An Urgent Plea to the Unafflicted: Reduce Environmental Toxins

I realize that I write much about MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome) and most of my readers are those who have the disease active in their lives. It’s easy to note that two schools of reactions occur for most people. One is fear, avoidance, and deep distancing. These are the people who read and think,

Extremely Blue Light from Refrigerator: My Samsung Support Ticket

So my parents decided to get a new fridge early this year around my birthday. This was not a present. While the old fridge was kind of small and I could see why a new one might be in order, I definitely had some reservations about the idea of a new major appliance that had

Is Your Fragrance Infringing on Someone’s Rights? Absolutely.

I have been spending a great deal of time on a Facebook support group for EIs (people with environmental illness) called EI Safe Housing. It is really helpful to have several dozen people to turn to for advice on waters they’ve been treading for some time (some more than others). The waters I speak of and

What Negan’s New World Order Represents on Walking Dead

The monologue in this expertly crafted—in its acting, light, and direction—amazingly intense scene at the end of last night’s Walking Dead was just your typical bad-guy speech–at least at first. As Negan’s evil soliloquoy unraveled, we anticipated the elimination of another character, who would remain unnamed as arguably the most shameless cliffhanger in recent television

5 Reasons We Should Let the U.N. Regulate School Lunches (April Fool’s)

Following the popularity and success of Common Core, the United Nations has endeavored to be involved in more aspects of the educational experience in U.S. public schools, as well as your child’s life. Not enough fruit in your children’s cafeterias? Help us make this Core more Common. Surveys of students grades K–12 have shown an immense lack of

This Osteopathic (Holistic) Doctor Could Unseat D.C. Royalty: Dr. Kelli Ward v. John McCain

I think Dr. Ben Carson’s vision of the U.S. returning to a political landscape comprising people of all professions and backgrounds, as opposed to career politicians, might be coming into focus. Kelli Ward, an osteopathic physician from Arizona came up the outright favorite in a poll against Sen. John McCain (R) in August 2015, early on in

What the Bible Says About Veganism

Here at Modern Life Survivalist we don’t go meatless. No—not for anyone. (Actually, we do follow the Bulletproof Diet, which utilizes almost weekly protein fasting in order to achieve autophagy, but that’s for another post.) However, I absolutely understand someone’s moral reasons for doing this. In fact, it might be considered hypocritical for someone to

Massachusetts Family Suffering from Toxic Mold in Habitat for Humanity House, Part 1

Note: I had original taken down this post at the request of the judge in Shannon’s case, but this is my site, and I have decided to share this information. A great injustice is being done to an innocent family, and I have a right to share it with the public. My actions should have no

Hope for Formula-Fed Babies

What you feed your baby is a sensitive topic for most mothers. Even among adults, debates around the best diet can be as intense as religious discussions. I believe in the saying “the breast is best,” but there are circumstances that can prevent either mother and/or baby from participating in breastfeeding. Because of this, I firmly believe

Review: How L-Glutamine Helped Me Fight MCS and Reclaim My Gut, Part 5

Continued from a series of articles about my terrible bout with MCS since the end of Summer 2015. Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. This is the conclusion of my journey to stabilization before the birth of my first child. In the last installment, I related how Prescript-Assist helped tremendously in some complications of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)
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