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1. Velveeta Skillets Creamy Stroganoff Dinner

Velveeta Skillets Creamy Stroganoff Dinner

A box of Velveeta Skillets. It was made with real cheese. Makes about 5 cups. Ready in about 20 minutes.

Brand: Velveeta

👤I followed the directions. The packet was rather harsh. The same product purchased through Krogers is great, despite the fact that I have had this happen twice before. Amazon is buying the rejects. Never again. This has happened with other products. I am wondering if there is something in these boxes. I might stop buying box purchases from Amazon because of this.

👤It's easy to prepare and has a good flavor. Not a lot of steps. If you make a mistake, it's forgiven. It could be made more like homemade. Cheers!

👤It was loaded with salt. After eating two cups of the stuff, I had to drink water from the liter. The taste was off. Adding milk made that weird flavor go away. I have two boxes of this stuff. I had two in case I loved it and had another in case I hated it and was stuck with 5+ in the pantry until the end of time. Better to buy butcher ground beef, stroganoff noodles, and milk. Bland, but way better than this. Not loaded with so much salt would make the salt lake salt mines cringe.

👤This is the worst food product I've ever had and it's considered a food product at the time of this review. This product should be banned for all eternity and classified as inedible by every governmental organisation that has the ability to. I feel violated by it, and I wish misfortune upon those who allowed it to be distributed. I will seek counseling to recover from a violation of my human rights.

👤One day I needed a side dish and I was skeptical about trying mac & cheese. This was the absolute best mac & cheese I have ever eaten. A very delicious side dish or main meal.

👤It's good, but it could use more power. They give you half a packet for seasoning. I add things like cheese powder or parmesean. There is no perfect solution because it loses some of the philly cheesesteak flavor. Isn't it weird that you can't just buy philly cheesestake powder mix? I would use it in potatoes too.

👤I thought I would like the cheese more than I did. The packet was too much and masked any cheese flavor. I only used 1 cup of water and 1 cup of milk, because the box called for 2 cups. I don't think that made a difference in flavor. It was thick and nice, which is how I like dishes like this. I used milk for some of the liquid because it tends to make these sauces thicker and I had tried one that was too watery.

👤These are great meals. I know Cheeseburger Macaroni is popular, but it was ruined for me by the very heavy taste of mustard and ketchup. I like the taste of a cheeseburger, but not a burger with everything on it. The Chicken Alfredo and the Lasagna are our family favorites. It was very easy to make and had good flavor. My 10 year old asked for more after eating his. The Hamburger Helper brand has similar options but lacks in taste. I will re-order them in the future.

2. Augason Farms Freeze Sliced Strawberries

Augason Farms Freeze Sliced Strawberries

Clif Bar provides wholesome, delicious energy that is all ready to go, whether you need sustained energy for hiking, climbing, skiing, or a long bike ride. It's perfect for food storage, emergencies, survival, and everyday use. As a snack, ready to eat! A 30 year shelf life is possible.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤The first shipment was a home run and the second was a swing and miss. I received my first can of frozen strawberries from Augason on January 7th and they were perfect. It was very tasty. I served them with whipped cream as a light dessert and used them to enhance cold cereals. In 5 weeks, the entire can was finished. I wanted to serve a bright red and white dessert for my guests at my dinner party. The second can was opened at 5pm on February 13th and found that the sliced strawberries were grayish brown and 70% were stuck together, not something to show to dinner guests.

👤I have bought strawberries in the past and was happy with my purchase. When I opened the can, it was obvious that I didn't get the amount stated. The large can wasn't full to the top, but it was pretty full. The strawberries covered the bottom of the can. I weighed it and it was 1.3 ounces. I am due a refund. The company is not trustworthy. If you are stocking your pantry in case of a catastrophe, I would suggest looking for a different company because you will not have the supplies you think you have.

👤This is my first review of this product, which I have been purchasing for over a year. Why? This latest shipment was disgusting. The strawberries were bright red and evenly sliced in the past, and every can was full. They tasted fresh and crisp. It was sweet and tangy. The can I received was marked March 2019. They didn't have a strawberry smell. I was hesitant to try one, but I did. It was not crisp or light as it should be. It was not good. It's just sour and no strawberry to speak of. I will return it for a full refund. What happened to Auguson? Quality is declining. I will be purchasing my strawberries locally from a reliable retailer that carries an in house brand.

