Best Gas Masks Survival Nuclear and Chemical Military Grade for Kids

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1. MIRA SAFETY Certified Respirator Professional

MIRA SAFETY Certified Respirator Professional

If you don't like it for any reason, return within 30 days for a full refund. This is the perfect present for the person in your life. Father's day, 4th of July, birthday, Christmas, or to gift this to the person who is outdoors in your life. The MIRA Safety ultimate CM6M is a Certified CBRN NBC mask, and it's included with the following: Water bottle-canteen, installed drinking system, and speech diaphragm. MAXIMUM PROTECTION against harmful gases or other substances will be offered by the robust construction and elite full face design. It is better to be safe than sorry. There is a new version of the CBRN reagent mask available. While other masks are only approved for the European Union, the MIRA Safety chemical protection mask is approved for both the European Union and the United States. Disasters do not come with a warning sign. The MIRA Safety full face mask has a flexible and comfortable design that will keep you safe during deployment. This premium mask features a 180 angle vision with a larger field of view and a built-in speech diaphragm, which will make communication easier and more efficient. Communication is the key to survival. MIRA Safety will keep you and your family safe from harmful substances in the air. It is available in many different sizes. There is a drinking system already installed. In a changing world, you need a safe and durable mask in order to sleep better at night.

Brand: Mira Safety M

👤I am a combat veteran with 4 tours in Iraq and a gas mask collector. I own the following: - Drager CDR 4500 - Drager X-plore , - Drager DHS 7000 - Drager FPS 7000 - Israeli Military M15 mask It is important to know what the mask is intended for and the level of protection it provides. The focus of the comparison is for the applications of the CBRN. A gas mask is only one component of personal protective equipment. You need coveralls, gloves, boots, and Chemtape to seal up the exposed areas. You would need a decontamination agent such as the FAST Act for equipment and theRSDL for the skin. You need to make sure the filters you buy are made for use in the CBRN. A rating of "A2B2E2K2HgSXP3 D R Reactor" is needed to be a true CBRN filter. There are a lot of filters on the market, but very few that also cover Reactor. The reactor neutralizes radioactive iodine. The filters cover all bases. Anyway, the review is here! The CM6M is compliant under the standards for respiratory protective devices. The visor has a wide field of view. The rubber is made from butyl rubber and it meets material specifications. It's a silicone inner mask and it's hypoallergenic. Comes standard with a speech device. The drinking system and canteen are standard. It's compatible with CamelBak water bladders. The standard 40mm filters are widely available. It's easier to breathe under physical exertion, and for people with smaller lung capacities, if you fit up to 2 filter cartridges simultaneously. Governments in Europe and the Middle East use it. They can be shipped to friends and family overseas without a lot of paperwork if they are produced in Europe. The shelf life is 20 years. There is a slight rubber smell. I thought I would mention that I own butyl masks that have some rubber smell, just in case someone reading this is sensitive to this. It is not approved by the NIOSH for use in the USA so it would limit professional use. It's great to have, but having or not having this certification doesn't determine quality, just means it passed a series of tests here in the US. The CM-7M is similar to the CM6M, but is made for military personnel. The Czech military uses a mask. There are 2 visors that are not standard. The CDR is a drager. I have designated the mask as a Preparedness backup after my CM6M and DHS 7000. The lack of a drinking system made me seek out other options as gas masks get pretty stuffy, and taking off the mask for some water while getting out of dodge may not be an option. The drager X-plore is 6000. The structure of this mask is the same as the CDR 4500. The rubber used for this mask is not approved by NIOSH. It has a NIOSH rating for use against many gases. This mask has a certification. Drager DHS 7000. This mask is very difficult to find and expensive. It is my favorite mask from all of them. I found one that was used for around $500, and they sell new ones for around $800. You can use it with any of the 3 configurations. Buy it if you can find one and have the cash. It is definitely overkill for basic CBRN preparedness. The drager has a performance rating of 7000. The mask is approved for use with an SCBA system, but it is not meant to protect from agents of the CBRN. The Israeli Civilian mask can be found in surplus stores for under $30. The small visors make it difficult to see, even if you have one for each eye. Many people in Israel have this mask in case of emergency, and I am sure it has saved lives over the years, but I would not trust it, most are surplus and could have been sitting around for 20 years. The mask is not rated for use in CBRN. Most of the filters supplied are long expired. The Israeli Military M15 mask has the same specifications as the 4A1, but with bigger visors. If you purchase these, keep in mind that they do expire in 20 years. Over the years, I have owned 5 M15 surplus masks and 3 had damaged valves, which led to a return. The masks are resistant to certain warfare agents. The spec sheet is a good place to look for more detail. Mestel SGE 150: The mask is not intended for use in the CBRN. There is no protective coating on the visor. This would be used against tear gas, pepper spray, and riot situations. The Mestel SGE 400/3 is the same as the SGE 150, but with three filter ports. There are a few accessories for this mask. Retail is around $200, and can go up to $400 when fully loaded with accessories. If you want the extra accessories, you either have to buy them pre-installed or send them back to the factory for professional installation which could take weeks. If you are stuck in a riot, this is a great mask to use to block tear gas. The Mestel SGE 400/3 is the same as the SGE 400/3, but has a rubbery butyl seal, which is more suitable for use in the CBRN. The Russian/German M-10-M protective mask is outdated and not suitable for use in the field of CBRN protection. All it is good for is a costume. The current military issue mask for the US is called the Avon M50. There are a few things that can happen. The M50 uses filters that are difficult to find un-expired. 99% of the filters on the market are expired surplus, because they are only sold to the military. If you can get one in a sealed box with the included instruction manual, I would recommend purchasing it. If the valves on your M50 are clear, the mask is faulty. If you get a sealed mask with unexpired filters and functional values, it will work very well. These are ITAR regulated and cannot be exported out of the country. The biggest bang for your buck for a CBRN mask can be found in the MIRA CM6M gas mask and the MIRA NBC-77 SOF filter. It is used for civil defense to protect government officials in Europe and the Middle East, it comes with a drinking module, canteen, and a speech diaphragm, and it is also used for protection against CBRN threats. The large visor makes it easy to see. The standard shelf life for filters out of the water is 6 years, but the mask and filters have a 20-year shelf life. A mask from Drager would cost $750, one from Mestel would cost $400, and an Avon M50 mask would cost $600 with all accessories. This mask is my top choice for preparedness on a budget without sacrificing features. Hope this helps!

