Alt-Right Means Alternative Health: Alex Jones on Attachment Parenting

On Friday, in a rally speech, Hillary recently called out some of the more esoteric elements of the Web that Trump might be getting inspiration from, including Breitbart, the Alt-Right movement, InfoWars, and according to her, the godfather of it all, Vladimir Putin (????) Because God forbid you get your news from any source besides

CENSORSHIP: The Mandela Effect Wreaks Havoc on Quantum Theory and Children’s Books

This is a little more out there for our blog, but it involves cultural aspects of child-rearing that are often overlooked. It also perfectly exemplifies a perhaps intentional dumbing down of children’s literature to suppress deeper intellectual and spiritual thought. If you haven’t heard of the Mandela Effect, it can be briefly described as the freaky

EASY and FREE FIX: Get Rid of Moldy Musty Smells from Your Car Vent

This is the most effective “hack” I’ve ever discovered for air quality. And it’s in such an important arena of our life, where we all spend way too much time—our cars. Are you ready? Well, first let me give you a quick background. You could have the cleanest, freshest-smelling, offgassed from manufacturing (new car smell), kept

Interview on Radio3Fourteen (Red Ice Radio) on Paleo Lifestyle & Diet + EMFs

It was such an honor being a guest on Radio3Fourteen this month. Lana Lokteff, the show hostess, found me on Twitter through mutual followers and interests. The other blog that is featured on this show is my personal blog, à la Modest, which focuses on topics involving femininity, fashion, traditional roles of women, and motherhood. As you’ll hear in the

What I Learned From Being a Stripper

Sorry for the somewhat clickbait-y title, but it’s actually a true story. Ahem. Allow me to clarify: When I was 15, I had a part-time job stripping wood. Doesn’t sound much better, I know… hehe. Okay, I’ll level with you: first of all I’m male, and I used to work for a small furniture shop stripping

Prescript-Assist Reevaluation: Keeping Companies Honest

  Within the past year, I have given Prescript-Assist glowing, rave reviews for helping me to recover from some severe allergies, reflux, and muscle weakness. While I stand by my recommendation to give them a try in desperate situations when your digestion is severely out of whack, I would like to walk it back a bit on my general

How Cell Phones and Wireless Routers Mess Up Your Gut

I’d like to make a connection that few are making these days, between electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and gut health. Lately, so much research has been done on the vast implications and applications of the gut microbiome’s effects on every system of humans—not just digestive. Also, a great amount of research is being done on what

What is Paleo (The Basics)?

For the above video, I was asked to explain what the Paleo diet was to an audience of mostly females who knew nothing about it and wanted to lose weight by trying something new. My household’s diet is very similar to the Paleo diet, but we also adhere to Weston A. Price standards, which focuses more on modern

Debunking the Toxin Theory

We’ve been hacked! Explanation below as to how this ended up on our website. Bear with us as we deal with this crisis, and just enjoy it for what it is. If you’ve paid attention to the news or health entertainment lately, you may have noticed a mostly annoying, but in reality quite disturbing trend.

Today: Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol Dos & Don’ts

So today I learned a very practical bit of advice I can give anyone. For my stay-at-home job (the way I survive by the way with my severe allergies and chemical sensitivities), I buy disc-based media and recondition them for sale online. This job is very lucrative, because you can buy stuff that’s in not-so-great condition
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