👤My son is having a 16th Bday Party and I ordered this product for him. He wanted dried strawberries. I ordered this even though some people said the can was empty. Most people said they were full. Our can was not filled 1/3 of the time. We took the contents out of the can and weighed them. It had less than 4 ounces. Tomorrow is a party. Not enough time to find another brand.

👤We were excited to get this big can of strawberries, but were disappointed in the quality. You have to spit out at least one bad piece from every handful. There are nubs of stems at the top of strawberries where they did not properly suck the stem from the strawberry. The quality is not there. You can find superior freeze dried strawberries on Amazon for a few cents more per ounce. Unless you don't mind the unique flavor of freeze dried rotten fruit, look elsewhere.

👤These are great, and there is a big can of strawberries. I decided to get the big size to last me a little longer because there are a lot of strawberries. The can is the size of a large coffee can and will require a can opener. I did not have access to a can opener when I bought them. Had to open it with a knife.

3. Tillamook Country Smoker Natural Fashioned

Tillamook Country Smoker Natural Fashioned

We start with 100 percent premium beef, season it with real pronounceable ingredients you could find in your pantry, and slow smoke it over real hardwood. Their premium beef jerky is a perfect portable snack that has 10 grams ofProtein per serving. They make a wide variety of meat sticks, including teriyaki, Pepperoni, Sweet and Spicy, and more. They use only the best beef and seasonings fresh from the farm, smoking their beef jerky over real hardwood gives it an unparalleled taste, and no shortcuts, just fire and smoke and patience. They have been making mouth watering smokehouse snacks for over 4 decades, the kind you can only get when you mix hard work, simple ingredients and real hardwood smoke.

Brand: Tillamook Country Smoker

👤I'm eating this right now. I might eat this whole bag in one sitting, and I'm upset at myself. I ate the whole bag and ordered another.

👤My dad used to make this kind of jerky when he would buy a side of beef and then hang his own slices on the clothesline. Nothing like the preprocessed crap you grab at the checkout. If Tillamook added a bit more Pepper, it would be better. I would be an alcoholic if they did that.

👤Good price, good quality, arrived fresh, the quality was fine. The taste was ok, but you cannot call it an Old Fashioned style. They don't understand the phrase. SUGARY. It was like Syrupy sweet. This is the most candy coated sweet I've had. I've tasted. There is a I wish I hadn't bought it, it's going to be hard to make it through it. It would be 3-4 stars if you were selling it. It is definitely sweet. Old fashioned jerky is salty and smoky. Not sweet at all. The brand needs to be reexamined. No one looking for Old Fashioned style jerky will disagree. No one.

👤When we were young, we would always have jerky in our house. There is nothing like modern day jerky. If people tried real jerky they would need to find a way to make it, or the fake products would have to go out of business. There is no sugar in dried preserved meat. I didn't pick up a piece of traditional jerky that was so hot that it burned your mouth.

👤Didn't open it, can't eat it.

👤I can open beer bottles with my teeth, but I can't chew through them. I bought two more bags after buying one a few months ago, and it was really good. They are so bad. I have had good and bad jerkies, but not this one, and it is one of my favorite snacks. They are ok, but for the slightly larger ones, there is a plastic feel thing running through the "beef", which kind of hold them together, and I chewed for a while and couldn't break them. I don't want to say that they were not real beef because I am not an expert. There is a They do not taste good. I ate a couple pieces from each bag after throwing them away. If you are buying these, good luck with your teeth and stomach.

👤After moving to Florida, we haven't been able to find a loaf of Tillamook cheese. We were happy to see the product on the market. We would have it in thinner slices. It was moist and tender.

👤I use jerky to get in some calories with less fat and calories than a meal. It's a fair tradeoff for Tillamook to have more carbs than other brands. I used to use Jack Link's and a few others, but they always tasted more tough and chewy, so having the good flavor plus not hurting my mouth to eat it makes this a definite favorite. I wish I could order in bulk packages.