2. Respirator Facepiece Professional Breathing Protection

Respirator Facepiece Professional Breathing Protection

The straps are closed. Material safety is made from food-grade elastic silicone gum for the guarantee of healthy and comfort. The face cover can be adjusted without restriction for perfect adaption and increased comfort, but you may forget about it after a few minutes. The face cover and safety glasses strap belt are designed for tight and comfortable wearing. Anti-fog splashing is used to prevent the invasion of tiny substances. Everything you need to see can be seen. Face cover has a double filter system that can effectively block the air with organic gasses, smoke, pollen, dust and other particles. It is a great respiratory protective device. The work areas with chemicals, metals, paints, agricultural substances, methanal and other irritative vapor and gases are the scope of application. It can prevent dust particles from entering the respiratory tract during mechanical work. The package includes a half face cover, two Filter boxes, six filters cotton and two plastic covers. They want you to be 100% satisfied. If you have a question, please contact them. They will give great support after the sale.

Brand: Baomao

👤I'm getting into resin work and dice-making, and the one thing you absolutely must have is a mask and filter set like this. The goggles included here are important for eye protection from fumes and flying debris, and they are comfortable and don't fog up. The respirator mask is the most important thing here. You need a mask to protect yourself from fumes. The mask fits perfectly on the skin. The air you breathe in is fed through the filters on the sides. It's a good idea to write down when you last changed the filters in this pack so you can cycle them. The "snap-in design" in the product pictures is something you should be aware of. The plastic on those is very soft and I wouldn't recommend snapping the box into place. Simply line the 3 prongs with the corresponding 3 holes, gently lay the filter box against the valve, and turn to secure it in place. You don't have to worry about breaking one of the prongs if you don't need a snap. The respiratory mask and goggles are good. I'm going to buy another set for my spouse so that he can use it with me. The mask is comfortable. The part that secures my neck is easy to operate, and the bit that slips over the head to hold it steady is also comfortable. Don't work with resin without protecting your eyes and lungs. Ana Mardoll.

