Our Experience: EI, MCS, EMF, Mold Safe Housing in Memphis, TN (Review and Update)

If you’ve been keeping up with our journey on this blog, you’ll know that Rachel and I have been going through a very difficult time in the few months leading up to her birth (which she is due for in 2 weeks). We have received much tender-loving-care from our family and friends, who have helped to

Four Convincing Reasons To Consider Moringa Powder

Sometimes what you don’t know can detract from your quality of life. Seemingly, there are a multitude of natural supplements that are gaining traction and popularity in recent times, many that we’ve never heard of before. Such is the case with Moringa powder, an extract from an African plant that’s making headlines in recent months.

How Chlorine in Well Water Made Me Sick: Mold Maintenance and Maladaptation (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1 of the series, Mold Maintenance and Maladaptation: “Me, My Mom, and the Maltese“ A big part of my MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) story has to do with our well pump breaking on the very weekend of the events described in my last article. It was a pain to have no running

How to: Proper Storage and Bottles for Essential Oils + Giveaway!

Ever wonder why certain liquids such as essential oils, some beauty oils and perfumes, or even your olive oil are usually stored in a dark glass container as opposed to plastic or a clear container? It’s because unlike other liquids, these types of oils are very volatile and can easily be damaged by the sun. Olive oil can become rancid

Help us find an MCS, Mold, and EMF safe home for our family

Kind-hearted souls, I am the wife of an MCS/Mold/EMF-sensitive husband, Rob. We are expecting our first child to be born on November 15, and we are still currently looking for safe permanent housing ever since my husband got sick in our moldy home around 2012. His health got better once we moved into another less moldy house with his

How I Increased My Low Blood Platelet Count Naturally and Safely

There are so many tips, tricks, and hacks for increasing your blood platelet count, but are these methods safe and lasting? The problem with even eating some foods like certain fruits to bump up your count is you can easily go overboard with fructose (sugar) and risk getting gestational diabetes, especially if you are already a

How to be as “NATURAL” as possible in the bathroom

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NaturalGoodness #CollectiveBias Is it possible to live a clean and somewhat natural lifestyle when you have a family to take care of, a full-time business to run, and an unusual schedule to keep? YES! Sometimes the last thing

Wife Relating to Husband’s Mold, MCS, EMF Sensitivities

Disregarding the risk of looking like crap online, I took this video early in the morning to tell you how it is being the wife of a mold, MCS, and EMF sensitive husband. MCS stands for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which is a common but not very well understood disorder that probably affects about 70% of the

Mold Maintenance and Maladaptation, Part 1: Me, My Mom, and the Maltese

I am currently protesting my house. It is really hard to do that considering how hard it is to find places that lack heavy EMF, chemical, or mold pollution. Yet here I find myself, eating at Chipotle, which generally seems to come through for me on all three fronts, and I can actually eat the

It Hurts to Laugh + Can’t See “Down There”: Pregnancy Vlog 26 Weeks Second Trimester

Here is my 26th week pregnancy update! Little Peacut is the size of a head of lettuce, and I’m feeling tons of movement! The second trimester is about to come to a close. The next time you’ll hear from me, I will be in my third trimester! There is not much to talk about in
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