4. Jack Links Steak Strip Original

Jack Links Steak Strip Original

Jack Link's Beef Strips are a good source of calories and a good source of calories with 8g ofProtein and 70 calories per serving. Each beef bar is made with lean cuts of 100% premium beef. It's free of the disease. There is a full of flames. Jack Link's Original Beef Strip is made with their signature blend of Original spices. It's slow cooked over hardwood smoke for a classic taste and texture. It's convenient to go back to the basics of meat instead of throwing a bar in your bag. A portable, bar-sized beef strip is a great way to snack. There are some things contained: One.9 ounce beef strip. Pack in lunches, bring to work, and keep them at home for a snack.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤The first one I opened was what I found after I received these yesterday. A piece of beef jerky was completely covered in a white skin with green mild all over it. The best time to buy the product is before January 15 2020. I think that is not true.

👤I was hoping that these bars would be a good addition to my diet. I ordered teriyaki and beef at different times. I thought they were awesome at first. There were 3 spoiled ones that came out of one box and the quality of the other boxes has changed. Jack Links sent me some coupons after I called to report the lot number. Lack of consistency is the only thing I have found about this product. Sometimes it's more of a chew, sometimes it's less of a chew. I have moved my rationing of jerky meat sticks to CHOMPS because it is more consistent and better. I don't like meat bars in the long run because they don't cut it for me and my household. No one likes them and I don't like the cost and lack of consistency. I'll stick with Chomps.

👤I found Jack Link's beef strips in Walmart. They are tender and delicious. It was a perfect snack for someone who tries to eat healthy. I decided to set up a subscription on Amazon because it's a hassle to buy them in Walmart and they only come in 5 boxes. I ordered the originals to compare. They were dried out and had a nasty flavor when they arrived. I had ordered three boxes and it was a food item. I didn't want to try to get it back. I tried to give them away, but after 3 people had tried them, we threw them out. I figured it was because I went to a different flavor and would try the Teriyaki one at Walmart. I ordered 2 more boxes. It was the same thing when they arrived. The teriyaki tasted the same as the originals, but they 888-282-0465. I tried to give them away again. I don't know what the difference is between Walmart and the packaging and everything in Walmart. They may dry out while being warehoused. Was it stored too long? I threw out $50 worth of things. I went back to Walmart and bought a single box to see if I had gone crazy. The new 5-pack box was perfect. I will only buy them from the store. I'm still bitter about the $50 of waste.

👤Jack Links products are something I like to buy. I like their teriyaki beef steak nuggets. The teriyaki beef bars were supposed to have a similar flavor. I was wrong. You get 12 teriyaki beef bars. When you open them, they are wrapped tightly so they are fresh. The flavor was the problem with this product. The meat was very soft and had a rubber texture. The beef bars were not pleasant to eat. 2% or less of beef, sugar, soy sauce, salt, beef stock, flavors, cherry powder, yeast extract, and Citric Acid is an ingredient list. There is an allergy warning that contains soy. The serving size is the equivalent of 20 grams. 70 calories. 20 calories. The total fat is 2 grams. 1 gram of saturated fat. Trans Fat is 0 gram. Cholesterol is 30 milligrams. The amount of sodium is 550. 6 grams of total Carbohydrates. Fiber 0 gram. 6 grams of sugar. There is 8 grams ofProtein. 5% iron. These bars are very salty and high in sodium. The combination of chewiness and saltiness reminds me of dog treats. My significant other wouldn't eat them either, so we threw away 11 bars. These beef bars missed the mark, but I love Jack Links products. teriyaki is not a teriyaki flavor, the texture is unpleasant, and they taste really bad. You will be happy to buy another Jack Links product if you skip this one.

5. WISCONSIN Sticks Protein Resealable Package

WISCONSIN Sticks Protein Resealable Package

There is a package of beef sausage snack sticks. The paleo alternative to beef jerky and other dried meat snacks is beef sausage snack sticks. Their sausage snacks are made with the most premium cuts of meat. Their beef snack sticks are smoked to enhance the natural flavor of their high-quality beef. These appetizing snack sticks are perfect for men, women, and kids on-the-go looking to give their taste buds a healthy treat.