👤I have never used a mask like this before. It would've been useful to have that user manual. The earplugs promised in the description weren't delivered, but they aren't necessary. I have to figure out how to put it together. Next time, I will buy American.

👤I can still smell the chemicals through the mask. I have to put padding over my nose to block out the smell. Will not purchase from them again.

👤I cleaned out a flooded basement. I was the only one who didn't get sick. Breathing through this is like wearing nothing at all; however, it is more on the disposable quality side. My mask came off when the plastic clips gave out. There is a It would have failed me if I had used it for smoke or chemicals.

👤The goggles are big enough to go over glasses, the elastic band is good, and the viewing area is clear. I will be using the ask fits and the other one today. After seeing the first set, I bought another set. My wife can't help with things in the spraying area.

👤I use my ozone machine to clear odors from a house. No odor seepage.

👤The cheap plastic must have been used because the notch that holds it in place broke.

👤I'm sensitive to the stuff my family cooks. I was worried it wouldn't work, but it did. Over the past few days, I've smelled spices, onions, seafood, and any smell that comes to mind. The thing breathes better than a covid mask, but don't use it as a mask because of the air outlet. I had to turn the straps tight to get a good seal. I would have liked to have gotten this sooner.

3. OneTigris Balaclava Ninja Style Protection

OneTigris Balaclava Ninja Style Protection

Polyamide is made from glass. The OneTigris Tactical Hood has a mesh mask and is made of a light, durable fabric. The mesh mask is tested for impact resistance in 14F to 108.6F environments. Breathable and comfortable, it offers effective protection for your nose and mouth. It's best to have one size that fits with a flexible design. It is small and easy to carry.

Brand: Onetigris

👤There is no protection from dust. I thought it would be nice to have a mask that was not laying on my face for walks in a park that had lots of sand and desert like conditions. The mask's spacing is so large that it allows small stones or pebbles. It would have to wear a clothe mask for it to function as a dust mask. I don't like the first one. I know it's not for protection from the virus, but your ad makes it seem like it's for off-road activity, I guess the dirt over there is thicker than here. Even for a paint ball, face protection is useless. It kept the mask off the face and mouth to act as a cover support. Not for dust or work in dusty environments.

👤It works well with my helmet setup. The original OneTigris mesh mask did not fit well with a helmet with ear protection, but this one does, it is low profile and protective like the mesh. It works perfectly with my goggles. In the cold, your breath will get wet, but it's not a big deal. There is no need to have the mesh under your jaw because it is fastened securely on the chin straps. It is good for protection and bad for comfort because it presses against the sides of your mouth if your chin strap is too tight. If you need face protection for your helmet, I highly recommend it.

👤The mesh is nice. However. If you have a smaller head, the mesh won't stay up on your face. The fabric is long. It falls down to my chin when I move. I was excited for this but it looks like it is back to a mouth guard. I tried a mask under it to give it more grip, but it fell. This one was really sad. Great idea, but just a lot of material to hold my face.

👤The mesh mask is a grand idea. You eliminate the straps that you normally have with using a ninja type of mask. The balaclava helps sweat evaporate. There was less change of goggle. The fit is good. The Pros: no mask straps, sweat wicking, good fit, not to too loose- or to tight, easy to get goggles behind, nice stitching, allows for good cheek weld with your rifle. Suggestions: more colors/camouflages, smaller opening around the eyes. There is padding along the cheek. Great idea again.

