Mind Over Matter, and the Matter of Your Mind (Brain Health)

I’d like to get into some higher-level thinking today—but I make no promises. You see, before age 30, I wasn’t aware of all of the toxins in the world that had conspired to take down my gut bacteria and thus my brain capacity. Tracing the path of my health and the lack thereof throughout my life,

Definitive Guide to Balancing and Defeating Candida

I’d love to share some thoughts I have about candida with you. Candida is the worst thing in the world. I can tell you what I did, and what I would do if I could go back and do it again. If you’ve been reading the blog, you might know I have almost fully recovered

Real U.S. Surveillance Shown in The Dark Knight Film (2008)

Actual US Intelligence surveillance side by side with The Dark Knight surveillance scene. We had just finished watching Dark Knight, with new eyes (after being awakened by InfoWars and its ilk), when we completely coincidentally ran across this picture. I was hoping Jay’s Analysis, my new obsession, had done an esoteric analysis (in the vein

Hippie Hygiene on the Cheap

Alright, everybody, it’s time for us to channel our inner hippy and stink up the place! Just kidding! That’s a bad stereotype. Hippies had the right idea, for real, on so many things. They were so right to question the establishment, and I’ve always been particularly impressed with their precognitive avoidance of processed foods and

Healthy on a Budget: Safe Non-Organic, Low Pesticide (yet Non-GMO) Foods

Here is the list of foods that are pretty safe without being organic. However, this list is only considering the amount of pesticides found in them after they were sprayed. They do not account for GMOs in food, which engineer not only the crops but our bodies as well. You could always look for conventionally

All About Snowpiercer, Part 2—Agenda 21 (or Class Warfare?)

Continued from Part 1 but this time with spoilers Snowpiercer, the groundbreaking post-apocalyptic sci-fi film directed by Bong Joon-ho, has now made its way onto Netflix streaming. This is amazing news, because more people need to know the message behind this film. I have been so eager to continue my analysis of the film, but the

Ditch the Calorie-Counting (Part 3) and Take the Toxin-Oriented, Hormonal, and Metabolic Approach to Dieting

In the first two parts of this series, we discussed why calorie counting doesn’t work, and we got into two different approaches that work far better for weight control and overall health: the metabolic approach and the hormonal approach. Dealing with the root problems that lead to weight gain is so important if you have a weight loss

Why Stop Eating Kerrygold Butter: GMO Corn and Bt toxins

  Today I want to focus on corn. Corn is not fit for consumption by anyone, especially your loved ones! Sadly, this is the kind of advice that will make your not-so-nutrition-oriented family members sigh and grumble. However, if you can find a way to reach them with this important message, please try! Not only does

Ditch the Calorie-Counting (Part 2) and Take the Hormonal, Toxin-Oriented, and Metabolic Approach to Dieting

Continued from previous article, which contrasts the futility of calorie counting with the effectiveness of a metabolic approach. To further the notion that calories don’t count, I’d like to submit this article by Diet Doctor going through a case study of someone who ate something like 5800 calories!    The human body is such a great mystery, even

Our Online Freedom Stripped Away: Films and News that Prove It, Part II

If you’re just jumping in, this is part 2 of my Freedom of Speech duet of articles. Please go back and read part 1, which covers Facebook and the Chinese Internet Censorship Czar, Films About Censorship, and online threat level designations for U.S. citizens. I’d like to start by covering where we are right now