Brand: Old Wisconsin

👤I loved these Beef sticks so much that I kept trying them. This purchase is terrible. When a purchase comes out (the bomb), it's nothing like past purchases. Product quality slowly deteriorated over time. You can see from the picture. The ends seem to be more than 1/2 fat. They feel soft and squishy to the touch and the same in your mouth. They used to have a great taste. They leave a bad taste in your mouth. This will be my last purchase. I used to like the pepperoni and turkey sticks, but I don't know about the current one.

👤I was excited to find these on Amazon for a good price, I love beef sticks and sausage in general. I started to see pictures of packages that were bad. Since my regular sausage was out of stock, I decided to try my luck. I waited to write the review until the entire package was gone to make sure they didn't go bad. I am happy to report that they stayed fresh for me after I ate the last package. I ate a midday snack of 30 sticks with the pack to help keep my blood sugar up. I put them in the fridge immediately after they arrived and then folded the plastic over to open them. I had them for 15 days and no problems. The beef sticks are not the turkey. I may have tried those first if the turkey hadn't been available when I placed my order. I'm very happy with this purchase. The sticks are mild and full of flavor. They have a nice snap to them, they didn't taste greasy or fat. These are a perfect midday snack because they have 5 grams ofProtein. I will order again. I'm not sure what the mold situation was for a few people. Maybe they were too hot during transit. I'm glad I took the chance and ordered and that my mine stayed fresh for two weeks.

👤Meat sticks have their own fans. Slim Jims are among the most disgusting meat sticks, but they are so delicious that we love them. There are a lot of one-star reviews of Slim Jims because of the grease/oils and sodium, so we have little doubt that there are many one-star reviews of Slim Jims. If a review praises or pans a meat stick, be careful. We like these beef sticks because of our caution. We compare the turkey sticks from Old Wisconsin to the beef sticks we have. The turkey sticks are less greasy and salty than the beef sticks. The turkey sticks may be better for you than the beef sticks. The taste of the beef sticks with their lovely saltiness and oil/grease taste is something we enjoy. The beef sticks are kept in a sealed bag to prolong their life. Otherwise, they mold quickly. We have been able to keep the beef sticks refrigerated for a while, but we have to watch the mold situation. Average is how we assess value. The beef sticks are more expensive per ounce than smaller packages in a physical store. It is possible that a comparable package of beef sticks in a physical store is cheaper than the price on Amazon. Our problem is finding a large package of beef sticks in a store. We've found places that carry turkey sticks, but no beef sticks. Our rating is four stars because we like the flavor and texture. The sticks are greasy. The sticks are salty. They are probably not very healthy. When it comes to meat sticks, personal preference will always win out over what any other review says.

6. Cattlemans Cut Original Jerky Ounce

Cattlemans Cut Original Jerky Ounce

Usda steak is slow cooked for a tender bite. The handcrafted quality speaks for itself in a clear bag. Cattleman's Cut comes in a bag and is high in food. Premium steak with a robust flavor that's roots in sweet and savory seasoning, brown sugar and layers of hardwood smoke.

Brand: Cattleman's Cut

👤I felt let down by this snack. I've always preferred cowboy dry and thin cut, so I knew this was going to be a gamble, I'm not a fan of the whole trend of soft thick cut. This stuff is so soft that I set mine out for weeks to dry and will snack on it again once more of the water has evaporated. I might throw it out because it's so bitter. It's the same as a bag of Target or Walmart branded generic brands on the market. It has a light smokey and sweet back end taste profile, but not the worst, but not the best, completely average, and has a sour vinegar aftertaste. I let it dry out for over a month, but it didn't help with taste or texture. I'll be skipping this one in the future.

👤A friend gave me the bag. I got the original to try it out. The Woody smoke flavor is light and good tearing without being stupid hard or stringy. I like to eat bit by bit and the large bag makes me want to eat more. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good solid jerky without getting crazy.