👤The mesh is tall and the balaclava is loose so that the top doesn't slip back. I will have to return it. A good cheekweld can be made with this mask. I bought this as a solution to my ears being smashed with plastic when wearing hearing protection. The idea of making one in a smaller size is awesome.

👤It was all to spec and like as expected. If you are looking into getting a more professional style balaclava. Look no further! It's good for cold weather, but it can take a huge high powered shot from close range. I was surprised that the front guard and ear protectors hold up. This is for you if you are a die hard paint baller or hardcore paint baller.

4. 3M Respirator 6300 Respiratory Protection

3M Respirator 6300 Respiratory Protection

This item is manufactured and sold by Alan Publishing, a leader in field notes for the past 50 years. It's convenient, with a soft, lightweight half mask respirator with easy-to-adjust head straps. Durability and resilience are important. The Respirator can be cleaned and disassembled. There is a reclosable storage bag. When used with approved filters, it helps to excrete particulates and a wide variety of gases and vapors. Adjustment points on the facepiece can be used with other personal protection equipment. Chemical handling, chipping, chiseling, cleaning, grinding, machining, masonry, painting, sanding, sawing, welding, construction, general manufacturing, industrial maintenance are some of the applications. It is comparable. Bayonet connection is compatible with all 3M filters. Negative pressure air purifying and supplied air dual airline applications were approved by NIOSH. Only for industrial use. Not for use or sale.

Brand: 3m

👤Unable to use the respirator as usual. The package was wide open, the rubber that would act as a gasket on your face had little cuts and scruple marks on it. Beware. So disappointed. I'm throwing it away because I don't want it to go to someone else.

👤Ratings are based on expectation for this type of product. seal when worn comfortably: 10/10 seal when worn uncomfortably: 10/10 comfort of mask when worn properly: 5/10 comfort of mask when worn lightly: 6 or 7 / 10 If a pillow is propped under your ear, you can sleep on your stomach. The mask's size is 4/10. The elastic bands on this mask are too long for me. I'm a stout with a 5/10 rating. It applies too much pressure to the back of my neck, which makes it painful, and it applies too much pressure to the bridge of my nose, which makes it hard to breathe. Hawaii is less than 50 miles from the exploding Kiluea. The area has had a fairly cool climate. The pressure on the nose bridge is the most uncomfortable aspect. The inner fold of the masks pushes on the upper portion of the nose bridge which is sensitive to pressure even when the mask is worn high enough. I'm not sure we have the materials to do better at the moment, but this was the biggest issue for me. The check valve for the air intake vibrates when you sing in this mask. This makes a plastic resonance to what you say. The most annoying aspect is that it creates an unpleasant moist contact with your face and it is rubber/siloxane. The bottom of the skirt folds back up several inches with no drainage points, which makes me a tad concerned that sweat will pool here. I will probably try this theory this afternoon.

👤I have used plastic headstrap for 7 years and it still works. Don't spend your money on stuff that is cheap. They got a filter from them that was thinner than usual, and they said to send them some pics. Did so, but never heard from them. I don't think this company is serious anymore. Not with things going on. If you're a professional, look for another supplier.

👤The wife and I had to remove tile from the floor. We taped off the area so we could use a 25 X 20 plastic sheet to work on it. There is a dust cloud under the plastic. I was under there for a good hour because it was too easy to breathe with this respirator. I took the respirator off and went back into the house to see if there was any difference. Holy shit. I could smell the dust. Make sure to get the GOOD 3M filters for this respirator, it's worth every penny. Your animals will appreciate you later!

👤Great product. Everything fit perfectly when I bought a large version of the product. I didn't have to adjust the straps. Overall a great product, very comfortable, a bargain price. I don't come with a set of filters but that's fine. No more breathing in Caustic or Acidic particulates.

