Les Mills Nutrition Good Protein Powder (Grass-Fed w/ Stevia) Review

Group fitness giant Les Mills recently came out with their first-ever nutrition product called “Good Protein.” If you haven’t read about the serious endeavor of this company to awaken the masses about nutritional conspiracies, read about my review on Les Mills Nutrition. It was surprising to see such a mainstream fitness company be bold enough

Use A Resistance Band for Stretching—Not Just for Strength Training!

There are many ways resistance bands can be used during exercise, and the most common way is for strength exercise. We all should be aware that stretching is just as important as, if not more important than strength training. Stretching before and after exercising or even as your entire workout (as in gentle yoga) prevents injury

Exposing the Cardio Conspiracy: Hacking Alex Jones’ Weight Loss

Alex Jones’ Conversation with Dr. Joseph Mercola—Intermittent Fasting, the “Fat Gene,” and the Unaddressed Cardio Conspiracy The other night, I was enjoying my daily InfoWars dose while polishing off the rest of a stick of Kerrygold, when Alex Jones said to me (yes directly to me): “My first five years on air, I was like a

Alternative Medicine 101 (The Basics)

Alternative medicine gets a bad reputation from the so-called scientific community, perhaps because it helps people realize that they have the power within them to control and heal their own bodies. Once people become enlightened about this God-given, innate ability to heal our bodies through natural and untainted sources, Big Pharma might lose control and power. They

Quick & Easy Healthy Halloween & Holiday Paleo Treats

The night filled with sweet treats is tomorrow, and if you’re reading this a couple months late, it may be Christmas already! Either way, here is a list of our favorite quick and easy healthy treats. They are all Bulletproof or Paleo, completely sugar, gluten, and grain free with high good fats—so there’s no need

Vegans, Vegans, Everywhere! (Movies, Government Propaganda, News, Pop Culture)

I have a hard time expressing concisely how I feel when there is a problem or some deep confusion in the world and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I have a solution to it. One of these areas of dissonance is the misconception that life will be somehow better for those who refrain from

Koala Putting Up Obola Tyranny is Disease Posters Baltimore – Agenda 21 NWO Conspiracy Illuminati

Alex Jones from InfoWars announced a video contest about a week ago for anyone interested in putting up flyers or posters with the #obola #tyrannyisthedisease theme in legal public places. This was all for the purpose of spreading awareness to the lack of foresight or proper procedure the Obama administration is taking in response to

Social Network Censorship: Free Speech Not Allowed for Possible Ebola Cure

Have you been censored by social networks from talking about “disallowed” topics? Has your password been reset, comments blocked, pictures and texts deleted due to such censorship? Please tweet us at @mlsurvivalist or email info at with your story including screenshots if available! Please spread the word. It’s been happening all across the web.

Biohacker’s Review of Juil’s Grounding / Earthing Shoes (Sandals, Boots)

Whether you’re just delving into the health and fitness scene or are heavily immersed in it, you’ve probably seen a few stores online selling these things called “grounding” shoes. Let’s talk about grounding briefly! In layman’s terms, the word “ground” means the earth. From a technical or engineering perspective, it refers to the “reference point

EMF Dangers for Infants & Children: Are iPhones Safe for Babies?

One thing I’m a bit reluctant to get into is children’s health. As the old adage goes, “People that don’t have kids are always trying to tell people how to raise kids.” –Or something to that effect. I’ve been delving into the topic of pediatric and developmental health, mainly because I was poisoned by various “safe”