👤I like beef jerky. I like Tillamook, World Kitchens, Old Trapper and Jack Links. The Jerkey doesn't stand up to the other brands. I wanted to like it because it was cheap. It is too sweet. I thought I had made a mistake when it was sticky and I ordered a jerkey. The beef was tender and easy to chew on. It would have given Jack Links a run for his money if it was more on the savory side. Jack Links is on my list of things to eat. World Kitchens is the best jerky. The second favorite is Old Trapper. Next time I'll pay more for a better brand.

👤I checked the bag to make sure I had teriyaki because it has good flavor. I couldn't detect teriyaki. It is tough because it is thick. There is no artificial or natural tenderizers listed on the ingredient list. I hope my teeth grow back. After five minutes of chewing, one piece required me to reach in my mouth and remove it. I have eaten many different brands of jerky. I bought some from the Plaza casino store in 2004. My teeth loosened up when I tried that brand, as they did from this brand. This is correct. Steak does not come from a place on the cow where it would be served at a steak house. The thickness of a chuck roast is more important than the thickness of a chuck steak.

👤This is going to be part of a Christmas present so I don't know if it tastes good but I think people should know the bag is half full. I was not happy with how little was included.

👤I open the bag and eat a piece. I was excited that I would be able to eat some good tough beef jerky because the flavor was okay. I reach into the bag and feel something moist and sticky. The rest of the bag had at least two pieces of good jerky. What a waste of money.

7. Jack Links Snacks Jerky Teriyaki

Jack Links Snacks Jerky Teriyaki

A good source of protein. Jack Link's Beef Jerky is a delicious way to get more of the essential form of animal fat. It's a must-have snack that has 11 grams ofProtein and 80 calories per serving. Jack Link's Beef Jerky is made from lean cuts of 100% premium beef, then seasoned with simple ingredients like water and salt. Their beef jerky is fat free with no added hormones. Each strip of Teriyaki Beef Jerky is made with a special blend of soy, garlic, ginger and brown sugar. It's slow cooked over hardwood smoke for the perfect smoky flavor. It's the perfect combination of East and West. How did ancient civilizations build pyramids or win sword battles? There is meat. Jack Link's beef jerky can help you power through a late day at work, tackle your honey-do list or fuel a workout if it worked for them. The jumbo 1/2 pound sharing size bag is re-sealable so you can open it again and again. It's great for sharing with family and friends or for hiding in a secret spot.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤I am confused by the description of it as a family size. I can see that. I think it should be enough. This bag is probably not enough for me. I wouldn't label this as a family size.

👤It tasted bad. The bag was sealed and had an expired date. I'm not sure what went wrong.

👤I usually order one per month. These have a great foliage. I cut them into pieces and put them in a container. I try to wait about 3 days before eating. It gives them time to dry out a little more. I would like them to be a little cheaper so I could enjoy 2 per month.

👤Extreme levels of flavor! If you are looking for something very sexual, this is it. The pieces are large. Not a package of small things. It keeps the water moist. I've left packages slightly open before. The whole thing might have a few pieces of fat. It's all over. Excellent stuff! I still buy it even though I would like it to be cheaper. It's great. The bags are nice and heavy. If you treat them as a snack and not a meal, they will last longer. Oh, that's right!

👤They used to sell 1 lbs bags for the same price and better quality, but now they only sell 1 lbs bags for the same price.

👤Even though the best by date is two years from now, both bags of jerky were very old and tough. I don't know if it was the conditions of the warehouse that caused this. While waiting for my order, I bought the same flavor and brand of jerky at the grocery store and their stock was fresh. I was excited about the bags that I ordered, but I was disappointed by the quality and taste. You should purchase them from the store. I have never had a problem with in-person shopping.

👤This isn't exceptional. It tends to be a challenge for freshness. The teriyaki flavor is not great. Why buy this one? It is cheap. It doesn't taste weird like other budget brands I've tried, and while how soft or hard is seemingly random, the quality has been pretty well consistently ok.