5. Respirator Chemical Protector Respirator、2 Cartridge、10

Respirator Chemical Protector Respirator%E3%80%812 Cartridge%E3%80%8110

The soft texture of the material provides you with a comfortable wearing feeling, and it is made of high-quality silicone and thermoplastic elastomer. The headband protects your hair from dirt and the strap fits most head sizes. Anti-fog spraying can prevent the entry of tiny substances. Reusable design. Get the job done quickly. You will get 5 pairs of cotton for your replacement. A versatile utility. You can wear them to do your job when dealing with painting, spraying, woodworking, polishing, construction, cleaning, grinding, welding, sanding, machining, mechanics, etc. Fast delivery from the US. The package includes a full facerespirator, 2 x filter boxes, 10 x filters cotton, and 2 x plastic covers. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Chengchuang

👤I bought this to do something. I've been trying out different types. Some are harmful to your lungs. The fumes should not be breathed and the particulates should not be sanded. I don't like wearing a mask. The whole face mask is very comfortable. It makes my face sweat, but that is normal. The small, thin, cotton masks we wear for Covid make my face sweat like crazy. I like the back of the net. It is better than a rubber strap. It doesn't pull my hair out. The mask creates a good seal and doesn't make it hard to see. This seemed to be the best deal for a full mask that didn't need safety glasses, came with a set of carbon filters for organic fumes, and a few sets of cotton filters that fit over the carbon filters. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is doing anything that involves spraying, sanding, or grinding.

👤I was able to figure it out, but it could be difficult for some.

👤The front leaks air. The front exhale valve is leaking.

👤Even though I had a mask on, I could smell the paint remover.

👤It was fast, I didn't pay for shipping, but I would order again for other family members, it was a highly recommended seller and product, and I have to return things because it's not what I expected. I will never order from "Wish" again, I am stuck with so many merchandise that I never even ordered, they just sent random things and made it so hard for me to return them back, with the sellers on Amazon I have never had a problem.

👤The price is worth something. It's difficult to get them to attach. I tried to put the bag in side the first time.

👤I can use my reading glasses when I tried on.

6. MIRA SAFETY Disposable Protective Respirator Fit

MIRA SAFETY Disposable Protective Respirator Fit

Only for industrial use. Not for use or sale. A protective tactical suit with a hood and a front. 100% made in the U.S.A. The mask is not included. If there is a need for a mask, please search for MIRA SAFETY CM6M. The mask is not included. If there is a need for a mask, please search for MIRA SAFETY CM6M.

Brand: Mira Safety M

👤The covid is kept out. You are internet famous at Kroger. It stays warm. Do not fart. Bubble life. I hunted hot wheels at Target and Walmart.

👤I decided to get my family prepared after researching the topic for days. The MIRA Hazmat suit is a must have. The hazmat suit is made from a high quality material. This suit is YS size for children, starting as young as 4 years old. It's sad that no one else in the world has this suit for kids, because I want to protect myself and my family, too. It is flexible and durable. I have purchased the CM6M mask from MIRA Safety before and it was great, so I decided to go full CBRN and purchase this suit, and I was not disappointed. It gets a little hot inside, but it is expected from any suit which protects your skin. It is made in the USA, which is rare nowadays because a lot of the stuff sold on the internet are made in China. I have enough for everyone in my family now that I buy more.

👤The face mask is a great product, but it is not a face mask.

👤If there is a nuclear reaction or a chemical it won't matter. It fits well. It's nice for the general public to be protected.

👤The suit is complete but not a mask.

7. MCR Medical Rescue Pocket Resuscitator

MCR Medical Rescue Pocket Resuscitator

Includes a mask and valve. Gloves and wipe are included. Replacement parts are available.

Brand: Mcr Medical

👤I saved a man's life on the side of the road. There was a lot of blood, and no one in their right mind would have said anything. The one-way valve kept the secretions away from my mouth and I was able to never touch my mouth to anything other than the plastic piece. Many of my fellow nurses have bought these to keep in their cars. These are life saving devices.

👤I like to keep things on hand in case something happens. The pack is large enough to hold everything in the hard case. The supplier sent me a damaged one that I don't recommend to anyone. The alcohol pads were old, the gloves looked like plastic, and the case was broken. The only thing that was not perfect was the mask. Buy with caution.

