Pregnancy Vlog: 17 Weeks Second Trimester (Low Platelets Danger at Birthing Center)

Here I was at 17 weeks of pregnancy of the second trimester. I am 24 weeks right now! I am uploading these videos rather slowly, so there’s more to come! I talked about my issues with having low platelets (needed for blood clotting) while at the birthing center, its possible connection with bad eating habits

7 Reasons Parents Should Fight the New World Order, Part 1 (Agenda 21)

I know this might seem, by its title, like some sort of satirical piece. You’d think I’m trying to mock people who even believe the New World Order exists. You might even think it’s ridiculous to talk about “fighting it,” and especially doing so while raising a family. However, I’m dead serious. My goal here is

Watch: Staying SOCIAL while EMF Sensitive w/ Lloyd Burrell, ElectricSense

  How do you tell your family and friends that you don’t use a cellphone, the microwave, or WiFi because of health considerations? How do we manage to live life socially while staying protected from uncertain and unsafe technologies? Here is our LIVE discussion with Lloyd Burrell of on the social aspects of living

Our Pro-Life Pregnancy Announcement on Facebook

I am 19 weeks pregnant, so we waited quite a bit to do the big reveal! I am due in November. Below is our first published but most recent pregnancy vlog with the announcement itself: The Right to Live is True Liberty We just put up our pro-life baby or pregnancy announcement yesterday on Facebook

Documentary Movie REVIEW: Moldy & Black Mold Exposure—Two Rare and Essential Documentaries on Mold

Mold. This word has loomed entirely too large over my life in the past 3 or 4 years. I’m certain that my friends/family have gotten incredibly sick of this subject, among a litany of other topics I tend to rant about. Here are my previous articles on the topic: What My Parents, the Government, My Doctor, and My Teacher Didn’t

REVIEW AOBiome AO+ Spray: Introducing Probiotics for Your Skin

Our body has a Microbiome (capital M for the whole body) that needs balance—a microbiome in every system, every organ, and every orifice. It’s a very fun, messy, sticky, and sweaty situation all around. However, it’s gotten very ugly since the Industrial Revolution (perhaps even the Agricultural Revolution). Considering we’re made of 10 times more bacterial cells than

GIVEAWAY: Inversion Studios Pilates Yoga Tension Resistance Ring

Examples of classic hatha yoga with a Pilates ring: Bridge pose Hamstring stretch Cobra GIVEAWAY Inversion Studios is giving away a Pilates/Yoga Ring just like pictured above to three (3) lucky winners! Just use the easy widget below and follow the prompts. All you need to do is: REQUIRED:  Like Modern Life Survivalist on Facebook.

The New Polarity: Skeptards Vs. Tinfoils (Skeptics and “Conspiracy Theorists”)

I hereby officially define, declare, and otherwise decree the terms skeptard and tinfoil. I’m sorry if “skeptard” offends anyone. I assure you it is not meant as a co-derision of anyone struggling with diminished mental capacity. The movie Cabin in the Woods readily used the term celebutard, and last time I checked, people were still watching movies written by Joss Whedon.

Turning Point: U.S. Lowers Fluoride in Tap Water + Parks & Rec Propaganda

The U.S. has finally decided to actually lower the amount of fluoride in tap water. Here’s a very lamestream treatment of this news from The Guardian (London). Thankfully, at the top of the article they admit in two fairly prominent bulletpoints that “too much fluoride a common cause of white splotches and streaks across teeth.”

Our Online Headlines Reinstated: Google (Kind of) Responds!

This is a follow-up to “Our Online Freedom Stripped Away: Films and News that Prove It (Parts 1 & 2)” and its natural descendant, “Our Online Headlines Stripped Away: The Google Support Ticket that Proves It.” The latter delved into why the search engine title had been truncated to the second half “Films and News