My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Cold Thermogenesis!) to Biohackers Dave Asprey and Jack Kruse

Rob (me) from Modern Life Survivalist took the ALS ice bucket challenge at the risk of harming my once-fragile immune system. It was very cold, but it didn’t cause weird symptoms, e.g., numb hands and fuzzy-feeling inner ears, like those I’ve experienced when abruptly jumping into cold showers in the past. Even though they’re kind of famous and I

Stratospheric Aerosols (Chemtrails) in Baltimore?

These recent pictures were taken right outside our home in Baltimore, MD. Please do not think Rob was giving the ring finger to Creation or the Creator. Notice the two jet trails above the beautiful horizon. These suspicious white streaks were the target of his brazen manual criticism. Even if they aren’t what the conspiracy theorists say they are,

Our Intro to BmorePaleo Meetup Group

About a couple of months ago, I landed on a Meetup group called BmorePaleo while I was looking for local events or groups around Baltimore interested in discussing the Paleo diet and lifestyle. If you don’t know what a “Meetup” is with a capital M, it is an event or group organized through a social

The Mold Diet

So as you all know—or don’t know—I’ve been recovering from toxic mold exposure. Never actually discovered stachybotrys, but I’m pretty sure it was there, considering the symptoms, and if it wasn’t, I was exposed to something like it or as nasty, like aspergillus. You see, all molds that produce toxins tend to have a bad

My (and Probably Everyone Else’s) Inability to Tolerate Omega 6 Oils

  So there’s this great debate about saturated fat versus omega 6 polyunsaturated fat regarding their effect on heart health. If you ask me, there is no debate, considering the lack of any convincing or current evidence that oils high in omega 6 will cause any benefit to heart health. My personal experience has definitely

Saturated Fat Does Not Cause Heart Disease

So, I hate research. That is for sure. I hate science to some degree. I didn’t like labs in high school or college, and I take serious issue with the use of science as a way to deny the benefits of faith and religion, or the existence of God. Science and faith definitely can easily coexist

Review of Les Mills Bodyflow / Bodybalance: Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi

As of February 21st, I am a certified Les Mills Bodyflow instructor! Bodyflow is one of the many programs that an internationally renowned group fitness organization called Les Mills created. Bodyflow is their mind-body program that combines practices from yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. It is set to pop music and ends with meditation. They have a different “release”

Biohacker’s Review of Mercola’s Grounding / Earthing Mat

Watch Rob’s review of Mercola’s grounding or earthing mat which you can find on Dr. Mercola’s website. How good are these for your body? Are these mats close to what you’re getting naturally? A similar product on Amazon:

Review of Caveman Cookies & Krave beef jerky

Watch our first ever video on Youtube: Review of Caveman Cookies & Krave beef jerky. Rachel starts by reviewing the products’ ingredients list, the appearance, texture, and taste. Although she tells you what’s wrong about these products, the verdict needs to be tougher! Rob sweeps in near the end of the video to make this

Quick Upgraded Paleo Checklist for Family & Friends

I have a twenty-something-year-old cousin and a seventy-something-year-old grandfather who both were recently diagnosed with cancer.  I am greatly saddened by this. Whenever my doctor declines my request to have a mammogram because I’m under forty, I tell them about my young cousin’s breast cancer.  As expected, they extend their sincerest apologies and immediately ask