The Unimaginable Cruelty of a Society That Makes Kids Fat, Shames Them for It, and Then Puts Them on Treadmills

I’d like to talk about something that’s very dear to my heart: fat kids. You see, I was a fat kid. Some of my experience is documented in the first article I wrote for this site. Here is an excerpt: Sweets used to be a big deal. I always wanted more candy. I spent all of

BREAKTHROUGH: Invisible Entities Detected by Specialized Telescope Appear Over Sensitive Installations

Here at Modern Life Survivalist, we don’t get too into aliens—as far as interstellar intelligent life goes. However, we have our own theory about what they are and what they’re doing here, if we’re assuming at least some accounts and footage of UFOs and abductions are based in reality. In any case, while this is outside of

REVIEW: Mr. Robot TV Show Is Cointel (SPOILERS)

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE HAS SPOILERS (in red). DISCLAIMER: While there is no full-frontal nudity in the show, I would say that the sexual content is explicit (clearly depicts hetero- and homosexual activity). “If you erase the debt record, then we all go back to zero.” Pop quiz: What movie or TV show is this quote from? Answer: The

The Formalities of Formaldehyde (Asian Flush, ALDH2, and You)

So I have been genetically tested and found to have the ALDH2 defect, the most probable cause for my sensitivity to mold and household chemicals. This makes it difficult for my system to handle formaldehyde, and its cousin chemical acetaldehyde, which is a toxin released into the bloodstream when yeast/mold dies or when alcohol is broken down

REVIEW: Should You Eat Pure Licorice? (Zot Xtreme)

Licorice definitely has its place in dealing with digestive disorders, and on top of this has a great number of other benefits. In its pure form, this root is anti-inflammatory and prominently known for helping to heal ulcers in the stomach. I’d like to briefly discuss some properties of this ancient herb, and show you a fun review

Review: How Prescript-Assist Helped Fight MCS and Reclaim My Gut, Part 4

The continuing sensitivity saga continues… See the previous chapters here, here, and here.  So there I was, asleep in the back of my station wagon, parked in a vacant and dark church parking lot, again unable to tolerate the air in my home. My stack of off-gassed bedding consisted of an eggshell mattress, a Wiggy’s

How I Fought MCS and Reclaimed My Gut and Living Space, Part 3

Read parts 1 and 2 of my MCS struggle to get some background on the following transcription of events.   A Compromised Gut Lining As many of you know, I’ve been battling some serious allergies and sensitivities to chemicals, EMFs, and mold. The problems I’ve experienced are often lumped together and categorized as a disorder called

Our Experience: EI, MCS, EMF, Mold Safe Housing in Memphis, TN (Review and Update)

If you’ve been keeping up with our journey on this blog, you’ll know that Rachel and I have been going through a very difficult time in the few months leading up to her birth (which she is due for in 2 weeks). We have received much tender-loving-care from our family and friends, who have helped to

Four Convincing Reasons To Consider Moringa Powder

Sometimes what you don’t know can detract from your quality of life. Seemingly, there are a multitude of natural supplements that are gaining traction and popularity in recent times, many that we’ve never heard of before. Such is the case with Moringa powder, an extract from an African plant that’s making headlines in recent months.

How Chlorine in Well Water Made Me Sick: Mold Maintenance and Maladaptation (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1 of the series, Mold Maintenance and Maladaptation: “Me, My Mom, and the Maltese“ A big part of my MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) story has to do with our well pump breaking on the very weekend of the events described in my last article. It was a pain to have no running
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