8. New Primal Classic Gluten Grass Fed

New Primal Classic Gluten Grass Fed

Each 1 Oz meat stick has 8g of protein, 0g of sugar, 90 calories, and is low fat and low cholesterol. The combination of healthy and convenient is here. Diet friendly. Their beef sticks are Paleo, Whole30 approved, and Certified Gluten-Free. With these ready-to- eat snacks, you can stay on track with your goals. The meat sticks are full of flavor and sugar-free. Their beef is grass-fed and never finished on grains. Grass-fed cows raised without antibiotics or hormones provide a high-quality taste. On-the-go has a delicious taste. The flavors of garlic, onion, ginger, and lemon peel are packed into a portable snack. You won't be short on snacks if you're in between meetings or in the line for the car. Sugar free snack attack! You can't pronounce the words on the meat sticks at the gas station. These portable snacks are made with bold blended flavors and are free of sugar. There is zero grams of sugar.

Brand: The New Primal

👤When I ordered a second box, it was completely different from the one I ordered. The first box was good, but the second was terrible. The outer layer was dry and paper-like while the inside was salty. Won't be guying these again.

👤I have been eating the Classic Beef Sticks and the Maple bacon Sticks for a year. I have recently received a number of products that were either overcooked and leathery or partially raw inside, with one of them having a pink center that was never present before. I am disappointed that I may have to find a new healthy meat snack as I cannot seem to depend on the quality of these snacks anymore.

👤I paid for 20 Cilantro Lime sticks and the box was not sealed, but the worker opened it and ate the rest of them, I'm just going. Next time you buy a hat, make sure you buy one with my Cilantro Lime sticks hats.

👤One of them wasn't sealed correctly and it was rather gross when I opened it. I have inspected the rest and they look good. It put a bad taste in my mouth. Being on the heathy side of snacking is pretty good.

👤The flavor is high in calories but low in fat. The texture of these is different every time I order them. I had bought them in many different varieties. Sometimes they are a little dry and tough to chew, other times they are fine. I will keep buying them. They are easy to have on hand.

👤I'm working on losing weight with Weight Watchers and the stick is only 1 point. I thought I'd give it a try. I want to leave my snacks at my desk outside of a cooler when I return to work on June 1 because I don't want to use any of the shared kitchen facilities. Reviewers were complaining that they needed to better understand what a meat stick is. 100% processed. Expect something more processed than a hot dog. It was a bit soft, which is fine with me, it makes me feel like I'm eating more and the meat stick lasts longer. The taste was good. I bought turkey pepperoni meat sticks from another company and they were funny and plastic. These are better. I'm very happy with my purchase and plan to buy more. The price is correct.

👤The new stick seems to have a different recipe. It looks more processed. Does not match the previous orders we have ordered. The choices for great quality grass fed beef sticks are very limited.

👤The Peppered Turkey Sticks - Light Pepper Flavor was not as strong a taste. For my sensitive digestion. It was ordered as % off. If the price was right, I would order more often. I tried them again after putting them aside. I used to like the taste, but not my favorite. But okay. I can digest these with no problem, so I raised them from 2* to 4*. This type of food is my comfort food, however there are few I can eat due to being sensitive, so a big plus for this brand and for me certification of the quality. Will try a different flavor. The original review was about a great price break on Amazon for one of my favorite brands. The Cilantro Lime Turkey had good ingredients so I had to try it. After having difficulty finishing the 20 pack, will probably donate as no one wanted them. The texture is dry and not like any other stick I have tried. I tried to have a stick again, but I got nausea. I usually don't eat 1-2 sticks a day. My relatives don't like the flavor or the texture, not me or any of my friends. A sour flavor that doesn't blend well with turkey is hard to describe. The brand may be good again, but not the flavor.

9. Epic Snack Strips Venison Pepper

Epic Snack Strips Venison Pepper

When you're on the go, you'll want a snack strip with 100% grass-fed venison and beef with 8 grams of protein per serving. As you're out running, grab a snack strip to keep you fueled. Venison and beef are only used for the Venison and Beef Strips. The healthy snack is certified Gluten-Free. Paleo friendly, Whole30 approved. There are 20 boxes of snack strips.