👤The case should have stayed closed. I need a more secure case for my constant movement at the waterfront. I had to use the mask on a woman who had stopped breathing and it worked perfectly. That's a positive thing.

👤I have waited a long time to give a review. I haven't had to use this mask yet. It's hard to give a full review with out actually using it. I will have to get a second one to test it. This is in my small first aid kit, as you can see in the photos I have attached. The review for the Condor EMT pouch is below. This is a must have in any first aid kit. It's worth it to take some classes on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and get your self certified. The mask protects you from harmful things that your victim may be carrying. Gloves and eye protection are required. I always carry clear safety glasses.

👤I bought this for my squad car just in case. The kit contains a one way mask, a pair of medical gloves, alcohol wipes, and general instructions. The mask has a strap that goes around the patient's head to make it harder for them to move while they are in cardiopulmonary arrest.

👤I was really disappointed how easy the container was to open. The first day they were used, they were so easy to open up on the trail, we were surprised. Adding a strip of duct tape was the solution, but should be improved.

👤The one way valve fitting is loose for attaching one way valves for training, even though the masks have a great "balloon" for seal. I'm disappointed. I will return to the mask that was manufactured by another company.

👤It's not a bad thing to be prepared. It's very easy to use, and it's much easier than trying to position a prone person correctly and wondering if you're getting enough air into their lungs. With these masks, you simply blow into the vent like tube and it gives the victim more air than traditional mouth or mouth rescue breathing. They can be put into the little case.

8. Respirator Reusable Polishing Woodworking Protection

Respirator Reusable Polishing Woodworking Protection

The edge of the seal is made of food grade elastic silicone, which is comfortable to wear. The paint mask strap can be adjusted to fit most head sizes. The dust respirator mask has a double filter system which can effectively block 99% of the organic gasses and particles in the air. It is a great respiratory protection product. The shoulder straps for face shields and safety glasses are designed for tight and comfortable wear and are suitable for most head shapes. The intrusion of tiny substances can be prevented with fully anti-fog and splash. Everything you need to see can be seen. This mask is widely used to make the job done. Work for science, outdoor work, soldering, railway, fabrication, sawfly, workshop, eye protection, lab, chainsaw worker, construction, desert, electricians, infield work, engineers, laser, machining, mechanics, etc. The dust particles can enter the respiratory tract. The package includes a half face cover, 1x safety goggles, 2x Filter boxes, 8x Filters Cotton, and 2x plastic covers. They want you to be 100% satisfied. If you have a question, please contact them. They will give great support after the sale.

Brand: Ruiqier

👤I used this for my cups. It was a great buy and I can not smell the chemicals.

👤The seal is good when you are upright but it is bad if the head gaps. The problem is the one size thing. Most guys wouldn't have the issue, but on my head it's too big.

👤It's difficult to wear if you are glasses.

👤The filters were easy to put in, the mask was soft and the adjustment straps were nice. It was warm when I used it. I had no difficulty breathing during use of my asthma medication. I didn't smell a chemical odor during use. I'm very pleased with this item.

👤Muy bueno no molesta nada.

👤It's still not perfect, but it's an excellent value when I can get it to seat to my face. If I'm not careful, it can come loose or create spaces that need readjustment. I can't wear it for more than an hour because it's uncomfortable around the top bridge of my nose. It's very painful when I need it, and I use it for dealing with dust from cutting metal/wood/brick, drywall dust, paint fumes, and spray insulation dust. The filters are top notch when the mask is seated properly. It can come loose when you're talking or moving too far and you have to stop breathing for a few seconds to fix it.

👤This works great when I'm making tumblers or painting.

👤The materials and construction are of good quality. The setup is straight forward. The straps are easy to change. The fit is secure. The system efficiently filters noxious gasses. Prompt shipping and a reasonable price. It's a good idea to recommend it.

