backup and not a replacement for a good, dependable primary weapon in a self defense situation.

👤My biggest gripe... The blade is not safe when carrying a neck knife. I stopped wearing it on the first day as the knife kept falling out of the sheath and I was stabbed in the stomach. There is a chip in the tip of the knife, fresh out of the package. I'm holding off on this review to see if I can find any positives. It throws okay, but you probably shouldn't. I figured since my delivery was damaged, why not?

👤This blade is great for the price and the sheath is easy to pull out of. There isn't much to list a pros and cons for a simple knife. The black coating on the blade is not parallel to the spine or cutting edge. The blade looks wider the farther you get from it. I would have returned it if it had been wider towards the tip.

👤After my initial bad experience with this knife, I explained to my friend and fellow knife lover that he had nothing but good things to say about it. I searched for a second hand or reduced price one to give it another try. I found a brand new one in the original packaging at an online store that had it on clearance for 13.50 so I bought it. The difference was amazing. The new one came out of the box very sharp, unlike the first one that was barely sharp and had a small nick in the center of the cutting edge. It wasn't as sharp as most of the other ones, but it was still usable. I used it until it started to dull a bit and then I used a MicroBev on it and it came back to life with just a few strokes and was better than the factory edge in seconds. The tip of the tanto is a fine point, so be careful if you bend or blunt it. The original one I bought was not as sharp as the nice one I have. I never wore it out of the house because the last one was a problem from the beginning. I wore this one a lot. I found it to be the best neck knife for wearing under my shirt. Because it is so thin, it doesn't print through to my polo or tee shirts. The smallest neck knives are easily seen under a shirt. The knife sheathed is about the same thickness as the knife un sheathed, that's a good selling point for me. I wish I could give it 5 stars, but the fact that I got a bad one makes me think that there are others out there that consumers will run into and that's not a good sign of quality control. If you get a bad one return or exchange it, it's worth checking it out and learning from it. I had to void the warranty after a couple days of trying every honing trick in the book because the steel was not right. The knife is very thin and has very few flats on it. The best knife sharpening tools can't be held onto it properly. Anything you do will be a compromise if you have tricks up your sleeve. I've been able to put hair splitting edges on everything from pocket knives to butter knives because I had no luck. I like the less expensive models of the Kershaw blades, even if they are made in China. Most of them are very cheap. I was excited when I received this knife. The sheath had a great retention and was really cool. It is a little longer than most neck knives. I was going to weraing it the next day. I tried cutting it with a knife. The angle on the edge was more blunt than I am used to. The edge was not clean or consistent, and often hung up on the materials I test cut. There were a few blunted edges in the blade right out of the box. The edge of the knife was dull after I tested a few more cuts on soft materials. I tried again and again. I re-profiled the edge and knife cut for a while, then shoddy performance followed. The steel wouldn't hold an edge. The knife is either made from an inferior blade steel or not. I have used and own many knives that use less expensive Chinese steel and they have all performed better than expected. I would return this knife for a refund if it were not for the fact that I made several attepts to sharpen it in order to save my investment. Every time I buy a Kershaw, I will immediately return it if it doesn't cut perfect out of the box in the future. I've learned my lesson, but I'm not sure if this entire Dune product is flawed. I tried to fix it with good intentions, but the knife is just cheap junk and I don't think I'll ever use it again.


What is the best product for japanese survival knife?

Japanese survival knife products from Ka-bar. In this article about japanese survival knife you can see why people choose the product. Cold Steel and Civivi are also good brands to look for when you are finding japanese survival knife.

What are the best brands for japanese survival knife?

Ka-bar, Cold Steel and Civivi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for japanese survival knife. Find the detail in this article. Tradafor, Silky and Outdoor Edge are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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