Brand: Epic Provisions

👤I ordered the bison and boar bars because I loved them and I was expecting the texture to be the only plus. I really like black pepper. I put a lot in my food. I like pepper. I was sweating through my hair because of the pepper in it. It is a very strong, very dark, very peppery flavor that left me very moist and very regretful. It suggests that there is more sea salt in the ingredients. I don't see how that could be the case. The salt is only used to body slam. Purchase at your own risk. We think it says the other meat is beef. It's probably Spice Weasel from Futurama. If you want to know what Spice Weasel would taste like, you should go for it. I'm not ordering them again. I can't rate the flavor lower than a four. I bought that flavor and they did it. It's a nightmare. There is something called too much pepper.

👤This was not appealing. I bought venison and wagyu beef. I ate one stick of venison because I was hungry and had nothing else with me. I threw the wagyu beef in the garbage because it had one smell. It had a greasy appearance. I had a soapy mess in my mouth after eating the venison. The taste of the meat wasn't good enough to deal with the fat left over. I just couldn't do the wagyu beef. I really wanted to keep it in my pantry, but I couldn't. After contacting the company, they are unable to give a refund. They offered a new one. Leave the meat on the hoof. I am not willing to let another animal die so I could be disappointed again. I will stick to Ostrim. Purchase snacks with care. Maybe it's my palate. I like the weird stuff.

👤One of them was not sealed and has a 2 month lifespan. The rest seem good after I threw the moldy one out. They won't last 2 months. I saved a bit of money buying in bulk because they are 1.99 at Whole Foods. I'm not sure if I'll buy again.

👤I had a gastric sleeve. These snacks help me meet my goals. I'm happy to find a natural snack that isn't full of artificial ingredients.

👤We decided to try the venison because we really liked the beef strips. These things are very expensive. Period. It's difficult to get past the price of the review. These things should come with a disclosure for people with dental issues. The flavor is not as strong as it could be. These are almost inedible because of the toughness. We should get a refund if we got a bad batches. They need to figure out how to fix the venison.

👤These were petrified shoe leather and I love venison. I couldn't cut them up and eat them. Dogs wouldn't touch them either. I used shop shears to cut them up and then used a food processor to crush them. Had to add them to anything after soaking it in liquid. It was an expensive mistake.

10. Epic Snack Strips Wagyu Steak

Epic Snack Strips Wagyu Steak

When you're on the go, you'll want a snack strip with grass-fed wagyu beef that has 6 grams of protein per serving. As you're out running, grab a snack strip to keep you fueled. The wagyu beef for their Steak Strips is grass-fed. Certified Paleo friendly, healthy snack. There are 20 ct of CONTAINS.

Brand: Epic Provisions

👤I ordered for a coworker who loves the word epic. The product was thought to be ok after reading it. The packaging looked good when we received it. They put little effort into the actual product by using hot key words and nice packaging. I would love to know their reorder rate. Some people thought the "steak strips" were made with oil. It had an off flavor as well. After two weeks, not one person finished a serving with some actually not finishing their first bite. It was a disappointment. I tried reaching out to the company directly, as I don't like to bash and ruin their reputation, and they were kind enough to offer a 20 percent off code. I wouldn't order with a 75% off. If they actually stood behind their product, they should have replaced my order.

👤I wanted to try these because I heard so much about them. The taste and texture were not good. I was expecting something better for the price. They are kind of so-so. I thought I would just eat these and not get them again. White spots appeared on them. I don't know if it's fat or mold. I have found mold on beef sticks before, but this was on every one after I discovered it on one and then checked the sticks.

👤The Nutrition Facts should have been read by me. 60 calories are from fat. The greasy and slippery exterior is a turn-off before you even bite into it. I ate one after taking the plunge. I couldn't get over the coating of grease that was on my tongue. My dogs love them. I have a box of the most expensive dog treats ever and they seem to like them.

👤Overall, these are good, but not great value for money. We were turned off by the stick that was covered in mold. They should have better quality control at this price point.