9. MIRA Cartridge Respiratory Protection Filter

MIRA Cartridge Respiratory Protection Filter

The ultimate is to maximize your protection. The NBC-77 SOF is a 40mm gas mask that has been tested for superior safety against a wide range of harmful substances, including CBRN agents. The ultimate level of protection for you, your family, and your organization is offered by these high-performance combined filters. Advanced: A military-grade filter. The NBC-77 SOF filter canister is used to help protect the user from known CBRN threats. The A2B2E2K2HgSXP3DR reactor is rated for radioactive iodine and is different from other NBC/CBRN respirator filters. NATO standard size. The NBC-77 SOF multi-gas filter has a 40mm x 1/7" threading. These premium threaded CBRN filters for gas masks are built to comply with a wide variety of stringent international standards. Excellent 20-year shelf life and robust durability. The NBC-77 SOF CBRN filters are safe to use until the date on the filter housing is marked. The sealed plastic canister has a highly durable construction that is resistant to shock and impact, and can fit into any emergency kit, making it a great option for families who need it the most. MIRA SAFETY is trusted by professionals around the globe. They provide cutting-edge equipment and self-defense gear that meets the demands of top-tier military operators, with key engineering enhancements to make them more practical and effective on the homefront, including solutions for children and the elderly. They are dedicated to delivering superior products and unparalleled satisfaction, and they strive to maintain uncompromising workmanship and excellent customer service with every purchase.

Brand: Mira Safety M

👤It's a tip. If you are a first-responder, you can purchase the "CBRN Gas Mask Filter NBC-77 SOF 40mm" directly from MIRA Safety dot com. The total bill with shipping was less than Amazon's.

👤I haven't used it yet but if it remains sealed it could be a lifesaver.

👤Will serve its purpose sooner than later.

👤I have not used this product for hazardous chemicals. I tried it on it and it was secure and convenient.

👤This is a real Mira filter.

👤I am very satisfied with both harpy eagle and the company after the product arrived much earlier than expected and harpy eagle answered every question quickly.

10. 3M Versaflo Respiratory Assembly M 307

3M Versaflo Respiratory Assembly M 307

Widely use and waterproof. The tactical assault pack backpack is perfect for military person. You will be happy with this camping backpack. Be used as a range bag, survival molle backpack, army backpack, trekking backpack or day pack. Directed airflow is a feature that allows users to direct the location of the airflow inside the headgear for increased control and comfort. Headgear is lightweight and has good balance for comfort and even weight distribution. Excellent peripheral and downward vision are combined with good optical clarity in the coffered ceiling. It is possible to adjust the suspension. The suspension is easy to adjust for the comfort of each user.

Brand: 3m

👤This is the headpiece for heavy industry workers. If you are in healthcare, you can't use a stethoscope or hear what's happening in the room if the blower is on, as the inner shrouding system covers the ears. I was busy with Covid. I blew the return deadline and will sell it on eBay. The effort was wasted.

👤I don't have the kit because my friend ordered it for me and I got the PAPR kit. It's good to ring the bell to let the owner know that they are appreciated. When I order this item, I need an owner signature, how come your delivery person didn't press the doorbell? We have a lot of stolen delivery in our place, please let the owner or someone in the house sign it. I return it because I don't want to have one without the whole kit.

👤I have been using a disposable hood for 8 months for COVID patients and this is a huge improvement over that. Would recommend to other health care workers.

👤There is availability of accessories and parts.

👤This is being used with my older 3M Ad Flo system. It's more comfortable than the older versions.

👤The powder coat will not enter the helmet because of the positive air pressure.

👤It was well built and comfortable. I looked at hoods before choosing one. Most of them wouldn't meet the same standards as this one. The hood was as comfortable as all of them. You have the choice of a belt pack or ambient air pump, all of the replacement parts are readily available. I would recommend this hood to anyone.

👤You don't have to hide your wife anymore with this. I'm not worried about the news anymore.

👤I think that is for panting and good stuff.

