Mold Maintenance and Maladaptation, Part 1: Me, My Mom, and the Maltese

I am currently protesting my house. It is really hard to do that considering how hard it is to find places that lack heavy EMF, chemical, or mold pollution. Yet here I find myself, eating at Chipotle, which generally seems to come through for me on all three fronts, and I can actually eat the

It Hurts to Laugh + Can’t See “Down There”: Pregnancy Vlog 26 Weeks Second Trimester

Here is my 26th week pregnancy update! Little Peacut is the size of a head of lettuce, and I’m feeling tons of movement! The second trimester is about to come to a close. The next time you’ll hear from me, I will be in my third trimester! There is not much to talk about in

Round Ligament Pain and Eating Fruit (More Carbs), Pregnancy Vlog: 23 Weeks 2nd Trimester

Here is my update from week 23 of pregnancy! I did not even realize at first that what I craved during this week matched the size of our baby! It’s not chocolate mint ice cream or candy. It’s mangoes, which I had one or two of this week. They’re not something I typically eat though, especially since I

Heard Baby Heartbeat with Fetoscope! Pregnancy Vlog: 21 Weeks Second Trimester

Our midwife got to hear our baby’s heartbeat at 21 weeks with a fetoscope! Take note that this was the first time Rob got to hear it also. I didn’t get to, and you’ll find out in the video below just why not! WHAT is a fetoscope? A fetoscope, also known as a pinard horn,

Submit Tweets to Troll Monsanto for 24 Hours

  I need your help with something very easy and fun! Twitter handle: @mlsurvivalist Mission: to #trollMonsanto for 24 hours When: Monday, August 17th, 2015 What We’re Doing We have a bit of a cheeky blog where we like to troll (technical term for cyberpester/-taunt) @MonsantoCo once in a while on Twitter and go after

How I Got Rid of Skin Discoloration Naturally! (Pregnancy Vlog: 20 Weeks, Second Trimester)

You can read my week 19 pregnnacy vlog complaining about skin discoloration during pregnancy’s rapid hormonal changes (melasma) for the first time if you haven’t seen it… or you can watch my vlog from week 20 below complaining about it again BUT finding a natural, safe, and EFFECTIVE solution this time… with coconut oil! Follow

Pregnancy Vlog: 19 Weeks Second Trimester (Melasma, Skin Discoloration or Darkening)

Here is another old pregnancy vlog! I was 19 weeks pregnant in this video (I am now 25 weeks pregnant!). This was filmed on June 24th, and I was talking about the most obvious symptom I experienced that week: melasma or  skin discoloration. Melasma is more commonly found in darker-skinned women during pregnancy, and it

Pregnancy Vlog: 17 Weeks Second Trimester (Low Platelets Danger at Birthing Center)

Here I was at 17 weeks of pregnancy of the second trimester. I am 24 weeks right now! I am uploading these videos rather slowly, so there’s more to come! I talked about my issues with having low platelets (needed for blood clotting) while at the birthing center, its possible connection with bad eating habits

7 Reasons Parents Should Fight the New World Order, Part 1 (Agenda 21)

I know this might seem, by its title, like some sort of satirical piece. You’d think I’m trying to mock people who even believe the New World Order exists. You might even think it’s ridiculous to talk about “fighting it,” and especially doing so while raising a family. However, I’m dead serious. My goal here is

Watch: Staying SOCIAL while EMF Sensitive w/ Lloyd Burrell, ElectricSense

  How do you tell your family and friends that you don’t use a cellphone, the microwave, or WiFi because of health considerations? How do we manage to live life socially while staying protected from uncertain and unsafe technologies? Here is our LIVE discussion with Lloyd Burrell of on the social aspects of living