👤My 14 year old son and I loved these Steak Strips for a long time. The beef strips had a bad flavor. The boxes with the expired dates were terrible. The dates had a 5 star flavor. Something has changed. The product is being shipped during the summer heat. Is the beef source different? The animal is being used for strips. I am very sorry to write this review. The same poor flavor was present when I tried another Wagyu Beef Strip at Sprouts. The product needs to be fixed fast. This was a great product. The other products we tried were not as good as this one. This was the best of your products. The others were good, but this was better. Clint from customer service called. Formulation may be changed again in the future. The old flavor of the EPIC brand is gone but still like the brand. Great customer service. Thanks Clint!

👤I was a little worried about what I would get after reading all the negative reviews. The taste is good, only 5 ingredients, beef, honey, sea salt, black pepper and garlic powder. They are a little greasy on the outside but it's not noticeable. It's a good buy for grass fed Jerky that isn't full of a bunch of shit. Most jerky is full of garbage.

11. Jack Links Jerky Multipack Original

Jack Links Jerky Multipack Original

Jack Link's Original Beef Jerky is a good source of good source of protEIN. It's a snack that the whole family will enjoy. The pack contains 20 ounces. You always have a meat snack on hand. Pack in lunches, bring to work, and keep them at home for an after school snack. It is made with 100% beef. Their Original Beef Jerky is made of premium beef. It is fat free and has no added nitrates or nitrites. Full on flames. They created the flavor that made it on the map. Their Original Beef Jerky is slow cooked over hardwood smoke and has a mild smoky taste that kids love. LUNCHBOX READY : Ready to eat packs are a great way to get your kids' lunch to eat. No leftovers. They wouldn't be surprised if they asked for two bags.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤The picture of the product and the package is nice, but the picture of the package spilling out is deceptive because it appears to be the contents of the package on top. The amount of jerky you see in the picture is not as large as you might think. The second package was mostly bits and pieces. To see the perspective of my picture, look at it with a quarter in the middle. My first package was mostly together, but I felt cheated because I only saw three of the nine pieces, which means they aren't entire squares. Jack's Links is using this product to get rid of their crumbs. Buying a bigger package with larger chunks would be better for you. I didn't buy to eat crumbs, there's enough in the bigger bags as it is. I bought 20 packets of crumbs for $24, but I feel cheated.

👤I received the 20 ct package of the original Jack Link's beef loin. I would have ordered it if I had wanted it. The original flavor was what I wanted. I wonder if the people filling the orders can read the order in a timely manner.

👤Jack Link's beef jerky shipments have lost their quality recently. Small shreds of meat are contained in the packages. We were shocked at the quality and limited content of the beef jerky we purchased for our camping trip. Not worth the money.

👤My grandson is 4 years old. Sometimes we go to the store to get a bag of jerky. I think it is a great thing to order this product for us. Please pay attention to the picture I submitted. The product is rotten and smelly. If I didn't think about what could have happened to my grandson, I would have given him this garbage. The company should be ashamed of themselves because they sent a dangerous bull to me. SMAME ONE YOU, it's ridiculous that this slipped through any crack.

👤I opened a package and was hit in the face with mold. It's so disgusting. I refuse to open the other packages because they are not from my husband's account. It was gross. Beware.

👤My husband has a snack drawer in his desk. I put healthy snacks in a large baggie each week to keep him healthy while he is too busy to take lunch. We love these!

👤I wanted to let you know that I received a replacement order and it was the same item. The teriyaki beef jerky has a label that says original beef but not teriyaki beef. I have two boxes of teriyaki. The labeling on the cartons is not correct.

👤My kids don't like teriyaki, so I ordered the original. It is smaller than the snack bags I have used in the past at Sam's club. If they were the right flavor, I would have been happy with it.


What is the best product for beef jerky bulk survival?

Beef jerky bulk survival products from Velveeta. In this article about beef jerky bulk survival you can see why people choose the product. Augason Farms and Tillamook Country Smoker are also good brands to look for when you are finding beef jerky bulk survival.

What are the best brands for beef jerky bulk survival?

Velveeta, Augason Farms and Tillamook Country Smoker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for beef jerky bulk survival. Find the detail in this article. Jack Link's, Old Wisconsin and Cattleman's Cut are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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