11. Respirаtor Reusable Compatible Protection Polishing

Respir%D0%B0tor Reusable Compatible Protection Polishing

Clean and pleasant. No Lactose, no dairy, no soy, and no gluten. The blend is made with the highest quality ingredients. It's convenient and sealed. The soft texture of the gas mаsk makes it easy to wear, and it's made of high-quality Silicone mixture material, which fits the face very well. The filters inside the package are not applicable. It's also suitable for the P 100 filter. The port is the same as the 6000/7500/7800/FF-400/6000DIN V- series. Professional filtration. Dust has Activated Charcoal filters and a full face impact resistant lens. Any traces of organic chemical vapor or dust will be eliminated. There are wide range applications. It's suitable for outdoor work, soldering, railway, fabrication, shooting, workshop, eye protection, chainsaw worker, cleaning, construction, desert, designer, electricians, infield work, engineers, laser, machining, mechanics, etc. The Full Face cover and strap are designed for tight and comfortable wearing. Any invasion of tiny substances would be prevented with a comprehensive anti-fog splashing. The Full Face cover and strap are designed for tight and comfortable wearing. Any invasion of tiny substances would be prevented with a comprehensive anti-fog splashing.

Brand: Moaron

👤The included 2 pairs of filters are a good value. The included filters don't get to 99%, and more than 80% since I do not want to smell farts used as testing medium. I put 5 stars on everything because of the value this provides, since other manufacturers sell the full face respirators for $120+ and without any filters, which is a scam. If you want to use the 99% filters, you should use the 3M 60923/60926 filters. The included filters are for non-toxic fumes and dust, which I will probably use on the half face respirator I have. The mask is non-symmetrical in that the filters are off by 30 degrees from each other, as you can see in Danyelle's pictures. It's impossible to get them to be symmetrical because of the key arrangement on the mask. The prices for the 3M filters are stuck at around $22-30, which is more than the price in the previous year. If you get this for $46, 1 pair of 3M 60923 for $24, it comes out to $70, which still beats out $120+ without filters by a long shot. Don't buy extra filters because they will expire even when opened, and only buy when you need them.

👤This was easy to put together. I usually wear a high bun and this fit perfectly over my hair. The seal was perfect. I didn't get the feeling of suffocating like I do with a regular face mask because I was able to breathe without any fog.

👤I ordered this thingy for two reasons. I want to avoid getting high or sick from the fumes, so I'm going to use it to paint a few of the rooms in the house. The place could use a fresh coat of paint after we moved in. The second reason is so that we can have something in our end of the world bin. In case of zombies. It's not ideal but it will do for until we upgrade. The mask seems to be everything you could possibly need, without any unnecessary frills. I tried it on and it seemed to work. It is a good quality piece that is sturdy and comfortable for me to tolerate. We are happy with the purchase and would recommend it to others.

👤I had to get down into the crawl space. I don't know what's down there so I wanted total protection. I was going to get some 3M p 100 filters, but I needed a mask that was air tight. I didn't want to break the bank on just the mask, Home Depot wanted more than $100 for a similar mask. I searched for a mask on Amazon and found many that had terrible reviews. I decided to take a chance after stumbling upon this mask. It had good reviews and was compatible with a wide range of filters. I was surprised by the quality when it arrived. The straps are sturdy and not flimsy. I appreciated everything. The screen had a protective film over it. It had everything pictured and a bag to hold it all together. The breathing piece is not fogged up on me because it is separated. I put the seal on, covered the filters with my hands and breathed in. There was no air in the vaccum. It's comfortable to wear for a while. I am very happy with this mask and will buy it again.


What is the best product for gas masks survival nuclear and chemical military grade for kids?

Gas masks survival nuclear and chemical military grade for kids products from Mira Safety M. In this article about gas masks survival nuclear and chemical military grade for kids you can see why people choose the product. Baomao and Onetigris are also good brands to look for when you are finding gas masks survival nuclear and chemical military grade for kids.

What are the best brands for gas masks survival nuclear and chemical military grade for kids?

Mira Safety M, Baomao and Onetigris are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gas masks survival nuclear and chemical military grade for kids. Find the detail in this article. 3m, Chengchuang and Mira Safety M are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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